tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 16

Wolf's Pet Ch. 16


Karen couldn't believe all the changes in her life in such a short time. Less than three weeks ago she was day dreaming about a man she walked past on the street. Now she couldn't wait to be his mate and become a wolf. She watched her chocolate colored wolf running through the trees in his pursuit of a deer. She wondered if she'd be able to do it, chase after an animal and kill it. He had assured her that her wolf would take care of it for her. It would be a natural instinct. She still worried.

From her perch in the limbs of an oak tree she could see him attack the animal and bring it down easily. She didn't realize until she caught herself about to fall that she was leaning forward in anticipation of his strike. When he looked up at her with his face bloody from his kill she licked her lips. She wanted to share it with him. Karen shook her head. What in hell was she thinking? She expertly climbed down from the tree and sprinted to where Cole was feasting on his prize. She stopped just feet away and dropped to the ground and waited. What was she waiting for? She had no freaking idea.

Cole looked up and saw his mate. He picked up the carcass and dragged it to her and set it at her feet. She smiled at him and slid her hands along his soft fur. Her mate would be able to provide for her and what cubs they'd have in the future. She was proud of him. She noticed the saliva dripping from her mouth as she watched him eat his fill. Maybe she would be OK with this whole hunting thing.

Cole finished eating and walked towards the nearby stream. He stopped midway and looked behind him. Karen got up and followed close behind. Cole jumped into the water and splashed around to clean off the deer blood. A minute later he shifted into his human form and finished cleaning himself. He stood waist deep in the water as Karen watched him.

God he was gorgeous. Karen was still in awe of how amazingly handsome he was. His brown hair was wet and hung over his eyes. He used a hand to push it back but it kept falling down. She laughed as she watched. He looked up, grinned, and quickly grabbed her arm, pulling her into the water, clothes and all.

"Hey! That isn't fair, now my clothes are soaked." Karen gave a fake pout and tried not to laugh.

"So take them off and let them dry in the sun and you can help me fix my hair." Cole had an ulterior motive of course. Every chance he could get to look at her body he took.

"Fine then." She pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to onto the grass. Her wet bra was see through and she heard his intake of breath as he looked at her. She smiled to herself as she took her shoes and jeans off next and threw them to join the shirt. Her wet panties clung to her body and he couldn't help but stare.

He walked towards her slowly, his eyes traveling up and down her body. He reached out and pulled her to him, stroking down her back as she snuggled into his chest. His fingers deftly unclasped her bra and pulled it over her arms, swung it over his head like a lasso and tossed it off towards dry ground. She giggled when his fingers trailed down her arms. He could feel the goose bumps on her skin. His hands skated down her sides and slid into her panties, pushing them over her hips and waiting for her to step out of them. They soon were flying through the air and hit the ground with a splat.

Cole suddenly realized this was the first time Karen had been with him when he hunted. He hoped he didn't scare her. Hunting brought out the beast more than usual for him, as it did for most Werewolves. He pulled her to him roughly and kissed her hard. He couldn't hold back and hoped she would forgive him. But she didn't recoil from him, in fact she pressed her body closer and rubbed herself against his hard body.

She wanted him so badly. She wanted to be his forever. She didn't want to wait for the full moon. She kissed his chest and licked his nipples, nipping at them one at a time. He laughed and picked her up, holding her tight as he walked them both to dry land. He found a nice full patch of grass and gently laid her down, covering her with his body, feeling every inch of her as he kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue. He moaned into her mouth wanting to take her fast and hard. She was meant for him and he for her.

He rolled over onto his back, taking her with him so that now she was astride him, looking down at his happy face. He reached up and grasped her breasts, softly at first, but then more firmly. Her head fell back and she moaned loudly, pushing her breasts into his hands, begging him to be rougher with her. He held them tighter, pinching a nipple as he pulled himself up to take the other in his mouth and sucked it hard, licking and biting. She moaned and lifted up enough to feel his cock at her slick entrance. She sat down on his hard member, feeling it seat itself deep inside her.

