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Writer's Block


"If you stare at that screen any longer, you're gonna get square eyes"

Lucas' dreamy voice caught Christina off guard. She abruptly glanced up from her blank laptop screen, greeted with the sight of a freshly showered and shirtless boyfriend. She blinked hard, allowing her eyes to adjust back to the non-pixelated world. She leaned back against the headboard of her bed and scrunched her straightened legs into a basket, carefully balancing her pride and joy on her knees.

"I think I have writer's block", she whined, petting out her bottom lip at him.

"Aww. Poor baby" he replied, jutting out his bottom lip in a mocking response. "Whats this story meant to be about anyway?"

She sighed and began scraping her dark brown hair into a bun with the hair band on her wrist.

"Errmmm, well the synopsis is kinda hazy at the moment" Christina replied, her forehead crinkling into a frown. "So far it's about this boy and girl who meet and erm....there's obstacles and shit and ermm....it's very passionate and stuff, but I want there to be lots of vivid sex scenes, they have to like......fuck like animals and stuff."

Lucas' chiseled face stretched into a laugh.

"Sounds, um interesting". He let out a muffled snicker.

Christina reached behind her and grabbed a pillow from her bed and flung it in Lucas' direction, knocking her laptop off of her crossed knees.

"Shut up asshole, writing erotica is hard!" She playfully sneered. "I think I just need some decent inspiration or something, maybe I should go a walk or watch a dirty movie or something." Christina began shuffling off the bed.

Lucas got to her before she could get up.

He roughly pushed her back down onto her back and pushed his lips against hers, shuddering at the contact of her against his bare skin.

"Don't bother going on a walk" he whispered as he licked her earlobe.

Christina's breath caught in her throat. She grabbed a fistful of his blonde curly hair and dragged his hot wet mouth back to hers. He gently ran his tongue over her lips, making a groan stir deep in her throat.

His hands skimmed over the edges of her varsity tee, before he began pushing it upwards, exposing her naval and finally her lilac lace bra. Christina began making gentle murmurs as his tongue glided over her stomach, sending hot shivers up her spine. Her breath quickened as he slowly inched his talented tongue towards her hot pussy. His hands roamed back down over her abdomen, scraping his nails as he did so causing her head to loll back into the cushions.

Lucas hooked his thumbs in the corners of her Grey A&F shorts trailing them down teasingly over her tanned thighs. He threw the shorts behind him and pressed his fingers against the flimsy, damp strip of material between her legs. His tongue worked it's way back up to her chest, running over the thin lace concealing her sharp erect nipples, causing another ecstatic groan from her.

He ran his fingers over her feverish pussy, circling them deviously round her clit. Lucas felt Christina's hands scratching at his, trying to edge down her panties, desperate for the feel of him inside of her. Lucas obliged, tearing them down her legs, exposing her neat landing strip. He put his hands back to her cunt and dragged his fingers through the heated wetness, before pushing two fingers inside of her.

"Ohhh God Luke" She gasped fervently, "Keep doing that, keep doing that"

Lucas twisted his fingers inside of her, rubbing them against her g-spot, making her whimper. He pushed his thumb over her clit, massaging it in rhythm with Christina's breath. He began to increase the speed of the fingers moving inside of her along with the pressure of his lips on her nipple. He stopped abruptly and pulled his fingers out of her slowly.

He moved his hot mouth away from her breasts, and began planting passionate kisses on the sensitive skin inside of her thighs. He delicately inched his way upwards, until Christina felt the hot, tickling sensation of his tongue running through her pussy. She arched her back violently, her sharp nails digging into Lucas' scalp as she clutched wildly at his hair. Lucas swirled his tongue over her searing entrance at an agonizing pace, making her buck like a wild animal in heat.

"Faster baby, Do it faster" She whined impatiently.

Lucas began flicking his tongue faster, running it up to her clit and back down again. He twirled it in hazy swirls over her aching hole, then flicked it sharply over her sensitive spot, building up a delicious pattern. He could hear her moans begin to increase as he continued licking her faster and harder. Christina's pussy was now dripping wet as Lucas continued lapping it at a feverish pace. He ran his tongue over her hot spot one last time. Without warning, Christina's moans reached an overwhelming crescendo as her body tensed and her back arched off the bed.

Lucas kissed his way up her chest, allowing her breathing to return to a normal rate. He gently ran his tongue over her neck before crashing his lips against hers, letting her taste herself on him. He began grinding his neglected erection against Christina's bare pussy, a low groan emerging from his throat. He tugged his sweatpants down to his knees, allowing his throbbing cock to spring free before shaking them of altogether.

Christina reached for his dick, now painfully hard and oozing pre-cum. She dragged her hand down his yearning cock, watching him squirm above her. She circled her thumb over the underside of his shaft, before running it over the head, making Lucas shudder in pleasure.

"You like that, baby?" She hissed seductively, a devilish glint in her blue eyes.

He could only manage to moan deeply in response. Christina began using both hands, twisting them furiously round his aching cock, as Lucas swayed above her, struggling to hold himself up on his elbows. She ran both hands up and down his shaft at an overwhelming speed, and Lucas began to feel his orgasm rising. He quickly grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his aching cock.

"Get on your knees" He growled in her neck before sinking his teeth in.

Christina moaned from the pang of pain in her neck, and pushed Lucas off her before turning round onto her hands and knees. She felt him behind her, his hands gripped her hips as he lunged his cock inside her. Christina heard him moan deeply from behind and felt his hands clench her hips tighter as he thrust into her vigorously.

Lucas began to thrust harder and faster into her tight pussy. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Christina let out a pleasured moan as his cock grated against that sensitive spot, sending a shiver up her spine. Lucas began to feel his orgasm ascending, building up like a fire inside him. He could feel his balls begin to grow tight and with one final ferocious thrust, stars danced across his vision as he came into her, lolling his head back in raptures of ecstasy.

Lucas collapsed on top of her, gently kissing the back of her neck.

"Any inspiration now?" He whispered.

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