tagBDSMWilling Slaves Ch. 01

Willing Slaves Ch. 01


I am living a fantasy many males would admit to in a non P.C world. I have two beautiful sex slaves to indulge my every whim.

Don't misunderstand. I know it is almost 2013 and men and women are equals. I am not Neanderthal. But my playmates freely accept me as their Master and it is as sexually fulfilling for them as for me. The bonus they are beautiful, intelligent and rich.

How did I get so lucky? Being at the right place at the right time.

A little about me, my name is Alexander and am good looking and well off. However I am no where close to the afluence of my pets who support me financially as well

This started 6 months ago; I had been working with Mary on a project. Mary owns a large biomedical firm; which I was doing some consulting for. My consulting contract was very private so most of my work was done at her home. The day our lives changed I came by in the afternoon; the door was unlocked so I went in.


"Alex thank goodness," came a frantic cry from down stairs. I went to the basement and saw Mary tied to X frame naked and exposed.

"What happened?" As I began to unchain her.

The beautiful blond looked a little sheepish,"I uh."

Damm I though, "This could be a once in a life time chance. I stopped.

"Come on Alex release me."

I gripped her chin, "Are you sure?"

She looked at me with understanding, "I'm yours if you can tame me."

Squeezing her left tit, "Than lets be clear. You are my slut."

"Yes I am your slut."

"Yes what," I demanded slapping her ass.

"Yes Master."

"Better, "I look around and grabbed a crop. "Kiss it."

My prisoner obeyed eagerly

Beginning a rapid swatting, my slave was getting hot and horny. And truth be told so was I. Mary was one of the hottest women I had ever seen. But I was going to tame her and make her mine.

Repositioning the blond so her ass was exposed. "Mary Mary you are quite contrary." I teased. "Hard ruthless boss and wanton slut in private."

"Yes Master I am."

Placing the crop in her mouth, I began a sensuous spanking making her bright red.

"Slut are you ready to serve?"

"Yes! She screamed. "Take me."

Forcing to her knees, "Suck my cock."

My eager pet went to work greedily. I grabbed her golden hair in a bull and kept her immobilized.

"That it bitch."

After I came, "She looked at me with hunger."

"Master, Please fuck your slave."

"Yes my toy. I placed her on the bed and tied her spread angle my cock was hard and I wanted her bad With no ceremony I thrusted in.


"Kiss me slut." As her lips met, despite her bound position, she attacked me as a predator. This was no shrinking violet but a tigress.

"Damm you give it to me!" she cried.

Bitch, you are going to make me happy!' I responded.

After we climaxed, she looked at me. "That was great. Master."

I fingered her clit, "Who said you were done?"

Her eyes wideness as I untied and repositioned on her hand and knees. Pinning her wrists I penetrated her ass.


"Remember you want to be tamed bitch!"

Yes, yes", she breathed.

"Who's your Master?"

"You are Alex."

The next day Mary and I resumed our professional relationship. We have enough self control that we did our work and concentrated at the task at hand. When we had finished. Mary went to her knees.

"Alex I would like to continue our games."

"You want to be my sex slave?"

"I do, don't get me wrong." She said. "I want you to dominate me in a sexual way, but don't think I am going to be a full time slave."

I smiled, "I think we can come to an arrangement."

She grinned back. "Come back tonight, and I will have a surprise for you."


The 6 hours seemed like 6 days, but when I came back, Mary had kept her promise.

An equally beautiful brunette was naked and handcuffed at her feet.

Mary handed me a leash as my nude pet went her knees, "This is Sasha Master, and she wants to be your sex slave too."

To be continued

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