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Julie had to work late that night. At 42, she was a partner in a successful law firm, but that meant she had to put in the hours. She walked back from the coffee machine to her glass walled office, and lowered the blinds. Sitting at her desk, the curvaceous redhead smoothed her pinstripe black skirt over her thighs, and straightened her blouse. She dove back into her stack of paperwork, agile fingers flying over the keyboard. After an hour, she realised she should call her husband to tell him how late she would be. She knew he would be disappointed, he had spent the week organising a romantic dinner. Julie was disappointed too, as their love life had suffered lately due to work, and her husband was a generous lover.

Picking up the phone, she heard it click as the switchboard connected her line.

" - ice to hear from you honey." Julie listened to the soft female voice coming from her phone. She rolled her chair to the window and peeked through the slatted blinds.

" How are you feeling tonight?" a deep, masculine voice spoke. Julie spotted Kat, one of the secretaries, sat in the dimly lit office, cradling a phone on her shoulder.

" Horny, you know that." Julie was shocked as she heard the quiet, shy secretary speak. " I need a big, hard guy to satisfy me."

" I'll have to do something about that. What would you like us to be doing?" the man answered. Julie thought about putting the phone down, but found herself hooked.

" I'd like to feel your strong hands caressing my slender body."

" I'd like that too. Stroking your neck, breasts, stomach, thighs......" as the Man spoke, listing where his hands would travel, Julie watched young Kat trail her own hands over each part of her slender toned body.

" What about my juicy hot pussy?" Kat demanded. Julie felt her cheeks flush as she listened.

" I'd like to gently stroke your lips with my fingers, feeling your wetness." Kat's hand slid down her tight fitting trousers, and Julie could see it rhythmically moving under Kat's crotch. "I'd suck and lick your nipples, all the while brushing my thick erection across your toes, teasing you. Do you like that?"

" Mmmm that's wonderful. I want you sucking my nipples really hard." As Kat reached under her shirt to fondle her breasts, Julie felt a growing warmth between her legs. What with work, she hadn't had time to sleep with her husband for some time, and she was beginning to feel like she needed him right there with her.

" I don't think my toes are worthy of the attention from your hard cock, do you?" Kat murmured into the phone as her hands moved slowly.

" Oh? Where would be better, my love?" the Man asked, knowingly

" My pretty mouth, of course." Kat purred.

Julie felt the wetness in her panties increasing. Looking down, she realised her hand was up her skirt, stroking her crotch through her silky knickers. She wrestled with herself mentally. 'should I really being doing this?'. 'no-one will know.' . 'Kat might hear.' . ' but I need to do this badly. It won't hurt anyone.'. With her mind made up, Julie nervously eased her fingers under the crotch of her knickers.

" I'd want you kneeling in front of me, letting me see my shaft disappearing into your mouth." the Man said. Kat moaned as her fingers moved under her clothes. Julie stifled hers as she felt her fingers brushing her labia.

" I'll brush back your hair so I can I look straight into your gorgeous green eyes." Julie slid her fingers inside herself, feeling how wet she had become as she watched Kat lift a large pink dildo from her desk draw and suck it between her lips, imagining herself tasting the Man. She pulled it out to speak.

" That's so good. I want to suck you deep into my throat. I'd have my hands stroking your big balls and nice firm ass. Tell me how it feels." She pushed the dildo back into her mouth, pulling her hand from her panties to reach behind and fondle her own tight bum. Julie trapped the receiver on her shoulder, allowing herself to reach up her blouse to squeeze and fondle one of her large, soft breasts.

"Mmmm, your mouth feels so good on my raging erection. I dearly want to lay you down, and spread those long legs wide. Then my eager tongue would softly lick you from your tight ass to your hard clit. And I'd do all of this with my cock firmly in your mouth."

Julie closed her eyes, imagining just what that would feel like. Her fingers delved deeper into her, her thumb brushing her aching clitoris. She reopened her eyes, to find Kat staring straight at her. Julie realised she must have moaned as she masturbated faster. Kat waved her hand, signalling Julie to lift the blinds. Julie sat back suddenly, unsure what to do. Then she heard Kat on the phone.

"Oh yes, I would love to feel your hungry mouth diving into my slick cunt, your tongue lashing in me, teasing my clit. That would turn anyone on." Kat murmured. A sudden rush of heat flooded Julie's body, and she knew she couldn't stop herself. She lifted the blinds, revealing herself to the lovely raven haired secretary. Kat smiled when she saw Julie's hand up her skirt.

"I'm glad you like it, hun." the Man said. " What if my tongue swirled deeply in you, then I sucked and nibbled your hard clit. While I slowly slid a finger into your tight bum. How does that make you feel?" Julie stood, sliding her free hand down the back of her skirt, slipping her finger between her rounded buttocks. She watched Kat do the same as she answered.

"Mmmm yes. Slip into my holes. Tease my clit while I drag you deeper down my throat." Kat looked over at Julie and beckoned to her.

