tagInterracial LoveXenia, The Queen of Spades Pt. 01

Xenia, The Queen of Spades Pt. 01



My name is Xenia, a wife and a mother of 2 children. I am a real estate agent, I manage rental properties and dealing with tenants and landlords. I was a devoted Christian and married to Gab, my husband for 15 years. I am the dominant one in this marriage. Everyone around us knows I am the one wearing the pants around the house. Gab runs his own transport business. I must say life has been comfortable, we have a beautiful house and a good life. I am Asian and I am 38 years old but I still look good. My breast is 32C and I am 5'6" and a size 8. For a mother of two that is not bad. I am a brunette but I dye my hair maroon red. I take care of myself to look attractive and considered myself beautiful. I have been married for 15 years. I am also active in church, singing on the stage.

As everyone has a dark side, I also have a darker side despite of my Christian background. I admit that I am a sex addict and I have been this way even before I got married to Gab. I guess this is also part of why he was obsessed about me. Deep down inside, I have always had a fantasy about black men because of the stories that you hear that black men have big cocks. Gab was nothing special, a bit under the average if you ask me. A 4" penis with 2" girth. Look a bit like a short pencil. But that said, due to my upbringing and background, this was just a fantasy that I successfully kept to myself.

Sex was good and regular. But what he could not make up in size, he made it up in oral department. He always think his 4" is a massive dick and I caught him bragged around his friends. Well, I know the truth. But, out of respect, I never told anybody. Now, being a sex addict, I always in constant need to have sex. Most of the times, I played with myself when Gab isn't around. One day out of a joke, Gab bought me a 8" black dildo thinking I will never use it. I laughed about it but I wanted to try it so bad. The next day I waited until he's left the house for meeting, I took it out and started playing with the black dildo. My pussy was so stretched from the size of the dildo. I spent an hour playing myself with it. These masturbating sessions become more regular and I am now starting to surf interracial porn sites where huge strong black men fucked hot white/asian wives. I love it even more if the black men were being rough with the girls, calling then degrading names. The wives seem to love every single second of it.

I also learned that the 8" black dildo was no where close to the real thing. I assume Gab bought a 'medium' size black cock, because the ones I have been seeing stretching those married pussies in the videos, were 12" at least. It turned me on so much looking at scenes where the husbands were being cuckold and enjoyed watching the hot wife being fucked senselessly by these black men. The beautiful sight of seeing the monstrous black cocks stretch their married pussies was intoxicating. It was pure raw animal sex, not a love making.

With my new found obsession about big black cocks, I came across this website called www.queenofspades.com. It is a private club dedicated to accommodate white and asian wives, like myself, who are obsessed and infatuated by big black cocks. Basically the wives must sign up to be a member and the fee is $5000 a year. Once you are a member, your profile will be made available on the website and any black men can have ownership of you. That ownership will last for 1 year until you renew your membership fee again. The black owners in this case have the first right of refusal of extending ownership or to let you owned by another black men. I was so aroused to read the information in the website. There are apparently some house rules that must be obeyed at all times by both the hot wives and the husbands.

From then on, I would spend my afternoons or nights when Gab isn't home surfing the website, seeing the gallery, reading the testimonials whilst playing with my black dildo. I would come multiple times imagining myself to be owned by these black studs.

One afternoon, Gab came home early and caught me by surprise. He opened the door and saw my legs were spread out with the black dildo inside my pussy and the computer was playing a video of a hot wife being sandwiched by two black guys. He was quite shocked and I had to confess all my deepest darkest secret about my fantasy of black men and their huge black cocks. We didn't talk much after that. We had dinner as family afterwards and said nothing about it to each other. The next morning Gab woke me up in my bed before I had to get ready to go to work.

"Honey, we have to talk about this. Do you really like black men?" Gab asked.

"What are you talking about?" I asked acting innocence.

"I sneaked up last night and surfed www.queenofspade.com.au tracing back on your history on our computer. It explained everything about what it requires to be a member. I thought sex has been good between us. Obviously it hasn't been" Gab said with a sad face.

