Wrestling Rookie Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 of Wrestling Rookie.
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Jackson couldn't believe his luck. He was finally getting to wrestle the man of his dreams on the mats. And especially after what happened at the weightroom, he couldn't stop fantasizing about what was going to happen. What kind of holds would Cade put him in? How much of Cade's body would he get to explore?

"You've wrestled before, so you know all the usual rules, right?"

Jackson nodded.

"Well, ignore everything you know. With just the two of us, we're going to have to change some of the rules."


"Well first of all, since I've been the captain of the team, pinning you is going to be too easy. I'll have you on the floor in no time and the match will be over. But we can't have that happen, especially if we want to get you into wrestling shape."

Jackson's heart jumped. He'd seen all different kinds of wrestling styles, and he was wondering what Cade had in mind. "What about submission? I can take a lot of punishment."

Cade stepped onto the mat, turning back to Jackson with a grin. "I like the way you think. But no, submission would still be too easy for me. Plus, I Wouldn't want to break my boy, right?"

My boy. The words rung through Jackon's ears and he couldn't help curling his lips into a smile.

"How about first to cum loses?"

Jackson's heart started to pound harder. He wanted to hide his excitement, but he knew his leaking cock was giving it away.

"Yeah, whatever. What are the rules?"

"There are none."

Jackson's back hit the ground as Cade dived forward, lifting his legs out from under him. He grunted as the air was knocked out of him.

"See what I meant? Too easy."

Before Jackson could counter, Cade had him flipped onto his stomach and was turning around to left both of Jackson's legs up. Soon, his back and legs were starting to burn in the boston crab position.

"Fu-ck..." Jackson grunted out as Cade pulled his legs further and further up. He could feel his cock trying to break through the fabric of his singlet, and it was pointing straight at the opposite wall now.

Cade sat further and further back until Jackson thought his legs were going to snap. But to his relief, Cade let one of his legs go and it fell uselessly to the floor.

As he struggled to break from the position, Jackson felt Cade's hand hover around and touch his erect cock through the singlet. He slapped it side to side a few times, and Jackson started to grunt and squirm.

Cade wrapped his hand around Jackson's cock hard, and more precum started to squirt out. Jackson struggled harder as Cade rubbed his shaft up and down.

"Oh come on, you're not going to lose already, are you?"

In one quick twist, Jackson pulled his constrained leg out from Cade's grasp and quickly flipped to his knees. While Cade was still confused, he brought one quick arm thrust between Cade's legs, slamming it against his crotch. Cade fell forward, landing on both of his elbows.

Taking this opportunity, Jackson slid one his knees in between Cade's pushing his legs wider open. With one of his hands, he pressed down on Cade's back, forcing him into the floor.

"I'm not going to lose this match," he said, as he brought a fist up to Cade's now hard cock. Cade fell forward into the floor, groaning and bringing one of his hands up to his crotch. Jackson grabbed his hand, pulling it further back between his legs. Switching his hand with his left foot, he used his hand to rub against Cade's cock.

The harder he rubbed, the harder he felt Cade's cock get. Cade let out a loud moan as Jackson cupped his balls and slapped them hard a few times. Sure that he was going to win, he started to rub faster against the cock. His hands started to get sticky as a puddle of precum started to form.

"Looks like you're not going to be team captain for - "

Jackson felt himself get pulled forward as Cade pulled on the arm he was grabbing, sending him to the floor. In a quick motion, Cade was now behind Jackson, stretching out each of his legs with his own. Jackson felt his arms stretch behind his head as Cade looped his arms around them.

"It's always fun to let the prey think they might win. It makes this so much more satisfying."

Jackson struggled in vein against the larger body holding him down. Cade switched his arms so that he was holding Jackson back with just one arm, using the other to explore Jackson's torso. He twisted his body as Cade pinched his right nipple in his large fingers.

His body convulsed inward into the dominant wrestlers as Cade slammed his fist onto his balls. Much harder than when he did the same to Cade. Almost as if he were punishing Jackson for trying to win.

Jackson felt his body fall backwards into Cade's as he leaned back towards the ground. But instead of hitting Cade's chest, he fell back to the mat.

How did he move out from under so quickly?

