tagErotic HorrorWolf Ch. 06

Wolf Ch. 06


"He will come, and I shall take his magic from him, and if I choose to old one, I'll fuck his woman, right in front of him." He grabbed her by the hair, dragging her to a chair, where he sat and pulled her onto his lap. "Claus, come here, this little bitch owes you an apology."

He pulled both her arms back and up hanging her out in front of him. Claus the man who had been hit came forward with his dick out, stroking it to hardness, he shoved it in her mouth, raping her face, hands tangled in her hair, pulling her onto his dick, not allowing her to breath, he came in her mouth until white lumps of sperm dribbled down her chin she gagged and wretched. Uhrie flipped her over on his lap, so she could spit it onto the ground, he held her there, stroking her back, uncovering and caressing her buttocks, he spanked her a few times until her ass cheeks were red, then slipped his finger into her pussy, circling and stretching her, he pushed his thumb into her asshole, making her cry out and try to get off his lap, he chuckled at her attempts and held her their bare assed and embarrassed, plunging in both holes.

"He's very near, I can smell him, sense his anger, he doesn't like me touching you, can't stand the sight of someone handling what's his."

He pulled her up to sit on his lap with both legs hanging over his thighs, he stretched them wide exposing her pussy to everyone, he strummed her clit, and plunged a finger inside her, she gasped for breath, and he bit into her shoulder, fangs sinking in. She screamed in pain, and tried to get away. She was thrown to the ground, she heard a growling, and looked up to see several men in werewolf form, hair covered bodies, long clawed hands, enter the camp, these were none of the intruders, for they all still held the shape of men.

However it wasn't for long, soon the whole camp was filled with werewolf men, snapping and clawing at each other. Jen crawled on her hands and knees over to an SUV and slid under the bumper, to hide. She could not see the fight, but saw several of the werewolf men fall badly bleeding to the ground, cowards ran into the trees and were pursued into the forest, Jen stayed under the SUV until she heard her name being called. Then slowly rolled out, and stood. Abner came down through the trees, calling her name, looking for her, she ran to him and threw herself into his arms. He hugged her and held her. He kissed her temple and buried his face in her hair, then after a few minutes he pick her up gently and carried her back to the boat dock. About six vehicles were parked there, and she and Abner waited to catch a ride back to his truck. Abner cursed when he saw the truck, they had not only broken the window to get to me, but they scratched all along the sides of the truck marring the paint job, how did you explain claw marks the size of dinner plates to an insurance adjuster, he wanted to go back and kill that bastard again. He brushed out the glass from the seat, and put her next to him, he started the truck and put it in gear and then lowered his hand to her thigh caressing her. They drove in silence, back to the valley, taking the short cut next to Sacajawea's monument. From the Fort back to Aithete.

He pulled into his drive and carried her into the house, with out talking he took her to his bathroom and drew her a bath, from the cabinet he sprinkled some herbs in the water and salts. Gently he removed the shirt, and placed her in the tub to soak. He left her there going back out to the truck for their gear, when he returned he picked up the washcloth and bathed her, he washed her hair and scrubbed her scalp free of dirt, then he stood and took off his cutoffs, getting in to sit behind her. He pulled her back into his arms, kissing the angry bite on her shoulder, licking it tenderly, stroking the soreness that lingered in her muscles.

"Jen, sweetheart lets get into bed, you need some sleep." He whispered. "Then when we get up, I'll fix you something to eat."

"Abner, make love to me, make me forget those bastards, their ugliness touching me. Put me to sleep, with thoughts of you, and your body inside me, loving me."