I just looked at him and didn't say a word. He took a deep breath and looked at me in the eyes and said "It is obvious that you want this and I dont want you to leave me and the kids, so I would rather be your cuckold but at least I am still yours and the kids can still see you".

At this point, I could sense that he really loved me and I felt guilty somewhat. But unfortunately my obsessions has gone too far in and I know there will no turning back.

"Gab... I...I... I don't know what to say...I...am glad...I guess" I replied, not knowing if it is some sort of trap or genuine.

We talk and talk and he convinced me that it will require a lot of adjustment from him but he let me decide. I told him about the consequences, being an active Christian, church goers, what could happen if people found out. He told me lets face it together when that time comes.

Fast forward a few days, I have submitted my pictures and application to the club on their website as requested and have paid the 50% deposit. I received a thank you email and confirmation that someone will be coming to our house to go through the contract with us on Friday 3pm. The wait is excruciatingly long. Finally door bell rang at 3pm on Friday. Gab was also home because the email says the husband must be present and sign the contract together with the wife to support consent from both.

I opened the door and I saw a good looking young black man wearing quite an expensive suit. He was rather tall about 6", shaved head and well presented.

He smiled at me and said "Hi, my name is Sean and I am the legal associate of Queen of Spade interracial club. And you must be Xenia?"

"Hi Sean, nice to meet you, yes I am" I answered.

I welcomed him in and we walked across to the living room where Gab is waiting for us. I introduce Sean to Gab and Sean complimented how lucky he is to have a trophy hot wife like me.

All of us then sat down, I sat besides Gab and Sean started by explaining the objective of this whole induction.

"Firstly I would like to congratulate you that your wife's application has been accepted. But before we officially sign her up, there are few clauses in the contract that I have to go through with both of you. I will start with you Gab" Sean explained looking at Gab whilst taking out few sheets of paper which I assume was the contract.


"Ok, here are the key clauses for the husband:

1. Upon entering this agreement, your status will now be a cuckold or simply cucky. Your wife will be known as the hotwife/mistress and her black owners will be called black bulls.

2. Although you are still her husband, you no longer have permission to have any sexual intercourse whatsoever.

3. You will be required to wear chastity belt all the time and your hotwife will hold the key to your chastity belt. Or should your hotwife chooses, she can give this authority to her black bulls.

4. You will be refrained from any sexual gratification of any kind until you get approval from your hotwife. Or should your hotwife choose, she can give this authority to her black bulls.

5. Your sexual gratification can only be limited to self masturbating and under no circumstances will there ever be physical involvement from your hot wife.

6. You must stay loyal to your hotwife no matter what happens. This is a true sign of a loyal cuckold.

7. You must allow black bulls access to your home and your marital bed anytime to fuck your hotwife. Those that have children must already consider this lifestyle and decision prior signing this contract. No black bulls will pretend in front of your children and it is always good to introduce early and explain why their mother chose this lifestyle.

8. You must accept your role as a cuckold which includes pussy cleanups after black bulls inseminate your hotwife. You must also start to do house chores including cooking because your hotwife will be busy entertaining and giving pleasures to black bulls.

9. You will accept the fact that your hotwife may not come home for few days if her black bulls chose to spend few nights with her at their place.

10. You may or may not watch your hotwife giving pleasures to black bulls, it all depends on your hot wife's black bulls.

11. If in the most likeliest event, your hotwife is pregnant with black babies, you will support living expenses and education right up to college to ensure another generation of black supremacy is taken care of. And you must treat these black babies equal or better than your own children.

I, hereby, allowing my hotwife, Xenia, to be owned and used by black bulls for the duration of the membership which therefore means Xenia is officially the property of black bulls". Sean ended reading the clauses and looked at Gab.

"Do you understand all the things that I have just said to you?" asked Sean.

"Yes" Gab replied. My pussy was so wet just by hearing the requirements. I held his hand and gave him the smile thank-you-so-much face.

"So no question means you are happy to proceed, so sign here and here" Sean pointed out to the paperworks.

Gab took the pen and signed the paperworks.

