tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWVC Ch. 18: The Massage Class

WVC Ch. 18: The Massage Class


When I awoke the following morning, Sunday March 29th, I had a towering erection that refused to subside, even after I relieved my bladder. Looking at my bare butt in the mirror, I was surprised to see that for all the abuse I received from Erika and her assortment of whips and paddles (WVC Ch.17 -- Training #1), my ass cheeks barely glowed.

As usual, when I checked my computer, I found another e-mail waiting for me. This one was from the German Department.

"You are to serve as a teaching assistant to Professor Grigsby of the Physiology Department for a single class. Wednesday evening you are to report to Room 145 of the Biology Building at 6:45 PM. She will brief you once you arrive. Do not be late.

You are to keep taking the blue diamond shaped pills until then, once in the morning and once in the evening, and continue to follow the regimen of the herbal supplements. Wear loose clothing with no underwear, but do not bring your leather cock strap or your collar. Give yourself a thorough enema before the class. And you are not allowed to ejaculate."

This was certainly different, and I was intrigued. No accompanying Club member? No genital restraint? And who was Professor Grigsby?

I spent all day Sunday recuperating from the training session, and attended my classes as usual for the first three days of the week. I realized that Wednesday was April Fool's Day, and I wondered if there was any significance in that. After an early dinner, I took a hot shower and gave myself a very thorough enema, wondering what that had to do with a physiology class. Pulling on a pair of thin sweat pants and a loose T-shirt, I left my dorm.

Walking across campus to the darkened Biology Lab, I could feel my heavy cock swinging between my thighs with each step. With my cockhead rubbing against the soft cotton, it began to swell from constant stimulation. By the time I arrived at the Biology building, I was nearly fully erect, my stiff pole tenting the loose pants out in front me. I was just glad that the campus was mostly deserted.

The door was unlocked and I let myself into the apparently empty building. Walking down the hall, I saw a light under the door to Room 145. A light knock produced no reply, so I pushed my way inside.

The room was a small amphitheater, one that must have been used for lecture demonstrations. In the center of the raised platform, brilliantly lit by the overhead spotlights, stood a table covered by a white sheet. On that same platform, a slim brunette with her long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail was waiting for me to make my way down to the front. Wearing a white cotton robe, she looked vaguely familiar.

"Hello, Bill. It's good to see you again."

It was Coach's friend, Louise. She was the one who had given me such a thorough massage (WVC Ch.11: The Pool Workout and Massage). Immediately, my cock twitched. She was smiling broadly as I mounted the platform, holding out her hand to shake mine. Her grip was firm, and I couldn't help but stare at the way her prominent breasts jiggled freely beneath the thin robe. The points of her long, erect nipples were quite obvious as they poked eagerly against the white cotton.

"I'm delighted that you could help us out. Females are plentiful on campus, but finding a male to assist us has been a challenge."

"I'm glad you think I could help, but I'm not sure how. What do you want me to do?"

Her dark brown eyes sparkled as she answered.

"We've been studying the muscular system while developing various massage techniques. The students have had ample opportunity to examine the female muscular structure and massage it, but they only have a book understanding of the male physique."

I swallowed as she checked her watch. I could feel the blood beginning to flow below my waist, and the lump in the front of my sweat pants started to rise. Looking up, Professor Grigsby gestured toward a chair with a white robe draped over the back.

"The students will be arriving shortly. Why don't you get out of those clothes and put on the robe? And then I'll review how I expect the class to proceed tonight."

"I'm the male physique that they're going to examine?"

"Well, sort of. Our emphasis has been more on practical application. While the six students, all girls of course, have developed a basic proficiency of massaging the female form, they have had no experience whatsoever with the male."


Her brown eyes dropped below my waist, studying the way my slowly engorging cock pressed the front of my sweat pants out. Blushing under her direct gaze, I crossed the stage in front of her, feeling the thickening log between my legs sway back and forth with each step. Just before I reached the chair with the robe, she asked.

"Are you wearing a genital restraint?"

My blush deepened as I shook my head and peeled off my t-shirt.

"No Ma'am. I was told not to."

