tagInterracial LoveWorking Saturday Ch. 01

Working Saturday Ch. 01


That Saturday I woke up early for me having to go to work at 1:30 pm. Of course I was pretty horny. I laid next to my wife and she was still sleeping, and I started to caress her back. Then moved my way to her ass, stroking it, she started to wake and moved that ass towards me. So then I pressed my hard cock against that sweet ass I loved. As usual she wiggled against it, and getting my cock wedged right into the crack and she started to grind at it.

Ohhh Yeah I knew I was gonna get some, and I know that she loves when I wake up horny. Our latest kink had been watching movies, especially gangbang films. I guess I should say my latest kink, although the other night she came home and I was watching one and she watched with me. She got so hot watching that after, with some hot rubbing then leading to fingering. She said she had a present for me if I set up the video camera. Well I almost fell over from getting up to get the equipment, and at that time we had only done one video at a hotel on a trip to Florida.

But I'll tell that whole story another time. We had watched a especially hot scene where a hot blonde nurse was taking on like 10 guys. What got to her was the cum shots, and all the cum-eating that the nurse was doing. She literaly drank mouthfuls, from a bowl and a big syringe. It was very hot. I whispered in her ear as she grinded on my cock with her pantied ass ...

"Looks like my baby needs some big cock in her this morning .." she groaned out a YESS as I slid my hand along the inside of her thigh towards under her panties and felt that wet pussy.

I circled her clit as she lifted her leg over mine in back of her, kicking the covers off us as she did that. She loves to see my fingers in her, as she reached and pinched her nipple then she tilted her head back to kiss me. Our tongues mingled as she pinched. I fingered, and she grinded her ass on my hard cock.

Then she saw the alarm clock, then jumped up and said she had to go. Since I was working today she told her boss she would come in this morning. I laid on my back and pulled my hard cock out of my boxers ..

"What about me baby .. Look ..!!" as I looked down at my steel hard cock ..

She said .."No time .. I have to be there in 10 minutes .. save it for me later " as she slid her hand under her panties pulling them down to show me that wet pussy.

Fingering it with 2 fingers she said .. "I'm just as hot honey .. you will just have to fill me tonite .. maybe while we watch another dirty movie .." and pulled her hand out and headed for the bathroom.

Damn I thought, as I started to jack off, my job caused me to work on nights and weekends. My wife wasn't thrilled with thatand she did stuff like that on purpose I thought sometimes. Ok I thought I'll save it, then maybe get to video her drinking all my load. Good Idea ..!! Then I got up and started to make coffee. She was out quick and dressed even quicker .. WOW ..!!

Hot little black flowered sundress, and my favorite black flats that I love to see her in. She grabbed her purse and briefcase and headed out. I said "HEY .. not so fast .." walked over to her gave her a hot kiss and reached under that dress. I rubbed that hot pussy through her panties and said ..

"I saved it all for you .." as I took her hand and put in on my cock through my shorts. I was still half hard and now growing as she squeezed me. Her panties were wet and I wanted to see them so I pulled up her dress and took a look ...

"Oh .. my favorites .. the green transparent ones ..now I really can't wait .." I bent over and took a lick on the front. She moaned "I can't wait either and squeezed hard then let go and slipped away from me .. "Gotto go hun .." and left me hard as stone.

Well all morning all I could think of was my horny wifes pussy, and as it turned out all she could think of my my cock. So she said as I had just got into some hot porn on the net when the phone rang.

"Hi Honey .." I heard ..as I picked up the phone .. my cock started to stir already ...

"What are you doing ..? I thought you had to work .. what's going on ..?" I said ...

"The boss can't make it til 11:00 or so .. I'm just relaxing and getting real hot thinking of us before .." she said ..

Her breathing was getting faster.

"So what are you doing then .. get back here so we can finish what we started .." I snapped out ..

"I'm gonna have a surprise for you .." as she paused to what its sounded like whimper a little ..".. guess where I am .. and what I'm doing .." ..she was moaning slightly now as she spoke ..

"Where are you ..? .. Whats going on .." I snapped again ..

"Ohh nothing bad hun .. your gonna love it .. let me explain .. first I'm in the video room .." then I got a long pause from her ..

HHmmm the video room is a room in there offices where they have meetings and things that they video. She once told me the story that her boss and his wife fucked in that room, and taped it before they had there own camera. She heard it through the grapevine at work she said.

"What are you up to baby .. " I stammered as my cock was now hard as steel again.

"I'm picturing what your up too .. what your cock is UP too .." and I heard her sigh loud.

"Let me tell you what I'm doing ... right in front of the camera .. I'm in a swivel chair .. and my feet are up on the edge of the table .. sound good hun ..?" she breathed deep.

"Ohh yeah baby .. I can't wait to see this .." I groaned as I started to stroke my cock.

"MMMM my dress is up and I'm sliding my fingers all over the outside of my panties ... which are soaked all the way through now. I'm pinching my hard nipples through my dress too. I'm so hot .. I need cock so bad .." with that she started to moan loud into the phone.

"Ohh baby .. I bet you already have a finger in that wet pussy don't you .." I was beating off fast now thinking about her fingers in that hot pussy getting off towards a good cum.