Jackson felt his legs pulled to either side, and he felt Cade's cock press up against his head. He was being straddled with Cade's legs, just like what was happening to the first wrestler he saw.

Jackson's back was bent until his crotch hovered right above his face. Soon, Cade was now gripping his entire cock.

"I don't even need my whole hand to jerk you off, boy. What a shame. Looks like tiny dick here is ready to lose, huh?"

Before Jackson could respond, Cade used his other hand to hold his mouth shut. Jackson shook his head side to side to try to break free, but he couldn't. His entire body was stretched out.

Cade continued alternating between stroking his cock and slapping it, leaving Jackson in a state of ecstasy and pain. Soon, he felt his body start to tremble before a surge shot through his entire body. His cock flexed as it shot out load after load of cum. The first load completely stained through his singlet, before allowing the next few shoots to squirt out onto his face.

Jackson felt relieved as he was let go from the straddle, and his limbs fell uselessly to the ground. Cade leaned on one arm, laying next to Jackson's motionless body. Dragging his finger up and down his side, Jackson shuddered.

"I know we didn't talk about what the prize was at the beginning, but I think it's fair enough to say that I earned this, don't you think?"

Jackson turned his head lazily to the side. He wondered what more Cade could want from him.

"I've always needed a boy to take care of. To use and abuse as I please. Especially such a beautiful Asian twink like yourself. What do you think?"

Another squirt of cum came from Jackson's cock as he said those words. He was starting to realize how much he desperately needed Cade's alpha cock in his life.

"Oh, y-yes. Sure. I think that's a fair prize."

"Yes what, boy?"

"Yes sir."

Cade laughed. "Good boy. Now, don't you want to know your prize?"

Jackson eagerly nodded his head. He didn't feel like his body could take a pounding, but if that's what Cade wanted then he would gladly give himself.

Cade stood, slowly pulling the straps of his singlet down the sides of his body. His stepped out of his singlet, revealing his matching red swim briefs.

Did he really leak that much precum through two pieces of fabric? It wasn't that surprising as his bulge was massive, almost bursting through the sides of the tiny fabric of the briefs.

But instead of taking them off, Cade kneeled down next to Jackson's head, grabbing him behind the neck to raise his face to his crotch. He rubbed his massive cock against Jackson's face, and Jackson could smell his scent of sweat and cum.

Cade's precum created another sticky layer on Jackson's face, mixing with his own cum.

He grinded harder and harder, almost smothering Jackson. Soon, he squirted, drenching the entire front of his swimwear.

"Thats how much cum a real alpha cock gives, understood?"

Jackson looked up, panting. His entire lips and cheek was covered in the new batch of cum, and he gave a weak nod. "Yes sir. I need your superior white cock."

Cade smiled as he stood up, pulling the briefs down his legs. Now that Jackson could see his whole cock, he could see how much longer and thicker it actually was compared to his.

The red fabric was brought up to his face, and he eagerly licked up the thick, white cum from the fabric. Whatever dripped off his face was licked up, too.

Cade shoved it into his face, holding the back of his head to make him smell his masculine scent. "Don't forget my scent."

Jackson laid back using his own hand to rub the spandex up againt his face. He rubbed his cock again through the singlet, now more aware of how tiny his dick was now that it was soft.

When he was finished sniffing them, he held them up to give back to Cade. But the other wrestler was already back in his singlet, shaking his head.

"That's what you're going to wear the rest of tonight and all of tomorrow, understood? Including during practice."

"Yes, sir. I am yours to command."

The both of them smiled, content at the new turn in their relationship.

"Where do you stay, boy? In the dorms with the rest of the freshmen?"

Jackson nodded. "I have two roommates."

"Well, now you only have one. You're coming home with me."

"Wait, like right now? What about all my stuff, like my books and clothes?"

"You won't need any of your old clothes while you're staying with me. I have everything you need or I'll get whatever I want you to wear. The rest of the stuff you can get tomorrow. Are there any complaints, boy?"

"No. Sir. I am yours to use."

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BjsroxxsBjsroxxs6 months ago

This story is great. I look forward to reading more.

I'm about to introduce wrestling in my series. You're doing a great job! So spicy!

AnonymousAnonymous11 months ago

can't wait to read more

sealandssdsealandssdabout 1 year ago

Looking forward to the foursome.

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