Wrong Turn


I had just finished a little shopping at the clothing store where I had picked up a new skirt, new bras, and panties. My hubby of five years liked push-up bras and thong panties.

There was a lot of traffic on the thruway so I took a back road shortcut. I drove on automatic pilot, dreaming of strutting my stuff for my husband. Suddenly I was heading down a dark street that I didn't recognize. I followed it for a mile looking for anything familiar when I came to a massive barrier and signs saying "Road Closed." "Shit," I said to myself and tried to figure out how I could turn around on this narrow street. Then I saw the police-like flashing lights behind me. "Shit," I repeated to myself, "Now I'll get a goddamn ticket to boot from these pricks."

In my rearview mirror I saw a uniformed man approach followed by another with a big flashlight. I slowly rolled down my window, cautiously put my hands on the wheel, and waited. "Step out of the car, miss."

"What's the trouble officer? Was I doing anything wrong?"

"We have a report on a vehicle like this and I need you to step out. Bring your purse slowly where I can see your hands and don't reach in for anything." I mumbled then grabbed my purse and opened the door to get out. "Slowly," one barked. "Keep your hands where I can see 'em." I slowly disembarked. One took my purse while the other told me to turn around and put my hands on top of the vehicle.

"What's going on?" I asked as I slowly turned around. He didn't answer but silently patted me down. He patted my tits very carefully which I thought was strange. "Hey!" I exclaimed.

"Shut up. Don't talk unless I ask you to." He continued his pat down squeezing my ass and the front of my skirt. "Put your hands behind your back," he ordered. I did. I was still trying to understand what was happening when I felt the cuffs secure my wrists.

I noticed one rummaging through my purse. "Hey! Stop that! You got no right...."

I was cut off when the one behind me said, "Gonna resist arrest, honey? You're comin' with us." He led me by the arm to the police car. It was an odd police car -- a large pure black van. He slid the side door open and told me to get it.

"What kind of a police car is this?" I inquired.

"A special one. One made especially for hot cunts like you," he chuckled and threw me into the back of the van. His words threw me off, as did the lack of normal seats in the back of the van.

"What the shit is goin' on?" I shrieked without thinking of my words.

He answered, "You're what the shit is going on. Actually you're hot little cunt is what's goin' on." I was stunned silent. He tie-wrapped my ankles together, climbed in, and put a blindfold on as the other hopped in the driver's seat. "Actually we got a report on you back at the store buying sexy bras and tight little panties. The info we got said you're one hot piece and your cunt, mouth and ass just won't quit." I started to scream for help. He slapped me hard on the side of my face, stomped on my stomach driving the wind out of me, and kicked me in the ribs. "Don't make us hurt you more than we want," he sneered as he jammed a large ball gag into my mouth. "Now you be a nice girlie and don't give us any shit and you won't get hurt... at least not much, while me and my buddy and some of our friends see what ya got. We're not sure if your cunt's reputation for being tight, warm, and wet is accurate, but we're gonna to find out. Then were goin' to compare your cunt with your ass and mouth." He fingered my gag. "Looks like your mouth can handle a big one. Do you take it deep?' I whined and shook my head. He whacked my face again... and again... and another. "I said don't give me any shit, and shakin' your pretty head no is givin' me shit."

I started to cry. He took scissors and began cutting off my clothes as the van pulled away. He cut slowly offering commentary on my body to the driver as he progressed. My blouse and bra came first. He cracked the door and threw them out. "You won't be needing these for awhile," he wisecracked. Then to his partner, "Hey, Joe, so far so good. She's got some pretty big hooters that are nice and firm... and the cutest little pencil-tip nipples." Then to me, "Yes, siree. I think we can have lots of fun with your titties. I know you've had them sucked on, but ever have pins stuck in 'em, or had 'em nailed to a board, or your nipples stretched with a hot clamp?" I lay perfectly still in abject fear. The scissors went to work on my skirt and panties, and out the door they went. "Man, oh, man, Joe. You have to see this. This is the finest lookin' cunt we've had in a long time! The boys are goin' to love this one." A fresh pang of anxiety swept over me. These men have done this before, I thought, and, bad for me, they're probably pretty good at it.

We drove in silence. I said nothing while he played with me. He finger fucked me. He fucked me with a carrot. Then stuck a large zucchini up my pussy and fucked me vigorously with that. I hoped like hell he didn't notice that much to my chagrin my pussy started to respond. But no such luck. He yelled to his partner, "Hey! She likes it. This cunt's wetter than a bathtub and so far she's only been fucked by a vegetable. I wonder how wet her pussy gets with a real cock."

