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Working Late


Part 1

"Hey Laura, can I be cut?" Kelly asked. It was a little past 9:00 on a Sunday night and the restaurant was dead. She'd only had four tables all night long, and hadn't made enough off them to even justify her coming to work. She hated being the new girl. Furthermore, when she'd left for work five hours earlier, Jack and Jonathan had been playing volleyball with these two little cuties and had already been making plans to hang out afterwards. Not that she minded this, (in fact it kind of turned her on thinking of Jack with some athletic young girl), but if he was getting some, then she sure as hell wanted a piece of it too. And the girl had had the cutest little ass...

Laura glanced up at her, almost off-handedly, and then back down at the floor plan in front of her. She appeared to study it for a moment, finally looked back up about ready to say something, only to be interrupted by the phone. She quickly rolled her eyes and answered the phone.

Evidently it was for her, because she continued talking for over five minutes while Kelly just stood there, completely ignored. She would have walked away but she had nothing left to do, so she just stood waiting, taking the time to casually eye Laura up and down a little. She tried not to, but having just been thinking about cute girls and licking pussy, she couldn't help herself. Not for the first time, she thought to herself what a beautiful body Laura had, especially those nicely pointed tits, and wondered what she would be like in bed. Rumor had it that she batted both ways. Kelly could almost picture herself kneading that perfect ass in her hands, slowly lowering her head between those smooth thighs...

With a start, she suddenly realized that Laura had just said something to her. She quickly tore her eyes away from Laura's body and looked up at her, her face a brilliant shade of red. "I'm sorry, what?"

Laura was off the phone and looking at her, her gaze cool. "I said 'what was it you wanted?'" she replied, her voice cool as her look.

Kelly knew that Laura already knew what she'd asked, but was making her ask again just for the sake of doing it. She could be a bitch like that when she wanted. "Um, I asked if I could be cut yet?" Kelly answered, not letting her exasperation show in her voice. She had a feeling she already knew the answer, and if Jack was already fucking that cute little blonde by the time she got home...

Laura continued to regard her calmly, as if taking measure of her. Finally, she said, "No. Actually, I want you to be the closer tonight. It's about time you finally learn how it's done properly.

"You can tell the others that they're cut and you take the rest of the tables that come in. Then when everyone is finished and gone, you come get me and we'll go over your closing duties together, okay?" Her voice turned all sweet and syrupy at the end, and she smiled at Kelly cheerfully.

Kelly gritted her teeth, but hid it behind a smile of her own and nodded, "Sure." She turned and walked away towards the kitchen, whispering quietly to herself, "Bitch."

"If you only knew," Laura said, admiring her ass sway as she disappeared back into the dining room.

Part 2

Kelly was now becoming pissed. It was after eleven o'clock and she was still doing sidework. They had stopped seating at ten, and everyone had been gone by a little past 10:30 – everyone except her. For the last forty minutes, she had been doing nothing but bullshit jobs. Each time she thought she was finally finished, Laura would coolly look up from the papers she was going over at the bar and calmly inform her of yet another trivial thing that she needed to do. Clean this, fill that, empty those. She was about ready to smack the bitch!

The worst part though was that her panties were still soaking wet. Despite all the stupid, tedious shit she'd been doing (or maybe because of it), all she'd been able to think about was sex. She couldn't wait to get home and find out if Jack was there with that hot, little slut, waiting for her. She kept picturing herself pushing him out of the way and going down on her sweet little pussy, slurping at her juices, only to, moments later, realize that somehow the girl had morphed and it was now Laura's hot, dark cunt that she was imagining herself lapping from. Then she would look up at the real thing sitting right there in front of her and flood her panties once again. At this moment, she hated Laura, but she wanted her even more, and try as she might, she couldn't get that image out of her mind.

She was sitting at the bar, finishing up rolling silverware, when the only other remaining people in the building (the last two cooks), left also. Now it was only her and Laura in the entire restaurant, and Kelly was thinking what a bunch of bullshit this was! Her doing all of the stupid shit-work, while little miss manager sat at the bar and did nothing.

She had finally talked herself into saying something and was just about to open her mouth, when Laura got up and walked behind the bar. "You want a drink?" she asked, grabbing two glasses.

