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Worth the Wait


Terri sat in her hotel room near downtown. Her hair was still damp from her shower and she was dressed in a peach terrycloth robe that came to below indecent. She sat on the couch and nervously picked at the cotton burs around the hem. She was waiting for someone she’d never met before. Terri met Edie in an Internet chat room. The room was devoted to sex and their first online encounter was filled with the longings and desires of someone who’d gone without real intimacy for several months. It had been several months--6 in fact--since Terri had been with a woman. She left her former lover over nothing really. They just drifted apart. Then Terri got tired of the relationship, so she walked out.

Now, Terri picked at the belt knot around her robe. She pinched a bur and rubbed it between her fingers. Then when that bur separated from the fabric, she’d pick another bur at random and rub it until it fell off, too. It was 2:38. She regretted arriving so early. She couldn’t help it, she told herself. She was excited beyond anything she could put into words. She would be meeting her online lover for the first time.

Edie would be arriving around 4:30, maybe. Terri’s mind was suddenly an overloaded circuit with conflicting images and thoughts all running into one another: What is she was being stood up? What if Edie cashed in or sold the plane ticket that Terri bought for her? But she trusted Edie. The PI is a poor country and Edie could have been leading her on all these months. Maybe she does this to everybody: meet someone online, have mindblowing net sex, talk for several months and decide to meet in person. The real lonely losers will put up the money for a ticket. When Edie picks up the ticket, she sells it to the highest bidder or cashes it in. The thought of this almost made Terri ill. She rose from the couch and went into the bedroom. She took her satchel out of the closet and opened it. Her laptop was fully charged but she plugged it in to save juice. She was thankful that so many good hotels now recognize the importance of providing high-speed access to the internet. The screen finally loaded its image and Terri was online. Terri typed in the airline that Edie would be flying. Her nervous fingers filled in the flight number and other info and she clicked Go. A wave of panic and nausea rippled through her as the airline interface returned an error message: The flight you specified does not operate. Please verify and re-enter. Terri stared at the screen, her eyes darting through the information. She clicked the back button and carefully read the numbers and names she had inputted. The flight numbers were transposed. Terri breathed a sigh and rolled her eyes to the cream white ceiling. She erased the city inputs and just added the correct flight number and clicked Go. The screen “thought” about its answer and displayed the correct information: Departing SFO, Arriving LAX at 4:33 p.m. Terri was relieved. The flight looked like it would depart on time. But Edie wouldn’t be arriving until six at the earliest. She’d have to clear Customs, which would probably take twice as long as it used to since the country was attacked. Terri checked all of her e-mail accounts for any new messages from Edie. Nothing had come in since last night. Terri opened it and the words gave her hope that Edie would be walking through their hotel door by six-thirty tonight.

Bush Monkey,

I’ve been wetting my pants thinking about meeting you. I’m looking forward to our first kiss and finally feeling you inside me. If our time together is anything like our chats, we’ll have a fucking good time. I can’t wait to come in your arms, darling.



Terri felt herself becoming wet as she read the note over and over. She too, fantasized about her first meeting with Edie: how would she dress? What perfume would she be wearing? Would she be too tired to fuck? What if she’s too tired, Terri thought. Well, Edie did say that she likes her lovers to be in control. Terri’s thoughts returned to the upcoming tryst. Who would make the first move? Would her kisses be as soft as they looked in the jpgs they exchanged over the months? Terri closed her e-mail and pulled up her favorite picture of Edie. She was on her bed lying back on her elbows. She was naked from the waist up with beautiful brown breasts that looked like two perfectly formed gourds. Edie’s brown hair fell over her shoulders. Her head was turned to the side but her deep brown eyes stared into the camera. Terri wondered who took the picture.

