tagIncest/TabooWonderland Ch. 08

Wonderland Ch. 08


Use Your Vorpal Blade

Steve was finishing dinner at his grandparents' house. But it wasn't just any dinner and it wasn't just any visit to his grandparents' place. Steve had just finished a family orgy with all the adults in his family, including his hot older sister and dyke cousin. Then he had sat down to eat with his whole family all dressed in only short silk robes. Since he was now old enough and already fucking with his parents the other members of Steve's family were introducing him to their "naked weekend".

"Ready for some final exercise before bed?" said Steve's grandfather.

Everyone at the table mumbled their assent to Dan's question. Then the entire family stood up almost as one and started back to the family room. Once they were there everyone sat down on the couches and chairs that lined the walls. Suddenly Steve's father Don stood up and went to the center of the room. Steve's father turned to face the family members still sitting.

"Since it is Steve's first time I think a real welcome is in order." said Don. He gestured for Steve to join him at the center of the room. Not knowing what to expect Steve stood up and took off his robe before crossing the floor to meet his father in the center of the room.

"I love you son." said Don surprising Steve by hugging him tightly and kissing him full on the lips like a lover as their naked bodies met. Don's tongue snaked its way inside Steve's mouth and all of this intimate contact aroused Steve making his cock twitch and jump. Don read Steve's reaction and realized he was enjoying this stimulation. Don pulled his tongue out of Steve's mouth and dropped to his knees. Don slide the head of Steve's cock into his mouth using his tongue to now lick over the sensitive knob in slow lazy circles. Above his Steve moaned in delight as his father's head started to bob as his sucked his son's cock into his mouth and then slid it out again licking the length of it with his tongue.

Behind Steve his cousin Shari rose from the couch and dropped her robe. She fastened a leather belt around her shapely hips which had a large dildo on the front. Shari reached down on the table next to the couch and grabbed a handful of lubricating gel from one of the bowls of the stuff that seemed to be everywhere in Steve's grandparents' house. She rubbed the gel all over the realistic looking fake cock that included a bulbous head and veins. She then crossed to the center of the floor where Steve was busy enjoying the great sucking his father was doing on his now very hard cock.

"Augh!" said Steve surprised to feel the wet cold knob of Shari's dildo slide between his ass cheeks. The phallus' knob pushed its' way into his anus spreading his sphincter. Shari's hands grabbed his hips as she continued to force the hard dildo into Steve's ass. Steve had never had anything in his ass before and found the sensation painful at first. As Shari stopped pushing into his ass and started sliding the cock in and out in a thrusting motion Steve became more accustomed to the intrusion. The pain faded and suddenly Steve found his hips forcing themselves back to meet Shari's quickening thrusts almost of their own volition.

Suddenly Shari and Don started to drop to the floor taking Steve along with them. Steve now found himself kneeling on the floor with his father sucking his cock while his cousin fucked his ass with her dildo. Suddenly Shari reached down to the dildo and Steve felt the dildo start to vibrate in his ass.

Steve was so engrossed in these new sensations that he did not notice the figure moving in front of him. As Steve looked up he saw his mother standing in front of him. Steve's father quit sucking his cock and moved out of the way. Helen sank to her knees while taking her son's big cock up her wet and willing cunt. Now Steve found himself with his mother pistoning her tight hot pussy up and down on his cock while Shari was thrusting her vibrating dildo in and out of his ass.

Steve threw his head back and gave a might groan with the incredible pleasure filling his body. A spongy knob suddenly slid into his mouth and Steve found himself with his Grandpa's cock in his mouth. Dan grasped both sides of Steve's head with his hands and started to shove his hard cock in and out of Steve's mouth. Steve was so lost in the sensations that he instinctively started to suck his Grandpa's thrusting cock and lick the underside with his tongue.

The four bodies continued their thrusting bobbing dance of passion in the center of the room. Helen suddenly tensed, moaned and shook as a wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over her. Behind him Shari also shook and groaned in her own waves of pleasure. His mother pulled off his cock and Shari pulled her dildo out of his ass although Steve's Grandpa continued thrusting his cock in Steve's mouth.

Even with all the new senstations Steve found himself without an orgasam and a still hard cock. His cock felt cold and needy while his ass needed something to fill it again. In front of him a new body appeared that of his built sister Suzanne. She now slid her hot pussy down over Steve's hard cock and started a slow pistoning motion. Another lubbed knob pushed its' way between his ass cheeks. Manly hands grabbed his hips as a familar voice said, "Don't worry son."

