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I sat in the great room area of a large luxurious model home in a suburb north of Dallas. It was the third weekend in June in 2005. It was Friday evening about 9 PM. I was enjoying a beer and some finger food watching a baseball game on the large screen television - something of a treat in 2005. My wife sells real estate during the summer when she's not busy as a school librarian and cheerleading coach. Yes, for those of you wondering, she can look like the stereotypical schoolteacher with glasses, conservative dress, and her hair up, and put her in a pair of short shorts and tank top with her hair down and no one would have trouble imagining her as a high school cheerleader 15 years earlier.

In any case, the subdivision developer had a sales strategy that included having Friday night happy hour/open houses in the model home a couple times a month. This attracted other realtors representing various buyers and occasional potential customers. My wife, Sandy, and four other realtors work for the firm contracted by the developer to handle sales. The subdivision had 350 homes and 200 townhouse condominiums about one third of which were sold. There was a big sales push plan for that summer and a strong real estate market, hence, Sandy was able to get picked up as a summer sales associate.

I work in IT in the banking industry and had been sent to Dallas for a 12 week assignment at the regional headquarters to learn some new software packages and rotate through the management training program my employer used for leadership development. Sandy and I live in Cincinnati so this summer assignment in Dallas was something of an adventure for both of us. We were delighted she was able to find the summer opportunity so we could both spend the summer together and she could pick up some extra money. Sandy typically earns as much doing part-time real estate as she does teaching and coaching nine months a year but she just loves the students.

We had been in Dallas a couple weeks and it had been the first time I had been by the subdivision to see the model homes and met Sandy's colleagues. Sandy worked with Richard and his wife Tina, a husband-and-wife realtor team, Joyce, and Becky. They all looked to be in their late 20s. After a few days at work Sandy had explained to me that they must call Dallas the big "D" because all of the women in real estate seemed to be blonds with D cup bosoms. And Tina, Joyce, and Becky certainly fit that mold. Richard had evidently washed out as a minor-league ballplayer and was parlaying his good looks and outgoing manner to team up with his busty blonde wife Tina.

As I watched the game my wife was visiting with a guest realtor and, ever the professional salesperson, was peppering him with facts about soft close cabinets, cove moldings, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Most of the other dozen folks in the room seemed to be more interested in finishing off the remaining wine and beer and bragging about their recent sales accomplishments or new car leases.

As Sandy finished her sales pitch and handed the other realtor her card, I suggested it was time to head out as most folks had already left. As Sandy gather a few items I noticed that Tina was across the room surrounded by her husband and three other men while she dispensed with her wine glass and began drinking wine straight out of the bottle. It was pretty obvious that she was well on her way to drunk and relishing the attention of her husband and the other admirers. As I mentioned to Sandy that Tina appeared to be something of a party girl, Tina took another large swig from the bottle with wine leaking out of her mouth and running down her neck into her cleavage. She giggled, set the bottle down, and grabbed her husband's head pulling it to her cleavage as she instructed him to lick up the spill. The other men seemed to enjoy the display as Richard buried his face in Tina's cleavage.

As we made our way to the car Sandy mentioned it's hard to compete for buyers attention when Tina seems to be willing to do just about anything to get the attention of buyers' realtors. The other gals weren't as bad but short skirts and plunging necklines seemed to be standard uniforms for female Dallas realtors. Sandy had always prided herself on excellent knowledge of the product and professional care. As a newcomer, she'd done quite well already with several sales but was amazed at the pace of sales her colleagues were accumulating. The commission structure assured her of a nice summer paycheck but there was a bonus structure that included an additional $1000 commission per sale for the realtor that closed the most sales during the summer selling push. Sandy had always been quite competitive and a top performer. I think she'd been hoping that her additional years of experience and professionalism would make her competitive but she was realizing that the Dallas market was different.

