WWF Behind the Scenes:...


Trish looked at Stephanie with shock. Was she going to humiliate her or what? Trish looked down and pulled off her towel. She couldn’t bear to look up at Stephanie. They had fought in the past and gone at each other, and now she was just standing there buck naked, humbled and with dried sperm stuck down her legs and around her private areas.

Stephanie was amused by what she saw of Trish. “Looks like you have quite a mess on your hands, Trish,” she said. “Why don’t you go clean off?”

Trish looked at her, wondering why. But upon seeing Stephanie’s menacing glare, she turned around and walked back to the shower. She cleaned and washed herself off, with all of the liquids that covered her body flowing down the drain. She stepped out of the shower refreshed, but mystified as to what Stephanie would have her do. She dried her hair with a towel and walked back into the room. She began to put back on her clothes.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Stephanie screamed.

“I’m putting back on my clothes, Steph” Trish replied plainly and without a glimmer of sarcasm.

With this Stephanie went into a rage. She stomped over to Trish, ripped her clothes out of her hands, threw them across the room, and yanked on Trish’s hair. “First of all, bitch, you will address me as Mistress, or Mistress Stephanie. Have you got that clear? I am the dominant female, and that makes you subordinate, my slave, just the little whore I always knew you to be. I would never humble myself in the ring like you did, and you have your just deserts coming.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Trish cried out, grabbing her breasts to keep herself warm, as she shivered, cold and naked on the floor.

“Now, I’ve got some orders for you slave. My husband Hunter’s been really busy of late, preoccupied with destroying the Rock and Steve Austin. I haven’t gotten the attention I’m used to. So you’re going to provide it,” Stephanie told Trish. She hiked up her skirt to reveal no panties, and a dark, thick bush. She walked over to the couch on the other side of the room, and spread open her legs to reveal a hairy, thick, juicy pussy. It wasn’t very well kept, and it had an odor about it. It was clear that she hadn’t paid it much attention, or maybe she wanted it that way for Trish.

Trish was really surprised. She didn’t know Stephanie was bi-sexual, or had lesbian tendencies. She seemed content enough sleeping around with the boys, like Triple H, and Test before him. But, Trish was forced to comply, and she responded, “Yes mistress.” She walked over and got down on her knees in front of Stephanie.

“Wait a second, my little slut. You’re not worthy of my pussy yet. I want you to beg,” Stephanie told Trish.

Trish wanted to attack the little bitch and kill her. She hated her so much. Yet, she was in no position to do such a thing, so she went along with it. “Please Mistress Stephanie, let me lick your pussy. Let me suck on your clit and give you satisfaction and let you relieve your juices on my face! I’m just your dirty little whore!” Trish begged.

Stephanie smiled. She hadn’t expected to get such a positive reaction. She asked Trish, “What will you do in order to be able to lick my pussy, you little slut?”

“I’ll do anything, Mistress, anything you tell me to. Just let me know what,” Trish replied.

“Great,” said Stephanie, “Now lick my boot.”

This disgusted Trish, but she lifted up Stephanie’s boot, and licked the top of it. She tasted its disgusting odor, and found it repugnant.

“Lick all of it, Trish,” Stephanie told her. Trish looked up at her, gave a very faint, “Yes mistress.” She turned it upside down and licked the bottom of her shoe, which had been god knows where. She licked all around, and looked up at Stephanie. “Satisfied, Mistress Stephanie?”

“That’s good Trish, but you haven’t proven yourself yet,” Stephanie replied. She pulled up her shirt and pulled down her bra so her erect nipples were in full view. “Suck on my tits for me, will you my pet?” Stephanie asked. Trish reached up and hungrily took one tit in her mouth and sucked at it, gnawing at it just a little bit to give that extra pleasure. She then turned to the other breast, took it in both hands, and pulled up the nipple to her mouth like a bottle, and sucked on it, yanking perhaps a little hard to provide a little resistance.

“Now may I lick your pussy, Mistress,” Trish asked, wanting to get Stephanie off so she might decide to leave.