Then with a diabolical grin he produced large metal spring clamps and latched them on my areolas right behind my overly sensitive nipples. The clamps were connected to a long brass chain. While I tried to not react he pulled and yanked my nipple out, up and down, and sideways. "Nice tits," he whispered, "Want 'em bigger? Want me to balloon 'em up?" I didn't know what he meant until he produced a roll of heavy string and began to tightly wrap the base of my 34D tits. I was small around my chest but my breasts stuck out five inches with a large D cup. He sat me up and lifted my blindfold so I could see. My tit was compressed to a thin stump at the base and ballooned to near twice its normal size. It looked like a small blue- and pink-tinted volleyball. "Tits like this are easy to stick things in," he mused, "and they make a handy punching bag..." He walloped the side of a blown-up tit with his fist. Then with his other fist. He punched my tit four times. It hurt and I couldn't help whining. I felt relief when he stopped punching until he ballooned up my other tit. It got punched four times, too. He restored my blindfold. I was getting very fearful for myself over what might be in store.

We drove into a large warehouse. The van door opened and he yanked me out to a cacophony of cheers and jeers. "Can I fuck her now? Can I?" was the loudest shout.

The guy in the back of the van was evidently the ringleader. "Not yet. There's plenty of time and you'll have many chances. But first we have to warm the bitch up and make her more compliant -- she's still a little too cold." I was dragged across the floor. My wrist cuffs were removed and my arms retied above my head to ceiling ropes. I was pulled up until my toes just left the floor and I was hanging free, completely at their mercy. I heard rustling and laughing. "Ever been warmed up with a garden hose, pretty one?" I was asked. I shook my head violently. Then a hose whacked my bare ass. It stung like hell and I couldn't hold in a whimper. I felt men inspecting my ass and commenting enthusiastically for a minute, and then another hard whack on my ass. This was the routine. A roundhouse on my ass with the hose and made to wait anxiously for the next. The hose pounded my ass a dozen times. I couldn't control it and yelped with each hit. Then the hose hit the back of my thighs a few times, then my back, then back to my ass. I screamed through my gag with each swat and started to cry while the onlookers egged the man on, urging him to hit me harder. My gag was removed with the announcement, "Can't hear the bitch scream in pain with this on, can we?" There was a pause. Then the front of my knees felt the hose. Then my stomach and ribcage a few times. Then the powerful hose whipped my ballooned tits. The pain was god-awful. I screeched loudly. "That's what we want to hear," a voice said. "You're blowed up tits must hurt bad. Let's see!" My tits got hit six more times.

The ceiling ties were let down until my knees rested on the floor. My blindfold was removed "so you can see how we warm our bitches up." I saw 15 or so men naked other than hoods over their heads. About six were white, the rest black. These were the first black cocks I'd seen. The myth was correct. Most had the most massive foreboding cocks imaginable. They scared me to death, but goddamn it, they mesmerized me -- I couldn't help it.

The man with a handful of pushpins got my attention. "Blown up tits make super pincushions," he intoned and stuck one in my right tit. I felt the pinch and groaned. He stuck one in my left tit. I reacted again. Then his hands methodically jammed one pushpin after another into my tits. Each pin, made for posting things on bulletin boards, had a sharp but thick point. They didn't at all feel like hypodermic needles, but like finishing nails puncturing my tits. I was in continuous pain. My groans became staccato yelps. Each yelp brought a cheer. He stopped. I sobbed and saw about two dozen pins stuck in my oversized tits. Then I saw two pins with lit birthday candles atop. I couldn't imagine. "Think about this, bitch. These are great warmer uppers," and he stuck the candles into my tits just behind each nipple and sat back to watch them drip wax as they burned closer and closer to my nipples. I couldn't imagine how those flames would feel on my nipples. All I could do was whimper. It was like a poisonous spider slowly crawling up you legs. My whimpers turned to whines. I begged. I promised to do anything. "Anything, fuck pig?" I nodded a vigorous yes. "Beg us to rape your cunt, mouth, and ass." I hesitated. He looked closely at the candle with the flame a quarter-inch from my tits. "Beg us all, loud and clear! Tell us how much you want our cocks up your ass. You can do it now or wait 'till your nipples get toasted."

"Please! Oh! Please! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my behind! Everyone fuck me! I beg you!"

"C'mon, fuckface. Beg again and get the god damn words right." He hissed what he meant for me to say. At this point I would have said anything.

"Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck my mouth! Please! Everyone... I'll be your fuck pig... fuck me! Jus' don't burn me!"

