The car drove down the old highway. The two women were talking about their last job they just did. Rain poured down soaking the spring ground. Christina had enlisted the help of her friend turned agent, Geanie. They just took down some evil monsters in the town and had gotten paid well.

"That went great!" Christina said happy as she sped down the wet road.

"Hell's yeah it did! Little bastards got what they had coming." Geanie said leaning her seat back.

Christina sped around a turn and there stood someone right in the middle of the road. She slammed the brakes and turned the wheel. She screamed as the car smashed through the old wooden guard rail. It slid down the muddy hill and stopped by a tree. Christina hit her head on the wheel and got knocked out. Geanie was shoved into the backseat and knocked out cold. Both women were unconscious. A limb fell and shattered the sun roof letting the rain into the Benz.

Christina sat up and looked at her Mercedes. Her floor was full of rain water. She looked around and found her friend in the backseat. She shook Geanie by the shoulder and got her up and moving.

"What happened?" Geanie asked.

"There was someone in the road and I swerved. Now here we are." Christina said looking down at her soaked shirt and jeans.

They climbed out of the wreck and found themselves in an old cemetery. They walked through the mud and water towards it. Geanie held her pistol as Christina pulled her knife. They knew they were set up and had to find out why.

The mud was ankle deep as the rain kept coming down. Geanie's plaid skirt was clinging to her long legs. Her white tank top clung to her nice rack and revealed her pink bra underneath. She was known for her sexy body and little outfits. The mud was seeping into her knee high boots. She kept looking around as they watched them both.

Christina's tan body was dripping wet with the rain and the clothes clung to her nice body. Her jeans cost fifty dollars but they shrunk a little with the rain. Her Tee shirt clung to the big breasts underneath it. Her long brown hair was drenched with the rain and she was just dead sexy wet, as was her friend Geanie.

They were right in the middle of the old cemetery. They stopped as a loud crash of thunder rolled. Then they heard wood split and break. Water rushed into the cemetery and they were now thigh high in muddy water. Geanie lost her footing and fell into the water. She fought as it swept her away from her friend. Christina held onto a headstone as she let the water rush around her body.

Christina felt the water picking up speed as it flowed around her. She heard the head stone crack and looked as it moved a little. She kept her grip as the water began to weaken her jeans seams. She felt her designer jeans give and they floated away leaving her in her tee shirt and white thong. She looked around and realized she was in trouble as the headstone snapped and she floated away.

She was slammed into the old mausoleum and the doors broke. Christina screamed as she was pushed inside and pinned to the back wall. She couldn't move as the force of the water kept her pinned to the old cement block wall. Water had penetrated the wall and was making its way out. She cried as her top was torn off showing her bra and nice cleavage. Her eyes widened as the wall began making loud cracking noises. Then it burst and she was thrown to the mud and laid there as the rushing water seemed to stop. It was still flowing around her as she laid there breathing heavy.

Geanie had troubles of her own as she was swept away. She was taken to the oldest part of the cemetery and slammed to an old tree. The water rushed around her skinny body and removed her top and it floated away. She screamed as it water hurt her long legs and nice ass. She looked around as the tree snapped and she was swept under the water again.

She was shoved against a headstone and felt the water all around her most prized area. The thin thong wasn't much protection from it and was shoved aside showing her pride and joy. Geanie noticed the water slowing down and pulled herself up to her feet. She looked down at her tattered and torn skirt and bra. The water was still thigh high and flowing around her nice legs.

Geanie started to hear gurgling and looked as coffins started to pop up all around her. The water had ruined the vaults and gave them the lift to rise up to the surface. She looked down as air bubbles floated up between her legs. She screamed as the ground caved in and she fell through. A few seconds later, she came to the surface with a coffin between her legs. Geanie spit out some of the muddy water and looked around.

She looked as the coffin made a noise on the inside. She watched the others and waited for something to happen. She felt something hit the coffin lid and jumped. She looked all around as the coffin she sat on was getting attacked. She thought for a moment and realized it was the corpse inside the coffin!

She went to jump off as the lid broke and the rotten hands of the dead man inside grabbed both her thighs and held her down! Geanie struggled as they slid under her skirt and held her by her hips. She looked as the others got out and looked at her and smiled. Her eyes widened realizing she was in big trouble.

Then the head broke through and met her nicely shaved and cared for pussy. She screamed as he began to suck and lick it. Geanie went for her gun and pulled it. She went to fire and it back fired. A glob of mud blasted her face and chest. Her bra snapped and fell letting her perky tits out. The zombies groaned at the sight of a live woman's bare chest. Geanie was trying her hardest to resist the zombie eating her out. She cried for Christina to help as her pussy got wet.

