tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 24

Wolf's Pet Ch. 24


Alistair watched the Alphas around the table with Carr and his Betas.

"Alistair, are you alright? Alistair?" Rhys was quietly speaking to his friend who was staring off into space. "Alistair can you hear me?"

The white haired Were didn't say a word. He didn't move.

"Carr," Rhys called quietly to the Alpha. "Send for the Doctor." His hand never left his friend. He could feel the muscles spasming underneath his clothing. He grabbed hold of his arms just as the muscles gave out. He gently lowered him to the chair and bent down to speak directly into his ear. "Alistair, if you can hear me, give me a sign." He felt fingers close over his arm and squeeze weakly.

Rhys sat down next to his old friend and waited for Jeff's arrival. Carr had managed to keep the attention of the Alphas and other Council Members on the planning and team assignments and moved them towards his office. Rhys acted nonchalant as if they had sat down to chat.

Jeff arrived and closed the door behind him. He attended to his patient and didn't notice Carr's quiet entrance into the room.

Rhys looked up. "Did they notice?"

"No, they're focused on getting their people into the right positions. How is he?" Carr stayed at the door in case someone tried to come in.

"Head of the Council or not, the Doctor is in charge now. He is exhausted and his body has finally admitted it. I'm going to hospitalize him right now, no ifs, ands, or buts." Jeff looked like he was ready to argue, but no one tried to disagree.

The last thing they needed now was panic because the Head of the Council was ill. They didn't need any rumors either. "Will he be able to join us in the rescue?" Rhys wanted all the answers he could get before he decided how best to disclose Alistair's condition.

"Maybe, I don't know. I'll tell you more as soon as I'm done with my evaluation." Two orderlies arrived from the hospital with a wheelchair. Jeff helped Alistair into it and they promptly exited through the back door and made their way back to the hospital.

Carr ran a hand through his hair and leaned back against the wall. "Great, just what we need, a distraction. What will the other Council Members do? Anyone that will want to take over like Metzger?"

"No, he was the only one with ambition, misguided as it was." Rhys looked thoughtfully at Carr. He would make a good solid Council Member in two or three hundred years. He'd have to keep him in mind for the future. "They want what's best for the packs and Weres in general. They are all good men. But I better tell them something so they don't panic." He smiled and walked towards the office.

Katy waited for Rhys at their usual spot. She felt his presence just before she spotted him. She hopped down from her perch in the tree and bounded over to him. She saw his serious face and hugged him tight, feeling the tension release from his body. She smiled when she felt his arms close around her body. She could feel him relaxing in her embrace and sighed.

"What's wrong little one?" He sounded concerned as he backed away from her and reached for her chin to tilt her face up to look at his.

"Nothing, I just felt so safe in your arms, I just sighed. But what's wrong with you? I can tell you're upset about something. Is it Alistair?" She sat down on a fallen tree stump and patted a spot next to her.

He sat down and took her hands in his, holding them gently. "Yes, you read me well already. He's exhausted and it was finally too much. He almost collapsed. He's in the hospital." He brought a hand up and stroked her hair, pulling a strand free to twirl it between his fingers.

She smiled up at him. She so loved having her hair played with. No one had done that since her mother so many years ago. She leaned down and laid her head in his lap, closing her eyes, and just relaxing under his touch. "The Doctor will take good care of him. Last night I had a dream, and he was meeting his mate at the caves after you rescue the women."

Rhys stopped stroking for just a second. She dreamt about Alistair and his mate? After a short pause he resumed playing with her hair. "Do you dream about many of the pack little one?"

"Sometimes, but only ones I care about. I dream about Sarah and James and Karen and Cole. And I knew Rebecca would meet Trey before she did." She laughed. "Luckily for me my dreams are always happy. Maybe I forget the ones that are sad." She nestled her head deeper into his lap. She was amazingly relaxed out here in the woods with Rhys holding her.

"What was that?" Rhys was startled and his hand stilled in her hair.

"What was what?" Katy tried to sit up, but Rhys held her down.

He bent over and looked into her face, her beautiful pale green eyes blinked back at him. But on closer examination he noticed something he had missed before. There were yellow rays interspersed with the pale green. They almost looked like the eyes of a cat. His hand stroked her face as he smiled. "You purr, did you know that?"