Stephanie thought for a moment, and said that Trish hadn’t proven herself. She pulled herself off the couch, turned around, lifted her skirt up all the way, and stuck her ass in Trish’s face. “Now lick my ass, you dirty little debutante,” Stephanie commanded Trish.

Trish was horrified. Steph’s ass was even more disgusting than her pussy. There was a clear and unmistakable smell of shit, and she hadn’t done a very good job of cleaning it. Stephanie wasn’t as cosmetically inclined as herself. But Trish wanted what Mr. McMahon could offer so badly, and she stuck her head right in Steph’s ass. Her nose was right over the bunghole, so she took in all the horrible odors, and she ran her tongue around Steph’s ass. The taste was horrendous, as one would imagine. She licked and cleaned the outer rim of Steph’s butt, and then licked right in the center, where the taste and smell was the worst. She stuck her tongue in Stephanie’s ass, and pushed it in and out a couple of times. Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore, and she ran to the bathroom, where she proceeded to throw up from the horrible stench. She wiped off her mouth and walked back to Stephanie.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress,” she pleaded, “I did my best, I really did.”

“That is your reaction to me giving you the privilege of enjoying my butthole?” Stephanie asked angrily. “Well, if you don’t like it, slave, then you’re going to be punished.” Stephanie walked over to Trish’s clothes, and pulled the belt from her gear. She sat down on the bench and motioned with one finger for Trish to come over.

Trish was nauseated, humiliated and exhausted. She helplessly walked over, and with an exasperated look, bent over Stephanie’s lap and sat with her ass exposed. Stephanie proceeded to whip her with her own belt. She whipped her ten times, each time demanding that Trish apologize for being so rude to her Mistress. “I’m sorry Mistress!” Trish pleaded over and over again. Finally after ten vicious lashes, Stephanie pushed Trish off her. Trish’s sore ass was completely red and her pussy and asshole were even sorer than when Patterson and Brisco were done. She couldn’t take much more of this.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress, now can I please suck your pussy for you?” Trish pleaded.

“I think you’re ready slave. Now you better do a good job,” Stephanie replied. She walked back over to the sofa and spread open her legs again. Trish looked at the pussy, and never having pleasured a woman before, hoped she could do a sufficient job. She knelt down, and began kissing Stephanie’s inner thighs. She kissed her clit, and licked and licked at it, as it got bigger. She started playing with it with a couple of fingers on her right hand, as she began to lick up and down Stephanie’s hairy pussy. Stephanie was clearly enjoying this, as she lied back, her head facing the ceiling and her mouth making an “O”. “Lick it you little slut,” Stephanie yelled at Trish.

Trish kept on rubbing Steph’s clit with her right hand, and she stuck the index finger of her left hand into Stephanie’s cunt. She pushed it in and out slowly, pulling it out occasionally to lick off Stephanie’s juices from her hand. It was horrible that she had to service such a bitch, but it was more pleasant than most of what she’d been through during the day. Trish was actually pretty good at this. She slowly added her middle finger to Stephanie’s pussy, and then her ring finger. With three fingers firmly entrenched in Steph, she began pumping in and out. She lifted her right hand from her clit, and stuck her right index finger in Stephanie’s ass, which made Stephanie coo in delight. She then began licking up and down very fast on Stephanie’s clit. She licked up and down, up and down.

Stephanie began screaming. “Oh yes! Give it to me you little deutsche bag! Harder! Harder! Lick my clit! Oh yes! Yes! I’m cummmmmming!!!!!!” Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs. Finally, a river of her juices flowed from between her legs, leaving Trish’s fingers and face sticky with residue.

“That was very good, my little slut,” Stephanie commended Trish. “I can see why my father is interested in you. Now for goodness’ sake, clean yourself up, you’re a mess!”

Trish smiled and walked towards the bathroom.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? I didn’t say anything about the bathroom,” Stephanie called after Trish.

Trish sighed, looked at Trish, and licked her juices off her hand, and sucked them down. She wiped it off her face with her hand and guzzled it all down.

“Excellent, my little slave. I can see we’re going to have plenty of fun in the future,” Stephanie told Trish, patting her hair. “As a matter of fact, I think you deserve a reward. Now go lie down on the sofa.”