Steve now found himself with his cock being worshiped by his sister's silky cunt, and his ass filled with his father's cock, all while he sucked his Grandpa's big cock. Steve was now in heaven as the three motions were happening as totally different speeds. His sister's grasping pussy worked slowly but intensely. His father's cock thrust into his ass in a insistant constant motion. In front of him Steve's Grandpa's cock thrust quickly with ever increasing speed into his mouth.

The four twisted, bobbed and thrust together in a sweaty mound of sexual pleasure. Suddenly Dan groaned and shoved his cock deep into Steve's mouth. Steve felt the hot sperm filling his mouth. Steve swallowed as much as he could but Dan's cum pushed past his lips and dribbled down his chin. Instinctively Steve grapsed Dan's balls in his right hand and gently squeezed them milking his Grandfather's cum into his own mouth as his Grandpa groaned and shook with orgasam.

Behind him Steve's father suddenly shoved his cock deep and hard into his son's ass. He too shook and almost screamed with his powerful orgasm.

Now it was only Steve and Suzanne. Suzanne pushed Steve to the floor onto his back. She slid her body down until Steve's whole cock was thrust inside her hot box. Suzanne spread her knees to either side of Steve's body forcing her muscle to clench and her already tight cunt to grasp Steve's cock even tighter like grabbing it in a hot wet silky vise. Now she started to piston her body up and down pulling Steve's cock now caught in her viselike pussy with her. Steve groaned with the massive pleasure his sexy sister was giving him. Suzanne suddenly started to pound her body up and then down into Steve's with ever increasing speed. Below her Steve gasped for air as he watched her D cup tits leap like twin wild mustangs on her chest while her body was fucking him like he had never experienced before.

Steve reached around his sister's pounding body with his right hand aiming his fingers towards her ass. Steve found Suzanne's anus and managed to shove two fingers into her ass as it jumped up and down on his cock. Suzanne suddenly shoved her cunt down on the full length of Steve's cock which forced Steve's full hand up her ass. Suzanne's cunt squeezed Steve's cock and her ass squeezed his hand in spasmodic waves of pleasure. Both Steve and Suzanne were cumming so hard that they gasped for air instead of making any sounds at all. After a few lifetimes their mutual orgasam subsided to gently rolling waves of pleasure and Suzanne collaped down on top of Steve's chest. Her head lay on his shoulder as the two recovered and returned to reality.

Steve kissed his sister long and sensually showing the love he felt for her. The two looked to their right towards the couches to see if the others noticed the furious fuck session and un-brotherly kiss Steve had just given his sister.

They needn't have bothered.

Clare lay on the floor on her back with Bob thrusting his cock into her hungry cunt. Clare's legs were wrapped around her son's back while the two slowly fucked together in rhythm and kissed in deep sensual kisses.

Behind them Dan lay on his back as his daughter sat astride his big cock and slide up and down. Helen had leaned forward so Dan could suck on her big nipples as they lovingly fucked each other.

Finally Ashley knelt on a small table with her daugher laying below her. Shari pistoned a strapon dildo in and out of her mother's red furred cunt as Don shoved his massive rod in and out of his sister-in-law's ass from behind. Shari and Ashley kissed each other their tongue intertwined and the threesome fucked away.

There were a series of groans, moans, and exclaimations as the remaining family member enjoyed the pleasure of a good cum.

Everyone in the family lay still basking in the glow of their pleasure until Dan spoke up and said, "Well time for bed."

The whole family slowly got off the floor, put on their robes, and went upstairs. Steve slowly but happily traipsed upstairs to his bedroom. He entered the room and took off his robe. The room was warm and comfortable. Steve turned off the light and lay down on the comfy bed naked. He found he just couldn't get that last fuck with Suzanne out of his mind. He realized that what he had been feeling for a long while was true.

Just then the door to his room opened and the naked figure of his sister appeared in the doorway. Suzanne entered and to Steve's surprise following right behind her was the naked figure of his mother. Helen closed the door and crossed to the dresser where she lit a small candle. The room was filled with a low gentle light. Suzanne and Helen went to the bed and lay on either side of Steve.

"The rule is the women get to choose who they want to spend the night with." said Suzanne, "Each woman must choose one man to be with."

"The idea is to keep anyone from hogging the women's attention." said Steven's mother, "But tonight Don said I could start with you if I returned and spent the rest of the night with him."

"So for a little while, you will get attention from us both." said Suzanne lowering her head to his crotch. Helen joined her and the two women simultaneously placed their mouthes on either side of Steve's cock making it jump with anticipation.