The candles were removed. I felt relieved but was then told, "We'll fuck ya like you want but first we wanna have some more fun." He slowly pulled on the clamp chain and stretched my nipples another 3 to 4 inches and held them there.

"OOOOOOwwwwwww," I screeched. It hurt like hell.

"Hear that? She likes it, men. See if her tits can handle the hose now." I shuddered. The rubber hose came crashing down on my stretched tits, right on the 24 pushpins. The pins were bent, twisted and driven further into my tits. At the same time my tits were slammed downward but my nipples held taut. It felt as it my nipples were being nailed to a wall while being wrenched right off my tits. It was the worst pain I had ever felt. The hose slammed down again... and again... and again.

"Ooooooohhhhh... oohh... oohh... oohh..." I screeched like a blubbering idiot. I couldn't think of any worse pain. But they could. The hose gave me a roundhouse uppercut on my pussy and then was replaced with a cue stick. While my nipples were pulled so hard I was stretched forward against my arm ties and almost lifted off my knees, the hard wood stick crashed against my ass. I thought it would cut right through it. My ass got a number of whacks with the rod. Then my thighs. My ankles were lifted and the balls of my feet got couple. On my stomach. On my ribcage. Then a direct hit on the pushpins. And another. And another. It hurt too much to scream. I just cried like a baby and pleaded for mercy. For another two minutes with one man wielding the hose and another the cue stick they continued to beat my entire body. Then it stopped.

The pushpins were yanked violently out of my tits. Each one hurt like hell but I started feeling better as they were removed. Then my tits were untied. I watched my now totally blue tits return to their normal size and color, though I felt a strange burning pain as the blood flow resumed. I couldn't speak, only blubber. I heard the leader say, "Not quite warm enough," and looked up just in time to see melted wax from a burning candle drip onto a stretched nipple. Six or seven drops hit the nipple in quick succession. I learned that if immediately covered with more molten wax the first drops stay hot a long time, dissipating heat only into the nipple.

A high-pitched squeak, "ooo -- ooo -- ooo -- ooo -- ooo... was all I could muster with my nipple getting toasted. I managed to wail when the second nipple got the same hot wax treatment. After a number of seconds the burning pain subsided and I could see the cool hard wax coating my nipples.

Then, with a cackle, the leader snarled at me, "Bet you didn't know two ways to melt wax, huh?" Not waiting for an answer he applied the flame to a clamp. He held it for 2 or 3 seconds and I felt nothing. Then it started to get very hot. The clamp was heated for about ten seconds and it seared into my tit flesh. After it was removed it stayed hot for a number of seconds. This was the worst pain so far. As I wailed and sobbed, the men cheered and the leader heated up the other clamp, holding this one nearly 15 seconds, getting it much hotter than the first. The clamps eventually cooled. The men all high-fived. The leader whispered, "Don't it feel great knowing you're such a good entertainer and man-pleaser?" I whined. He continued, "But ya know, that damn wax didn't melt. Maybe this'll do it." He held the burning candle directly under my nipple for 3 seconds. The wax softened, my nipple sizzled, and I screamed bloody murder. He roasted my other nipple. I thought I might pass out. But from nowhere came the fleeting thought that the flame induced burning was not totally different from the heat I feel when my husband tweaks my nipples with his fingers and teeth -- just degrees.

They weren't done. "Ya know what else this candle is good for? Makin' cunts bare without the bother of razors." He laughed. Before I could even process his words a man pulled my legs apart and the candle flame was passed up and down my pussy lips. Surprisingly I felt little burning, but I could see and smell my wispy bush catch fire and with a crackle and smoke burn away. The pain increased terribly when he held the flame closer and longer in some spots to burn off remaining stubble.

"YYEEOOOOWW! SHIT! MOTHER FUCKIN' JESUS H. CHRIST!" I screeched, though lucid enough to know I should've chosen better words in front of these bulls.

They all cheered. "Is she talkin 'bout fuckin' her father or her little boy?" one laughed as my burning bush went out. I couldn't imagine how they knew about my nine-year old son, and it worried me. They released me. I felt the clamps being removed. My face was splashed with a glass of ice water. Someone held my head back, my nose closed, and my mouth open and another poured a full glass of whiskey down my throat in gulps I was forced to swallow. The leader thanked me. "Thanks, cunt. A couple of the boys have been out shoppin' and your credit card got us a couple of months of booze and supplies, some other stuff like a gun I always wanted, and $500 cash which we'll accept as partial payment for making you a real woman. When we're done if you feel we earned more we can always get more." The leader looked me in the eye. "Tell us you want to fuck and suck us all night unless you want more beatings." I mumbled through my sobs incoherently. "Loud and clear, cunt," he shouted.