Turning my back on her, I could feel her eyes bore into me as I stripped off the rest of my clothes, my thickened cock hanging down between my thighs. Tossing them onto the chair, I leaned over to retrieve the robe, very aware I was giving her clear view of my bare butt and probably my dangling log as well. Wrapping the soft cotton around me, I tightened the belt around my waist and looked down. My cockhead pressed against the thin material, the dark reddish color of the rounded knob faintly visible. I took a deep breath and faced Louise. Her dark brown eyes immediately dropped to the wobbling tent at my crotch as she resumed speaking.

"Since there are more females available on campus, we've concentrated on the feminine form. Finding an appropriate male to be a massage subject for the class has been difficult."

Still staring down at the twitching lump in my robe, she paused.

"Are you sure you're not wearing any restraint?"

I blushed under her unwavering gaze.

"No Ma'am."

"Show me."

Taken aback by her direct command, I hesitated.

"We don't have much time. The girls will here shortly. Open your robe and show me your penis."

My blushed deepened as I loosened the belt and then spread the edges of the white robe wide for her inspection. Thick and heavy, my swelling cock twitched under her steady scrutiny, rising tentatively up between my thighs to point out slightly away from me, but still tilting down toward the floor. Smiling as she studied it jerk and pulse, she nodded.

"Good. I was concerned you might have misunderstood your instructions. And since you're so large, I couldn't tell with the robe in the way. You may close it now."

With my face still burning, I refastened the belt as she continued.

"Two or three of the girls have been sheltered most of their lives and are quite innocent. I doubt if they're even seen a male completely nude, alone touched one. This will be a new experience for them, and they may be reluctant to participate."

The shapely brunette cleared her throat, her closely set brown eyes never rising from the protruding bulge below my waist.

"Since your penis is already quite impressive, I thought that wearing a genital restraint would be too much."

Almost as if on cue, the door flew open and two students entered, whispering and giggling. One was tall and willowy, a pretty redhead with laughing blue eyes and a slim figure. The other was shorter, a muscular brunette with a graceful walk, like she had years of ballet training behind her. Her straight, almost black hair fell evenly across her shoulders just above her small, firm chest.

They crossed the stage and disappeared through a doorway, giggling as they glanced over their shoulders in my direction. Puzzled, I turned to Louise who explained.

"There's a changing room back there. I prefer that the girls wear comfortable clothes for class."

Two more girls entered, whispering excitedly and looking in my direction. One was dark and almost swarthy, like she was of Hispanic origin. Her black hair was cropped short, close to her round face. The other was blonde, and slightly overweight. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her full breasts swayed lazily on her chest as she walked across the platform. They both smiled shyly at me, nodding to acknowledge my presence but avoiding any eye contact.

As they exited, the last pair of students entered the large room. Louise called out.

"Danielle, could you lock that door behind you please? Thanks."

She turned to me as they approached the raised platform.

"I'd prefer that we not to be interrupted during class."

As the last girls climbed the steps up onto the brightly lit stage, I thought I recognized the cute brunette form one of my classes, but wasn't sure. She smiled broadly at me while her companion, a tall, strikingly attractive black girl, seemed to be more reserved, almost shy.

As they exited through the door in the back, the first girls to arrive for class returned, barefoot and wearing identical white robes that clung to their slim figures. The tall redhead didn't appear to be particularly well endowed, while now I could see that her brunette friend with the small but prominent breasts were topped with large nipples poking against the thin cotton, firm and erect.

As I stood beside the examination table and next to the instructor, my cock continued to thicken, twitching beneath the robe and pressing it out in front of me. Both girls noticed. A small, tight smile flitted across the redhead's pretty face before she colored slightly and glanced away while the short brunette stared openly between my legs. I blushed as Louise just smiled and said nothing.

The next pair emerged, chatting as they joined the growing semi-circle around the table in the middle of the platform. The chunky blonde's chest preceded her, full globes swaying loose and heavy under her robe. The imprint of her erect nipples was clearly visible and I wondered if she wore anything beneath the thin cotton. Her pale blue eyes were cool as she glanced briefly in my direction. In contrast, her dark skinned friend smiled warmly at me as she tightened her robe around her waist, bringing her large nipples into high relief as they pressed eagerly against the white cloth. Hard and stiff, they were obviously aroused.

