tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 13

Wolf's Pet Ch. 13


"Alpha, we didn't know what to do. With Gary and Paul loose, we were afraid for their safety. Ben and I hope you understand why we brought them here." Nathan faced his new Alpha, knowing he may have gone too far by bringing outsiders to his new home, but they really had no choice. When he had discussed it with Lila, it'd seemed so logical at the time. But now, looking at Carr's face, maybe they should have asked for permission first.

Carr took a deep breath before saying a word. What Nathan and Ben had done would have been unheard of for one of his pack, but he did understand. But Lila knew about it and certainly knew better. Lee would be having a talk with her later. "I do understand. You were right to bring them here Nathan. Ladies," Carr was addressing the two human females seated in front of him, "I hope we can make you feel at home here. Karen and Sarah will see to your needs while you're with us. Along with Nathan and Ben and their mates."

The two women nodded, their tear streaked faces red from crying. One looked at Nathan before clearing her throat to speak. She stood to address Carr, realizing that his position, whatever it was, demanded respect. They were expecting these people to protect them, and they would do whatever was necessary to keep it that way. "Thank you sir, we appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us. We understand that Gary and Paul are causing you as much trouble as they've caused us, and we're grateful for any help you can give us." She sat down, still shaking. Today had been so strange and now she was sitting in front of the leader of a pack of Werewolves and feeling safer than she had in months.

Nathan smiled down at her, a proud look on his face that she was able to speak so clearly. He and Rebecca had really become good friends in the past six months. He and his wolf had known immediately that was all they'd ever be even though Gary had continued to insist she would be his mate. Lila had agreed with him that she and Katy should be kept safe from Gary. If he felt he could force matings what would stop him from just finding others to mate them to?

Lee noted that Katy was definitely the quieter of the two and could see why she would have been matched with the Omega. Both women seemed friendly, even though they were scared to death. "So tell me, just out of curiosity, how did you come to house Nathan and Ben in your homes?"

They looked at each other and dropped their heads, a bright red flush on their faces. Rebecca, as would tend to be the case from now on, spoke for both of them. "We both signed up for the same online dating service. Gary contacted us and met with us separately, acting like he was interested in dating. He seemed to be sizing us up for something, asked a lot of personal questions, asked about our families, and then introduced us to Nathan and Ben. He said they needed rooms to rent and would we be so kind. After Katy and I met we got be good friends and started comparing notes. We had met Karen and Sarah several times, but the two of us saw each other a lot since Nathan and Ben were close. Of course, at the time we had no idea they were..." she looked around the room at the assembled pack members, swallowed hard and finished her sentence, "Werewolves."

"A dating service? He was able to screen women quickly using their data bases. Interesting. I wonder what parameters he was looking for? And asking about family histories? Ladies," and with that Carr was addressing the two new women as well as Karen and Sarah, "do you have something in common in your family histories? Are you related?" He looked from woman to woman. They all looked very different. Karen was short, had auburn hair and brown eyes. Sarah was tall with black hair and blue eyes. Rebecca was a medium height with blond hair and hazel eyes, and Katy was a little shorter with red hair and green eyes. He didn't see any obvious similarities.

"I don't think we're related. Are we?" Karen had spoken first. "I'm Polish, Austrian, and Hungarian."

Sarah piped up, "I'm Italian, Russian, and Hungarian." She looked at Rebecca.

Rebecca answered, "My family is Hungarian and Polish, and Katy's is French, English, Irish, and Hungarian."

Everyone in the room looked puzzled. "Is there something we should know about Hungarians?" Lee looked questioningly at Carr. "Let me get Becky in here." She picked up a phone and called the pack genealogist to join them. She was an expert on Werewolf history. Maybe this was something significant.

Becky walked in the door and saw all four of the newly mated and yet to be mated pairs. She knew she would be doing research on Karen's family and just an hour ago had been notified she would be working on Sarah's, but there were two other human women here too. "Yes Ma'am, did you need something?"

"Becky, what do you know about Hungarian Werewolves?" Carr asked hoping she'd say there was no such thing.