He got out first, then helped her up, he took her hand and walked her naked to the big king bed, the only furniture in the room. He lay her on the bed and covered her with a leg, rubbing her with his foot and knee, his left hand played with her hair, while his right hand worshiped her body, caressing and stoking her breasts, he lowered his mouth to suck at her pulse and lick her ear, she reached for him, but he denied her putting her hand on her stomach, he nibbled his way across to her chin then claimed her mouth, eating at her mouth, plunging his tongue inside to taste her, holding her head for his deep kisses. He levered up over her body, pushing both knees between hers to widen them, he ground himself against her, putting a hand beneath the small of her back to hold her to him, he pushed himself inside, she moaned and brought both leg up to his sides and gripped his waist locking her feet across his ass. She pulled down on his ass, he growled in his throat, then dropped his mouth to suckle her nipple, He pulled back letting it pop from his mouth only to return and copy the move on her other nipple her breasts tingled and ached with his ministrations, he plunged in further, rolling his hips, and rocking himself into her, she began to shake her head from side to side, and wailed, still he pushed her, her hands fisted in his hair she bucked against him, stiffened and screamed his name. He soon stiffened and growled, burying his face at her throat, kissing her there. They both fell asleep in each others arms.

Jen woke to the smells of cooking, she pulled on a discarded shirt and headed for that smell she was famished. Abner was in the kitchen flipping meat in the pan, and frying eggs, the toast popped out of the toaster, and with out looking back at her told her to 'get that', she buttered the toast and dropped two more slices of bread. She walked up behind him and her arms encircled his waist hugging him, she leaned into him and pressed her cheek against his back, he placed a hand over her laced hands and squeezed them.

"Just the salad to go, could you do that Baby? All the stuffs in the fridge, don't want to overcook the Elk steaks, I like them kind of bloody." He grinned back at her.

"Mine too please, raw steak just sounds good."

She cut up the vegetables and tossed them with some tongs she found, placing them on the table with a couple of dressings he had, she buttered the other toast and placed it on the table, and sat to wait for him. Soon he carried two plates almost filled with meat and eggs.

"I'm really hungry, honey, but did you go overboard?" she teased him. "Is this half a side, of the animal."

"Just eat, you need your strength, and if you don't finish it, I will." He reached across and forked a piece of meat stealing it from her plate, and popping it into his mouth.

"Hey, stop that!" and she threatened him with her fork. "Mmmm, this is so good, I feel like I've been starving."

Jen shut up devouring the meal before her, she cleaned her plate and dabbed the meat juice up with her toast, soaking up some egg yoke and chewing with relish. She ate the salad as an after thought, but ate a big helping. She leaned back in the chair, and rubbed her belly.

"Thanks, I needed that." She looked across at him, and asked. "Abner, will I become a werewolf too, he bit me on purpose, he felt you watching, and wanted to make you angry, so that you would make a mistake."

"It could happen, you could change, I don't know much about their kind, shifters, change from magic."

"That's another thing, they were here hunting you, they said they wanted to steal your magic, could they do that?"

"Under certain circumstances maybe, I'll have to ask one of the elders, shall we get you some clothes, even though you look great in my t-shirts, I would just as soon, no one but me saw you this way."

He drove to the Fort, and they went into the Mercantile Store, he had her pick out some things to wear, and he walked back to her holding several pairs of thongs, some innocent, some lacey, and some that would be torn off for souvenirs. They returned to his house, he sat on the couch and pulled her astride his lap. He eased her onto his chest, and kissed her, stroking her back. She felt the ridge of him grow hard beneath her, she road him through his jeans, and he arched into her from the couch. She slipped from his lap onto the floor, kneeling in front of him, pulling his shirt up she caressed the six pack abs, and unhooked the button, drawing the zipper down, and pulling him out. She tugged at his jeans and he raised up to help her she pulled his boots off and pushed the jeans down and off. Lowering her head between his legs she sucked at his ball sacks, milking his cock with her hands, he spread his legs wider and arched up to give her better access.

"Oh little white girl, you do that so good, suck me baby, make me come."

She turned her head, and stroked her lips down both sides, before taking him into her mouth, she used her tongue on him swirling it across the veined surface, she pulled back and rolled her head, then plunged back onto him forcing it into her throat, she held it there for several minutes and came back up for air.

