WMD Ch. 03


(WMD = Winter Men's Dilemma; My own irreverent spin on the BBC mythology)

*Editing magic performed by KJ24 and Shyqash, plus contributions by the regular gang of brigands and neer-do-wells*


* Vlad ~ "You actually expect me to believe my Father, Brothers and I have the genetic capability to addict every woman we have sex with to our schlongs? That's nuts!"

Mom ~ "As opposed to thinking the color, length and girth of a phallus makes any woman lose all sense of loyalty, morality and decorum so she can become a man's sex sleeve - whore - bitch - property? Yes, I do."

*This story is rather flippant regarding the entire concept of sexual assault. Those who have read my previous tales know this is not my attitude at all. For the sake of this genre, I had to grapple with the concept of 'forcing a woman makes them love that dick'*

*Lastly, from the Great Ravine that is the source my creative output, this story has sort of crawled out on its own. I've been trying to work out the next chapters of my other extended storylines - and that effort goes on. But since I started this story before I ... 'ran into difficulties', I've decided to press forward with it when the urge is upon me.*


{Rendezvous by night}

It was past 1 a.m. when I woke up. It took me a several seconds to recall that I was on Dominique Malik's sofa. It took me a few more seconds to realize I had been woken up by the sound of someone in the kitchen. I got up and stealthily snuck off in that direction. Riley was using the open refrigerator for light while she opened and put aside the various Tupperware containers. She had boldly projected her 'I don't do White guys' attitude. I wanted to test her misconceptions.

She had already put one with the ribs aside and was looking to see if there were anymore. She was still wearing her black halter top, but her jeans and pumps were gone. Instead, all she had on below the shirt was a red fishnet cheekini ~ basically it left her vulva covered by a very sexy mesh, her cheeks covered by a wide-open lattice and two strings linking the front and back patches.

The lattice made indentions in her plush posterior. Her love handles swelled around the upper band that held the whole garment together and when she bent over, I could see straight into her pussy from behind. My cock went from half-mat to full sails in an instant. I moved up behind her quietly, bent down and,

"It is the red one," I said softly.

Riley jerked up against my body and almost knocked us both over. I wrapped an arm around her waist to keep my balance. Her tummy felt warm and giving under my touch. She tried to turn around. I didn't let her.

"Vlad," she gasped.

"You are searching for the other container with the ribs, right?" I continued as if my rod wasn't pressing her ass cheeks apart.

"Ye - yes," she whispered.

"I'll get it for you," I offered. I bent her forward with slow, but irresistible force. She half-heartedly tried to wiggle past me, which only made my sexual arousal more obvious. Riley had to grasp the side of the refrigerator to keep from falling face-first into the food.

"Here you go," I handed her the ribs. She took it in her hand.

"I've got it," she said after a few heartbeats. "You can move," she said a few seconds later.

"Okay," I chuckled. I stood up, but let my hands fall on her hips. "I was getting a bit too comfortable."

"Oh," she remarked. When she stood up and looked over her shoulder, she was smiling. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen ... old enough," I hinted, "and ready."

"I see you are," she teased me. She pushed back with her butt. That allowed her to shut the refrigerator door, plunging us back into darkness.

We separated. Riley stumbled around for a few seconds as her night vision returned.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"A plate. I want to heat up some ribs. I'm hungry."

I had seen the plates when Taliyah had been getting the setting for our dinner. I pulled down one and handed it to her.

"Thanks," she smiled. She worked her way over to the microwave. It was one of those 'over the oven' kinds. She opened the door. put in the plate and began trying to figure out the controls.

"Put a paper towel over them, or it will splatter all over the place," I advised. I also pulled down one sheet from the roll and came her way. Once more I pressed into her from behind while I worked.

I had the plate covered before she figured out how to work the timer. This time I started out with my hands on her hips.

"Thanks, I've got it now," she looked over her shoulder. I moved my hand along the top of her panties, cupping the swell of her belly and squeezing it with my fingers. "I said...," she murmured. I planted a kiss on her ear. When she turned her neck farther around, I kissed her lips.

She left her mouth slightly open so I scoped out her lips, teeth and tongue with my own. She didn't respond, but she didn't pull back either. I gingerly moved my fingers up her side. My right hand cupped her right breast from below and began to fondle it. My left pulled her billowing hair aside so I could work my oral skills unimpeded.