She began to rock back and forth and listened to his groans as he marveled at the wonderful feeling of being deep inside her. He thrust up into her hard and almost threw her off until she realized how to stay in synch with his movements. He wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her down this time as he forced himself inside her. She moaned and he smiled when he heard her growl. Her wolf was close, making herself known. He couldn't wait to meet her.

He was bucking up into her and she forced herself down onto him, grinding her pelvis into his, feeling herself so close to cumming. She could feel it, and there was something else deep inside her that she felt. She needed to do something. What was it? She wasn't sure. He had grabbed her tits and was squeezing hard. She loved it, she needed it! She needed to fuck her mate, she needed to be his forever. Instinct was working when she leaned into his neck and took in a deep breath. His scent washed over her brain, and she sighed in contentment. Yes, this was where she belonged. He was hers and she would make sure everyone knew.

She licked his neck, and he growled again underneath her. Without warning she sank her teeth into his neck, drawing blood, and reveling in the howl that came out of his mouth. He growled loudly and pulled her off his rock hard cock and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Blood dripped from the wound on his neck. Cole quickly shifted back into his wolf and slid his tongue into her hot pussy. She was so wet already from their fucking, and the wolf lapped up her juices. Her scent was driving him crazy, his cock was dripping pre-cum, and he needed to sink himself into her.

Her breathing was ragged as she felt him behind her. His tongue brought her to the edge but she couldn't cum. She was waiting. The voice inside her head said she had to wait. The time was close. She felt him mount her, his paws pulling her hips close to him, his cock probing until he found his mark and thrust in quickly. Once he had seated his cock inside her, he started pounding into her. She pushed back at him, wanting him deeper, wanting him to fuck her harder. The animal sounds coming from her would surprise her if she could hear them, but she was beyond hearing anything but her heart pounding, her blood rushing in her veins, and the slapping of his body into her ass.

The big wolf leaned forward and bared his teeth, biting down hard as his seed flooded his mate's womb, his knot tightly held by her spasming pussy as she came harder than at any time in her life. Her head was spinning and she felt like she had two distinct voices in her head as she screamed her pleasure. Her body jerked and spasmed from head to toe and she marveled at the feel of him inside her. Her pussy milked his cock for every last drop of his cum.

They laid on their sides, waiting for his knot to recede. He gently licked at her new bite and smiled to himself. She was indeed meant for him. It suddenly dawned on him. She bit him. They had completed the mating. What was Carr going to say when he found out?

"What do we care what Carr thinks? It's our business, not his." Karen suddenly realized he hadn't said a word. She had heard him talking in her head.

"It's the mating bond pet. Now it's just a matter of time. You'll become a wolf soon, exactly when I don't know, but soon." He held her tight to his body and nuzzled the back of her neck. He could hear the confusion in her mind. He tried to reassure her as best he could. He stroked her hair and felt her relax. They would be together forever, Gary or no Gary. They both smiled.


They had to wait until Sunday for all the pack Alphas to arrive at the compound. Carr tried to stay as far away from Metzger as possible. He kept busy with Cole and Brett, hoping to find out some new intel on Gary and Paul. But there hadn't been a sighting since Sarah's home had been destroyed. The updates about more of the women on Gary's list being reported as missing was upsetting as well. Carr had hoped to find more of them, but Melissa and Danielle were the only ones they'd been able to locate.

Rhys spent hours with the women going through family trees and trying to match each to one of the Vlkolak immigrants. Katy's had been the first family he'd identified. Of course that was made much simpler by the fact that Katy knew more about her family's history. Every moment not spent on research and the women's genealogy was spent at Katy's side. He wanted to learn everything about her that he could before they mated. She had wanted to move into his room with him, but he wouldn't be able to control his wolf, not after so long without a mate. She was disappointed, but after waiting twenty nine years, she could wait a few weeks.

One by one the pack Alphas arrived. None of them were happy to be here and made that fact well known. Once all had been seen to their rooms and were settled in Carr breathed a sigh of relief. But it was short lived since the meeting was to start soon.

