tagFetishX-Change: Jamie's Story, Day 01

X-Change: Jamie's Story, Day 01


This is the first erotic story I've ever written and it was all done in one sitting. It's something I put down the night the idea came to me and I found it incredibly erotic to write, so I hope you find it the same to read.

For those of you who don't know, X-Change is a fictional pill which transforms the user's body and biological sex for a set duration of time.


Day One:

It was just a joke... I had no idea that one harmless sentence could end up triggering the most confusing, morally dubious and by far most wildly erotic period of my life.

I'm James, my friends call me Jamie. I'm 39 years old, divorced with one child, Bryan. He's 18.

I live a good life. I run a successful software company that's created some very popular apps for mobile phones and tablets. My income is more than steady and most days I just stay at my lovely 4-bedroom house doing next to nothing.

It does get lonely sometimes. I haven't had a relationship in nearly two years. Bryan's mother and I have been divorced for 12 and we haven't seen her in a long time. My son and I used to be very close but for the last two years, since he got a girlfriend, he spends most of his time out of the house. I'm really happy for him but, yeah, I don't really interact with many people.

So, yeah, my story. Well, I guess it got into motion when my son's friend Steven asked to move in with us.

Bryan and Steven have been best friends all their lives so I didn't really think anything of it. It was only for the summer because his parents were moving state and he wanted to stay here before he leaves for college.

I expected Steven would be out of the house most of the time like Bryan, anyways... That the two of them would be inseparable. But after he moved in, Steven would spend most of the time at home like me. I'm not sure the two of them are as close as they used to be. While Bryan was out at parties and hanging with his girlfriend, Steven would be on the sofa watching TV with me. We developed a good rapport because of it, and we had quite similar tastes in movies and humour, but I couldn't help feeling bad for him. I asked in passing one time how long it had been since he had a girlfriend and he said he dated a girl a year ago but that only lasted a month.

Anyways, I quite enjoyed the company. It started to feel like he was my friend. But then...

One night, we were watching TV, the pair of us moaning about how hard to figure out women are, when an ad came on for this thing called X-Change. It was apparently a set of pills that would temporarily transform a man into a woman, and vice-versa, with no side effects. They came in varying strengths -- from an hour long to permanent!

I felt like it was a scam, to be honest, so I laughed and turned to Bryan, "Hey, that'd solve your problems, now, wouldn't it?" He laughed with me. "Just grab a buddy," I continued, "And get busy! Heck, that'd solve my problems too!" I guess I had been drinking a few too many beers. He seemed to find it funny, regardless.

But then, two days later, we were back on the sofa, watching TV. It was almost midnight and Bryan was spending the night at his girlfriend's house, when that ad came on again. I was even more drunk this time, so I made the same joke.

"Hey, that'd solve your problems, now, wouldn't it?" But before I could get the rest of it off, Steven reached into his pocket and pulled this small, pink bottle out.

He fiddled with it nervously, stuttering as he said, "Just grab a buddy and get busy, right?"

I paused for a minute. "Where did you get those?" I asked.

He couldn't even make eye contact as he replied, "Oh I ordered some online. Just as a joke, you know?" I smiled at that. Yeah, a joke, that's all it was!

"Hah! I bet they don't even work," I snorted. He seemed to perk up at that.

"Yeah?" he said with a smirk, "Well I bet you they do!" I shuffled out from the depths of the sofa cushion. I could never resist a bet.

I grabbed the bottle from his hand and barked out, "You're on! And in thirty seconds, you're gonna go get me another beer!" He smiled at first, then his face turned serious as I dropped a pill into my hand. He watched me anxiously as I moved it towards my mouth and swallowed it, like he was expecting a big explosion any second. Gulp. I felt it hit my stomach.

We stared at each other for thirty seconds... I fidgeted in my seat uncomfortably, slowly parted my lips and whispered, "And there you have it. Absolutely jack squat." I laughed heartily.

"Fuck sake," he groaned, reluctantly getting up and heading towards the kitchen. He grumbled all the way to the fridge, yelling back with his head inside, "I just wasted my money then. I thought for sure they would work! Do you think they have a money back-" CRASH.

He dropped the bottle of beer he was holding. Mouth open, he stared at me like he'd seen a ghost. I was stood up, frantically assessing my body. Suddenly my clothes didn't fit anymore. My trousers and underwear had slipped to the floor, while two large mounds were trying to push through my t-shirt. The space in between my legs no longer felt occupied... just strangely empty inside.

I stared at him in shock, "Holy fuck!"

He rushed to me and stood a few steps away, still in disbelief at what he was seeing. "Oh my God, it actually worked!" he said, barely contained his excitement.

"I don't frigging believe it!" I said, seeing the humour in the situation as I started laughing. Over the last month or so we'd grown close enough to be able to laugh at something like this.

"Jeez, Mr Barrow! You're super hot!" he exclaimed, with more of a low growl than seemed appropriate.

I turned to the mirror and he was right. Even my baggy clothes couldn't hide my perky tits, my slender curves... my plump ass. And my face was soft and rounded, with lips that seemed to pout naturally. I got caught up in admiring myself when suddenly I felt two hands on my shoulder. I jumped back, and turned to see it was Steven invading my space. "Hey, what are you doing!?"