My cock continued fill and thicken, rising higher between my legs as we waited. Self-consciously, I crossed my hands in front of my swelling crotch, trying to conceal my growing erection as best I could. As Louise turned to me, I could feel four pairs of eyes, using the opportunity to look me up and down, mostly down below my waist

"Once the entire class is here, I'll introduce you."

The door swung open and the final two students joined the circle. The tall black girl was truly stunning, soft curly hair framing a beautiful face with high cheekbones. Her thin robe did little to hide a terrific figure, long legs and high rounded breasts, full and firm, crowned with large rigid nipples pressing excitedly against the robe. The cute brunette was not as well built, but the outline of her perky breasts was clearly visible beneath her tightened robe. My stiff pole throbbed under my covering hands.

"Girls, this is Bill. He is our massage dummy for tonight"

That brought a few titters.

"We're grateful that he is allowing his male body to be massaged and examined, so we can compare and contrast his physique with what we've already learned from our female subjects."

I smiled, a shiver racing up and down my spine as the brown haired instructor turned back to me. There was a decided twinkle in her dark eyes as she continued.

"You probably won't remember all their names, but I'll introduce the girls to you anyway."

She started with the tall redhead on my right, the pretty one with sparkling blue eyes.

"This is Sheila, and next to her is Stephanie."

That was the diminutive brunette with the pointy nipples. Arching her back slightly, she thrust those firm mounds out toward me as her brown eyes met mine. Standing beside her was the tall black girl with the gorgeous figure. She dropped her large black eyes as she was introduced.

"Next is Danielle, and beside her is Lynn."

Lynn was the short brunette with the cute face and the laughing blue eyes. She must have been staring at my crotch, trying to see behind my hands. Slowly, she lifted her gaze up from my crotch when she was introduced. Not at all bashful, she grinned when she realized that I had seen her examining the distended lump in my robe. I blushed.

"This is Yvette."

The instructor gestured to the short Hispanic with the tawny skin. Tossing her clipped hair back from her attractive face, she met my gaze with a certain amount of defiance in her black eyes. I couldn't help but drop my eyes down to watch her full breasts jiggle under the thin white cotton as she moved. I wondered if any of the girls were wearing tops under their robes. From the loose movement of the larger breasted girls to the clearly discernible excitement of the various pairs of nipples, it seemed to me that little if any clothing was being worn beneath those robes. My cock twitched out and up another notch, now almost parallel with the floor, despite my hands attempting to press it back down.

"And standing next to her is Amber."

The stocky blonde nodded, sending her full breasts into a series of swaying gyrations that threatened to pop open her robe. And she seemed oblivious to them, ignoring the way her heavy globes swung freely beneath the lightweight cotton to fasten her pale blue eyes on mine. Deliberately, she lowered her gaze so that she was staring down at my tented robe. She had gorgeous hair, long and gleaming in the ponytail that fell down her back.

"Now that you've met the students, Bill, please discard your robe so we can begin."

The moment of truth.

I knew that I'd have to shed the robe. I just wished I'd been able to control my stiff cock before stripping totally nude. Taking a deep breath, I unbelted the robe and turned away from the class as I let it slide from my shoulders. I heard a gasp as I tossed it over the back of the chair and turned to face the group, a deep flush covering my face.

"Now students, the first thing you'll notice about the physiology of the male body is the broader frame and the more pronounced musculature."

The attractive professor wasn't looking at me, but all the students were. Six pairs of eyes had focused below my waist, studying the thickened log swinging freely between my thighs, long and heavy, pointing out away from my legs but still down toward the floor. Louise turned back to me and halted abruptly, her dark eyes wide, gazing down at my exposed crotch.

"Oh, well, maybe not. What you probably see first is one particular muscle."