Actually, she just wanted to get the fuck out of there, but since that didn't seem to be an option, a drink sounded wonderful. "Sure," she replied, wondering for the first time if this whole situation wasn't purposefully set up and more than it seemed to be. That thought quickly evaporated though, and she decided to just kiss as much ass as possible in the hopes that this would never happen again.

Laura had filled the glasses with ice and was now pouring a generous amount of booze into each. Then she turned around and bent down to get something from the cooler, most likely some kind of tropical mix. Regardless, as she leaned over, her firm heart-shaped ass was displayed perfectly.

Kelly couldn't help but to stare. The thin, black material of her slacks clung tightly to the smooth curves of her ass-cheeks, and managed to just barely outline the skimpy thong panties she was wearing underneath. Kelly felt her mouth begin to water. Just the thought of those thong panties riding snugly up the crack of that ass was making her wet. What she wouldn't give to be in their position.

She was forced to quickly look away as Laura found what she was looking for and straightened up. She topped off the drinks and replaced the mix (bending over invitingly once again), before turning back to Kelly and handing her a glass.

"Cheers," she said, holding hers up.

"Cheers," Kelly replied, the vision of Laura's hot ass still hovering in her mind. They 'tinked' glasses and raised them to their lips. The drink was strong yet

fruity, and Kelly took a large swallow. As she lowered her glass, her eyes met Laura's and their gazes locked. Laura's eyes were so dark and beautiful, and she found that she couldn't look away. She stared into those deep penetrating eyes for a long moment, feeling suddenly as if they were boring into her, measuring her, probing her thoughts, while simultaneously refusing to let go.

Finally, Laura blinked and the spell was broken. Kelly quickly glanced away, but not before she noticed a small smile on Laura's lips. Laura spoke then, and what she said rocked Kelly's world.

Part 3

"Kelly, were you just staring at my ass?"

"What?!" Kelly squeaked, caught completely off-guard, "I uh, uh... no. No, no of course not... why, why would..."

"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly," Laura said, totally disregarding her denial, "C'mon girl, of course you were. I've had enough people check me out before to know what's up. I mean really... you weren't even close to hiding it, you were practically fucking me with your eyes there."

"No," Kelly cried, feeling her whole face turn cherry red, unable to believe what she was hearing. Oh God, how had this happened? Had she really been that blatantly obvious? What was she going to do now? "Laura, I wasn't... what you think. I was just... I didn't..."

She realized that she was blabbing like an idiot, and promptly shut her mouth. She tried to think, to straighten things out in her head, and say the right thing to get out of this, but she couldn't. She was panicked beyond belief, and no words would come to her. She could feel her heart beating frantically in her chest, and she wanted to run away – but couldn't.

She opened her mouth to try again, but was saved the trouble as Laura spoke first. "Kelly, it's okay," she murmured reassuringly, "Really. I've known for quite some time now. You know you're not nearly as sneaky as you think you are."

Kelly felt her hope falter, and imagined herself turning an even deeper shade of red, if that was possible. Laura really did know. There was no more denying it now. Still, she had to explain somehow. Her eyes still riveted to her glass, unable to look up and meet Laura's dark gaze, she whetted her lips and prepared herself.

Again, she was saved. "Don't worry about it," Laura said, "You don't have to explain. If anything, I'm flattered. Really I am."

As Laura finished, Kelly detected a different tone in her voice; one that she'd rarely, if ever, heard before. She thought it was compassion, and she suddenly believed that what Laura was saying was true. She looked up and finally managed to meet Laura's eyes. God, they were so dark and beautiful, and Kelly felt powerless before them.

Laura smiled at her then, and Kelly returned it tentatively before having to look away again, still as embarrassed as she had ever been in her entire life. She took a long sip from her drink, using the time to try and straighten out her thoughts.

"After all," Laura continued, while Kelly was still pretending to drink, "why else do you think I arranged it so that we were totally alone here tonight?"

Kelly nearly choked on her drink. Had she actually just heard that right? Did it mean what she thought it might? She glanced back up, thinking this must be some kind of a joke, but the look in Laura's dark eyes was deadly serious. Kelly was shocked. She couldn't believe this, yet at the same time, somewhere deep in her mind, she realized that this was all really happening and that maybe, just maybe, they'd been leading up to this for a long period of time.