"Ooohhh," she moaned. "I shouldn't be doing this."

"You are about to get fucked in his house," I stated firmly. "Doesn't that turn you on?" She moaned some more. I could feel her nipple harden under my touch. I moved my left hand back down to her panty line, drawing gentle circles upon her stomach going higher - and lower - with each circle.

"Dominique will kill me," she protested weakly. All the fear and frustration of the past few hours had eroded what self-control and self-respect she had, so she was so much putty in my hand - or so I told myself.

"Neither one of us can get in that much more trouble, now can we?" I whispered in her ear. My left hand rubbed against her gusset.

"Noooo," she emitted to no real purpose. She began gyrating her fleshy hips, coaxing my iron to exceedingly painful hardness.

"Pull your panties down," I rasped. "I want you here and now."

She fitted her thumbs into the side bands and wiggled them down her hips. I dipped my fingers into her snatch where she was already exceedingly creamy and wet. My right worked under her halter top and manipulated her breast flesh to flesh.

"I'm not a slut," she lamented.

"I bet you don't do White guys either," I taunted her. "Now bend over."

"Why are you doing this to me?" she whined even as she complied with my wishes. Riley even spread her legs apart and angled her hips so that her ass was thrust back. I pulled my left hand back to guide me between her labia. My cock slapped her cunt lips twice, then I shoved my member into her steamy cavern. My left hand grabbed her hips to give me traction. My right mauled her tit with greater vigor

She was loose, but no worse than Brandy was when we first had sex. I wasn't sure that initial session counted as love-making. I preferred the passion of our second bout much more. With Riley, I was fucking a woman who wanted to be fucked. I made two - three - four - slow intrusions, then slammed in as hard as I could. She gasped, then moaned like a wanton whore. The microwave chime sounded.

"Aaahh ... like that," she pleaded. I pulled out, then slammed in again. Soon her pussy was making these quaint squelching noises as I worked her over. The eighth or ninth time, I began to feel her vagina beguile extra sensations for my penis. Riley's back-thrusts picked up with their speed and energy. She was beating up my hips while I busted up her pussy. The microwave sounded off its warning once more that her food had been heated up. We didn't care.

"You like this?" I panted in her ear.

"God yes!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me - fuck me," she insisted. I had to grip her shoulder with my left hand to keep pace with her efforts. Whatever resistance she had put up against Chine must have been half-hearted because this chick certainly loved raw and nasty sex. I could barely keep up.

"Fuck yeah - fuck yeah - fuck yeah," she grunted louder and quicker. "Fuck ya - fuck yaaaaa," she screamed. She got her hand up to her mouth at the last second so there was still some hope that the whole house hadn't heard us. I moved my hand from her shoulder and grabbed a large handful of her coppery locks. I yanked her head back while I plunged in yet again. I was unrelenting and based on my performance earlier today, I was unlikely to get soft anytime soon.

"Red Wolf Bitch?" I taunted her. I punctuated that by taking my right hand off her breast and slapping her ass hard enough to leave an imprint.

"Yes-yes-yes," she exhaled with glee. "I'm your bitch."

"You like sex, don't you?" I continued to tease her. I also rained down more spanks; left, right then back to the left. The sound of my cupped hand was a counterpoint to the sound of her sweaty, meaty behind impacting my crotch.

"Love - love it," she huff.

"Like it rough?"

"Yeeessss," she exhaled.

"You were dressed to fuck Chine tonight, weren't you?"

"Yeessss ... oh ... nooo," she gulped.

"Did you fuck him today?"

"Nooo ... Noooo," she howled.

"I don't care," I chuckled. "I'm fucking you now." What I did know was that I wasn't breaking Mom's rules about where my cock should and shouldn't go. "Come here," I coaxed her up, making her take over more of the 'fucking' work.

I went back to her breasts, pushing her halter top over her left breast as well. Riley bent forward, placing one hand on the stove while the other began feeling her labia and my cock as it drove into her. I could feel her fingernails scratching along my cock as it pistoned into her. Absent the spanking, I opted to squeeze her tightly-aroused nipples, plucking and twisting them.

"Ga-ga-ga," she choked. "God yes-yes-yes - give it to me."

"Gladly," I ground out. She was pushing me to my limits. Fortunately for my ego, she was failing physically first. Her next orgasm was a deep, guttural series of grunts, punctuated by her tipping forward, her full weight falling on my arms.