"Well, the Verfarkas were said to roam most of Hungary, not to be confused with the Vlkolak of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia or the Vârcolac of Romania. It depends on which boundaries and what years you're speaking of." Becky looked around the room at the shocked faces. She smiled smugly. No one knew Werewolf lore from around the world like she did.

Carr stroked his chin, pondering the possibilities. "Do you think we can trace their Hungarian lines to see if there's any links to these Were packs?"

"Of course Alpha. Actually, many of the Eastern European packs were decimated by wolf hunters in the 1800's and those that survived had another rough time during the two world wars. Those few that survived have thrived since, but for a while there were very few Weres in those regions. I did hear about some small groups who migrated to the United States from a time just after the Civil War through about the turn of the century. I know the Council of Elders has been trying to consolidate all pack histories and genealogies and to that end, have been sending archivists to Europe to search out and catalog whatever records that still exist." When Becky stopped speaking the room was silent. They just stared. She beamed with pride that her knowledge would be of use to the Alpha. She very rarely had a chance to interact with the Alphas so she particularly wanted to make them proud she was a member of their pack.

"See what you can do. I'd like you to meet with all four women and trace all their lines as far back as possible, not just the Hungarian. We don't want to miss an important connection because we're so fixated on one group."

Becky nodded her agreement. Even though he wasn't a genealogist, the Alpha had a good grasp of the ideas associated with family research. Whenever an Alpha found a mate, the pack genealogist was to trace the family history of the prospective bitch. Though it was just a formality now, in ancient times it had been important to prove that the lines were not too closely related. At one point, because of "Founder's Effect" the gene pool was so small there had been matings that had not been allowed. It hadn't happened in over a thousand years, but the idea that it could led the packs to continue the old ways.

"I'll contact the Council's Chief Archivist about accessing whatever Eastern European records that are available." This was the most excitement Becky had since the last hunt. Of course she was usually the only one that cared about these sorts of things. She scanned the room noticing that everyone seemed interested in what she had to say today.

"Becky, I've researched my family for years and have about five generations on every line. I'll give you everything I have. I've found one of my families in Hungary in an 1869 Census. Maybe that can help get things started. And I'm really good at internet genealogy sites if you need a hand with the initial research. I can't help with the Werewolf research though." Karen was excited too. She loved genealogy. It was one of her favorite activities. Well, after being with Cole anyway.

"May I make one more suggestion Sir?" Becky was so excited she almost forgot the most important thing. Carr nodded her way. "What about DNA testing? We can map the entire mitochondrial sequence for each female, and there are autosomal tests now that can link people through all of their family lines. There's a company owned by one of the packs that can facilitate this for us. They've been trying to test as many pack AND non pack associated Weres as possible to help bring together lost families. They have quite a database."

"Good idea Becky. Why don't you follow through with that. I think I'm going to send these women to stay in the un-mated female Omega quarters since so many are going to the mountains. I very much want to keep them segregated from the males. No offense, but I don't want anymore matings in the foreseeable future. I hope you all understand." His eyes stopped on every person present who nodded their understanding. "Good. Nathan, you're in charge of getting Rebecca and Katy safely to their quarters. I don't care how you do it, but don't let any un-mated male anywhere near enough to scent them, understood?" Nathan nodded.

"Ben, I have a job for you." Ben stood tall as the Alpha addressed him. "I need to know what Gary was looking for on the dating website. Can you work on that? I don't care how you do it."

"Karen, did Gary every use your laptop?" When she nodded Ben's smile lit up the room. "Then I just may be able to get everything you need Alpha, fairly easily. Let's hope he signed on to the site from the laptop. If so, shouldn't be hard to find it and go from there. I'll let you know when I have information for you." Ben's chest was puffed up like a peacock. He was eager to prove his worth to the pack and this was his first chance. Of course having a chance to show off his skills in front of Gina didn't hurt either. He wanted to prove himself to her and to James before he followed through with the mating. He didn't want anyone to doubt his loyalty to the pack or his love for Gina.