The two women slowly moved their mouths up the length of Steve's pulsing cock and then back down again. The entire time their tongues were licking the sides of his cock making it harden with arousal. When the reached the tip of his cock about the tenth time it had hardened to fully erect, the head of Steve's cock now a purple knob. First Suzanne and then Helen wrapper her lips around the head pulling the knob deep into her mouth while sucking gently.

Steve lay back and watched in the flickering candle light as his sister and mother sensually sucked on his cock while humming with pleasure. The two women started to compete to see who could get more of Steve's massive member into their mouth. Each time they licked their way to the tip of his cock they would suck more and more of it into their hot mouths. The head was bumping into the back of both women's mouth cuttin off their air for a brief moment. The women had just reached the tip again when Suzanne swung her body so it was parellel with Steve's legs and slide his entire cock right down her throat. Helen watched in amazement as her daughter started to vigorously deep throat her son's huge throbing manhood.

Suzanne's head bobbed up and down covering the length of Steve's big pecker with her spittle. Suzanne's head slide up and down faster and faster until she suddenly grasped his balls gently in one hand and shoved two fingers of the other hand up his ass. Steve groaned as his cock started to shoot thick ropes of cum. Suzanne responded by shoving her head down the full length of the spasming dick until her lips touch the base. She massaged gently his balls while rubbing his anus with her fingers while Steve continued to cum down her greedy sucking throat!

Steve finally stopped shoot jism and Suzanne pulled herself off his huge cock needing the air. Steve saw the look of complete surprise on his mother's face from the incredible deep throating her daughter had just given her son. Even Suzanne looked a little dazed and shaken. But Steve's dick was as hard as ever. He slid off the bed and stood beside it his massive pole standing straight out from his crotch.

Steve grabbed his mother's arms pulling her to her feet. He guided her over to the dresser which had a mirror on the top. He turned her to face the mirror and pushed her hands down to grab the edge of the top of the dresser causing her to bend at the waist almost forty five degrees. Steve pushed her feet apart about shoulder width and then grabbed his mothers curvy hips. Without ceremony he plunged his big cockmeat into her pussy up to the hilt brinnging a cry of surprise and joy from her lips.

Steve could look over his mother's shoulder and like at home could see her swinning massive tits and hairy cunt with his cock sliding in and out of it. This sight overwhelmed Steve and suddenly he could control himself. He started to pound his massive cock in and out of his mother's pussy hard and fast. Helen too could see her breasts leaping off her chest and hear the slapping noise as her son bounced off her round ass.

Both mother and son were transported to their own world as they watched themselves fuck furiously in the mirror ever faster and more passionate with each passing second. They found themselves tettering at the brink of a consuming orgasam but not able to make it there. Steve reached his hands around his mother's body and with one hand grasped the nub of her swolen clit between two fingers and with the other grabbed her right nipple between two fingers. Simultaneously he clapped down on the sensitive areas of his mother's body and pulled on them at the same time.

Helen's body was instantly consumed with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure that made her muscles tense and relax. His mother's orgasam set off Steve's own continous waves of pleasure. Mother and son stood locked together like a bitch dog and her sire as they jerked and shook in climax like someone being electrocuted. Sweat rolled off their bodies and moans of ectasy came from their lips.

It seemed like hours before the pair stopped shaking. Steve stepped back slightly and his now soft cock slid out of his mother's pussy with a wet pop. It dangled between his legs wet with his own sperm and his mother's cunt juices. Helen continued to hold on to the dresser for support to keep from falling down and could see in the mirror as her son's jism dripped from between her twat's lips.

Helen straightened up and turned around to face her son. She hugged him and the two kissed in a deep passionate lover's kiss.

"Well I have to get back to your father." said Helen. She took one more glance at Steve and Suzanne as Steve once more lay down on the bed. She gave the pair a knowing look and left closing the door noiselessly behind her.

"What was that look about?" said Suzanne to Steve.

Steve wrapped his arms around his sisters smooth delicious curves, pulling her tight to him.

"She knows what I know." said Steve.

Steve looked deeply into Suzanne's hazel eyes and said, "I love you. We are soul mates. I want to have babies with you."

"Steve, we can't" said Suzanne. "Its just not allowed anywhere."

"There may be a way." said Steve. An ingenious idea had just come to him. But pressed against his sexy sister his cock was once again struggling to attention. It would need the sweet ministrations of his sister's wanton cunt.

"Let's fuck some more and I'll explain" said Steve as he kissed his sister, his tongue probing her mouth. It was going to be one long night.

Outside the door of Steve's room his mother straightened up from listening at the door.

"It's as bad as I expected" thought Helen as she glided through the dark back to her husband's room and a night of sex herself.

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