tagErotic HorrorWorking Overtime

Working Overtime


"You're at work more than at home. Phil, you need to get some time off, So just the two of us can be together," she told her husband, when he called to tell her he had to work overtime again.

"I plan on making it all up to you. Real soon," Phil responded hanging up the phone.

She sounded so upset on the phone, Phil thought. I will have to think of some way I can make up working overtime. It's not like I want to work all the time. I don't have a choice. We need the money. I'll have to make sure I do something really special for her.


Phil closed the door behind him without a sound. He quietly locked the door to make sure he would not be disturbed. This was private time. He stared at her body lying beneath a thin sheet that outlined her beautiful figure. Sexual hunger controlled his body now, and he licked his lips in anticipation of satisfying his appetite.

Slowly, Phil undressed his layers of clothing, allowing them to pile at his feet. His eyes stayed fixed on his pretty woman under the sheet. Once undressed he walked to her, thinking of the pleasure a few steps away. Phil gently removed the sheet covering her body, and laid a bottle of KY warming gel from his hand next to her. Phil stood admiring her naked body for a moment before disturbing her rest.

Phil started at her feet. Gently massaging their underside, he was aroused by their smoothness. As his hands worked slowly to the ankles, his mouth lowered to kiss her toes. He noticed the bright pink toenail polish as he put a toe in his mouth. He knew his taste buds were playing tricks, but Phil thought her toes tasted like the cotton candy color on her toenails.

He slowly massaged up her legs, while his mouth followed closely behind. So smooth, she must have shaved just hours before. How did I get so lucky?

Phil pictured goose bumps popping up on her skin from the cool air surrounding her flesh, recently exposed from him removing the sheet. Phil gently blew hot air on her before placing sweet kisses up her ankles and calves.

Phil continued to think of how lucky he was to have such a perfect woman, as he massaged her thighs and spread her legs ever so slightly. His kisses moved toward the white of her tan line, and he thought, how sweet, she shaved everything just for me.

Phil's tongue slipped from his lips and licked once up her labia and over her clit. He moved slowly, but never paused as he continued licking to her pierced navel. Taking the chained charm in his mouth, he sucked ever so slightly while his tongue explored her bellybutton. Phil's hands had made their way to her bosom now, and his thumbs rubbed on her nipples, while the other eight fingers caressed her perfect b-cup sized breasts.

His speed increased as an overwhelming sexual hunger pumped more blood into his already erect organ. The excitement was almost painful, and even though Phil desired to go slow, his lower body pushed him to speed up.

His mouth arrived to her nipples, and before placing one in his mouth, he glanced up to see her eyes still closed. He thought of how she seemed to be sleeping, but he knew she was not. He bit and sucked teasingly on her right nipple, while his fingers pinched her left.

Phil's heart rate and breathing grew faster, as he moved his lips to her neck. His nostrils inhaled faint traces of the perfume she had worn that day. His erection rubbed against her smooth legs as his teeth scraped her neck. So perfect. How did I get lucky enough to make love to this perfect woman?

He could contain his excitement no more. He nibbled her earlobe as he told her, "I want to feel myself inside you. Now!"

He quickly moved off her and grabbed her feet. In a quick motion he pulled her from lying on her back. Spreading her feet on the floor, Phil quickly greased his erection with a fistful of KY. Holding her waist with one hand, he guided his organ into her waiting folds.

Her body was relaxed, and he entered her easily. The hand that guided him in, now free, moved to grab the other side of her waist. He looked down to watch himself move in and out of the beautiful woman beneath him. Her buttocks were perfectly rounded and padded his thrusts nicely.

Phil could contain himself no longer. His hands gripped her waist tightly, pulling her into his final thrust. Phil moaned with pleasure as he exploded, and his hands lost their grip.

Gravity pulled her away, and Phil felt himself leave her body as she fell from the edge of the table to the ground. Phil barely managed to catch himself before joining her on the floor. He smiled at the woman on the floor, his sexual thirst quenched for the moment.

"It's a shame you're going to be buried tomorrow," he told her.

Finding such a young, scarless body was rare at the morgue, and he wished his wife understood that he couldn't resist working overtime. It was Phil's job to clean the women brought to the mortuary, and he took pride in laying them to rest.

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