Christina sat up and looked down at the bra and thong. She was covered with mud and was unaware of Geanie's attack. She stood up and heard the screams. She looked around and found her trusty knife. She picked it up and went towards the pleas for help. She was careful as she stepped around the coffins and debris from the flood. She hid behind a tree and her eyes widened at the sight of the zombies. She then saw Geanie and what was happening to her. She hid and thought for a minute.

There was no way she could save Geanie from all of these zombies without help. She heard a noise and spun. A hand grabbed her throat and slammed her against the tree. She fought as she felt the prodding of his cock on her thin thong. She looked at the zombie as he smiled at her. He gave a hard shove and she heard the rip and felt the rotten cock drive deep into her warm body. She cried as he began his attack on the famous monster huntress.

Christina was now being fucked by a zombie! She cried as he sucked her hard nipples and shoved deep inside her warm body. He groaned and grunted as he had his way with the sexy woman. He lifted her legs as he kept her back against the tree. He managed to go even deeper into her. She felt her body betray her and the warm rush of cum around his cock made him fuck harder. She cried as the cock grew bigger and hurt her pussy. Christina was getting pounded by the corpse.

After he blew another wad of curdled cum into her he pulled out and dropped her to the ground. Christina sat there dazed and confused at what had happened to her. He grabbed her head and forced his cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth as she struggled and tried to get away from the foul taste he was oozing into her stomach.

Geanie was still getting beaten out by the zombie. Other zombies felt her legs and tits up. She had heard Christina's cries and realized she was alone. She began to cum as the zombie drank it like water. She felt the tongue slipping in and out of her. Geanie was looking for a way out and could not find one.

She felt the head move from her crotch and it released her legs. She went to jump off the coffin as they grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. She screamed as they began to gang bang her. They held her legs up and wide open as they pinned her shoulders down. Geanie was now an all you could fuck buffet. Just as one would nut inside her, another would fuck her, and then so on. The sexy agent was now just a toy to them.

After a while Geanie fainted as they continued to do her skinny body. She was fucked hard and left in the mud. The zombies moved away from her as another woman arrived and stood on the broke coffin holding the head of the one who sucked Geanie's pride.

"Come and get me assholes." She said pulling out a sword.

She jumped and began to slash her way through the herd of deadites. She spun and decapitated about ten at once. She was well known for the sword play. She ran and leapt over one and sliced his head in two. She landed on top of one with her sword in its face. She liked this as she just slaughtered them.

She had gotten down to about five zombies, including one fucking Christina yet. She looked around as they hid from her and waited to get her. Shelby was only nineteen but knew the zombies were there. She also kept up with her heroine Christina who had just saved her little town from the trolls of Deadwood Forest.

Shelby adjusted her tank top and crept around the muddy cemetery looking for them. One pounce at her and she moved as he grabbed her top and tore it off showing her bikini top underneath. She spun and with three swipes of her sword, beheaded and dismembered the zombie. She heard Christina pleas for help and ran over and took out the zombie. She turned as another hit her in the belly. She stepped back and began to slice him up too.

Another came in on her right and punched her in the side. She cried in pain and staggered to the left as another did the same. She did not like the kidney shots. They grabbed her black hair and pulled her backwards. She stabbed one with the sword and cut him in two. The other one grabbed a rock and hit her in the head. Shelby dropped the sword and fell face first into the mud unconscious. The last zombie grunted as he tore her shorty shorts off and revealed her bikini thong and nice ass cheeks.

He flipped the fighter over and removed her top and bottoms rendering her nude. He smiled and got on top of her and he began to fuck the zombie killer. Shelby lay under him taking it without even realizing he was doing her tight little pussy. Geanie got up and stood up. She saw him pounding Shelby's body. She walked towards the two and she spotted the sword.

Shelby awoke as her body sent out an orgasm! She screamed as her cum flowed around his maggot ridden cock. He smiled and kept going as she looked around. He was about to get off when Geanie used the sword and sliced his head clean off. Shelby closed her eyes as the rotten flesh fell to her bare breasts and face. The body fell over and Geanie helped her to her feet. They went to Christina who sat against the tree unconscious.

"Wish I gotten here sooner. " Shelby said as they carried Christina to the wrecked car.

"Shit happens hon." Geanie said as they laid her in the back seat "Wonder if it will start?"

Geanie turned the key and it fired. After it cranking for a few, the engine came to life. Geanie let it run as she got on a new outfit. She tossed Shelby some clothes. Both redressed Christina. They got the car going on the old road as it banged and clanged. They went to Shelby's house and she let them use one of her cars. Christina awoke and they left the town. Shelby was on call for help. The two was headed home after a wild night of fucking zombies.

Geanie's phone rang as they arrived at their house. She smiled and wrote down the next job. They took the job and headed towards the town. Keep reading to find out what lies ahead for the newly formed partnership of Christina Monster Huntress and Agent Geanie.

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