tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWyrd Dream Ch. 02

Wyrd Dream Ch. 02


I know in a previously described adventure, "Wyrd Dream", I told on how I'd been chased down and delivered into the waiting hands of a rather large group of bikers who then turned me into their own personal fucktoy and slut. So I suppose you'd like to know what happened next.

Well I can tell you that I am still with them. I am their "bitch" and they make sure I never forget that fact. Nightly I am chained down, usually on all fours, but occasionally on my back so they can all use me as their personal urinal and cocksucker or cuntlicker. I am pissed on often and they use me rather than the woods when they need to pee.

Of course everything I do in in public so they can show everyone how much they can degrade me and still I will be begging for more. They don't tell anyone what they would do to me if I did not beg to be degraded as such.

Other motorcycle gangs and clubs occasionally visit just for the sole pleasure of using me harshly. One cyclist from another group even constructed some toys for my owners/captors to use in me as well as some which I am used in.

One time I was stretched out naked between four motorcycles, all big Harleys, and they each went in separate directions until I was suspended like this off the ground. Then, each of the guys and girls in the gangs that were gathered had their ways with me. Some nicked me with their knives until it felt like the death of a thousand cuts, some forced objects down my throat and up my ass until I looked like some great corn on the cob, some took pity on me and sucked my cock dry and still others just flat out beat me.

Degradation and humiliation was my diet. Anything one of them could come up with they did to me. They even went so far as to have me completely made up as a low class slut with every body hair pulled out except the hair on my head, made me up like I was their own private slut doll, perfumed and oiled me properly, inserted a large butt plug up my ass, clipped Chinese nipple clamps to my nipples and, after tying my hard cock down to me leg, sent me into a bar to have me pick up a large group of men and women to have them gangbang me. They provided me with a selection of dildoes and other toys to have used on me as they desired. Further, they made sure to have me followed and told me to tell whomever picked me up that I was theirs to do whatever they wanted to do with me, but I had to be back to my Masters and Mistresses by 10 am with no permanent harm. Also, they made sure that I was able to show my body modifications: brandings, tattooes, piercings and my 3' long 5" thick cock.

Sure enough I got picked up quick. They took me in the back room of the bar for a few moments as the customers that did not pay for the privilege of staying and fucking me left. I was becoming a money-making whore for the bar owner, but doubted I'd ever see a plug nickel. I should mention that the bar I was sent into was a strip club. I should also mention that the female owner, who owned a set of 55DDs, liked to engage in the bondage and discipline lifestyle. I knew her immediately as I had worked there in my youth as a bouncer.

As the bar's owner tied me to the pole the dancers used she told them, the dancers, that each would get to use me and that they would all gangbang me after everyone else left. I am not sure, but I think she recognized me as a bouncer she once had--and a male whose virginity she had taken--before she made me her own personal slave going under the name of slave Vlad.

Each in the club had their way with me and Nancy, the bar owner with the double dees, then pushed them out of the door. After all were gone she closed everything up and then led the dancers and I down to her own hidden play room. "I apologize if I am wrong," she said, "but I have to find out for myself." With that being said she ripped and cut all the clothes from my body.

"It is you.. Slave Vlad, I'd always wondered what happened to you. Tell me how did you come to this?" she implored. I told her every single detail and, at times, watched with fascination as she got very hot and bothered as I told it to her.

"Well," she said, "this will not do. Come girls and let us go and get him ready properly to serve his one and only Mistress. As you may recall slave I never released you!" What could I say? She was right. She never did release me I had moved out of the area for personal reasons. Then, it hit me. I remember what she did to me and had me do to her and others, but after seeing what she'd seen me do would she want to use me that way as well?

Mistress had a friend of hers, a very discrete female doctor friend, come in and draw my blood to test. Luckily, for her, we were not in a doctor's office but a dungeon. I have an extreme fear of needles and would have bolted out of the doctor's office. Thankfully Mistress had me secured down on her examination table--it comes with multiple leather straps that are quite effective at their job of restraint.

I was kept in that room restrained until the tests came back. Amazingly, after all I'd been through and done, I had a clean bill of health. I can tell you I was scared to death I had gotten something I could not come back from.

The time restrained in there was not wasted. Mistress had put in a sensory deprived state and then introduced subliminal audio and visual messages as a way of retraining my mind yet again. She made me forget all I had been through but remembered how to properly perform the acts that I now had no recollection of ever doing.

The dancers in the club, some new, some older ones I remembered from my time there, had all been trained as well too. Some were submissively trained, some dominantly trained and a few were even switches. All of the women had had their libidos increased and their sexual inhibitions removed. Nothing was forbidden. These women would even eat each other out on command though the few I remembered were "strictly dickly" when I knew them. They did everything I did now and they enjoyed every minute of what they did.

Now I know the idea of eating a gorgeous stripper out arouses most men. Hell, it aroused me as evidenced by my hard cock sticking out in front of me. How many men though have eaten pussy for a day and a half straight? That is exactly what happened to me when I got my clean bill of health. The ladies marched me to a spot on the floor, chained me down and then took turns riding my cock--the easy part since they spiked my water with Viagra and X--and my mouth for that whole period. By the end of this time my cock was still rampant--thank heaven for pharmaceutical drugs--although it had been fucked raw and my tongue was swollen, I could not talk and it had gone more then a few miles in and out of several very wet pussies. Next week they would try this but with me eating their asses they said.

My Mistress wanted to make sure that what happened to me before she got me back never happened again so she had my rampant member tattooed "Property of Mistress Nancy" and another tattoo etched in my ass, above the previously branded words "slut whore" on my left asscheek and "use me" on my right asscheek, of a crossed whip, flogger and cane on a background of the "safe, sane and consentual" tao-like symbol. Mistress Nancy nodded her approval when they were done and hugged me tightly to her ample bosom.

Never would I be without Mistress again and the things she does to me still amaze me, but that is for another story.

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