Beth leaned heavily against the ancient oak tree. Her heart pounded, and her breath was labored from running. Her eyes were wide with fear. Beth skirted the tree, never relinquishing the security holding its massive trunk provided, and faced the direction from which she had fled. Summoning the courage to peep around the trunk, she looked to see if there was any sign of the demon pursuing her. Nothing!

"It's there! God, I know it's there!" Beth thought to herself. "It's watching me! Where is it?" Her eyes focused on the darkness, trying to discern a tell--tale shape among the trees and foliage of the forest into which she had fled.

"Nothing! But its got to be there!" Beth thought. The pounding of her heart sounded like a base drum in her ears. Her breath seemed to roar like a storm.

"Surely it can hear me!" She thought. She dared not even whisper to herself. Beth cursed her decision to flee into the woods rather than retreat to her home. She cursed her decision to go into her garden that evening. She knew there had been attacks in the countryside. She never should have gone, but she couldn't sleep. The garden is so peaceful and beautiful in the full moon.

When she first saw the creature, Beth seemed frozen in her footsteps. She stood steadfast in horror and amazement. It was a wolf, but not an ordinary wolf. It was larger than any wolf she had ever seen or heard of. Beth stood five feet and seven inches tall, and she guessed this monster measured five feet or more at its shoulder. Its head was larger than a basketball. Its supernaturally white fangs appeared to be as long as Beth's pinkie finger. When its lips pulled back in a snarl, its gums were red, blood red.

It noticed her immediately after it broke the cover of the forest at the edge of her garden. Without knowing why, it seemed to Beth it expected to find her there among her roses, calla--lilies and the other flowers she lovingly planted. The garden was her sanctuary. And now her sanctuary had been invaded by this beast.

Beth had to force herself to stop looking at the creature and consider her escape. She needed to flee, to run for her life. Although the animal was not directly between her and the house, it could easily intercept her by running across the perimeter of the garden. The wolf would be too fast for her to give it any advantage. Her only chance was to run away and make the wolf run as far as possible. Only then could she get far enough ahead of it to find some hiding place, some make--shift sanctuary, in the woods.

Now she stood trembling, clinging to the scant protection of the oak's trunk and wondering where the beast lurked. Beth knew she couldn't have lost her fleet preditor during her flight.

"Where is it? It's watching me, stalking me. It can smell me. It can smell my fear! God, why won't my heart be silent?" The thoughts tumbled through Beth's mind. She looked around the trunk again. Nothing! Could she have escaped? Is it over? Then her blood ran cold.

"My god, the wolf circled me. Its waiting in ambush for me to come to it!" Beth turned suddenly, her back against the tree and her arms splayed behind her, still clinging to the bark of her only protector. She tried to see through the darkness and the forest itself. Nothing!

Beth tuned back toward the tree. She once again peered around the trunk in the direction from which she had fled. She then looked to her left and turned to look in all directions. Nothing! Her heartbeat slowed and her labored breathing was less pronounced.

"Is it gone?" Beth permitted herself a small measure of hope. Gone or not, she thought, she could not stay in the forest all night. If it was not gone, it would find her. If it was gone, she needed to return home.

"But which way to go?" Beth looked around again. The path on which she fled was the most direct route home, but she risked running into the wolf. It could be lingering along the path, sniffing, tracking her. The thought panicked Beth. If she took a more circuitous route, it would take her longer to get to safety. It also would give the monster more time to find her.

Beth startled. Her eyes wide with fear, she looked in the direction of the sound. It was a sound like a twig cracking when it is stepped upon. Nothing! She peered into the darkness, desperately wishing she had the wolf's eyes. She dared not move. She just stared, trying to discern the slightest movement. Nothing.

Suddenly panic gripped Beth. She had to move. She had to leave the cover of her oak protector and run home. Which way? Beth ran. She ran to her left. It would take her longer but she didn't have to think about running into the wolf while it hunted her along the path she had fled. Before she had ran thirty yards, she heard the crunching of dead leaves and twigs on the forest floor.

"It can hear me! It knows where I am!" Beth's last thought was a breathless whisper from her lips. She ran faster. She needed to escape the dense foliage and get to one of the more worn paths back to her garden, and then to home. The path was ahead. She could see the moonlight illuminating the intersection where a path forked. Beth stopped only briefly to glance over her shoulder, first back into the woods and then down the left fork before she turned to left down the main path. Her chest was hurting. She was winded, but fear propelled her toward her garden and home.