Then there was dead silence, and I couldn't hear a thing. Then she said .."I have to go I just heard something .." and there was a long pause and then she hung up. Boy was I disappointed.

UNTIL .. I found a certain tape at home a few days later ..

Well I was horny as hell and hoping she would call back, but no such luck. I jacked off like 3 times before I left for work.Later when I got home she was horny as hell as I got in the door she met me with my favorite nighty on, a black satin baby doll. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom. Then said she had to fix herself quick earlier cause she thought someone was coming, and then right after that someone did.

I said excitedly, "What about the tape she was making .. am I gonna get to see it now .." she rubbed my cock and it was hard as stone.

"Well I was just trying to get you hot .. there isn't any tape .. but you have me now .." and she dropped to her knees in front of my undoing my pants .." , and I can't wait for your cock in my mouth."

Then she pulled down my boxers and popped my cockhead in her mouth. I pulled my shirt off as she started to suck my cock better than she ever had done before. I looked down and she looked so hot getting into sucking as much of my cock as she could. She usually just tryed to tease the head when she sucked before, but she wanted to deep throat me now.

She gagged a little and came up for air. Looking up at me spit dripping from her lips to my cock she groaned .. "Tonite I want you to feed me all your cumm .. I'm so hot .. I need to be your slut ... your sexy cum slut .. " and she sank my cock deep into her mouth moaning louder as it went deeper.

When she starts to talk dirty it always makes me cumm way too soon. So I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off, she looked so slutty too. Mouth wide open my steel hard shaft bobbing in front of her outstretched wagging tongue. I just wanted to shoot right then, but I waited.

"Please I'll do anything .." as I held her head just inches away from my cock .. "Anything .. YES .. Anything .." she almost screamed out .. "I know what you want .." as she pulled away and got up on the bed on her back.

Pulling off the bottoms of her nighty I finally got to see that hot pussy. Spreading her legs and I watched her pussy lips unfold, they were so wet they glistened, and you could hear them separate too as they were so sticky with her cum.

"Tonite you can have my ass honey .. " as she spread her juices toward her asshole." .. you have always wanted it .. you can have it as long as you feed me all your hot cumm .." then she turned over and got on her knees.

Putting her ass high in the air with her head on the pillow looking back and said .. "Come on .. take my ass!". As I watched her pop a finger in that tight asshole.

"Don't make me wait .. I want it now .." ..she groaned as she moved her hips to grind her pussy into her hand. Then I watched as she pushed another finger inside her ass. You didn't have to tell me twice, and I took my hard cock in hand. I moved onto the bed and rubbed it all over her asshole.

Spitting on my hand to get it wetter I pushed easy on her asshole with the head. She was moving back to take it.

"That's it take my ass .. you have always wanted it .. fill me with that hard cock .." as the head popped in rather easily. I started to slide all the length of it inside her. Then she moaned a throaty ..."YEssssssss .. that's goodddd ..." and I was shocked that she loved it so much.

I wasn't gonna last long as she was tight as all hell. It felt great as she moved her ass back to meet my slow thrusts. Nice, deep and slow. Then I started to build speed up, she was moaning like crazy now as I noticed her pulling on a nipple. So I reached around to grab the other nipple, and I saw under her she was rubbing her clit frantically.

I had my other hand on her hip to steady myself, but wished I could reach around to shove a finger or two inside that wet hot pussy. Then she started breathing heavy, it was so hot, she was almost squeeking. My baby makes some hot sounds when we fuck, loves grinding into my cock. I couldn't take anymore, she was cumming. She had stopped breathing a long deep pause, then I felt my balls tighten.

"Yeah .. baby .. come get your cummm .. I'm gonna feed you all my cumm now ..." as I pulled out.

She flipped over so quick it was like a blur .." YESSS ... I need cummm .. I need it now .. feed it too me .." as she laid on her back.

Her mouth open with her tongue out licking her lips inches away from my hard cock that I was jacking off. A sight I can never resist, and I started to cumm. Shooting a huge thick wad right into her open mouth as I threw my head back and saw she had four fingers in her hot wet pussy. With her thumb a blur on her clit.

I turned back as her mouth closed on my spurting cock, and I never felt her suck so hard. She realy did need some cumm tonite. She was draining me, and I had a surprisingly big load after cumming three times earlier today. She swallowed the first time then started to shake like mad. She was cumming again, while eating my cumm, it was so fucking hot to watch as she never looked so sexy.

She broke away after my spurts stopped .. "So how do you like your little cumslut .." as she twitched from the aftershock of a heavy-duty cum.

I looked down at her and saw a touch of cum on those sexy lips, and said .. "I love my sexy cumslut .." and watched her lick her lips.

Then closed her eyes and purred ... "I love being your cumslut .. but I'll need more feedings now .." as she slowly rubbed circles around her clit.

" .. YES .. LOTS more feedings .." as I collapased onto the bed next to her. She curled up next to me her head on my chest and I thought. This was too good to be true, even for her, and I knew someting was up again. She was way too clean for a chance ass fuck , and what about that tape that she was lying about ..

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