Alistair walked to the front of the room and looked out at the assembled Alphas and their seconds, Council members, and the Chief Archivist. The head of the Council looked almost regal as he waited for them to take their places. He was almost as tall as Rhys, and just as broad. His white hair was an oddity. No one had ever heard of a Were being born with white hair in a millennium. His bright blue eyes could look right through someone and see what they tried to hide. He frightened many at first glance. And to his enemies, he was more than frightening. But right now, he was a calming influence in this troubled time for the packs.

When all were settled Alistair began. "It's time we explain what has already transpired before we make decisions about how to proceed." He saw some nods but most sat stoically. "Xylon, please." Alistair gestured to the Council member who stood and walked to the front of the room.

Xylon Lukos had been a member of the council for almost fifty years. He had been born in Greece and came to North America in the 1850's and settled in New Orleans. His love of genetics had begun when he read a new paper published by Gregor Mendel in the 1860's and was fascinated by his work with Pea plants. From that point on, he immersed himself in science pursuits. Starting the DNA company had been a dream come true for him. He looked at it as a way to help his people.

"I first met Gary when he came to me right after I began the DNA company. He told me he was bored with pack life and wanted a chance to strike out on his own. He'd already earned advanced degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Genetics and really did wonderful work for several years. He was instrumental in mapping the Were Genome, finding the minute differences between species. When we found a frozen Dire Wolf in a melting glacier he was the one who took on the project of finding the differences between it and modern day Canis lupus and the various Were species." Xylon saw the surprised looks at mention of a Dire Wolf.

"One day he came to me with an amazing discovery. He said that Werewolves could possibly carry a dormant Dire Wolf gene that, if turned on, could make our present day species bigger, stronger, more able to survive with humans in a changing world. I let him continue his research, thinking he was looking to the future of our kind. I was wrong. I should have stopped it immediately." He heard the muttering of agreement from the group.

"He began by testing every Were sample we had to see if they carried the gene. He found that he and many from his pack carried it. As we pushed for DNA testing of every Were possible, he tested each for the gene he'd identified. There were some packs that had many members who carried the gene and some had no members at all. Carr, your pack does not carry the gene, but the Torrance, MacDonald, Wilson, and Campbell packs do, as well as the Crane pack of course."

Gene Campbell stood, glaring at Xylon, "Are you saying our packs are full of these...abominations?"

Xylon slowly shook his head. "No, no, that's not what I'm saying Gene. I'm saying that many members of the packs happen to carry this gene. But it's what Gary did next that is the abomination. Without my knowledge or consent he began looking for a way to turn on the gene, in other words, make it work. He experimented for several years before he found the correct combination of amino acids necessary. He was the first successful test subject, Paul the next. I had noticed that Gary looked just a little different, maybe a little more muscular, and he was definitely acting more aggressive and territorial. I thought that maybe he had found his mate."

"This is your fault Lukos, this is all your fault." Douglas Crane leapt to his feet and shook his fist in anger at Xylon.

"Douglas, this is no one's fault but Gary's. No one is blaming Xylon or you. Now please, sit down. There is still much to hear. I'm sure the discussions about all of this will allow you to say all that you wish. But I'll have no pointing of fingers. Is that clear?" Alistair scanned the room for dissent as the Crane Alpha slowly sat. Seeing none he nodded at Xylon to continue.

"I found out later that Gary was sending out letters to all the un-mated males who carried the gene trying to get them to meet with him. He told them he had an idea about a new pack. He said he could guarantee them that he could find them a suitable mate and not to discuss this with anyone. He said that genetically they were superior to other Were, and they would breed with females who would make their pack even stronger."

"Superior? How dare he insinuate that he is better than we are." Owen MacDonald was red faced as he blurted out his comment. Gary was just an ungrateful cub who didn't get his way and wanted to get back at his uncle. Owen glared at Douglas Crane.

"Don't look at me MacDonald. This isn't my doing." The two Alphas looked like they were ready to come to blows when Alistair calmly stepped between them.