Three o’clock. At least another three hours before Edie arrives. Terri sighs and shuts down her computer. The plane should be leaving San Francisco in 15 minutes, she thought. Terri turns on the TV in the living room and watches the animal channel, then switches to a financial news channel. After several minutes, she goes to the mini bar and opens a beer. It tastes pretty good for being in a can. She returns to the couch and continues to flip through the dozens of stations. Terri finishes her beer and has a slight buzz. Things can only get better from here, she tells herself. She smiles. Terri draws her knees up and puts her feet on the couch, spreading her legs wide. She touches her lips and slips a finger inside her damp pussy. Terri suddenly leaps from the couch and goes into the bedroom. She pulls a small black bag from her duffle bag and unzips it. She takes out an eight-inch dildo. It is pink with a gel texture, realistic veins and circumcised head. Terri rubs the head over her clit and around her lips. She bends her knees slightly and slides the dildo between her swollen lips as if she were riding a see-saw. She pauses to get into bed. She lays on her back with her knees in the air. She begins by wetting her left middle finger in her mouth and circling it around her clit. Her lips part and fold around her finger with each revolution. With her other hand she lightly jabs the dildo at her streaming hole. She rotates the head with her fingers and then alternates by rotating the dildo on its axis around her cumbox. “Mmmmm, yesss.” Terri moans repeatedly and wonders if she’ll feel this good with Edie. She imagines that Edie is scoring her pussy with the dildo. Terri’s fingers move faster over her clit. She rubs some more and licks her finger. She doesn’t have much taste since she just got out of the shower. Terri continued to tease her pussy with the rubber dick. She was in no hurry, she thought. Her beautiful Edie wouldn’t arrive until six or so.

Terri’s six months of fantasies and frustrations overtake her as she plunges the dildo deep inside. The trapped air almost forces the dildo out but she pushes and rotates the tool until is sliding in and out of her like a pneumatic shaft. Her juices spill out of her eager love canal and run down her crack and onto the robe. Terri stops fingering her clit and works on moving the dildo in and out. She moans even louder and squeezes her eyes shut as she thinks about Edie fucking her in the same manner. Terri works the dildo in and out and pinches her nipple with her left hand. She pinches hard because the pain sends jolts of pleasure through her body. Terri is ready to come when she is startled by a hand squeezing her other nipple. She rips the dildo out of her swollen pussy and her eyes fly open. Edie is standing next to her. Without saying a word she grabs Terri’s hand and forces the dildo back inside her. Before Terri can say anything, Edie covers her mouth with hers and giver her the deepest and longest kiss Terri’s had in years. Edie takes charge of the dildo and works it inside her surprised lover. Terri and Edie’s tongues pick up the rhythm of the dildo moving in and out of Terri. Terri can’t believe what is happening. How did she get here so quickly? Why didn’t she hear her come into the room? The TV! Terri lets go of her silly questions and drinks in Edie’s kiss. Edie’s lips are as soft as Terri imagined. She knew her way around Terri’s mouth as if they’d been lovers for years and not minutes. Edie pulls her dress up to mid-thigh and mounts Terri. She grinds her pussy against her. Edie pushes hard and kisses even harder. She reaches back and pushes on the dildo. Terri takes her cue and works the dildo the rhythm that Edie is laying down. They move together like this for a few minutes. Edie kisses and licks Terri’s face. She kisses her neck and sucks her hard below the collar line. Edie moans when she feels Terri arch her back. She humps faster on Terri’s mound while Terri fucks herself. They move together and Edie lays down on Terri and slips her arms around her waist, pulling her close. Edie feels her clit getting harder and she thinks Terri is ready to come. Edie crouches her body to suck Terri’s tits. She notices that they have similar builds and she is happy. Edie swirls her tongue around Terri’s right breast and flicks her tongue over the nipple. She sucks hard and uses her right hand to knead the other breast. Terri’s nipples are hard and feel good in Edie’s mouth and hand. She pinches the nipple and Terri moans Edie’s name. Edie lightly bites her nipple while squeezing the other other one. The alternating sensations of biting and squeezing drive Terri mad. She breathlessly whispers pleasure over and over. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” Edie was even more turned on by her urgings. She worked her mouth and fingers faster. Terri’s body jumped beneath Edie’s grip and she began to convulse. Terri cried her intentions. “I’m coming, I’m coming. Oh, Edie, I’m coming. Don’t stop. Oh, Edie, suck my tits!” Edie complied with her lover’s wishes. Terri bucked and arched her back. Edie slammed her pussy into Terri’s body and squeezed her ass. Terri continued shaking and snatched the dildo out. “I can’t stand it!” she shouted. She shakes like a car needing an alignment and tries to push Edie away. Edie digs her fingers into Terri’s ass and drives herself deeper into her. Terri is breathing hard. Both women are covered in slick sweat and their mingled wetness. The dress and terrycloth robe absorb their juices. Terri thrashes her head from side to side and bucks one last time before collapsing her body back onto the bed. Edie kisses her furiously and licks the sweat from her breasts and neck. Terri and Edie lie still on each other. “I love you,” Terri breathes. Edie licks her ear and whispers to her, “I took an earlier flight and I am never too tired to fuck.”

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