I stammered, "I want to... fuck... and suck... all of you... all... night."

He turned to the group, "She's ready now. Let's fuck this pig!" A wild cheer went up.

I was taken down, dragged to a large mattress, my neck tied down, and my legs spread and tied back over my head. My head was already starting to spin from the 8oz or so of straight whiskey poured down me. I hold my liquor pretty good but this was way over my capacity. I heard rustling. I felt a cock touch my dry pussy lips; then ream into it. It felt like a monster. I grunted loudly. The rapist held it deep and kissed me hard on the mouth growling, "This cunt of yours is going to get fucked so much starting with my seven inches." He fucked me with abandon. After 5 or 6 minutes he pulled out and within seconds another cock was pounding me. My pussy had excreted a little juice from the first fuck. This coupled with a deposit of cum made #2 not so difficult and his cock pumped me with not as much pain for 6 or 7 minutes. My mind was in a whirl and my pussy was getting hammered. I lost count at around eight cocks, one right after another. Most felt normal. A couple stretched my vagina walls to the breaking point and repeatedly banged my cervix. After about ten fucks I was no longer focused on my achy body from the beatings and torture but on the feeling of many large cocks in my pussy. This was mostly pain. But, shit, there was some pleasure as my god damn pussy began to tingle. I forced myself to focus on my body pain. I couldn't let these bastards know my pussy was responding to their repeated fucks.

I was gang fucked non-stop for two hours. The worst part was not the brutal rapes but my pussy winning the battle of my mind and cumming with the very last man. Since I had been desperately holding it back I came long and hard. I yelled, shook, vibrated, moaned and spit dirty talk. I couldn't help it. I learned that for my husband, got to like it and it now came without thinking. The men cheered. I hoped to high heaven they didn't hear all of my responsive blathering -- especially that "oh... mother fuck." I was so pissed off at myself and embarrassed.

While they finished their drinks, poured more -- including another 4oz forced down me, and congratulated themselves, some repositioned me on the mattress. I was put on my hands and knees with my face pushed into the mattress, my legs spread, and my ass cheeks pointing high in the air. I could feel cum dripping out of my pussy. I heard someone say, "Before we stick it up her ass we'd better practice our aim." Another held my shoulders and sides tight. I turned my head to see what was going on. I couldn't believe it. Even through the fog of my daze I saw a dart being thrown right at me. For recreation they were using my ass as a dartboard! A shorter than normal one-inch dart tip slammed into my ass cheek. Its point was twice as thick as the damn pushpins and four times as long. It tore a hole and buried itself one inch deep in my ass. I didn't realize it until later but they had painted circles and a bull's-eye on my ass. What now looked like 20 men spent the next 15 minutes giving me more excruciating pain and humiliation. Most darts stuck in my ass. A couple hit a thigh and entered a muscle. One errant throw slanted into my lower back. The men had 15 minutes of pure giddiness.

The leader sneered, "If that wasn't good enough for ya, we got BB-guns that can fill your ass with BBs if you want. Or if you prefer we could fuck your ass instead. If that's what you want yell out to everybody what you prefer." He whispered specifics.

It was no contest between two evils: having my ass filled with buckshot or inviting a bunch of pugnacious men to fuck it. Reciting his words, at the top of my lungs I yelled, "I WANT EVERYONE'S COCK IN MY ASS. EVERYONE FUCK MY ASS. I BEG YOU. FUCK MY ASS HARD." My words were slurred from the whiskey but they understood.

"Let's open this fuck pig's asshole," cried the leader. "Don't need no lube. By the sixth cock her ass'll be good and loose. Before that... well, you heard her. Fuck her ass hard and make her feel it." With a man pushing back against my shoulders the first butt fucker climbed between my legs and poised his cock on my anus. He made a steady hard push and in one fell swoop slowly buried his cock in my ass. It was tight. I felt like there was a watermelon in my bowels and I might burst any minute. My husband had done this only once but he had been slow and gentle and allowed me to adjust. This was the second invasion of my ass. It was with malice and, like they meant it to, hurt like hell. While the others cheered the man fucked my dart-indented ass with slow, full and hard strokes. After a good 15 minutes he held his cock deep, bellowed, and filled my bowels with cum. He pulled out. Within seconds another took his place. My tight dry ass was being stretched and fucked for the third time in my life.

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