Trish didn’t need any satisfaction from Stephanie, but it was prudent not to disagree. So she walked over and parted her legs. Trish was determined not to be turned on by Stephanie. She was her archenemy, and she couldn’t allow that to happen.

Stephanie knelt down in front of Trish, and just dove her face into Trish’s golden mound. She licked in a frenzied manner all over her pussy. She spread open Trish’s cunt with her fingers and stuck her tongue in between. She was certainly experienced at this, although Trish had no idea how that had come about. Trish tried hard to resist, but it was futile. She began to get moist between her legs, and soon she was thrusting into Stephanie. She couldn’t control her own sexuality, and was being forced against her will by her sexuality. She began screaming as Stephanie was sucking on her clit, “Oh please Mistress, don’t stop! Give it to me! Give me pleasure! Suck my clit! I need it! Oh, I’m about to cu---”

Trish was cut off abruptly. Stephanie got up, chuckling. “You got enough of a reward from your mistress, Trish. You’re not going to get off that easily,” Stephanie said coyly. She pulled down her skirt, readjusted her bra and shirt, and left the room.

Trish felt like such a whore. She had been teased and gotten no satisfaction. Stephanie had taken from her, but not given. Just like Brisco. Just like Patterson. Just like McMahon. Oh well, thought Trish. At least I can count on my old buddy. She reached into her bag, and pulled out her handy purple vibrating dildo. She plugged it into the wall, and let out a sigh of relief as she stuck it in her moist pussy. She closed her eyes and began to focus on her impending orgasm, when another visitor walked in. He had not knocked. It was William Regal, who had a bit of a thing for Trish. He looked at her appalled.

“Dear God, that is most unladylike!” Regal exclaimed. “You are quite the buxom wench, aren’t you? No trifle. If it is stimulation you need, then I will be more than happy to oblige,” he said with a courtly smile. He began to walk over to Trish.

“No!” she screamed. She found Regal disgusting and irritating, and wanted to nothing to do with him. She certainly didn’t want to get him off, or have him get her off. And besides, she had done enough already. Surely she wasn’t obliged to satisfy everyone who walked into her dressing room. She jumped up, and started throwing things at Regal, and shoved him out the door. She locked the door and went back to her vibrator. It fit right back between her cunt lips, and purred as it stimulated her. Just as she was about to finally get off, she heard a loud banging at the door.

“Trish, open up!” yelled a familiar growl. It was Mr. McMahon. Trish leapt to her feet, stuck the vibrator behind the sofa and opened the door.

“Yes, Mr. McMahon?” Trish asked with an innocent look and soft voice. She hardly had a chance to get a response, as Mr. McMahon and William Regal barged in the door.

“She has besmirched me, Mr. McMahon!” cried out Mr. Regal. “This saucy wench has no respect and no class, and had the nerve to reject me for that!” he cried out pointing to the vibrator cord leading to behind the sofa with a shocked look on his face.

“Trish, William Regal has come all the way over here from Britain and has become a close confidante of mine. I don’t take kindly to you treating our guest with such disrespect. Now you be a good young lady, and let Mr. Regal help you with your little problem,” ordered Mr. McMahon.
“Yes sir, Mr. McMahon,” Trish replied in a sad, subdued tone. She went over to the sofa and spread open her legs for William Regal.

“Wait a minute, Trish, I’ve changed my mind,” abruptly stated the owner of the WWF. Trish smiled and looked at Vince with a glimmer of hope. “No, Trish, you don’t even deserve to be pleasured by William. You haven’t earned that with your behavior. Now get up and come over here,” Vince told Trish. Trish got up and walked over.

“Get down on your knees,” Vince growled at her. Trish was getting tired of doing this, but down she went on her knees again, completely defeated. Any hopes of getting off were dissipating. “I want you to unbuckle Mr. Regal’s pants for him and show him what a good All-American blowjob feels like,” Vince told her. Trish began to cry again. “Please Mr. McMahon, I’ve done everything you asked. I’ve been humbled beyond belief. I’m so sorry for not pleasing you. Can you please let me just go? I’ve done so much already.”