"Ha ... ha ... ha," I puffed, struggling to regain control of my pulse and breathe. "How did that feel, Riley?"

She didn't respond for nearly a minute.

"What," she gulped, "brought that on?"

"Looking the way you do, with that body, you have to ask?"

"Oh ... ah ...," she giggled. "I was hoping to get that response tonight ... just not from a kid like you."

I pulled my cock back until my glans was the only part left inside. My next intrusion was more sedate.

"Now what?" she looked over her shoulder at me and gave a weary, sated smile.

"I believe you came her to eat something," I grinned. Riley looked up to the microwave then back to me. She rotated her big ass on my rod.

"Well, I can't eat unless you move," she gazed at me salaciously. I eased back enough for my cock to exit her snatch ... slowly, letting me drink in her lusty physique, her full-fluffy breasts and womanly curves. Her smile was positively lewd and shameless. Riley went to her knees, wrapped one hand around my cock while the other rested on my hip.

"Hey big boy," she addressed my juice-covered pecker. "Where have you been?" She finished up that little 'pep talk' by giving me the most promiscuous, slutty countenance I'd ever been confronted with. Her eyes were begging for my cock.

"What are you waiting for ... you cock-hungry slut," I stole Chine's words. Riley's smile grew, then she licked the base of my cockhead before sliding it along her lips. She had to twist her head sideways to accomplish that and still keep eye contact.

Her extended tongue slid along the underside of my cock from tip to scrotum. She then began licking each testicle in turn, sucking them into her puffed up cheeks.

"Mu mich?" she slurped. I thought she was asking me if I liked it. I put my hands on either side of her head and guided her back on task. Her free hand reached around and began feeling up my buttock, testing its firmness.

Riley sucked on my nuts for a while longer. When I let out my first groan, her eyes lit up and she returned her attentions to my cock. This time, she opened her mouth wide and stuck my glans in. Her lips closed on it, then she moved her head back with a resounding 'pop'. I tried to maneuver her mouth back into action, which she willingly obliged.

This time she rolled her tongue along my length as it passed her lips. Riley murmured something so I relented on my hand pressure.

"Tasty," she purred. She licked her own juices before getting back to work pleasuring my nob. Riley knew her cock-sucking. My cockhead and about two inches of shaft went down her throat in one fluid gesture. She kept looking at me, judging my reactions to her actions.

Bobbing came next with the titillation of my penis rubbing against the back of her throat. At the same time, her tongue worked along the base and sides with great vigor. Next came the slurping, slorping and pre-gagging. She didn't relent, even when there was some resistance, taking more and more of me until her nose was buried in my pubs. At that moment we both knew I was being fucked by a more experienced woman than I'd ever had before.

Riley moved her head back until her mouth made another 'pop' and my cock sprang free. A line of saliva and pre-cum stretched from my tip to her lips. She caught it up with a fingertip then licked said finger clean.

"Time for some ribs," she smiled up at me.

"Motherfucker," I mumbled, but I let her stand.

Mind you, she didn't bother putting her panties back on. She turned around, retrieved her plate from the microwave and took the first rib into her lips. She did a wonderful reenactment of her earlier oral techniques with me.

"I'm not done with you yet," I promised.

"I was hoping you would say that," she snickered.

{Upstairs, at the same time}

Pssst ... pssst," Taliyah hissed at Mikhail. "Wake up."

"I'm awake," he replied, though his eyes remained closed.

"I can't believe Vlad is cheating on Brandy."

"Brandy keeps telling him that she's Darius' girl. How long is he supposed to hang around waiting for her to decide?" Mikhail questioned.

"I ... I warned her ... he had better not be fucking my Mother."

"Do you want me to go find out?" he finally opened his eyes. Taliyah's head and shoulders were visible from his horizontal form as she looked from the bed. She was still dressed in her cheerleader's uniform.

"Don't be stupid," she spat. "I'll go look."

"Yeah ... because that couldn't possibly turn out wrong," he chided her.

"Damn it. Stop making sense. I prefer you being an insensitive jerk."

"Default setting - gotchya," he laughed softly. A few moment's passed.

"I can't hear anything," Taliyah closed her eyes and strained her hearing. Mikhail rolled up into a sitting position then stood.