Brett stared up at the tree, spotting the camera nestled between branches. "Damn it, why didn't anyone report this sooner?" He watched one of his security detail climbing a ladder to reposition the camera so that it pointed to the exit of the labyrinths like it was supposed to. Didn't do much good to have security cameras that were misdirected. Not that it would have mattered for Gary and Paul's escape. But it would now.

"Brett." His name crackled over the radio.

"Go." Brett answered quickly, his head cocked to the side as he listened through his earpiece.

"We spotted someone watching the exit road from the compound. We've taken him into custody and brought him in. Cole's on his way to the office. He wants you there too."

"On my way." He spun around to head back to the compound, yelling over his shoulder at Bryant, "Make sure every single camera is checked to be sure it's working at top efficiency and pointed at the correct angle. I don't want any holes in our visual of the perimeters."

"Got it boss." Bryant threw the ladder into the back of the truck and headed off with the rest of the detail. This was going to take a while. He radioed in to the monitoring crew which camera he was going to next so they could begin testing and start diagnosing any problem before they got there. If he let them stay one camera ahead of them at all times maybe they could get this done quickly and efficiently. Craig had another crew out installing more cameras on a larger outer perimeter. That would make three separate security zones. Carr wanted to make it as hard as possible for anyone to sneak up on them.

As soon as Brett entered the Security wing he heard snarling and crashing sounds. "Fuck! Not again!" He sprinted down the hallway and almost ran into one of the Betas when he turned the last corner. "What the hell's going on?" He glanced around the room at the relaxed figures standing around.

Cole and James were leaning against the wall, watching a huge wolf in a straightjacket launching himself at the walls of the security cell. "Welcome to the show. It took a ten times dose of tranquilizers for the scouts to knock him out. We figured the safest thing was the straightjacket. At least that way if he tries to shift he'll be too constrained to move at all."

Brett joined the group and stood in awe of the giant creature trying to force his way through concrete and unbreakable plexiglass. He was bigger than any Were he'd ever seen, even bigger than Paul. What the hell was going on?

"If that thing gets loose we're in big fuckin' trouble." Everyone turned to face Carr as he walked into the room and made his quick and astute observation. "Cole, no less than five guards with this thing at all times. And everyone carries a twenty times dose of tranquilizer. If ten times didn't kill him, I have no problem with going to twenty. I'm not taking any more chances. And if we don't get any information out of him pretty quickly..." He sighed, hating to make decisions like this. It just wasn't his style to give death sentences. But he saw his Betas all nodding their heads in agreement. They understood how deadly this Were could be. No one would make a mistake like that again.

Everyone was mesmerized by the salivating beast who never stopped his quest to escape. The walls were built to withstand explosives. They'd hold just about anything. Carr sure as hell hoped they'd hold him. "Did you get the sample for the DNA test while he was out?"

"Yea, we sent it off to Jeff. Think this is all going to tie in with the women?" Cole couldn't take his eyes off it. It just never gave up.

"I don't know. And I'm not sure if I hope it does, or doesn't." Carr ran a hand through his hair, what else could happen. He hoped Jeff's idea of how to get this thing to shift to it's human form would work. Then at least we could communicate with it, or try anyway. And with that thought he turned towards the door and saw Jeff walking in with a vial in his hand.

"OK, if this doesn't work, nothing will." He held a vial away from his body, like he didn't want to touch it. He slid the vial into the tranquilizer dart gun and handed it to Brett.

"What is it?" Brett was staring at the opening in the cartridge that allowed him to see the liquid.

"Extremely concentrated curare."

Brett set the gun on the table and took a step backwards. "Are you crazy? What if it gets on one of us? I've heard that stuff is deadly. Doesn't it cause paralysis?"

"To humans, yes. But with Werewolves it causes them to shift back to their human forms. Or at least, so I've been told. Guess we'll find out for sure, won't we? If it works, I'll write it up for the Were Medical Journals. It'll be good information for other packs to have if this kind of situation arises elsewhere." He didn't notice the scathing looks from the Betas. They didn't want to think of this situation coming up again. "It's also supposed to make them more amenable to cooperating."