In seeming slow-motion, their eyes never wavering for a second, Laura began to lean towards her. Dimly, Kelly noticed as her blouse dipped and the wonderful view of cleavage that was presented. She marveled at Laura's perfect tits, at her hard little nipples pressing outward against the thin fabric of her blouse, and ached to free them from their confines. She wondered what they would feel like cupped in her hands, what they would taste like worked between her lips. She thought that she could worship those breasts for hours.

This made her think about her own breasts, and she realized with a flush, that her nipples were hard and aching and begging for attention. Likewise, her pussy was excited and she could feel her panties becoming moist with her juices. She didn't know what was going to happen, but she knew right then that she wanted Laura bad, and that she would probably do whatever the dark-haired bitch wanted of her.

Even as she was thinking that, Laura had moved closer and closer, her face now only inches away. Kelly's gaze was forced down her shirt, to where her tits were dangling invitingly. Perfume wafted up around her intoxicatingly, and she could feel her mouth literally begin to water.

Closer still, almost touching now, Kelly's heart thundering in her chest. Softly, Laura's voice whispering in her ear, "Kelly, are you ready to lick my pussy?"

Part 4

Kelly's whole body shuddered and she felt her pussy flood her panties. She tried to respond (to say what she wasn't sure, but something!), but all that came out of her mouth was a weak moan. She'd fantasized about this so many times, but now that it was really happening, she couldn't think of what to do or say. She was frozen.

It didn't matter. Laura was fully in charge of the situation, and not put off by Kelly's silence at all.

"It's okay," she whispered, running her tongue lightly along Kelly's earlobe, causing her to shiver with delight, "You don't have to answer. I know you want to." She paused a second to suck Kelly's earlobe into her mouth and nibble on it softly. Then breathing heavily into her ear, she asked, "Where do you want me Kelly? Do you want me on the bar?"

"Oh yes. Oh, god, yes," Kelly breathed, her silence finally broken, the words coming out of her before she could even think.

"Yeah, I thought so," Laura whispered, tilting her head and brushing her lips quickly across Kelly's before straightening up. Standing there, a sexy, seductive smile on her face, she reached down and undid the button to her pants. They slid to the floor, a bare whisper of cloth as they puddled around her feet. Beneath, a skimpy, black thong that Kelly would have given anything to be able to wear.

Still smiling, and never taking her eyes from Kelly's, Laura gracefully climbed up onto the bar. On hands and knees, her shirt dipping to present that wonderful view of her tits once again, she leaned forward and kissed Kelly full on the lips.

Kelly responded full-heartedly, her lips parting easily to allow Laura's probing tongue entry into her mouth. She relished in the taste and feel of Laura's lips on hers, the way Laura's tongue twisted and darted against hers, the knowledge that what they were doing was so...naughty. Her eyes closed, she lost herself in Laura's kiss. Let her thoughts go out the window, and just gave herself completely over to Laura – following her lead, striving to meet her needs, totally consumed by her lust.

She was so into it that she almost didn't even realize when Laura suddenly pulled away, leaving her temporarily open-mouthed and confused. She opened her eyes and saw Laura swinging herself around on the bar, maneuvering into position.

Laura lowered that perfect ass onto the edge of the bar, then swung her legs around and dropped them to either side of Kelly's head, the back of her knees coming to rest comfortably upon Kelly's shoulders, her ankles crossed behind Kelly's back. "Not bad," Laura was saying, as she deftly pulled her thong to one side, "Now let's see how well you use that tongue down here."

Part 5

Kelly's pussy lurched and she could feel the dampness as it flooded her panties. Her mind was awhirl, her brain dizzy, unable to keep up with the implications of the actions taking place around her. All she knew, all her entire world was focused on right now, what that she was staring straight into the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. That it was her boss's pussy, and that she was using it to seduce her right in the very workplace meant nothing to her; the only thing that mattered was that it was right in front of her and that she wanted to taste it more than she'd ever wanted to taste anything.

