The car sputtered to a stop and the engine cut off. She tried to start it but the motor cranked over and over. She hit the steering wheel and looked around the street. She picked up her cell and had no service. She tried to start it and kept going till the battery drained and the car slowly die completely. She knew she was lost in the town and had to get home. She pulled out her mace and decided she had to walk to a gas station.

She opened the door and got out. The wind was blowing hard as a storm rolled in. She adjusted her tight, black, mini skirt and tight tank top. She closed the door and locked up the Mercedes as she walked away in search of a phone. She didn't know where she was or what was in store for her as she walked down the cracked sidewalk.

She was a reporter and was doing a piece on the toxic waste being dumped outside the town. She had her laptop in her bag and kept it close as she walked. The town seemed deserted and too quiet. She looked at all the boarded up buildings and got a few pictures of them for the piece. She turned the corner and found the gas station. She smiled and walked faster.

She heard a noise and turned as a rock hit her in the head. She cried and fell to her little ass. She looked as a man in tattered clothes was approaching her slow. He groaned and threw another one and it hit her chest, winding her skinny body. She breathed hard and got up as another man stood close. She realized they were dead and wanting her. Zombies had over ran the small town and these two wanted the blonde reporter.

She ran across the road as they followed her bouncing tits and nice ass. She got to the station and ran inside. She tripped and fell to her stomach as she saw feet. She looked up as he smiled down at her. The gas station owner was a zombie and had his hard on exposed!

"NO!" She screamed as he pulled her up to her feet by her blonde hair.

He looked her up and down as he held her hair in his hand. She cried as his hand felt her firm left breast up and then the right. She knew he was enjoying it as she watched his dick twitch. He ran his hand down her belly and to her nice legs. It went up her little skirt and he smiled as he rubbed her thong. She tried to fight him as her pussy got rubbed hard.

Cassie knew what he wanted and he found the wet hole as he rubbed it harder. She felt the thong slowly slip inside her as the thing string over her hips snapped. He fingered her as her eyes filled with tears. He fingered her until she was soaked and well lubed. He pulled her dripped wet thong out and smacked her face with it and stuck it in her mouth. She tried not to taste it but it seeped down her throat and she tasted herself.

Her pussy was wet and ready as he spun her around and bent her over. Her skirt rode up over her nice ass and he smiled as he rubbed his cock between her wet thighs. He grunted and rammed into the tight, blonde pussy. Her arms were pulled and held back as he pounded her hard and deep. The reporter never knew the town existed or that a zombie would fuck her sexy body.

One of the other zombies walked up in front of her as he watched her tits bounce with the fucking she was getting. He grabbed her tank top and pulled it. The straps popped and the thin cloth ripped as her bare, firm tits came out for him. He felt them as his cock hardened. Her eyes widened as he teased her nipples. He was ready and grabbed her blonde hair. He pulled her head up and shoved his cock into her mouth.

Cassie's mouth was getting fucked as was her pussy. Never before had she experienced anything like this. She had tears streaming down her face as another zombie came up and began to jerk off to her getting fucked. She knew they wanted sex, but would they kill the sexy reporter?

She felt the one in her pussy fill her up and he moved to her asshole and pounded it. He smacked her ass cheek as he fucked her. She swallowed cum shots as the cock in her mouth began to pump its rotten cum into her stomach.

He stepped back and the jerking got off on her face. She screamed as her ass was full of zombie cum. She fainted and was pounded all night long by the three zombies. Morning came and she woke up covered in cum. She stood up and staggered out into the street. She fell to her knees as she felt her body change. The three zombies appeared and smiled at her.

She looked as her skin changed and her hands. Her tits sagged and were swollen. She cried as her belly opened up and her insides fell out. She stood up and realized they had changed her into a zombie! Her mind shut down as the virus overtook it. She fell to the street naked and dead.

Cassie stood up and they stood there as she was one of them. She was a zombie woman. She bent over and let them fuck her in every hole. Cassie was never found again. The car was broken into and laptop stolen as the man behind it burnt the car and hid it. Cassie was a zombie and no one ever found out about the town or the toxic material dumped there.

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