Cole and James moved to the front of the cell and used their fists on the plexiglass to lure the Wolf to their side of the cell. Brett cautiously picked up the gun and walked to the opening in the wall, just big enough for the dart gun on the opposite side of the wall. He took careful aim and fired. The dart hit it's target in the neck. They all stood still as they waited to see if it worked.

The wolf appeared startled and struggled in the straightjacket to get to the dart. He threw his body against the wall but couldn't seem to direct himself in a way to remove it. His legs were shaking, and he staggered around the cell, howling and biting at the air. Saliva dripped from his mouth as his body lost all control. He was fighting the drug, but finally, he just laid there, chest heaving.

The men stared at the still form of the wolf. No one moved. Every one of them had seen the carnage Paul had caused when they thought he was sedated. They watched as he began the shift to his human form. The straightjacket was made to contain him in either form. They'd never had a chance to try it out on a hostile Were, only on themselves. They hoped it worked.

The shift was slower than normal but soon enough the sandy haired male was laying there, struggling to breath. His guards cautiously entered the cell and pulled him up into a chair, securing him to it. They doubled their normal protocol for restraints even with the straightjacket on.

The male blinked his eyes, focusing on the guard nearest him, and spit, hitting him in the face. The guard leaped back and the male laughed hysterically. The voice was low and menacing, "You are all fools. At the Wolf Moon you'll learn how strong Gary is, and you'll follow him or die." He curled his lips into a sneer and then refused to say another word. He'd said all he would say.

"The full moon in three weeks is the Wolf Moon. Somehow, I'm sure this all has to do with the females. We have three weeks to figure this out. Jeff, how fast are those DNA tests going to come back?" Carr knew Jeff and Becky had been talking about the DNA so he was aware of the tests done on the four females as well.

"I sent all the samples next day air and let them know we needed them expedited. They said it might take two to three weeks."

Carr snapped back at Jeff, "Well let them know we may not have three weeks."

No one noticed Jeff muttering to himself, "Well it worked, can't wait to submit this for publication. They were sure wrong about the cooperative part though."

Carr was pacing. Never a good sign. "Let me know if he has anything else to say. And I want word for word." Carr didn't listen to the acknowledgement from the guards as he walked out of the room. He knew that Cole, James, and Brett were following closely behind. "Brett, how is the security system looking?"

They talked as they walked across the compound. They all knew there was so much to do and so little time left. Every minute counted. "The inner perimeter is secure. The perimeter just outside the compound is almost finished, and Craig was making good progress with the outermost perimeter. It should be finished by tomorrow. The labyrinths have been fortified, all entrances and exits checked, locks changed, doors reinforced, and supplies stocked." Brett was checking items off in his head as he talked. He hated to leave anything out. "I also added some Omegas to the monitoring crew. We usually only had one person monitoring the two perimeters on camera, but I've increased it to two for each perimeter so they can watch the screens continuously.

Carr nodded. He liked Betas with initiative. No reason for him to make every single decision like some of the Alphas did. "James, do you know if Nathan got the women to the Omega quarters OK?"

"Yea, it was pretty fun to watch. Lila and Gina took the point and cleared the area first. Any male that walked close to their path to the Omegas quarters was told to get lost. Then Sarah and Karen walked in front of Nathan carrying some disgusting smelling concoction. To tell the truth, when I smelled it, I couldn't scent Sarah at all through it. I guess that was their point, but it was really disconcerting to not be able to have her scent when she was so close. My wolf started to freak out."

Carr was smiling. At least there was still some humor in this God awful situation.

"Then Ben had the women dressed in these shroud things that covered them head to toe. They made it safe and sound, and the female Betas have set up guards so no males get near their rooms. And they left some of that foul smelling stuff outside the door and windows. So no unauthorized matings for today anyway." James smirked. He knew Cole and Brett had a bet about whether or not he'd be able to follow the Alpha's orders to hold off on mating with Sarah.

"Great. One less thing to worry about. Cole, how are the preparations for the move to the mountains?"

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