"I do? I never noticed before. Is that bad?"

"It's wonderful little one." He whispered softly "Rydych chi fy hun gath wyllt bach."

"Your language is so beautiful, but I wish I knew what you said."

"You are my own little wild cat." He bent down and kissed her softly on the forehead. If he was a younger wolf he'd never be able to control himself. He would have taken her as his mate days ago. But there was something telling him it was important for him to wait until the Wolf Moon, so they would wait.

She giggled. "Good thing for you my claws are pulled back. But I will never be wild with you Rhys, never."

"We shall see my little wild cat, we shall see." He continue stroking her hair as he looked up at the tree branch ten feet above his head where she'd been perched when he arrived. He wondered if her wolf would still climb trees.

"I'll be fine. I slept for twenty four hours, I feel great, better than I have in days. I need to be there." Alistair looked at Rhys, Carr, and the Doctor. "I will be there." The white haired Were looked so much better than he had just one day earlier. His skin was a normal color, his eyes were no longer sunken, and they had their sparkle back. He looked fit and healthy again.

Jeff shrugged his shoulders. "Yesterday I could have restrained him without any help, not today. Good luck to you all. Now I need to prepare for whatever carnage you send my way later tonight." Jeff turned and walked into the trauma room where the orderlies and nurses were stocking drawers. They had their own preparations to make. They had to be ready for anything.

"Are we ready Carr?" Alistair had great respect for the young Alpha. He had really grown in his abilities just within the last few weeks. It reminded him of a quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." Greatness would be thrust upon Carr whether he wanted it or not.

"The plans are made, now we just have to carry through. Shall we go then?" Carr led the way to their SUV. "James, let's get out of here." Carr got into the front passenger seat and Alistair and Rhys sat in the back.

They meandered on some back roads, seemingly taking the long way through the woods. "I assume the strange path we are taking has a purpose?" Alistair knew Carr had a reason for everything he did.

"We've mapped out the best way to avoid their patrols. It's not as the crow flies, but it gets us there." Carr had a big smile on his face. His heart was pounding, and his wolf was circling. It would be his time soon to lead his pack. This was the type of hunt he liked the best.

"We planted wireless cameras all throughout these roads and have been monitoring them for several days. We know every path they take and those they don't. We know where their patrols go and how long they're out." Bryant and Craig had done a great job of wiring these woods. There wasn't a part of it that they hadn't been watching for days except for the caves themselves.

James shut off the headlights and drove the last hundred yards in the dark. He parked in the clearing near the other vehicles. They were far enough from the caves that even a Were's hearing wouldn't pick it up.

Carr spoke quietly to the assembled Alphas. "Brett and Steve are waiting for Gary and the Betas to leave, and then Brett will signal me and we'll move in. We won't start taking out the Omegas for twenty minutes. That'll give them time to reach their hunting grounds. Steve is going to keep up with them, upwind of course, and let us know when they start back. Lila, are the females ready?"

"Yes Alpha. We're ready." She smiled and looked at her troops. They had duffel bags filled with sweats for the women. They knew they'd been kept nude and didn't want them to feel self conscious around the males they might pass. Each group had a set of bolt cutters and a map of the section of caves they were assigned to. They knew what was expected of them, and they were going to make their Alpha proud.

They stood silent, bathed in the moonlight. A human might look up and think it was the full moon, but the Werewolves knew better. Not yet.

At the stroke of midnight Brett sent a message to Carr. The Dire Wolves were on the move west, to their hunting ground. It was time for them to move to their secondary staging area. Carr nodded to the Alphas and team leaders and the entire group of over one hundred twenty Werewolves moved quietly through the woods on foot. They found Craig and Bryant and stopped. The two man groups that were to take out the sentries made their ways to their positions. Trey and Troy were one team, Nathan and David team two, Bryant and James the third. The tranquilizer darts would knock out a normal Werewolf instantly. If they mistakenly shot at a Dire Wolf, Gary would be instantly alerted.

Trey and Troy moved easily and quietly through the brush. The advantage to being twins was that they thought alike and moved as one. When they saw the sentry their eyes met just for a second before they moved. The dart hit the sentry in the neck, and in one second he had slumped to the ground. They each picked up an end and carried him back.

