tagFirst TimeWrong Moment; Wrong Guy

Wrong Moment; Wrong Guy


When I was in my second year of college I began to think I was missing something. I was 20 and I had what some would call a curvy figure. I was studying computer science and I had to study a lot. At those times I always had Cokes, the kind with sugar, and snacks close by. With little exercise my figure changed from curvy to plump. Guys didn't seem to notice me, but I started to crave their attention. So, I started hanging around a frat house helping some guys in one of my classes with their work.

We were mostly friends, nothing physical. Then they started to hug me when their grades were good and they thanked me for my help with kisses. We started to talk about sex in a roundabout way and I exaggerated - really lied - about my experiences. I looked just barely good enough to be believable. They invited me to parties and I danced and laughed and enjoyed their attention. One of the guys, Danny, seemed to take a special interest in me. His kisses were more passionate, his hugs tighter, and his hands more curious. I let this go on and soon we were making out after and even during our study sessions. His friends noticed and joked with us saying things like "get a room" when we got carried away. They nicknamed me Miss Piggy. It hurt but I laughed with them anyway.

One Friday night there was a party and I came to it with Danny. The music played and the booze flowed freely. I danced with Danny and when he held me close it thrilled me so much. After the party we were making out on his bed when he began to undress me. I was a little drunk and, though I was shy, I let him go on. He played with my breasts and pinched my nipples. That hurt but the caresses that followed made up for the pain. He began to rub his penis between my breasts and it soon exploded covering my chest and even my chin with his sticky semen. I can't say I enjoyed that, but I'd helped a handsome man come and that made me feel sexy and pretty.

Then his fingers found my vagina and my clitoris. His touches gave me feelings inside that I had never known. Then a finger entered me and he touched my hymen. He yelled, 'Damn, she's a virgin!" and the room seemed to fill in an instant. There were guys and other girls staring at me and drunkenly shouting encouragement to Danny.

"Break her in right!"

"Stick the Piggy!"

"Let's see her bleed!"

"Make that pig squeal!"

"Open her up for us!"

Danny moved to mount me, but I summoned all my strength and pushed him away. He grabbed at me but I screamed "NO!" and broke free. There was no time for my clothes. I grabbed a sheet and ran away barefooted into the street. A nice girl from a nearby sorority house recognized me and drove me home.

I cleaned up my body, but I never really felt pure again. I hated Danny and his friends so much. I could hardly stand to go to class with them after that. I hurried away when they pointed at me and taunted. They sent back my clothes and purse covered in their semen with a note telling me that I had blown the chance for the best breaking in any virgin could ever get and explaining that since I didn't want their cum inside me they shot it on my things instead. They wrote of how Danny would have ripped me open while I screamed in pain and how each would then have taken a turn in each of my openings while I begged for mercy until I was nothing but a heap of bleeding, sweating, jizz covered, fat. The detail of the sexual torture they had in store for me was brutal. I read about how they would assault my mouth and my ass. Then they would have kept doing me till they all got tired of me and threw me out with the table scraps. There were 6 names signed to the note including Danny's.

Each night in bed, I reread that note, touched my hymen and thanked heaven it was still with me. Then one day I found the man who would be my first, last, and only. He took my heart with his sweetness and I gave him my body freely and completely. Still I wonder now what that night might have really been like if I had stayed.

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