XXXX The Gameshow


“Are you ready Joe?” Kent asked him.

“Oh yeah!” grunted Joe, barely able to hold out any longer, Holly’s soft hand and Bambi’s glorious body driving him wild.

The crowd let out a cheer of encouragement as Joe arched back in the barbers chair and his cock exploded. His sticky white cum rocketed out from the tip, flying towards Bambi who thrust her massive tits out invitingly. “Ahhh!” Joe cried out at his release, willing his cum towards Bambi. Unfortunately it fell just short, but was an impressive distance nonetheless.

“Wow, amazing!” whispered Holly softly as she milked the last few drops out of Joe’s cock as Bambi measured his shot.

“Six feet, ten inches!” Bambi announced.

“One hundred and twenty points!” Kent said. “Great effort Joe, that’s gonna be tough to beat.”

“Are you ready Owen?” Kent asked, turning to the overweight music storeowner.

“Not yet,” the big man shook his head. The sexy spacewoman at his feet leant around and started sucking the head of his thick cock, stroking the base rapidly at the same time to speed up his ejaculation.

“What about you Scott?” Kent asked the young college kid as Wonder Woman stroked his cock.

“Oh I’m ready!” Scott replied, nodding with considerable urgency. Bambi quickly moved in front of Scott, running her hands up her sides and lifting and squeezing her big breasts.

Scott gave a loud cry as his cock erupted, his cum shooting out towards Bambi. His explosion made it over half way to the busty blonde but fell shorter than Joe’s. As Wonder Woman leant around and licked Scott’s cock clean Bambi measured the young man’s ejaculation.

“Five feet, two inches!” she called out.

“A close contest,” Kent said. “One hundred points for Scott. How are you liking Carol’s mouth there big Owen?” Kent asked, as Bambi moved back in front of the last contestant.

“Great!” Owen replied, nodding rapidly.

“So are you ready?” Kent asked.

“I think so,” Owen said, breathing heavily.

Carol, the spacewoman pulled her mouth off the fat man’s cock and started to rapidly jerk it in her skilled hand, pointing it straight out at Bambi.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Owen gave a coarse grunt as his cock burst. A jet of thick cum burst from the end of Owen’s cock, it didn’t fly far but splashed onto the studio floor.

“Nice volume,” Bambi commented as Owen groaned and Carol squeezed out more of his substantial sperm. Bambi quickly measured the big guys shot. “Three feet, seven inches!” she announced.

“At the end of the first game we have Owen in third place with sixty points, Scott second with one hundred points and in first place with one hundred and twenty points is our parking meter maid Joe!” said the announcers voice. “We’ll be back with our sexy celebrity guests right after the break.”

As the crew came on to tidy things up for the next game, the three contestants were given towels to clean up with and Kent and Bambi went back stage for a quick drink and freshen up. The three contestants were all given a glass of water.

The stage manager came up to check all three contestants were doing okay. “Good job out here so far gentlemen,” the large man assured them. “But the best is yet to come,” he added with a wink.

After about ten minutes the crew had finished setting up for the next game and Kent and Bambi returned to the set. After a short blast of theme music and an enthusiastic cheer from the studio audience ‘XXXX’ was back underway.

“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen,” Kent greeted the camera. “It’s time to bring out our three celebrity guests for the second game of our Physical Challenge. Our first guest is one of the very sexy stars of Baywatch and MTV, she’s a walking wet dream, the rockstar groupie of the year! Carmen Elektra!”

The crowd roared it’s approval as the gorgeous celebrity walked on stage, she was dressed in a pair of skin-tight black leather trousers that were long slung over her hips revealing the sides of her pale blue g-string. Her ultra high-heeled black shoes matched her pants and she wore a tight fitting leopard-print tank top that was very low cut displaying her huge, perfectly rounded breasts. Carmen waved at the very appreciative crowd and made her way on stage where Kent put his arm around her shoulders.

“Hi Carmen, welcome to the show,” Kent welcomed her.

“Thanks Kent, a pleasure to be here,” she gave him a hug in greeting. For the benefit of the audience Kent winked over her shoulder and ran his hands down Carmen’s back, grabbing her firm ass in both hands and giving it a squeeze. The audience laughed enviously.

“Our second guest is the very curvy supermodel with the nicest bazoobies on the web, Katie Price Jordan!” Kent announced as the crowd yelled in excitement. Jordan strode out onto the stage looking incredibly sexy. She had a pair of knee-high black boots and a short white skirt that was slit up one thigh, displaying plenty of her long sleek legs as she walked over to Kent. She wore a tight white t-shirt through which her nipples could be plainly seen jutting from her huge breasts, making it obvious she was braless beneath.

“Bazoobies?” Jordan playful asked Kent as she reached his side.

“Yeah, these things,” Kent said, reaching up with one hand and squeezing one of Jordan’s huge breasts through her t-shirt. “Welcome to the show Jordan,” he said as his hand slid over to her other ample jug before releasing her.