Within minutes the three sentries were unconscious and already packed into one of the SUV's. Ten minutes later there were six other sentries cuffed and in the back of the SUV and on their way back to the compound. Step one completed.

Twenty minutes after midnight Steve reported back to Carr they had arrived and the hunt had begun.

The Wilson Betas watched the Omegas outside the caves. They used hand signals to coordinate. They had a plan. They knew some of these rogues. A few they knew wanted to return to the pack and their allegiance was with the Wilson Alpha. He had already been in contact with them tonight, and they would help lure the others away from the cave, one at a time.

Matt heard the Wilson Alpha in his mind. They were there. It was time. "Hey Greg, can you help me over here? Paul wanted these rocks moved by the time they got back. I can't do it alone." He waited for Greg to move his way and he began the walk towards the pile of rocks he had just put there a few minutes ago. They rounded the corner and he heard Greg fall. He turned and saw Jackson and Adam smile at him, grab the body and run off into the woods. Matt took a tree branch and moved it back and forth over Greg's tracks. He sauntered back to the cave to lure his next victim.

"We have more allies than we knew Carr." Wilson smiled at the Baxter Alpha. "I'm going to tell the others to see if any of theirs still hold allegiance to them. We may get through this stage easier than we'd planned."

As Carr watched, he saw the smiles on the faces of the Alphas. They had found some of their own who wanted to be forgiven and welcomed home. They would help.

Matt greeted the raiders with a smile. He addressed Wilson first. "Alpha, thank you for accepting me back. My allegiance is with you. All of us standing here now know our mistakes and will do anything to be allowed back home. Thank you for rescuing us from this hell. Do you want us to bring out the women?"

Carr saw Lila ready to make a snide comment and spoke before she had the chance. "Thank you, but we'll leave that to our females. And we would appreciate it if you stayed back as they were brought out. I think your presence will serve to frighten them more."

Matt dropped his head in shame. "Of course Alpha Baxter."

"Would you men mind going with mine to help them with planting some cameras and explosive charges?" Carr wanted to make them feel a part of the rescue group now. The faster they re-integrated the easier it would be for everyone involved. And that many less they had to fight. "Lila, go."

Lila and the females split into their preassigned groups and made their way through the dark caves. Lila's group made their way to Paul's quarters. What they saw stopped them in their tracks.

"Oh my God." Gina put a hand over her mouth to stop from screaming. She closed her eyes for a moment, and forced her self to open them and look again.

The woman was naked and bleeding from bite marks and scratches all over her body. She laid on the floor of the cage, almost lifeless. She was covered in dirt and blood and bruises. Her blond hair was matted and filthy. Her head moved just the slightest when Gina spoke, and she slowly opened her eyes. She couldn't believe it. Were those women standing there? She tried to lift her head, but the taller woman ran forward to the front of the cage and motioned for her to stop.

"Don't exert yourself. We can see you're badly hurt. We're here to help you, to take you away from this place, away from Paul. My name is Lila, this is Gina and Becky. We'll do our best not to hurt you." Lila had to swallow hard to keep from gagging. She could smell the infection growing in some of the older wounds. If they hadn't come tonight she didn't know if this woman would have survived. "Will you let us help you?" She looked at the poor human female and hoped they had found her in time.

The woman barely moved her head in a nod. "My-my name is Sheila." She spoke in a feeble whisper, raspy, like she'd overused her voice.

Becky and Gina exchanged glances. They imagined the screams that Paul had gotten from her.

Lila quickly used the bolt cutters on the lock and was was at the woman's side, trying to figure out if there was anyplace she could touch her that wouldn't be excruciatingly painful to her. "Sheila, I'm sorry, I don't know anyway to do this that won't hurt."

Lila held her under the arms while Becky took her legs and they slowly lifted her.

"Oh Godddddd, ahhhhh." Sheila screamed out in pain.

Lila and Becky immediately lowered her to the floor. "What are we going to do?" Becky didn't know how they could possibly get her out of here without her screaming so loudly anyone could hear for miles.