Eagerly, Julie put down her phone and left her office. Her caution had been overridden by her desperate need for sexual release. The weeks without sex flooded over her as she walked confidently to the gorgeous young woman. As Kat spoke to her phone lover, Julie slowly stripped to her underwear, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her 34D breasts in their baby blue silk bra. Unzipping her skirt, she caught a glimpse of herself reflected in a window. She felt both her pride and arousal soar as she looked at her own semi naked body.

"Not bad for 42." she thought to herself, slipping her skirt down her smooth, shapely thighs, baring her matching panties. Two hours a night in the gym had kept her bottom firm enough for her to let herself wear thongs. Kat gestured to herself, indicating that Julie should strip her too. Gripping Kats thin blouse, Julie tore it open, baring a pair of pert, braless breasts, topped with hard dark nipples. Julie knelt, and tugged Kat's tight trousers down her long slender legs. She gazed at the gauzy black French knickers sitting low on Kat's hips, doing a bad job of hiding the hairless vagina beneath. The soaked crotch of the panties clung to the delicate fold of Kat's pussy, and Julie could smell her arousal. A fresh heat washed through her own crotch. Julie stood, letting her hands caress the younger woman's tanned skin. Julie tentatively placed her hands over Kat's small breasts, feeling the hard nipples push at her palms. Julie felt one of Kat's hands stroke down her back and over her round buttocks. Leaning forward, Julie kissed Kat's breasts as she told the Man:

"I'd wrap my legs around your waist, letting you lift me up and down on your hard erection."

Julie felt something in her hand. She looked down to see the dildo in her grasp. She gently pulled Kat's knickers down to her knees. Teasingly, Julie brushed the thick toy over the young woman's inner thighs, before easing it gently into her dripping pussy. At the back of her mind, the reserved Julie marvelled at the confident woman slowly masturbating her secretary with a sex toy. Leaving the dildo in Kat, Julie removed her bra, pushing her bare breasts against slim thighs. Letting the energy from her own drooling pussy overtake her, Julie proceeded to lick circles on and around Kat's clit as she screwed her with the dildo. Kat moaned loudly down the phone. Julie looked up as the dark haired beauty cried orgasmically down the telephone, before putting it down. Confused, Julie stood.

" That was a fake. Now it's just me and you." Kat said, squeezing Julies large breasts and kissing her soft lips. Julie reached between Kat's legs and wriggled the long dildo in the sweet pink pussy. Their tongues tangled. The reserved Julie realised that she was enjoying her time with Kat as much as with any man. She thought of what her husband would say if he found out. As Kat kissed and fondled her curvy body, Julie imagined him watching her and Kat. The thought rushed fire through her body.

Gently pushing Kat back, Julie slid her thong to her ankles and stepped free from the tiny piece of material. She placed one small foot between Kat's legs, and used it to push her sheer French knickers down to her ankles. Julie felt Kat's juice slippery on her toes and foot. Putting one foot on her desk, Kat pulled the dildo from herself, and licked her juice from its rubbery length. She circled Julie like a prowling lion. Julie could feel her glittering green eyes caressing her full body, with its large breasts, slightly rounded stomach, curving hips, shapely legs. She felt Kat's tongue trail up the back of her left leg; ankle, calf, knee, thigh, then over her buttock, the small of her back and her spine. It lapped across her shoulders and the back of her neck, left uncovered by her deep red hair, tied up in a bun. Kat kissed back down the right hand side of her back, bum, and leg, getting to Julie's right ankle. Kat crawled in front of Julie, and her tongue teasingly licked between the toes of her right foot before sliding over the top of Julie's foot, then her ankle and shin, lapping at her dimpled knee and smooth thigh. Kat sensually licked across the curve of Julie's hip and her stomach, her tongue playfully flickering in Julie's navel, eliciting a sigh of desire. The pink tongue eased up Julie's body, tracing the curve of the underside of Julie's large right breast before tantalizingly circling the hard pink nipple, the areola around an inch across. Kat murmured as she licked the soft upper swell of Julie's breast, on up to trace along her collarbone, then up Julie's neck. Julie shuddered as Kat pressed her naked body to hers, her tongue tracing the shape of Julie's ear before slipping over her cheek to her mouth. Kat licked Julie's deep red lips, then passed her tongue slowly into her slightly open mouth, licking Julie's tongue and teeth. Kat pressed her own lips to Julie's and kissed her deeply. She then used her lips to kiss down Julie's left side, taking in her neck, breast, stomach, hip, thigh, shin, foot and toes. As the young woman teased her body with lips and tongue, Julie felt the warmth in her crotch spread, relaxing her entire body. She'd never felt so erotic in her life. Her wildest fantasies had never come close to arousing her as much as Kat had. She looked down to watch the raven headed girl slide back up her body to suck and lap at her sensitive nipples. Julie felt a drop of her juice trickle down her thigh, her vagina was so wet.