A couple weeks later when I stopped by on Saturday afternoon to pick Sandy up to go to dinner, she asked me if I would be a dear and stick my head in the attic to figure out what type of insulation was being used so she could answer the question of a potential customer since the information wasn't on her fact sheet. I went to the attic access steps in the garage and climbed to the attic to inspect the insulation. While in the attic I noticed a spider web of video cable wires running throughout the attic. Back in Sandy's office I mentioned to her that there seemed to be an unusual amount of video cable in the attic. She mentioned that the model homes had some type of security system that had been used before the gated community security was installed. She commented that the old control room was in the back of the garage and she rummaged in the desk then tossed me the key to go check it out.

Being an IT guy I was a little suspicious that the amount of cabling was inconsistent with the security system. As Sandy worked on her e-mails and finished up some paperwork I explored the 5' x 10' security room set up. As I powered up the system, it was immediately obvious that this was far more than a routine building security system. As three large monitors blinked to life, each showed eight individual video camera shots of various exterior and interior images of the largest model home and one of the condominiums.

Thirty minutes later Sandy found me busy playing with the controls for the camera system. I had enabled the audio system and figured out how to scroll through the full range of 40 different cameras connected to the system. By looking at the stored files it was clear that the system had originally been used to anonymously record customer reactions to various design and decorating features of the models. It seems the system had been turned off months ago once the full pallet of colors, materials, lighting fixtures, etc. had been finalized. It was very high end with high resolution color cameras and sensitive audio microphones.

As I sat there playing with the system I noticed Tina and Richard talking in the great room of the model home. I turned up the volume as Sandy looked over my shoulder. I enlarged the specific camera's image to fill one monitor's full-screen. Richard was reporting on a couple of prospective sales and mentioned that there would be a closing on Monday with one of the customers that a realtor named Sean had represented and that Sean would be coming by Tuesday evening at 8:00pm to collect his incentive commission. Tina kind of giggled and said Tuesday should be fine.

Sandy was listening intently and clearly puzzled by the comments. She openly questioned what Richard was talking about. As we headed to dinner Sandy seemed preoccupied with the overheard discussion. Finally, she asked if it would be possible for me to remotely monitor the cameras next Tuesday night so she could figure out what was going on. The model home with cameras was next door to the one that housed the sales office and security camera room. I told her that quite possibly I could but I would need to extract some files from the host machine and gather some specific information about the software as well as making sure it was connected to the Internet serving their offices. I told her that it would probably take me an hour when no one was around to make the arrangements if possible. Sandy suggested we swing by the office Sunday evening after the sales office closed so I could make the arrangements.

By nine o'clock Sunday evening Sandy and I were sitting in our living room with my laptop on the coffee table remotely accessing the video system. The plan was to login Tuesday evening before eight to see what was going on.

Monday evening Sandy reported at dinner time that the results of the first four weeks of the summer sales push were released that day and that Tina was leading the office with 10 sales, Joyce had 8, and she had a seven. I was delighted with her success given she was the new kid on the block but Sandy was frustrated partly because evidently Richard was channeling most his sales to Tina to help her win the contest. Sandy's always been very competitive and was putting in more hours than the other associates in hopes of winning the bonus.

Tuesday night we logged into the computer camera system via remote desktop. It was an impressive camera system. We could see Tina arriving with the exterior cameras and noticed a man arriving about 10 minutes later. A man we presume was Sean. I switched the monitor to pick up the camera in the great room presuming they would be meeting there only to see them walk through the room heading toward the master bedroom. I switched on that camera and turned on the audio pickup. The system had two separate cameras in the master bedroom one providing a wide-angle view of the whole room and the second pointing toward the master bath.

Once in the room Tina handed Sean a drink that had been poured and waiting on the dressing table. Travis was wearing casual slacks and a linen shirt. Tina had on a white skirt and white button up blouse. After their initial greetings Tina spoke first telling Sean that she and Richard appreciated his continued support with finding buyers for them. Sean responded saying that he was working harder to steer buyers their way now that they had their incentive program in place.

As they spoke Sandy commented "Incentive program? What incentive program are they talking about?"