He looked at me with a lust I had never seen in his eyes before "What? You're the one who said grab a bud-".

"Woah, woah, woah!" I interrupted. "That was, this is..." I couldn't get my words out. Suddenly having Steven inches away from me had me all flustered. It was the same guy, but he was looking at me differently... with desire. My body was reacting differently too... but he just kept moving towards me till my back was pressed against the wall.

"Come on, Jamie... You need this too", he whispered hypnotically. I had never felt so lost in my life. Before I could say another word he had his hands on my waist and leaned in for a kiss. I put my hands on his shoulders with the intention of pushing him away, but as soon as his lips made contact with mine, something changed. It was like a small explosion had taken place in my mind... but not a dangerous one. It felt like... like a firework.

I slowly sank into his kiss, letting his lips squeeze mine as he continually pushed his face forwards. Steven's hands started exploring me, sliding past my ass and onto my thighs, only to come back up and squeeze my newly formed breasts. It felt nothing like having someone's hands on my chest when I was a man. That felt the same as contact on any other part of my skin. This... this felt like someone was tingling my insides and for some reason it made me feel the heat in between my legs much more distinctly.

I wasn't ready for it. I threw my hands on his chest and pushed him away with all the force I could muster, making him stumble back a few steps. We both stood there, panting as we stared deep into each other's' eyes, like animals who had just separated from the first bout of their fight. I had never noticed Steven as a man before, but now that's what he was. I never noticed until that moment, but he really was handsome either.

I could still feel the sensation of having his hands on my tits. I'd gotten warmer and my mouth was salivating. I don't know why, but my body was responding to his.

Our gazes were communicating everything. I could see how badly he wanted me from his... but mine must have been conveying the same. Because the next thing I knew, we were flying at each other and we locked lips again as I jumped into his arms.

We moaned into each other's mouths as our lips met for what really felt like the first time. This time it wasn't hesitant and experimental. This time it wasn't exploratory. This time it wasn't one sided.

I switched my mind off and let my body, my new, unfamiliar body, work on its own. I started grinding and twisting in his arms, like the need for him was urgent, as he squeezed my ass with his coarse fingers and started carrying me towards the stairs. I knew where he was headed... and for some reason it only made me kiss him harder. I grabbed his shirt and tore it open, clawing at his chest with desire. He stumbled up the steps, periodically slamming me into the wall when he felt he was going to fall, inadvertently pressing his bulging trousers against my crotch.

By the time we made it to his room, it had already been too long. Neither of us could wait anymore. He threw me down onto the bed, then helped me pull my top over my head. I returned the favour and started undoing his jeans. I never knew how well toned Steven's body was until I was kissing my way down his chest while shimmying his bottoms off. Why was I doing that? Why did I suddenly find his ridged abdomen so irresistible?

He kicked off his jeans and boxers and his hard rod burst out, slapping down against my stomach. 'My God, he's big', I thought to myself. 'Was I that big?'. Before I could finish that line of thinking I suddenly felt the painful force of his cock entering me. I let out an elongated yelp "Ahhh!" He stopped, his cock buried inside me... inside me!

"Oh shit! I forgot you must have never... Oh God I'm sorry, I," I leapt up and kissed him, interrupting his apology as I cupped his face and pulled him back down onto the bed with me. The pleasure surging through to my brain outweighed any discomfort I was feeling. The sensation was too good to stop now.

He got the signal and started grinding into me, slowly at first... but I could tell how eager his body was for this. He was really pent up... but so was I. He started thrusting harder and faster, making the bed rattle as he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. We couldn't stop moaning into one another's' mouths as he gripped and squeezed my tits hard, like he was afraid they were going to disappear. I just wrapped my legs around his waist and held on. I never knew I was that flexible... I guess I wasn't till now.

I started to feel a sudden rush inside me. It seemed to start at my stomach but traveled down to my pussy... and surged throughout every part of my body. I had never felt a feeling so intense and complete. I knew Steven was on the edge because he parted our lips and buried his head in the curve of my neck while his cock started pulsing inside me. His thrusts were getting more erratic, but I didn't mind. My mind was already going blank. I stared up at the ceiling and I could feel my eyes get desperate to close. I let out a loud moan without planning to. I didn't even recognise my own voice -- so high and soft now. "Oh Godddd," I heard in my ear, making me realise that Steven was about to reach ecstasy with me.

After three more powerful thrusts, Steven erupted, spewing his warm seed inside me. I didn't even have the presence of mind to object... or care. I was too busy trembling, twitching and clinging on to whatever I could. I felt a wave swell up inside me, building to a high crescent and suddenly crash through my body without warning. It was unbelievable.

It wasn't till a minute or so later that I actually realised what had just happened. I had just cum... as a woman. It felt like I had just returned to the room and I was processing images again. Steven was lying beside me, panting and heaving, a huge, satisfied grin on his face. He turned and put an arm around me, pulling me towards him. I instinctively turned my ass in his direction and nestled my body against his.

We didn't say another word... it didn't really feel appropriate. Words were inadequate right now. I had just had the most powerful physical experience of my life... but I didn't feel happy. I mean I did and I didn't...

I couldn't reconcile my mind and my body.

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