"Abner, your cock is so juicy." She pulled precum out the end of his cock, and lapped off. "I wanna eat you all up."

"Yeah Baby, you look so sweet there, sucking me, worshiping my cock."

She pushed down imbedding him in her throat, she hummed in her mouth, and she held his balls squeezing them gently, she pulled back sucking him from base to tip and back again, her rhythm was perfection, and his balls began to tingle and tighten, the back of her mouth made a clicking noise when she pulled back milking him, suddenly his balls drew into his body, and he fed her several shots of cum. She sat back and licked her lips like a cat, he pulled her up to straddle him again, and began kissing and petting her. He stroked his hand down over the curve of her ass, massaging both cheeks, he slid his fingers up under her short shorts, and rubbed her anus, and rimmed it. He pushed a finger into her puss, and stroked it a few times. He pushed her shorts down off her hips, and pulled them down her legs, sitting on his lap side ways, he yanked off her t-shirt, he lay her down on the couch arm, sucking her nipples and chewing them, when he put his fingers back inside her she arched backward feeding him more of her tits, he twisted her sideways, still suckling her, he pushed his cock into her pussy, and rubbed circles around her clit. She cradled his head and pressed back on his cock, wrapping a leg over his she impaled herself on him, pulling him into her.

"Abner, oh god, fuck me, ahhh, ehhh, ahhh, that's so goooood!"

He held her in place, gripping her as his cock swelled and pumped into her. He stood up and walked with her in his arms, back to his bed, he lay down with her and they both fell asleep.

They both were woken by a pounding, someone was trying to beat down the front door, quickly they found their clothes, where they left them, strewn about his living room, and quickly dressed. Abner reached and pulled open the door, and in marched, John, her mom and Eva, they crossed their arms across their chests, and stood waiting for an explanation, Abner pulled me behind him protectively.

"I love her, John and I want her for my wife." He took her hand. "If she will have me?."

"Yes, Abner, Yes."

She leaped on him, kissing him, hugging him close, he gazed into her eyes and smiled, kissed her on the nose, and turned her to face them again.

The elders were still scowling, not loosening their stance.

"You lied to us, Jen, and you manipulated others, into helping you." Her mother accused. "It's just not that you might have been, drinking and having sex, unprotected sex, mind you, but you brought your cousin into this, who is at this moment catching a bus back from Idaho, we had to wire them the money, Eugene's car broke down."

"I'm not having unprotected sex, I went to the clinic and got some assistance. And I bribed Theresa to help me, but she wanted to go to that concert, and she's a big girl. Mom, John you're my parents, and I respect that, but I'm eighteen, and I love Abner with all my heart, you can't keep me from him."

Eva stepped forward, and raised an eyebrow at Abner, "Told her you was bad news, chewing peyote buttons and smoking weed, following the old ways, all you boys just lookin' for trouble." She turned and stepped from the house.

"And I heard you found some," John said. "What happened up at the lake was a bad deal, what if she had gotten hurt or killed?"

Abner and Jen both exchanged a glance, "Abner got the worst of it, those men kidnapped and beat him, in fact, if I hadn't been there they would have killed him for..."

"I would not endanger her on purpose, John, she is my magic, my sole purpose." Abner said. "I want her to go to college like she planned, I will help her find her dreams, and give her love, and many children."

"How many?" Jen's eyes rounded.

They all laughed at Jen, and her father turned and whispered into her mother's ear. He hugged her to him, and over her mothers shoulder John stared at them, with golden eyes. "Say your good byes, be over to your Aunts by eight, if you want a ride home." And John led her mother away.

"Did you see his eyes, Jen did you, weren't they wolf yellow?" Abner asked.

"Yeah, didn't you know he used to belong to the counsel before going to college, and getting his computer sciences degree?" "Small world isn't it, hey it's three, that gives me five hours to say my good byes." He pulled both her legs around him, "And I'm going to need every second."