Beth felt relief as she saw a clearing she knew to be only fifty feet from the far edge of her garden. Immediately the promised calm was torn from her heart. The beast -- her pursuer -- pounced suddenly from the cover of brush to her left. Beth stopped immediately and backed several steps away. The wolf menaced, its head lowered, ears folded back, fangs bared, a long string of saliva dripping from the right side of its mouth to the forest floor. But the monstrous beast did not attack. It stood there threatening. Beth stood frozen with her hands at shoulder level in an instinctive defensive posture.

But an effective defense was impossible. Flight was vain. Beth could only await her inevitable death. Strangely the panic she felt dissipated. She was keenly aware of everything around her and she was more aware of her senses than she could ever remember, but the panic was gone.

"Is this what its like to confront and accept the certainty of one's death?" Beth wondered in her thoughts. She dared not speak.

Beth stared back into the eyes of the beast. Surely now she was becoming giddy because she thought she recognized them. They were not human. Dark green. Its eyes were a dark green with a fire in them. Do wolves have green eyes? She didn't know, but she knew without doubt she had never seen the terrible predator that soon would end her life, but there was something, something she could not place, familiar about its eyes.

The wolf took a step forward and stopped. Beth was jolted back to reality. She did not move. The wolf took another step forward. Should she accept her death, Beth wondered? Another step. Beth turned and ran. She was not going to die without a fight.

No more than five steps into her flight, Beth felt the large paws of the wolf's forelegs strike her back and knock her to the ground just shy of the edge of the clearing. Beth smelled the damp decay of the forest floor in her nostrils as she struck the ground and dust billowed up around her head. Immediately she felt a pain in her right breast. The speed of the attack offered her no chance to protect it from the force of her fall.

The wolf stood with its left paw in the center of Beth's back. She could feel the dampness and heat of the wolf's breath as it bent its nose to the nape of her neck. The monster closed its mouth and sniffed. Beth let out a desperate cry as she tried to raise herself from the ground. She could move only a few inches, and the wolf easily pushed her back to the ground with only slight effort from the paw resting on her back. Beth felt its saliva wet the back of her neck. Panic returned.

The wolf brought its mouth to her neck and Beth tensed in anticipation of the bite that would sever her spinal cord and put an end to her life. She felt a forceful tug at the back of her gown and felt it ripping away from her body. It had been a gift from her husband.

"Nooooooo. Oh god, noooo!" Beth cried, almost in relief that her life had been spared for a few moments more. The torn gown slipped effortlessly from around her body, leaving her nude except for her panties. It was then Beth realized the wolf's weight had been removed from her back, apparently while it tore the gown in its fever to kill her.

Beth pushed herself up and tried to get her legs under her to run. The wolf, aware of the sudden movement of its prey, knocked Beth to the ground with just a small jump. Beth landed on her right side. She turned to her back, inadvertently exposing herself to the wolf. The wolf gazed at her with its head lowered but it was no longer snarling. Its mouth was open and it was panting in the manner wolves do, but it was not snarling. Its ears were forward as it walked slowly toward its victim.

Beth pushed the forest floor with her feet. She felt the skin abraided from her upper back as she pushed herself away from the approaching beast. The wolf did not quicken its pace. It simply continued to walk forward toward Beth. When she saw her efforts were futile, Beth stopped pushing herself along the ground.

She sobbed, a small plaintiff cry in short bursts.

"Why, why? Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?" Beth shouted at her tormentor. Her crying became more consistent.

Through her tears, Beth caught sight of something. A first, she saw only a deep red color. She blinked her eyes to focus on the color. Her vision became clearer as she squeezed the tears from her eyes. Panic grew to abject terror as Beth realized that she was confronted with the wolf's penis, exposed from its sheath and fully erect. Beth's eyes widened and fear contorted her face.

"No! No! Oh my god, no!" Beth screamed, as she realized the wolf's true intent. It wasn't going to kill her -- at least, not right away. It was going to ravage her.

Beth started churning her legs and she turned to her right side in an effort to get off the ground and run. Death would be far better than what this beast intended. As she turned, the wolf put his right paw on Beth's left leg and pinned it against her right leg and ripped her panties from her body with its teeth. Immediately the wolf's attention was focused back on the object of his desire. He walked up her body, pawing at her left side in an attempt to roll her over. Beth resisted and struck the wolf on the face and shoulders.

