tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 5

XXXanth Novels: Dana 5


Soon after his "exchange" with the merpeople, Arthur was released along with Dana. The Merpeople safely guided them to the shore regions closest to their underwater city. There Arthur waved goodbye to his three partners and Dana was given her clothes back. Arthur's cock was painfully hard from following a large group of barebreasted fish-women and one amazingly innocent and beautiful girl. Dana had kept the starfish and octopus attached till the last possible minute, and had enjoyed the looks of hunger and lust Arthur frequently gave her as she swam orgasming to shore.

She doubted that any creature would ever be able to reproduce the feel of the 8 suction cupped legs on her hard tits and virgin cunt. Maybe some day she would return Dana thought to herself. After dressing herself she climbed on top of Arthur's dripping back, glancing quickly at Arthur's horse member. Once Arthur and Dana had started down the road towards the mountain, Dana began to stroke her spread cuntlips in unison with each step of Arthur's walk. She found a large muscle that protruded where his human torso met his horse lower body. She let out little gasps of pleasure as she stroked herself on the rough fur using Arthur's momentum.

Arthur meanwhile picked up the smell of the cunt juices and recognized what she was doing. Once again his cock hardened and he intentionally increased his pace and made it a little rougher then necessary. Dana soon was feeling the increase in pace in her cunt as she stroked more fervently along the muscular ridge in a near orgasm.

Finally with several semi-loud gasps and a few shudders she had cum. Arthur's cock spasmed at the increased scent of her juices and as he visualized the picture of her with her skirt hiked up and her white bare legs spread across his shoulders masturbating. When night began to fall Arthur and Dana stopped in a large clearing and began to prepare to camp. Dana soon found a waterfall and proceeded to strip. Arthur had followed her intending to ensure her safety and instead found her naked beneath the cool waters of the falls. As she stood there and began to scrub the days grime from her body, she began to grow hot again. Each scrub and touch was bringing back the memories of her adventure so far. She ran her small fingers to each of her now hard nipples and began to pinch, stroke, and twist. The feelings of pain and pleasure mixed caused her to gasp and squeal in delight. She licked her lips as she thought back to the Sorcerer's castle and the blowjob she had given him.

Then her thoughts shifted to Arthur and his massive cock and both her hands began to go south. One hand went down to her small cunt and clit and began to stroke around her pussy lips. The other drifted behind her and pushed two wet fingers into her tight puckered asshole. She began to moan loudly as she imagined the huge member burying itself in her virgin cunt and filling her with its seed. She plunged 3 fingers into her cunt. She began to pound the fingers in her ass and cunt in unison as her pleasure built. She felt her cunt clasping and unclasping on her fingers trying to milk them of the cum they didn't have. She bent forward slightly to give herself better access to her asshole. The feeling of her asshole being stretched and stroked by her two fingers was amazing. Her cunt was responding to that and the three fingers attempting to break its cherry. Each thrust of her hands caused her knees to weaken and finally a massive orgasm overpowered her and she collapsed into the water.

Suddenly lights began to erupt from the water and surround the pool she lay shuddering in, in aftermath of her orgasm. Dana looked up dazed and soon realized the lights swarming about her were fairies. A loud whiny and a shout erupted from trees to the left of her as the fairies found Arthur masturbating. He too was driven into the water. Dozens of small giggles sounded in the glade as two fairies flew up to each of Dana's nipples and began to suck and masturbate themselves on them. Dana looked down in astonishment at the two tiny naked winged women pleasuring her tits.

Another fairy flew down between her spread legs and paused and then flew forward with all its strength. Its speedy flight carried its entire body into Dana's cunt. It began to push itself in and out much like a cock except for the tiny fingers and tongue teasing the sensitive cuntal walls. Dana once again fell into the water as the fairies went to work. Another fairy was working itself in and out of her tight asshole, licking and sucking on the walls of her rectum. Arthur's cock was swarmed by dozens of tiny females who spread their legs and wrapped themselves around his shaft and cock head.

Arthur groaned at the feeling as each of the fairies began to slurp his cock skin with their tiny mouths and as dozens of tiny wet pussies stroked up and down his shaft. As the fairies plunged in and out of her cunt Dana felt another orgasm nearing. She stared ahead at Arthur's cock as it was covered by the glowing lights. Another fairy found her clit and began to suckle it much like a baby would its mother tit. Soon dozens more fairies arrived and began to regularly rotate through the ones in Dana's cunt and ass. Several flew towards her head and pulled her hair, lifting her unwillingly from her position of rest. They pulled her towards Arthur and she was flung forward beneath his body. Her head was lifted and her lips pulled apart as she was forced down on Arthur's cock.

As soon as Arthur realized what was going to happen his cock began to spurt blobs of precum out on Dana's unblemished face. Once the tip of Arthur's cock was in her mouth, Dana no longer needed encouragement. She had dreamed about sucking the massive member off and having it take her. She bobbed her head along its length, licking at his sensitive skin. Arthur began to lunge forward and pull back so that his cock would almost leave the precious virgin mouth and would then plunge back in. Still the fairies were working and this only heightened Dana's excitement. She began to gasp and moan on his cock sending small vibrations from her mouth to his prick. Arthur began to pound harder and faster as he neared orgasm, and as Dana imagined the taste of his cum she too felt the pressure in her cunt lips building to a fevered pitch and then a massive spurt of cum hit the back of her throat, again and again. Cum spilled down her chin and onto her tits, which were now covered it orgasming fairies.

Arthur let out a loud whinny as Dana clamped her mouth down on his cock in an effort to swallow all the juices. The he felt her let out a loud gasp as she orgasmed. As soon as they were finished the fairies disappeared leaving Dana still sucking Arthur's cock in the middle of the glade.

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