Vince looked at her and didn’t even say a word. He just starred at her with a menacing look at shook his head. Trish looked down at the ground and then slowly reached up her hands and unbuckled William’s pants. His briefs were like a tent. She pulled down his underwear at which point his large 7-½ inch uncircumcised British cock popped out right in her face. At this point, Vince next to her also began to unbuckle his pants and take out his cock.

Trish saw both cocks out in front of her, and squatting in front of the two men, she began licking at the head of William’s cock. At the same time, she wrapped her petite little hand around Mr. McMahon’s prick, and began jerking him off. She licked up and down William’s cock and then lifted it up and sucked his balls, one after another. William was in ecstasy. She sure did know how to suck dick. Done with his testicles, she reached for his cock and started to take it into her mouth. Inch by inch she took it into her mouth, until his pubic hair was engulfing her nose. She began deepthroating him as she jerked and jerked at Mr. McMahon. The scent of William’s cock wasn’t particularly pleasant, and she took him in and out hoping to get him to finish soon. Realizing Mr. McMahon probably felt left out, she switched hands so she was jerking off Regal, and turned her mouth’s attention to Vince. At this point, she knew how he liked his blowjobs. She didn’t bother with foreplay, and she just took the head right in, and took his penis all the way to the back of her throat. She sucked very loudly, all the while looking up at Vince right in his eye with her mouth completely filled. It was a dirty image she knew got him off to no end, and satisfied his lust for power.

She pulled out from his prick, and then yanked both men’s cocks towards her. Close together, she took them both into her mouth at the same time. Lewdly each of the pricks was poking out of her opposite cheeks like a pair of flesh colored lollipops. At this point Vince was at his limit. He groaned, pulled his cock out of Trish’s mouth, and began jerking off. Usually he had Trish swallow, or he wore a condom. This time, he was going to leave a receipt. He could get away with anything at this point. He jerked off his cock and the white cum began flying out. The first wave went over her face and landed in her hair. It dribbled down the back of her golden mane. The second shot also went there, soaking her hair. The third hit her in the forehead and ran down her face. A couple more spurts came, landing on her nose, in her mouth, and on her chin. She was coated with cum, and her eyes were closed. Vince rudely smacked his dick against her face, leaving the last bits of cum on her cheek. She was amazed at how much Vince had cum, and he was too, but she hadn’t even had the worst. Regal was jerking himself off, and he came even harder. The first shot went right into her hair. The second hit her in the eye, and she pulled back. She leaned forward after recovering right in time for a shot to go right up her nose. “Open your mouth,” he screamed, and he aimed a shot right down her throat. He shot more and more right into her mouth. She was forced to devour some of the disgusting sour stuff. Some dripped out of her mouth, and went onto her chin and dripped down to her beautiful tits. “We’re not clean, Trish,” Vince complained. She proceeded to suck off what was left of their jism off their dicks.

Mr. McMahon was just about done, but had one last parting gift. “Do me a favor, and be a good slut, Trish. Smear that cum all over yourself,” Vince told her. William Regal chuckled to himself as she smeared the layered cum all over her hair, face and tits. She glimmered with cum. “That’s great, Trish,” Vince said. “I’ll tell you what, you have the week off.” But then Vince had second thoughts. “Now I don’t want you going and getting off yourself or wiping off the gift we’ve given you, so I’m doing this for your own good,” Vince said, as he and William Regal took away her vibrator, her bag full of clothes, her towel, and proceeded to lock the bathroom door from the inside and close it.

“But-but---Mr. McMahon!” Trish yelled. Vince walked off, over, smacked her loudly on her already sore ass, and said, “That’s a girl Trish.” He and William Regal, now clothed, walked out of the dressing room, leaving it open behind them.

Trish sat there on her knees. She was exhausted, and sore, yet had gotten no sexual gratification. She had nothing to cover herself up, or even wipe the cum off of her. She lay there, the tears down her face mixing with the cum that matted down her hair, made it hard to breathe through her nose, and clouded her vision. It glistened on her tits, and she just sat there, humiliated, for anyone who would walk by to see. Oh how far she had gone for Mr. McMahon’s goodwill.

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