The wolf brought his face close to Beth's. She felt his hot breath on her neck. His saliva dotted her neck, breasts and stomach. Beth crossed her arms over her breasts and shook her head from side to side as if to deny the nightmare she was living. Dust marked the tracks of her tears, which, for the moment, were gone.

The wolf turned Beth over with three powerful pulls with its paws. Her tears returned.

"No, no, no! No, god, nooooooo!" Beth cried, as the wolf used its paws to move her body under him. The wolf's mouth closed on Beth's hair at the base of her head. The force with which he grabbed her shoved her face into the forest floor. Beth turned her head as much as possible to breath. Her cheeks were raw from being pushed into the debris on the forest floor. The wolf continued to try to improve its grip on Beth's hair with rapid bites, much as a dog improves its grip on a pull toy during play.

The wolf gripped Beth's waist just above her hips and pulled down to arch her hips toward its cock. He arched his own back as he pulled to poise his prodigious cock to enter Beth's pussy. Beth tried to struggle, but she was immobilized by grip the supernaturally large wolf had on her hair and waist.

The wolf's grip tightened, and there was a brief moment when nothing more seemed to occur. Suddenly Beth realized what the interlude meant.

"No, no, no, you're not gonna do this, you motherfucker!" Beth cried and shouted. Suddenly she felt an intense pain in her pussy. Followed by another and another as the wolf forced its large cock into Beth's pussy.

"Owww! Arrrhhhhhh!" Beth's screams were punctuated by pain as the beast relentlessly assaulted her pussy with his cock. She felt herself getting light--headed and thought she might faint. As the assault continued, her pussy began stretching to accommodate the girth of the monster's penis. The stabbing pain was gradually replaced with a burning sensation on the lips of her cunt, which Beth knew meant they were cut and raw from abuse.

Although Beth continued to protest her violation with screams, curses and crying, the pain subsided. Much to Beth's horror, she began to feel the familiar pressure of an orgasm building within her.

"Oh no, no, no . . .," Beth's cry was not one of pain or protest, but one of disbelief uttered in a low tone of resignation.

The supernatural wolf continued raping Beth as she felt herself orgasming.

"Oh my god, oh shit, ooooo awwwwwww ugghhhh, yes, yes yes!" she exclaimed as the thick cock of her attacker continued to pummel her pussy. Beth felt her pussy flood with her own juices. Her orgasm and lubrication turned the brutal pounding she was getting from her beast into another gut--wrenching orgasm. As she orgasmed, her pussy clamped down on the wolf's dick. She felt the thick organ begin to swell. She knew it signaled the wolf's own climax and soon his semen would be flooding her vagina. Then she felt it, coming in powerful contractions that propelled the wolf's sperm with enough force she could feel it hit the back of her vagina and cervix. Her own orgasm continued. She began to feel giddy and lost consciousness.

A moment later, Beth regained consciousness. Even though she was disoriented, she could feel the wetness between her legs and the thick organ in her pussy. As impossible as it seemed to Beth, the penis began to grow. Then she realized it was going to knot, as all dog organs do, to prevent the semen from leaving the vagina. She felt the wolf loosen its hold on her and move to the side. His cock, which now had knotted, was still inside her. The wolf collapsed behind her, the two still joined by their sex organs. Beth knew her humiliation wasn't over yet. She began to scream and once again passed out.

Beth awoke nude in the forest as the sun was approaching its rise above the horizon. She moved -- little movements at first. She was sore. She reached to touch her face with her hands. Her face was scraped and bruised. Her tits hurt form being forced into the ground. Her back and hips were striped with claw marks. Her pussy, now empty, was bruised, cut and raw from its rape. Even her scalp hurt where the monster had held her hair so tightly in its mouth.

She pushed herself up on her arms, her legs curled under her. As she turned her head, she noticed a man lying on the ground his buttocks near hers. He also was nude. As she was sorting out in her head the meaning of this nude man, he began to stir. He looked back at her, and Beth lost her breath.

"David?" Beth said incredulously.

David scrambled to his feet and ran quickly away from his wife into the woods. She had discovered his curse.

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Great story. It was the husband the whole time. That was shocking twist at the end. The husband just wanted dick his wife as a wolf.

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