tagHow ToWorking with Her G-Spot & His Prostate

Working with Her G-Spot & His Prostate


Spend A Passionate Evening Finding Each Other's G-Spots

The G-spot may not be a surprise to some women who have already discovered the ultimate orgasm using this quarter-sized button of spongy tissue of the front vaginal wall. These women may have gone looking for it themselves or perhaps discovered it accidentally during intercourse. If you don't experiment with positions, you may never find it, or, if you do, the penis may glide right over it. So now you need to find it, either solo or duo.

Solo -- Hers

A squatting position is best if you don't have your guy's longer fingers for help. From the outside, place your non-dominant hand on the top of your pubic hairline in the middle. With the other hand, insert your lubricated index and middle fingers deep inside the vagina, as far up as you can. Feel for differences in the front wall; when you find it, it will feel spongy and be about the size of a quarter. As you continue to massage the area, it will swell and become harder, just as a penis does. You may have to try different pressures and strokes to obtain an orgasm, or you can buy a special vibrator with a G-spot finder curve on the end of it. When you finally do achieve an orgasm this way, it will feel quite different from a clitoral orgasm; you will feel waves of intense pleasure and aftershocks that you cannot get with a clitoral 'tickle' orgasm. Note: when you first find the G-spot you may have an over whelming feeling of needing to urinate. This will pass. However, you may find that you have 'ejaculated' a thin, white milky substance. Or not. The fluid does not lessen nor intensify the feelings.

Duo -- Hers

Of course it is a lot more fun to experiment with your partner. Those longer fingers really do come in handy. The positions for intercourse to use so that his penis can find the G-spot and you can both climax in an earth-shattering cloud are: woman on top, sitting, facing away from the male. The angle of the penis will rub against the front wall of the vagina. You can also be seated and face him if you lean back but push your pelvis forward. Doggy style will work and so will his lying on your back and penetrating deeply because all of these positions cause the penis to rub that special place. Later, after you've practiced a number of times, you will be able to have both kinds of orgasms and you'll see why it is definitely worth all the time you need to find and 'work' with it. Now, on to him.

His Prostate

Okay, so he really doesn't have a 'G-spot' per se, not like the spot Dr. Grafenberg named in women. But his prostate, properly stimulated, will give him the same kind of orgasmic pleasure your G gives you. The area right behind the scrotum and up to the anus is the perineum. You know the place, that hairless area. If you stimulate by pushing gently (until you find the right amount of pressure and motions) on the outside, this will squeeze the prostate and give him an orgasm he's never had before. It's the same as rubbing your G-spot on the outside to cause pressure on the inside. You can start by stroking it gently and build up as he's closer to orgasm. In an interview with men whose girlfriends had turned them on this way, all agreed it was the best sex they ever had. Also suggested was having the woman gently suck and lick the testicles while gently stroking the perineum.

So, light some candles, bathe each other or yourself and relax. Your favourite music or nature sounds,satin sheets, 300-count Egyptian cotton sheets, fluffy pillows...whatever soothes and carries you off to happiness and pure pleasure!

Experiment, experience and appreciate each other's bodies. And happy hunting!

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