Tina and Sean had a toast to more sales then Sean placed his glass back on the table and took the glass from Tina, also placing it on the table. He moved toward Tina and leaned forward to kiss her while placing his hands on her waist. Sandy was aghast and leaned forward on the couch to see the laptop sitting on our coffee table in greater detail. Tina and Sean stood kissing for several more minutes, each holding the other. Tina's back was toward the camera so we could clearly see Sean' hands move toward the zipper on Tina's skirt.

As Travis slid down the zipper Sandy sputtered," Tina and Sean must be having an affair."

Sean slid the skirt down over Tina's shapely hips revealing her blouse tails partly hiding a pair of satin panties hugging a shapely ass. Sean stepped back and began removing his own shirt and told Tina to take off her blouse. Tina complied, unbuttoning and removing her blouse while Sean laid his shirt and slacks on a nearby chair. He had a trim masculine physic with skimpy briefs with an obvious bulge. As Tina turned to place her clothes on a chair her D-cup cleavage bulging in a skimpy satin bra was a tempting sight. Sean quickly stepped up behind her and pulled her body back against his body pressing his bulge into Tina's ass and reaching around her with one hand grasping a bra cup and the other holding her waist. Tina was perfectly centered in the picture frame as Sean fondled those Dallas D sized tits with one hand while rubbing the satin panty front with his other hand.

Sandy was completely absorbed in the scene as she sat next to me even closer to the laptop image. As I ran my hand over Sandy's back I commented, "This might be fun."

Sean was now kissing the back of Tina's neck as his hands travelled up and down following the curves of her body. Tina seemed compliant and relaxed if not passionate. She seemed to quiver slightly as fingers dipped under the waistband of her panties on one of their passes. Sean seemed to be slowly rhythmically thrusting his groin into Tina's ass as he spent several minutes fondling her. As he continued, his hand slipped deeper down the front of her panties on each pass, each time soliciting a squirming motion from Tina. On their upward pass his fingers were sliding over then under the bra cups to enjoy the flesh of Tina's breasts.

Finally Sean stepped back slightly and undid the bra hooks on Tina's back while saying, "Last time I brought you a buyer you got away with just a blow job. Tonight you are going to get fucked good."

Sandy gasped as she realized that Tina was trading sexual favors for signed sales contracts. I gasped as Sean slipped the bra straps down and Tina's substantial breasts came into full view for a few moments before Sean's hands replaced the bra cups in covering the breasts.

Shortly later Sean turned Tina to face him and began kissing her. Her backside with Brazilian cut panties covering about half of her ass, was on display. The kissing and fondling continued for several more minutes until Sean declared, "It's time to get you on that bed."

He moved Tina the few steps to the bed then sat her down and proceeded to slip down his own jockey shorts freeing his full erection. Sandy giggled slightly noting that this was more entertaining than any porn we had ever watched. Richards slightly curved cock was at full mast, appearing to be about 6 inches long and pointing about 45 degrees above horizontal expressing its arousal.

The scene on the screen had far more plot than a porn film and secretly watching someone you know being fondled and getting ready to be fucked was unbelievably exciting. So exciting I couldn't resist slipping my hand down the back of Sandy's slacks. I wiggled my fingers until I had a handful of Sandy's ass and I whispered in her ear how much I was enjoying the show.

In a few more moments Sean had Tina laid out on the bed and was peeling the little panties down her legs. The brown trimmed landing patch of pubic hair revealed that Tina's blond hair was as fake as her D-cup breasts. I picked up the laptop and walked to our bedroom with Sandy following, her eyes glued to the screen. While Sean climbed between Tina's legs I was stripping Sandy of her clothes determined to not just watch someone else enjoy the pleasure of a realtor's hot pussy. Choosing between watching a blond bimbo get nailed in the missionary position and burying my head in Sandy's cleavage was no contest. As I latched onto a now bare and engorged nipple I told Sandy I would watch the tape later while I enjoyed the live action now.

