tagLetters & TranscriptsWritting to My Lover

Writting to My Lover



I dreamt of you this weekend while you were away on your business trip. I had to play with myself while thinking about you. You always turn me on, even with your deep passionate kisses. My dream was of Zada, Rick, you, and I. I’ll tell you about it, but I hope you are sitting down now because I warn you it’s pretty erotic.

After having a few beers, Zada and I agreed that you and Rick deserved at treat. You two watched us as we preformed, dildoing each other and drowning in each other’s juices. Rick’s and your cock was throbbing and both were hard as steel and looked as though they could use a hand seeing that the heads were purple and they were so swollen that they looked as though the veins would burst.

You and Rick were sitting on the sofa, completly naked. You had stripped during our performance cause your body temperatures had risen. Your legs were spread wide apart so that we could see both your balls hanging there and wanting our attention.

Zada and I knelt in front of the sofa, she in front of Rick and I in front of you. We began to massage your balls and stroking your lovely cocks. We’d lick from the space between your balls and ass all the way up to the tips of your shafts and back down again. You moaned out and I gave a smile, but only continued worshipping your lovely cock.

You and Rick had agreed earlier that when you both came it would not be in our mouths, but on our lovely firm asses, so when you both were about to come, Zada and I turned around on our hands and knees with our asses up in the air. You stroked your cocks between our ass cheeks and shots wads of creamy, sticky come all over our sweet asses.

Then you and Rick massaged the cum all over our asses, all over our cunt lips, and then what remained on our tits.

It was time to perform once again. First, Zada knelt behind me and licked your come off my ass and cunt lips. I did the same to her, and we ate each other’s cunts, savoring the come that had been smeared there. She was enjoying the taste of your come and I was savoring Rick’s juices.

After we cleaned each other up we looked at the both of you like hungry animals. That’s when we noticed that your cocks were stiff once again, but this time you and Rick asked us to rest the upper part of our bodies on the sofa, kneeling with our legs spread and our hands pulling apart our cheeks so that our asses could be fucked.

Rick had no difficulty shoving his stiff thin prick into Zada’s asshole—it slid in easily, and he slammed it in deep while holding her hips, in and out while she screamed with pleasure.

It took a little longer for your swollen cock to penetrate my tight opening, but once your head was inside, pulled out and shoved back in several times, it got easier, and before long your cock was buried deep inside, and all I could do was moan and beg you to fuck me hard, to tear me apart if you must but not to stop, and you complied happily, riding my ass as if riding a horse, slapping my cheeks with each thrust deep inside until I began to shudder, feeling your cock erupt, filling my ass with your sweet hot seed.

So how has your weekend been?

I rented four movies on Friday. The scene with the black man and woman really turned me on and, of course, my fingers were quite active, and my cunt was as hot as hell during the final scene, just as the girl in the movie was.

Yesterday while I was home, I had a chance to watch the video that you had given me.

The last scene in part one really drove me wild. I was thinking all the time of sucking your lovely cock and being fucked by you.

Then I watched part two, the one where the blonde had the two cocks to feast upon. She went back and forth between the two men, licking and sucking on their balls and long hard cocks.

The guys reminded me of you and Corey, so I drifted into a fantasy where you and Corey were the two I was having a chance to feast on.

I was soon being fucked from behind while sucking one of your cocks and then the positions were changed. You changed positions many times until you fed my hot cunt with your sweet cum and Corey filled my mouth with his seed.

Again I came many times, using my fingers, three of them, stroking in and out of my hot wet cunt. I even once used the whip handle on myself and that was invigorating. I though of what it would be like to be out of control, to be deliriously pleasured and abused, hair pulled, ass slapped, tits pinched, cunt smacked and fucked in every opening until I was dripping.

Why do you excite me so much? It’s your teasing. You tease, excite, and make me hungry for more always, even after a delicious handful cause I long to lick off every drop, long to suck your gorgeous cock, long to feel your cock swollen in my tight little ass, long to be squeezed and loved by you, but most of all I want to pleasure you, so I contain myself always wishing that I could loose control one day with you—to go out of my mind.

Yes, I did say I want abuse, humiliation, degradation, and that I would be obedient, subservient, cooperative, ect. But I need the other side of the coin as well—scenarios involving only you and me in a romantic atmosphere.

I’m not complaining mind you. Somedays I’m lonelier than others, some days I wish certain people didn’t exist. Somedays I am down, but otherwise I’m ok.

At this moment I’m thinking of you, your lovely cock—how beautiful it was on Friday and how bad I wanted it that night. I’m you worshipping slave, suck-slut, hungry with in heat, who loves your come, who thinks you’re terrific, and who missed you yesterday.

Now picture me wearing black thigh-high fishnets, high heels, a string bikini—black, of course, and nothing else. You and I are having an evening alone after you have gone out drinking with Gene. You are rough and you know I love it that way. You start out pinching my nipples and soon you have me stripped to nothing but the thigh-high fishnets and you are eating my sweet pussy.

I cream all over your face before you pull my hair and get me to my knees in front of you so that I may suck your lovely cock. I comply until you have came all over my breasts and then you turn me around and slam your lovely cock into my ass and fuck me hard making me slightly bleed from ripping me open. You shoot another hot thick wad of come into my pussy and collapse beside me and fall asleep.

I go and take a shower and crawl into the bed beside you cuddle against your warm soft body that smells now of sweat and beer.

On the ride home on Friday from the show I wondered how it could become more outstanding for us. If time permitted you could perhaps fuck my tits and I could suck your cock more. I became very wet and when I got home you were asleep and I could not help but have a session laying beside you and using the whip handle as we had that time you shoved it into my pussy and made me fuck myself while you roughly fucked my ass.

Saturday morning you went to work and I was alone. I went about my business as usual, cleaning the house and taking a shower, ect. I ate breakfast while watching the news and then followed breakfast by watching one of the movies we have and having a session with the whip handle. I thought about you and your lovely swollen cock, how you rub the tip against my clit before ramming it into me and fucking me like a mad wild dog.

The sensation of the whip handle provided a nice orgasm, but nothing compared to when you are fucking me. When I came I thought of you exploding into my pussy. Afterwards, the whip handle withdrawn, lying on the bed quietly, I could feel the throbbing sensations inside my cunt, and it felt swollen. I still continued to think of you.

I cannot wait for you to get home. I hope that you are in the mood so that I can kneel and please you as you do to me. I also hope you have enjoyed this letter. I know I enjoy yours when you write.

Love Always,


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