As Kat suckled, her hands stroked the small of Julie's back, her round buttocks and shapely thighs. Julie gasped as Kat's hand slipped between her legs. The feeling of fingers delicately stroking and spreading her labia made Julie feel light headed and euphoric. Kat lowered her head, her tongue teasing through the thin strip of dark red hair on Julie's neatly trimmed pussy. Julie moaned as that same tongue flickered against her clit, then lapped at her dripping crotch. Julie bent her legs slightly, trying to drive herself onto Kat's mouth, but the younger woman pulled her face back, leaving just the tip of her tongue tracing the warm, wet folds of Julie's pussy. Julie groaned loudly as, simultaneously, Kat eased her tongue into Julie's pussy, and a finger, wet with Julie's juice, into Julie's bum. Julie placed her hands on the desk, using her arms to take some of pressure from her trembling, spread legs. She began to rock her curvaceous hips, sliding her labia over Kat's tantalizing mouth. Julie felt beads of sweat trickle down her spine and between her breasts as the heat in her body continued to rise. She could feel her orgasm building, an exquisite ache in her lower body. Kat's tongue continued to caress inside her, and Julie knew she would orgasm soon. So when Kat pulled away, Julie could have cried with disappointment, her climax so close.

Kat kissed Julie again, tenderly lowering her perfectly curved figure to the floor. Her green eyes gazed deep into Julie's brown as they lay together. Kat turned and knelt over Julie's face, slender thighs either side of her head, invitingly shaven pussy slowly lowering. Julie felt Kat's long fingers caress her clitoris as her own tongue slithered sensually along Kat's lips. Kat moaned and sighed loudly as Julie lifted her hands to fondle Kat's long legs and tight, smooth skinned buttocks. Julie felt soft hair brushing her creamy thighs before Kat's pretty mouth closed over her pussy. Julie moaned heavily into Kat, eliciting a similar response. The throaty moans vibrated through their vaginas, making them ache with arousal. Julie felt Kat's tongue swirl deeply inside her, so she pushed her own deeper into the drooling pussy. The taste of Kat tingled on Julie's tongue. Julie, usually so reserved and uptight. Julie, who had never even kissed another woman before. Julie, who was now slathering hungrily at a beautiful 24 year old pussy, and couldn't get enough. Julie spread her legs further, stretching her thighs and opening herself even more to Kat, hoping she would devour her. She whimpered when Kat gently nibbled around her clitoris. Her reply was to draw her long nails down Kat's smooth back as she lay on top, softly scratching her. Kat murmured appreciatively, and pulled herself harder against Julie's body. Julie could feel Kat's bullet like nipples pressed to her stomach, and her own abundant breasts squeezed between her ribcage and Kat's flat, toned stomach.

Julie felt her orgasm rising, this time feeling even more powerful. Lifting her legs, she closed her creamy thighs around Kat's head, the black hair soft against her skin. With the younger woman's head trapped, her mouth pressed to Julie's vagina, Julie concentrated on the pink pussy pressed to her own face. She used her lips, tongue, and fingers, driving Kat wild with pleasure. Kat's tongue twirled faster, her mouth locked over Julie's pussy, sucking at her labia. Julie couldn't contain herself any longer. She groaned and howled into Kat's crotch, her body convulsing as the powerful climax raged through her firm body. Her toes curled tightly, and her thighs clenched, pushing Kat's face harder into her pussy, releasing another wave of ecstasy. Julie moaned and shuddered as the orgasm flooded her entire body, head to toe, reaching from the core of her being to the tips of her fingers. Kat gulped hungrily as Julie's pussy erupted, a flood of juice gushing over her pretty face. Every touch of Kat's tongue to Julie's clit sent electric shocks through her body, each one triggering a fresh, surging orgasm. Finally Julie lay panting, her sweat sheened body exhausted. Her legs collapsed away from Kat's head. Kat climbed off from Julie's heaving body, a broad, wicked smile on her face, Julie's juice's dripping from her mouth and chin.

Reaching down, Kat lifted one of Julie's hands. Julie smiled wearily as her hand was manoeuvred between Kat's slim thighs, and her fingers were pushed between the slippery labia. Kat writhed and moaned as she masturbated herself with Julie's fingers. She leaned down and kissed Julie as she neared her orgasm. Julie opened her mouth, letting Kat's tongue into her mouth. The taste of her own pussy flooded into her mouth, exciting her further. She began to thrust her fingers deep into Kat, extracting a deep, throaty groan. Kat shuddered and cried out, her back arching as Julie felt a flood of warm fluid over her hand and wrist. Kat's sultry, emerald gaze burned into Julie, and Julie felt her arousal stirring anew as her gorgeous new lover slowly sucked her own juice from Julie's fingers. They kissed warmly before slowly dressing. Julie softly stroked Kat's bum as the dark haired girl buttoned Julie's blouse over her voluptuous breasts.

"I'll see you tomorrow then." Kat said, brushing her fingers through her black hair.

"But tomorrow's Saturday." Julie said, knowing the office would be closed.

"I know." Kat said huskily, pressing her still wet French knickers into Julie's hands, before leaving Julie alone, and very much a changed woman.

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