I had placed the laptop on the nightstand and my naked wife on the bed. I worked my way down Sandy's body settling contently with my face buried in the valley between her legs. Sandy was splitting her attention between squirming and pulling my head tighter into her pussy and watching her office mate get fucked on the laptop screen. After an impressive 15 minutes of pounding Tina, Sean grunted on-screen as he came, just as my clit sucking drove Sandy to over the edge.

With Sandy, Tina and Sean recovering, I positioned Sandy's ass in the doggy position and sunk my rock hard six inches deep in her wet pussy. With my groin pounding into her shapely ass it didn't take me long to unload several streams of hot cum deep in her pussy. A naked Sean and Tina were slipping on their clothes as Sandy and I collapsed on the bed. I cuddled with my wife with an ass cheek in one hand and a breast in the other as we caught our breath and relaxed in the afterglow of a hot Texas session in the sack.

Even in the light of a new day Sandy was troubled by the scene we had witnessed the night before. While the surreptitious voyeurism was exciting, Sandy was obsessed by the fact that Richard was channeling his sales to his wife's account and they were, in effect, pimping Tina out to gain sales. Sandy felt both practices were unethical and unfair and made it virtually impossible for her to compete for the summer top sales associate bonus.

Sandy said it was very difficult to face Tina and Richard the next day and she struggled to not lash out at them but realized she couldn't without revealing that we had spied on them. Sandy did place a few anonymous calls to inquire as to if she could report their behavior to the board of realtors. She was depressed further when she was advised that the attribution of sales is only a consideration of the local brokers' practices and that individual realtors can handle things however they like. Even reporting ethical misconduct via sexual favors was discouraged as it was very difficult to prove and not particularly relevant if it was between consenting realtors and did not involve individual buyers. Sandy was told relators are free to negotiate any type of collaborative arrangements that they want.

Over the next few weeks Sandy fumed in anger. Her competitive juices were fully engaged. She was working exceptionally long hours to try and capture more sales. It seemed that each week she slipped another sale behind. The fact that her total was impressive and she would inevitably end the summer with a record income was irrelevant to her. She wanted to beat Tina.

Three weeks later I came home from an evening meeting and quietly walked into the bedroom. I caught Sandy on the bed with her large dildo sunk in her pussy and her vibrator working her clit. She had pillows bunched up under her head and she was watching the laptop on the nightstand. She was completely naked lying on top of the sheets. Her body was damp with perspiration. She was so preoccupied she hadn't noticed me walked into the room. On the screen was video of Tina on the couch in the model home with a huge man kneeling between her naked legs and fucking her hard while his other hand was groping her Dallas D tits.

By the time Sandy noticed me I had removed my shirt was on doing my belt. She was embarrassed being caught with her pants down so to speak. I slipped off my slacks and briefs and climbed on the bed next to her. I took her head in my hands, kissed her quickly, and then pushed my now hard cock in her face. With a dildo still stuffed in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit I pushed my cock to her lips. I pushed more with the soft head of my cock working its way into her mouth.

"You naughty girl." I chanted as I sunk several inches of cock into her mouth. As I stroked I turned to see Sandy's hand still working the vibrator while the laptop image showed Tina on all fours on the couch being pummeled in the doggy position. As I watched, Tina's tits swayed and ass cheeks bounced with each male thrust. I joked to Sandy that I might need to buy a condo myself. With my cock deep in her throat her response was unintelligible until she poked me in the ribs. I didn't last long before flooding Sandy's mouth with a load of hot cum.

There was only two weeks left of our stay in Dallas. My work was going great and Sandy was assured of a very handsome check and what can only be described as a very interesting experience. She was six sales behind Tina and had begun to accept the fact that she couldn't compete with the bonus program that Tina offered.

Wednesday Tina came home with the office with a huge smile on her face. A broker had come to her office representing an investor group that was interested in purchasing 10 units. She was excited about the prospect of inking a deal that might let her pass up with Tina. She spent the next few days negotiating the details and securing a bulk purchase discount price from the developer. She was confident that the buyer would accept this proposal at the Friday meeting.

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