"Gentleman, please, our anger should be focused on Gary and his followers, not each other. No one could have foreseen what Gary was planning. We won't do ourselves any good by arguing amongst ourselves. Shall we continue?" Again the head of the Council had proven why he had been the correct choice to lead his people.

Xylon looked at the faces in the room, some enraged, some amused, some just shocked, and continued. "Gary has amassed a group of about fifty males that have this gene. As to whether or not he's been able to change any more of them, I don't know. The two males that are with the Baxter pack now have the gene but it is still dormant. They don't recall being given any injections or anything else from Gary, so I just don't know if he made any failed attempts, or just hadn't begun. It's pretty obvious that Kyle from the Wilson pack, who is being held prisoner here, has been genetically altered. He's much larger and aggressive than when I knew him two years ago."

Morgan Wilson had been sitting quietly, but when he heard that he couldn't hold back what he was thinking. "Do you think we should kill all of those with this gene?" He looked around at the other Alphas and the Council members. He saw the smirk on Niklas' face. The other Alphas weren't sure if they were in agreement or not, but it had to be considered.

"Are you crazy? Didn't you hear what Xylon said? There are many in your packs with this gene. These are your family and friends. It could decimate your packs!" Carr couldn't believe they could even consider killing their own. He could never do something like that.

"You shouldn't have any say in this Baxter, you don't have the gene in your pack, except for those two from Torrance, and until they are formally accepted into your pack, they are still Torrance's responsibility, not yours." Niklas almost spat the words out at Carr.

Cole couldn't help but think that Niklas wanted someone to die, first the women, now the males. As far as Cole was concerned, other than Gary and Paul, the only one he wanted dead was Niklas.

"That's right Baxter, this won't affect you at all. But if we have to make hard decisions, they are ours to make, not yours." Crane glowered at Carr.

Xylon couldn't believe that the Alphas would even think to talk like this. "I think before you made any sweeping decision, you might like to know that about fifty percent of your pack carries the gene Crane. Torrance, about thirty percent of your pack, and just about the same for the rest of you. Crane, do you want me to tell you who in your pack is a carrier?" He stared directly into the Alpha's eyes who in turn refused to look away. "All right then, you are a carrier, so is your mate, and all of your cubs. So think about that before you make any rash decisions."

Crane plopped back into his seat, shocked. He never thought that he could possibly carry the gene. His whole family carried it. He couldn't wipe out his entire line. His face showed no emotion as he looked at the Council members and his fellow Alphas. "I will do whatever the Council and Alphas decide." He dropped his head in despair. This might be the end.


Jenna slept whenever she could. The paralyzing spray that Gary kept using wore off faster when she let herself sleep. Her body was so sore it was hard to sleep but she forced herself. And besides that, it was her only escape. Being awake was torture. Gary liked to fuck her hard and then have his pack come one by one to smell her and acknowledge her as his mate. The thought of it sickened her. But at least in her debilitated state she wasn't returning the mating bite he had explained to her.

She wanted to dream. She wanted to play with the black wolves. She loved when she was a wolf in her dreams. She and her friends would run in the fields for what seemed like hours and hours. As she drifted off to sleep in her cage in the cold cave, her wolf was free. Jenna thought the dreams were just that, but her wolf knew the truth. Of course Jenna didn't even know her wolf even existed. She thought she was just part of the dream.

The wind felt good in her fur as she ran up the hill. And then she saw him, her real mate, the one she had dreamt of for over thirty years. He stood out among the black wolves. She knew he was different, he was special. She had faith that he would find them and free them from Gary.


"Excuse me, I need to take a break. I'll be back shortly." Alistair abruptly walked out the door leaving a room of dumbfounded Werewolves watching his back.

Where the hell did he go? The Alphas were impatient to know everything the Council had been hiding. Now they knew about Gary. What else was there? Could they handle more? And what about these women? What secrets did they hold?

"Maybe we should continue without him. If he's too tired to stay, maybe it's time for him to step down as head of the Council." Metzger sneered as he looked around at the other Council members.

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