"I'll be right back."

"I'm coming with you," she slid off the bed as well. Mikhail took in the girl-becoming-a-woman before him. Taliyah Malik was taller than Brandy by a good three inches. Her skin was mocha with a dark birthmark under her right breast. Her eyes were dark, intelligent and sparkled when she was angry, as he could well attest.

Her lips were full and very little acne scared her face. Her thick, kinky black hair was pulled back in a woven ponytail with beads on the last few inches. Her arms were firm and strong, as were her legs (she'd punched and kicked him with real force), her breasts were hemispherical and pert, with long thin nipples that poked through her clothes when she was aroused. Her stomach was soft to the touch, curvy yet tightly muscled beneath the surface. She was a true athlete.

Her thighs and calves were muscular, as was her curvaceous ass which stuck out of its own accord and was sturdy to the touch. Mikhail knew. He'd played in depth with that ass just this afternoon ... and loved it. Her full, rich lips were upturned in her normal sneer.

"Where did your clothes go?" she hissed. Mikhail was down to his boxers.

"I don't sleep in my clothes. It is uncomfortable. Besides, we've seen each other naked, so what's the big deal?" he countered.

"It will be a really big deal if Momma finds you like this - in my room."

"I'll tell her you beat me up, took my clothes and made me sleep at the foot of your bed like a bad serf, or a good dog," he chuckled. She smacked his chest.

Together they went to her room door which had been left partially open when they fell asleep. Taliyah was still disappointed that she hadn't made more progress with the terribly annoying, yet definitely attractive youngest member of the Samsonov clan. He seemed immune to her status at school, or her mother's critical position in city government. He was the most exasperatingly independent man she'd ever met. She was also oddly drawn to his muscular frame, pale blonde hair and crystal blue eyes that reminded her of a raptor.

Taliyah couldn't quite accept that she was also drawn to the man's brutality. There was a barely contained beast dwelling behind those crystal orbs ... and she wanted to see more of it. She wanted to test it and she wanted to make that challenge because she sure that was exactly how he would see it - a one on one fight for dominance.

She couldn't gain dominance in Darius' power structure. The whole cheer squad had been reduced to play toys for the football team. Being a girl meant she was a vagina and little more despite all her personal ambitions. Brandy barely cared, she was so far under Darius' spell. Mikhail was different though. She'd heard about how he treated Kaja; how Kaja was part of his team and was treated as if her ambitions mattered.

It wasn't until the car ride home [last chapter] that Taliyah realized that Kaja hadn't hooked up with Mikhail yet. At first, she had thought Kaja was showing stunning wisdom for not dating one of the three most hated White boys in school. The hunting lodge had changed all that. He'd abused her, fought with her and taken control over her and she'd made him pay for every step ... and it had been fun. He didn't belittle her efforts nor insinuate that his success was anything more than a temporary victory for either side.

She'd verified that in the stables when she'd wailed on him good. Even his scary/crazy mother had thought Mikhail need a good thrashing. How he had ended up in her bedroom when the lights went out was still a mystery. Mikhail hadn't once looked at her funny, or tried anything. After their earlier tussle on the floor and the resulting make-out session, he'd rolled over and gone straight to bed. She'd heard Vlad come in, their whispered conversation and then they were alone.

"I'll go first," he said.

"Why do you ...," she got out before he interrupted.

"If I'm seen, I'll be dismissed. If you are seen, there could be a long explanation you don't want to hear," he told her. "I go first."

This time she didn't fight him on the point.

As they sneaked down the stairs, Taliyah could make out the noises were coming from the darkened kitchen. From the echoes, some serious screwing was going on.

"Red Wolf Bitch?" they heard Vlad taunt her followed by the sound of a hand slapping an ass hard.

"Yes-yes-yes," she exhaled with glee. "I'm your bitch."

"Bitch," Taniyah whispered. "He's fucking Riley, that tramp." She was relieved it wasn't her mother ... it was the woman her dad had been cheating with now cheating with the man who was fucking Brandy silly ... which was confusing.

"We can go back now," Mikhail advised her. "Nothing to shock us, or make us want to stop them."

"You like sex, don't you?" Vlad continued to tease her. He was also raining down more spanks. The sound of his cupped hand was a counterpoint to the sounds of her sweaty, meaty behind impacting his crotch.

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