He took her back to the bed again, tossing her from him onto her back, he pulled off all his clothes before yelling a warriors battle cry and leaping to the bed, he pulled her clothes off throwing them across the room, she giggled at his urgency, he levered himself up and over her arms by her shoulders, he lowered his buff body until his lips could kiss her, leaving the rest of him, almost floating above her, then her lowered his hips until his cock touched her, kissing the mound of womanhood as he kissed her lips the head of his cock bobbed above her tapping her, his arms shook and he lowered his hips, rubbing his cock threw her pussy lips. She reached for him, rubbing herself, using him to scratch her itch, he sucked her tongue into his mouth, and pushed down between her legs, searching for a place to house himself, she helped him find what he was looking for, and he surged into her. He held still, filling her, and sucking at her mouth, then he started to push into her, and each time he pushed into her pussy, he filled her mouth with his tongue. It felt like she was being taken from both ends, she spread herself for him gaining a deeper thrust and grazed his back with her nails, she made him groan, and he rammed her deeper bottoming on her cervix, they bounced off the surface of the bed, sweat dripped down his face and fell to hers, she clutched at him digging her nails into his back, and her toes curled.

"Abner, oh Abner, Baby it's so good, keep fucking me, I can't get enough, please don't stop, never stop."

"Like that cock, do you, well he likes you, I wanna fuck you raw, till you can't walk, I wanna sleep inside you and never leave this pussy."

"Four and a half hours left," she reminded him.

"Keep that clock running, Baby, cause I'm not done yet." He kissed her and sat back, "On your knees 'Bitch', time for some doggy style boning."

When she got on all fours, he pulled her thighs back and up over his knees, spreading them, he pushed her head down and looked at his handy work, her pussy was a bright red from the half hour fucking he had given her, she dripped and glistened, he put a hand forward stroking the lips, squeezing the blood engorged tissues, she cried out and backed toward his hand, begging for his attention. He moved on her slamming into her, pushing her up the bed with each lunge, when he drew back he marveled at the way her delicate skin clung to his dick, he flexed himself into her until she was moaning with each lunge, whimpering when he pulled out, he wet his middle finger on her clit, rubbing it around, covering his digit, then with out warning he plugged her butt hole, stretching her anus, he moved it in and out each time her lunged into her, at first she protested then began to moan, enjoying the double stimulation, her ass hole tingled, she didn't know that could happen, he rose above her and pressed his cock into her back door, she screamed into the sheets.

"Shit that's tight, relax, push out, let me in, I wanna fuck that butt, I want every hole you got, baby, in every way."

He pulled out of the dark, plunging back into her pussy, wetting himself down fucking her, and making her moan, then he would pop her poop chute again fucking her deep and rubbing her clit, her breaths came in gasps, she pushed herself backward wanting more skewering on his cock. She began to shake and he switched again, fucking her cunt, pounding her hard, she started incoherent babbling, and arched to him. He slammed himself down onto her flattening her into the mattress, again he switched, she was flat out on her stomach, he was buried in her back door, he straddled her with both knees, and bucked into her until he came, he shifted to the side holding her hip, leaving himself buried deep in the backdoor, he spooned her back and caressed her front. They fell asleep sated.

"Baby, you okay, we have to get you ready soon, it's almost eight."

Abner had packed her clothes and gear, and hauled them across the road letting her get some more rest, he handed her a pile of clothes, they had bought earlier, and helped her dress. He walked her to her Aunt's and held her hand, rubbing her ring finger, he looked down into her eyes, Jen saw glints of gold in his black eyes.

"Jen, will you marry me?" He kissed her lips. "Will you be my wife?"

"Already answered that question, I believe the answer was yes."

He looked down at her in amazement, for in place of her sky blue eyes, were eyes that glittered with gold.

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