tagFetishWoman in Red Ch. 01

Woman in Red Ch. 01


There are different ways I could explain my current lifestyle to you, but none come to mind but to come right out and say it. My name is Sandy and I am a puppy girl. I am sure there are some people who have heard of people like me. We get called weird and kinky. Some just call us insane. This is the story of how and why I came to be a puppy girl.

Long ago in a far away land... No, I was just kidding for a moment there. Sometime around July of last year, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I was a very sexual person, but no one had ever clicked with me. I was considering whether to follow a career and just go on with my life or follow my dreams.

By dreams, I mean my sexual fantasies. Most of these had been driving me crazy for so long I could not close my eyes without thinking of some form of what some people called kinky sex. I didn't feel kinky about it. It just seemed normal to me. The dreams just down right turned me on.

However, I had not at this time met anyone who would help me with this. Therefore off to work I went. I had an interview at a small lawyers firm in my hometown that I hoped would give me enough experience in technical writing to move to a bigger company in a bigger town. Don't you just love us small town girls? All our hopes and dreams hinge on getting out of town...

Arriving on time and in a good humor, I went inside full of confidence in getting the job. I went up to the clerk behind the desk in the waiting room and let her know I was there. She made note of it on her computer and picked up the phone.

"Mr. Franklin, your 1 o'clock is here sir," she stated in the perfect flowery secretary tone."

She set the phone down in its cradle and turned to me.

"Mr. Franklin will be right with you Ms. Patterson," she stated.

I thanked her and went to have a seat in one of the plush leather seats against the wall. Waiting is always boring. It does not matter if you do well at hiding it; everyone still knows you are bored out of your mind. I sat there staring around the room looking at fake potted plants and other fixtures in the room made to put person at their ease.

As my eyes traveled over the portraits hanging on the opposite wall, I noticed one in particular that caught my attention. It was a painting of a man with his dogs on a farm somewhere in the country. He was dressed in a flannel shirt tucked into snug blue jeans. He had on a cap and brown leather hunting boots with a flap at the brim folded down. He was kneeling on one knee reaching out toward a blondish colored dog that had retrieved a bird from the field beyond. Far off into the distance you could barely make out a barn and bails of hay along the field.

I had sat there totally engrossed in the painting not realizing Mr. Franklin had come out of his office personally to greet me. I heard a delicate cough from the clerk across the room. I glanced up to look at her and was startled to notice a man looking at me with softest expression on his face I had ever seen.

Quickly I stood up and raised my hand in greeting. He hesitated for just a moment, then took my hand and held it firmly for a moment. As my hand was locked in his, I had a chance to look him over.

Mr. Franklin was a tall man with broad shoulders that held his body framed. His body narrowed at the hip but not noticeably so. I raised my eyes slowly to meet his eyes and looked at his face, his face was almost square with the darkest liquid brown eyes I had ever seen.

They were slightly deep set with short lashes thickly framing them. His nose was just short of pert and piggy, as my grandmother had called it. His lips full and solemn set off a mildly cleft chin. He had that rough look most outdoorsman has from being in the weather a lot.

I moved my hand a little feeling uncomfortable with him holding it so long. He hesitated again but released my hand.

"Good afternoon Ms. Patterson I am pleased you could make it. I know how rush-hour traffic can be this time of day, but it is the only time of day I could see you for the interview since I was going out of town later today," he said his voice gravelly and soft.

"Not a problem Mr. Franklin, it gave me an excuse for some shopping in the are this morning." I stated simply.

"Please follow me Ms. Patterson. This way", he said motioning his had towards the door to his office.

I followed him inside his office noticing as I did so more portrait along the same line as the one in the waiting room were almost everywhere in it. I sat in the available chair across from his on the other side of his desk and waited for him to speak.

He glanced down at his desk at the paperwork in front of him. I assumed that he was looking at my credentials.

Giving him time to look things over I let my mind wander along with my eyes about the room. The portraits fascinated me.

The pictures were all from the same area and all with dogs, though the type of dogs sometime changed. In every one of them, it showed the character as a loving companion to the canines. I glanced at the one closest to me and noticed something different about it.

The painting was rather blurry, I thought at the time, but looking back now I realize I had not gotten the point.

There was a large red blotch rather square in one corner on a yellow background smeared vaguely with brownish colors. You could almost make out stick figures in the yellowish background walking grooming and playing around with dogs. What was supposed to look like a road pealed away into the distance with carriages traveling along it.

Somehow, I could feel there was something strange about the picture, but I could not put my finger on it.

I heard Mr. Franklin move on the other side of his desk and brought my attention back to him.

Looking up I found him staring at me intently, his eyes a little unfocused. Suddenly realizing I was looking at him, he cleared his throat.

"Ms. Patterson all your paperwork appears to be in order. I see no reason why you could not fill the accounting position right away. Ms. Clark out front will have some paperwork for you to bring in on Monday, as well as a tentative schedule I made out in advance. Do you have any questions about anything Ms. Patterson?" He asked.

"No ...umm ... well maybe one," I said a little embarrassed.

"Yes, ms. Patterson?" he urged.

"Do you have any more of the portraits of this farm?" I asked inquiringly.

"Why yes I do have a few in storage, but why do you ask?" He said looking at me strangely.

I said, "I love a good work of art, and I wondered if you had a spare one of these with that theme that could have put up in my office. It would help me as well as others relax in a homier environment," I stated matter-of-factly.

I was making some good excuses, and I hoped he bought into them. They were lovely pictures, though so I felt little worry with him believing my answer.

He looked down at his desk a moment as though considering what I had asked. He fumbled around with the paperwork in front of him briefly before looking up to meet my eyes.

"I do believe I have the perfect piece for your office Ms. Patterson," he smiled slightly, "One I think you will like most definitely."

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