Her labia were clean-shaven, pink and glossy looking – no missed hairs here, no pimples or razor-burn - just soft and smooth, right down to the crack of that perfect ass. A perfectly groomed triangle of jet black hair topped her slit, like an arrow pointing out the direction of the desired destination below. All in all, Laura's pussy looked like it belonged in the centerfold of Playboy magazine, only there had been no airbrushing done here. And her smell. Oh god, her smell was intoxicating. Clean yet dirty at the same time; a mixture of soap, sweat, perfume and desire.

Kelly still couldn't believe this was actually happening – she was about to eat Laura out right here on the bar – but nothing was going to stop her now. She had fantasized about moments like this, but never seriously. She didn't even like Laura, and until tonight, Laura had never paid any special attention to her. Still her body was unbelievably hot, and bitch or not, Kelly wanted to taste it. Plus the fact that Laura was her boss, able to order her around, turned her on to no end. She loved being dominated by another beautiful woman, and she knew right then that she would do anything that Laura wanted of her.

So thinking, she pushed her head forward and lightly ran the tip of her tongue up the length of Laura's slit. Not surprisingly she tasted as wonderful as she smelled, and it was all Kelly could do to not bury her tongue as deep as possible right then and just lose herself in Laura's pussy. Instead, she took her time, wanting to show Laura what she could do, relishing in the one aspect she had some control of. She wanted to make Laura come like never before.

She moved slowly, kissing her thighs, her lips, her clit, occasionally running the flat of her tongue along the outside of her labia. She worked all around her hole, teasing, licking, blowing, inflaming all of her erogenous zones, but refusing to dig in. She wanted to make her twist and squirm until she couldn't stand it, she wanted to make Laura take action. And it was working. She could see (and smell) Laura's growing excitement; her pussy had become wet and shiny, and a trickle of juice was now flowing from her pink opening and slipping down the crack of her ass.

Her hands were in Kelly's hair now, pulling her forward into wide-spread thighs, and her ragged, panting voice floated down to Kelly's ears. "Oh god, that's it Kelly, that's it baby. You're such an amazing cuntlicker. You got me sooo wet. Now bring me home. Bring me home baby. Make me come!"

That's what Kelly had been waiting to hear. She quit her teasing and ran her flattened tongue up Laura's gash, collecting a large mouthful of her sweet secretions, and eliciting a loud moan from her as well. Swallowing it down, she continued her attack on Laura's wet cunt, running her tongue up and down, pushing ever deeper. Each swipe she would finish with a flick of Laura's engorged clit.

In no time, Laura was moaning and gasping, pushing her swollen mound roughly against Kelly's wet, smeared face. Kelly could sense she was about to come, and shifted her focus entirely onto Laura's clit, sucking it into her mouth and working it over relentlessly with her tongue. At the same time she brought one hand up and quickly slid a finger deep into Laura's vagina.

Two or three thrusts is all it took before Laura began to come. Her body clenched up, her thighs locking tightly around Kelly's head, her pussy spewing massive amounts of cum directly into Kelly's open, waiting mouth. Kelly sucked it down eagerly, enjoying it almost as much as if she had just come herself. The taste was exquisite and she continued to lap at Laura's cunt, causing numerous smaller after orgasms until Laura finally had to push her away, her pussy having become way too sensitive.

As Laura collapsed sideways onto the bar, exhausted, Kelly sucked the finger that had been inside Laura into her mouth and with her other hand began to furiously rub her pussy through her work pants. The fabric was already damp with her excitement, and it only took moments before she too was convulsing in orgasm. She came hard, feeling the juices squirt into her panties, as she reveled in what had just taken place.

Both girls were quiet for awhile, only the sound of their accelerated breathing echoing around them. Finally, they started to stir. Laura gathered her clothes and quickly donned them, and after a perfunctory cleanup, they both made their way to the back door. Laura set the alarm and they stepped outside, locking the door behind them. As they walked to their cars, Laura asked, "So you're working tomorrow, right?"

Kelly nodded, still not trusting herself to talk.

"Good. I'll see you then," Laura said. Then as she opened her car door, she added, "By the way, you might want to let your boyfriend know you might be late again tomorrow, it looks like you're gonna be the closer."

Kelly smiled as she got into her car. There was nothing she could think of that sounded better.

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