"Now Xenia, next is your turn, as much as I can see your excitement and eagerness, we just have to go through these preliminaries so you know what to expect and what is expected of you" explained Sean. I nodded.

He then continued "Ok, here goes the clauses for the hotwife:

1. Upon entering this agreement, you will be the property of black bulls. Black bulls are black supremacist, studs, black men with potent seeds, strong and have seeds of champions.

2. You will submit and surrender your pussy, ass, mouth, tits and ultimately, your precious womb at all times. No longer will you breed Asian babies, you will breed black babies and black babies only from now on. And yes, you will still be used by black bulls even when you are pregnant.

3. You shall be required to spread your legs for your black bulls as often as your black bulls desire. Should you have the sexual urge that needs to be satisfied by your black bulls, you are free to satisfy those needs for as long as it involves black bulls only.

4. You will obey your black bulls at all times.

5. You will carry your normal duties in your profession, but upon a summon from your black bulls, you will drop everything that you are doing at once, even if it means performing a sexual service in public places, should your black bulls chooses to do so.

6. You may be required to spend one or several nights at your black bulls' side without seeing your husband or children. You must also allow access for your black bulls to fuck and inseminate you on your marital bed upon request from your black bulls.

7. Your black babies must come first and must be breast fed and strictly no baby formula. Black babies are future champions and need full nutrition from their mother.

8. You will be branded and tattooed to display your submission to black bulls and to show black bulls' ownership and control over your body. Indirectly, it is to show people that your husband is automatically a cuckold. You may also be required to wear an official Queen of Spade collar in public. All these accessories will fend off white or asian men that tried to approach you.

9. In the likeliest event that your addiction of big black cocks become uncontrollable, you are encouraged to raise this to your black bulls. Upon your black bulls discretion, a gangbang may be provided with the help of other black bulls in the club. You are not allowed to masturbate, as this is seen as selfish self pleasure. Your sexual activities must involves one or more black bulls.

10. You will be called names from your black bulls, consider this a compliment.

11. As you can expect, sex with black bulls are not love making, so it will not be gentle. Black bulls are sexual animals that have one thing only in mind, that is to ravage hot wives married pussies. So sex will be rough. You must embrace this treatment.

I, Xenia am a property of black bulls and submit myself to be owned and used by black bulls for the duration of the membership." ends Sean.

My pussy was so wet, my panties are soaking with my love juice. Going through the conditions made me realise how close I am with my darkest fantasy and it is about to get real!

"Do you have an questions?" Sean asked me.

"From your experience, how many years would other wives sign up for on average?" asked Gab.

Sean chuckled "To tell you the truth, I have not seen one case so far where the wife choose to cease membership with us."

"So what are you saying?" Gab asked worriedly, knowing he will not want to hear the answer to that question.

"I am saying, once they are a queen of spades, I have not seen any wives wanting to go back to their normal lifestyle. From what I can see, after the first year, the addiction and dependancy to their black bulls become so uncontrollable they sign up for lifetime membership right away. And the club has a special offer and rewards for those willing to commit for a lifetime membership, but that is going to be a conversation for another time." said Sean.

"What?...you...you m..mm..mean they left their husbands and kids?" Gab asked nervously.

"No, of course not my friend, they would never leave their families. That is the foundation of a cuckold and hotwife. The idea that the wimp cuckold husband forever clinging on to the hotwife no matter what, even though the hotwife chose to surrender their married bodies to black bulls." Sean explains.

"Anymore questions?" Sean asked.

"No" I said, eager to sign my life away. Right at that moment I knew I will sign up for lifetime membership but I thought to cut Gab some slack considering how well he has been handling this.

"Great, so sign here and here" He pointed.

"Congratulations Xenia, you are now officially a queen of spade. Your contact detail will be given to your black bulls and they will be in contact with you soon." explained Sean.

He congratulated me and Gab for the new journey in our new life and he assured us that the cuckold and queen of spade lifestyle will make our marriage stronger because it puts it to the test everyday. And it will make us closer than before.