Lila looked at the tranquilizer gun at her hip and at the extremely weak woman on the ground. She pulled out the dart and opened the chamber that held the tranquilizer, pouring three quarters of it onto the floor. "Sheila, I'm going to tranquilize you, OK? That way you won't feel the pain and we can get you as far away from here as we can. Do you understand?"

Becky laid a hand on Lila's arm and whispered, "Are you sure? That tranquilizer is for a Were, she's so weak it could kill her!"

"Do we have an alternative? We might kill her by moving her in as much pain as she is. Or her screams could alert the Dire Wolves. We don't have a choice Becky. I wish we did." Lila looked sadly at Paul's victim. "We'll do our best not to hurt you Sheila, I promise." She tried to give her a smile but knew she wasn't very convincing.

Sheila nodded and winced when the needle hit her in the arm. She was unconscious immediately.

Lila leaned down to listen for a heartbeat. It was still there, but barely. She nodded to Becky and they quickly picked her up and carried her out of the cage. Gina threw a blanket over her to try to keep her a little warmer. Her skin had been so cold already. Lila sent a quick message off to Carr who had an SUV waiting when they exited the cave. Gina and Becky got in with her. Jeff would be waiting at the hospital.

Lila saw the human females being led out slowly. They were looking around, scared, waiting for Gary or one of his Betas to come jumping out at them. Their sobbing broke Lila's heart. To think her own kind could treat anyone this way disgusted her. She helped get them into the waiting vehicles and sent one of her females in each car load to answer questions and guide them once they got to the compound.

She saw Brett staring into the caves. "Where are Jessica and Karen?"

"Still in there. Gary's quarters are way in the back." He was staring into the mouth of the cave. "They just got there."

Lila could tell he was in communication with his mate. She was filling him in every step of the way. She looked over at Cole who had the exact same expression on his face as he listened to Karen.

"Don't be scared, we're here to take you away." Jessica spoke calmly, sounding much more confident than she felt.

The woman looked up from her place on the floor. She smiled. "I knew he would send you."

Karen and Jessica looked at each other. "Who? Gary didn't send us." Karen shivered when she realized this could have been her fate. Then she felt immense guilt that her freedom had meant this woman had to suffer.

"No, the white wolf. He sent you, didn't he? To save me? My name is Jenna." She stood up and although her body was battered and bruised, there was a regalness about her.

Jessica knew this was Alistair's mate. "Yes, he sent us for you." She cut the lock on the cage and handed the sweats to Jenna who quickly put them on.

"I'm ready, let's get out of here." Jenna walked out with her head up and like nothing had happened to her.

Jessica and Karen were speechless. This poor woman had been brutalized, yet she acted like it was nothing outside the ordinary. She was calm and collected, and they knew then that she was the perfect mate for Alistair Alexander, Head of the Werewolf Council.

"They're coming out." Brett and Cole had spoken in unison.

Alistair had been deep in conversation with Rhys and the Alphas when he felt compelled to look towards the cave. He was drawn forward and couldn't explain it or control it. But then he caught the scent, peaches and magnolia. It was intoxicating. It filled his nose and wrapped itself around his brain. He stared into the mouth of the cave, his heart pounding in his chest. His breath caught in his throat when he saw her, raven black hair and deep brown eyes. She was so amazingly beautiful. He walked slowly towards her.

She stepped out of the cave into the moonlight. She didn't know what she'd see, a wolf? A man? She glanced at the many men assembled nearby and saw their stares. But she saw him and couldn't look away. It was him, her wolf, her champion. His hair was snow white, his eyes a brilliant bright blue. They seemed to sparkle just for her. She moved slowly towards him.

They stopped a foot from each other. They both smiled and moved slowly. Her hand reached up to cup his face. "I knew you'd come for me. It's what kept me alive."

His hand came up and lightly grasped hers. They stood that way, not moving. "I couldn't leave you. We will be together always."

The Werewolves stood by, stunned.

Rhys quietly approached the pair. "Alistair, it's time to go. They need to finish preparations for the Dire Wolves return. We need to go." He didn't want to reach out for him, afraid the protective Wolf might come forward.

Alistair couldn't take his eyes off her. "Yes, we're coming Rhys. Thank you." He took her hand and walked her to a waiting car. They got into the back seat together.

Rhys did not try to follow.

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