She grinned at me and winked. Wide eyed, the girls continued to stare at the swelling log jutting out from between my thighs, studying the way it jerked and twitched as it filled with blood and rose higher. As my blush started to creep down my neck, the brunette instructor turned back to the class and continued.

"As you can plainly see, Bill's penis is partly erect ---"

"Partly? How much bigger does it get?"

I could feel the blush in my face spread across my shoulders in the silence that followed the outburst from Yvette, the Hispanic girl with the dark skin. Ms. Grigsby took another glance at my stiffening cock, watching it lurch higher, the engorged bulb pointing directly at the stunning black girl across from me. It was almost level with the floor now, the thick veins along the shaft pulsing with blood.

"Perhaps you're right, Yvette. His penis does seem to be nearly fully erect."

By now, my face felt as dark red as the swollen knob throbbing urgently at the end of my cock appeared. The attractive professor let the class take an extra-long look at my quivering hard-on before she gave me my next direction.

"Bill, please climb up onto the table so we can begin."

There was a stepstool at the foot of the table so I walked to that end, very aware of the heavy pole swinging before me, bouncing off my thighs with each step. As I reached the table, I realized that that there were major differences from the one we'd used before. It was low and slightly wider. The lower portion of the table consisted of two parallel sections that were now closed, but apparently opened to form the shape of an inverted 'Y'.

"We'll start with a back massage, so kneel on the table top before you lie face down."

As I mounted the steps, I was very conscious that the girls were scrutinizing every bobbing movement of my cock. Blushing deeply under the intense examination, I was looking forward to hiding my raging erection as I lay on my stomach. Once I was on my knees, I realized that my position emphasized the trembling log that protruded out in front of me.

"Good. Now, I remember that one of you had a question about the opening in the center of the massage table."

The muscular brunette with the rigid nipples spoke up.

"That was me, Ms. Grigsby."

"Yes, so it was Stephanie. That opening is designed to accommodate the male genitalia when the massage subject is a man, and we're working on his back. Bill, lie down and demonstrate the placement of your genitals into the hole."

With my face beet red, I lay down, easing my cock and balls into the cavity as the girls leaned close, peering under my torso to observe the relatively snug fit. Since the size and force of my erection stretched the covering sheet down into the hole, it made the crevice smaller and very uncomfortable. Over my shoulder, another girl piped up.

"I didn't think his dick would fit."

That set off a round of giggles, and I could feel the flush on my cheeks deepen even more. As I turned my head to rest it on a low pillow, I saw it was the busty blonde with the long beautiful hair who was ready with the wisecrack.

"Ah yes, Amber. You're referring to the obvious fact that our subject is rather well endowed. That will be of further interest later. But for now, I'll help our male subject relax by laying this small towel across his eyes so the bright spotlights won't shine in them."

Gently, she covered my face with the towel, effectively shutting out the light.

"In addition, we'll drape a second towel across his buttocks, thereby preserving his sense of modesty. Some men are quite shy about their bodies, and we certainly don't want to make a massage subject feel uneasy with too much skin exposed."

I felt a slight breeze ruffled my skin as the second towel settled into place, covering my bare ass cheeks.

"Good. Now he can rest while we make ourselves more comfortable."

All around me, I could hear the sounds of rustling clothing. It suddenly occurred to me that they were shedding their robes and would be standing next to the table wearing next to nothing, maybe even completely nude. My hard-on throbbed inside the confining crevice. Once the girls settled, Louise spoke again.

"Now, as I mentioned earlier, you can see that our subject is much more muscular than any of our women subjects."

I heard the snap of a plastic cap being opened.

"Now because of that, we can use more pressure when we massage a male."

She ran her hands up the back of my thigh, smoothing the slick lotion all over the exposed surface. Initially, it was cool on my skin, but the friction from her stroking hands quickly warmed it up.

"One thing you need to remember about massaging males. Most men have body hair and some have quite a lot, so normally you'll have to use more lotion to avoid any unnecessary painful pulling of his hair."

Ms. Grigsby ran her hands high up the inside of my thighs, coming dangerously close my balls barely hidden beneath the tiny towel. She paused to adjust my legs, gently spreading them wider so she could have easier access between them.

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