Beginning of the Journey

The week after, I got a text message from Tyson, my black bull, asking me to go to Motor Inn motel. A shady cheap motel just off the highway. The message says "Hi Xenia, meet us at Motor Inn room 6 on Friday 8pm sharp. Tyson - your black bull."

The days leading to Friday was a torture. I haven't stopped surfing interracial porn but I stick to my word to not masturbate. Believe me it was extremely hard for me. My motivation was the reward I will get on Friday. By Friday I was so horny and ready to meet my black bulls.

"Hon, I cannot wait for tonight! It will be amazing!" I said to Gab.

"I'm sure it will honey" Gab looked nervously.

I didnt care, I put my make up on and put on a satin black g-string with lace on the front, a black and grey sexy push up bra and then slipped into a mini tight black dress that stops just under my round ass. Gold circle earring was my choice for the night. I picked my sexiest black stiletto high heels, Gab dropped the kids at his parents telling them we have a dinner date with church friends. Finally we got to the motel at 7:50pm. He hold my hands and said "Is there anyway that I can convince you not to go ahead with this? This will change our lives forever". I replied "I'm sorry honey, nothing you can say that will change my mind. I love you but I have sexual needs too." trying to make him understand.

Just 2 minutes before 8pm, we went to room 6 and knocked on the door. A huge and very muscular black man opened the door. He had tattoos all over his body, arm and up to his neck. He must be around 6' 5", a shaved head and stubble facial hair. He was wearing white singlet and baggy jeans. He looked pretty scary and mean but in a way very hot. It's been a little secret of mine as well that I have a thing for bad boys. Trust me, these guys are the perfect bad boys profile.

"You must be Xenia" he asked eyeing my body. His voice was very manly.

"I... I am..." I stuttered feeling nervous like someone on their first date.

"I'm Tyson" he introduced himself and showed me in.

As we entered the room, there was another black man smoking his cigarette sitting on the sofa. The motel room was pretty shady and old. The carpet was dark maroon but discoloured, tired, stains of spills everywhere, the room stank with mixture of damp, cigarette and I had to admit it does smell a bit like sex. The wallpaper had started to peeled off due to time, old dusty paintings hung on the wall as witness of many obscure sex scene I would imagine. I thought to myself, these type of rooms are used for sleazy men to get their way with hookers. The queen bed had steel poles and fence on the bed post and you can see the sheet was beige at best from used to be white from just being old and dirty. The blanket had few stains, I had some idea what it was from.

"Hi Xenia, my name is Brick" he introduced himself to me.

"Hi Brick, nice to meet you" I replied.

"Come and sit with me" while tapping the sofa next to him indicating he wants me to sit next to him.

Brick is slightly shorter than Tyson, around 6 foot tall, but I guess they called him Brick for a reason. He was even stockier than Tyson, he was extremely muscular but his body built was just thick with muscles. He also was wrapped with gangsta tattoos and gold gangsta chain around his neck that says "Thug for Life". He's got gold rings in all his ten fingers. His arms were huge, bigger than Tyson. He also have shaved head, but he had some tribal art going on the sides. His face was clean no facial hair. He also looked very mean. Definitely someone you wouldn't want to upset. He was topless and only had his jeans on. Scared, nervous, excited and horny feelings mixed into one big mixture of feelings in my stomach. I walked across the room and sat next to him. Gab just stood there in near the front door looking stupid.

"Umm.. hey guys, my name is Gab, nice to meet you" Gab stuttered trying to break the ice.

"Hi Gab, your job is finished now, get the hell out. Come back tomorrow. She'll call you when we're done". said Tyson. Brick didn't even bother to look at Gab, he was too busy crawling his big black hands up and down my thighs. He teased me how hot I looked, I blushed, we giggled.

"But umm...umm ok ... I guess... honey are you sure you gonna be okay?" Gab asked hoping I would fight for him so he can stay.

"Yes I'll be fine hon, come back tomorrow morning, I'll call you or something." I assured him.

Gab excused himself and got out of the room.

"You're a very attractive lady, what are you doing with that wimpy husband of yours? you should be with a real man" Brick asked me.

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