“Pleasure to be here Kent,” Jordan replied.

“And our last guest is the naughtiest vixen we’d had on the show to date, the hottest porn star on the planet! None other than Jenna Jameson!” The crowd continued to go nuts, it was quite a line up.

Jenna wore a skimpy pink vinyl dress that was very short at the hem and very low around the neckline. The busty blonde porn star’s ample tits jiggled as she walked, threatening to burst free with each step. Jenna threw her arms around Kent as she reached him, shoving her tongue hungrily into the slightly surprised hosts mouth.

“Welcome to the show,” Kent said with a breathless laugh when they finally broke off their kiss.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for ages,” Jenna said with a wicked smile. “Thanks for inviting me along handsome.”

As the three busty celebrity guests took their seats at the rear of the set, Bambi came forward to stand at Kent’s side as they introduced the second game.

“I’m sure all our contestants have a very good idea of what our three celebrities’ hooters look like, but what we’re going to test tonight is how those lovely jugs feel,” Kent said.

“I’m sure you can tell us what Jordan’s jugs look like,” commented Bambi, rolling her eyes theatrically.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Kent said with a wink. He then turned to the three lovely celebrities. “Perhaps we can start by having you ladies take off your tops?” he suggested.

“We thought you’d never ask,” Jordan said with a smile as she yanked her tight white t-shirt up over her head, her absolutely perfect breasts falling free. They were high placed and huge, topped by dark nipples and covered with a deep all over tan.

“Oh wow,” Joe murmured aloud as Carmen next pulled off her tank top, revealing her own large breasts.

Jenna Jameson was last, her tits just as mouthwatering as she pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and peeled it down to just above her waist.

“Well this has to be the biggest collection of tits we’ve had for some time,” said Kent, licking his lips. “I bet you feel right at home Bambi?”

“Sure do, it’s not often I feel average,” said the buxom blonde, hoisting her own tits up in her palms. Bambi then turned to the three wide-eyed contestants. “I hope you have busy hands guys,” she told them with a sly wink. “Blindfolds please ladies.” The three assistants were still standing obediently behind the contestants and at Bambi’s request they placed black cloth blindfolds over the three contestants.

Joe’s world suddenly went black.

“Good luck,” he heard Holly whisper in his ear.

Suddenly a pair of hands took hold of his as one of the celebrities stood in front of him. Likewise his two opponents also had a busty celebrity stand before and take hold of their hands.

Kent Hamilton addressed the three men. “Joe you have Celebrity Tits 1 in front of you, Owen, you have Celebrity Tits 2 and Scott you have Celebrity Tits 3. You will have thirty seconds with each Celebrity Rack and at the end each of you must guess all three. You will get fifty points per correct guess.”

“On your marks!” called out Bambi. “Get set…Grope!” With that all three contestants found their hands lifted to a pair of naked Celebrity breasts. Joe let out a groan as his palms were suddenly filled with firm, warm titflesh.

“Oh wow!” he breathed aloud as he squeezed the unknown woman’s ample tits. They felt very big, but that didn’t really help as all three celebrities were very well endowed. They also felt incredibly firm, probably fake, but once again that could apply to any of the three girls. Joe gave the massive mounds a squeeze and started to knead the firm flesh. He figured there was no way of telling them apart so he would have to just guess. He might as well enjoy his groping while he could.

Joe’s fingers found the woman’s nipples, giving them a firm pinch before he once again covered her big tits with his hands and sunk his fingers deep into their summery warmth. He heard a gasp from the woman beside him, Owen was obviously being a little rough with his groping. Joe wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn that it was Jenna Jameson’s moan he had heard, which meant the breasts he was now playing with belonged to either Carmen Elektra or Jordan. The mere idea that it was either pair of knockers that were filling his groping hands was enough to make him stiffen in his pants, despite his six-foot eruption earlier on.

“Change!” called out Bambi who was acting as timekeeper.

Joe reluctantly released the lovely tits, keeping his arms out in front of him. Moments later his outstretched hands were once again filled with tits as the next Celebrity leant into his palms.

“Joe you now have Celebrity Tits 2, Owen you have Celebrity Tits 3 and Scott now has Celebrity Tits 1,” Kent told them.

According to Joe’s best guess that meant it was now Jenna Jameson’s breasts he was fondling. He gave a little moan and started to knead the firm flesh, it seemed they were a little smaller than the last pair he had been handling, but they still more than overflowing his groping hands. Joe pinched on what he assumed was Jenna’s nipples and then shook the perfectly round orbs, wishing he didn’t have a blindfold on so that he would watch the quivering flesh.

Joe made sure he got in plenty of squeezing and groping before the next change was called, he couldn’t wait to get home so he could watch himself feeling up the sexy blonde porn star.

“Joe you now have Celebrity Tits 3, Owen you have Celebrity Tits 1 and Scott you have Celebrity Tits 2 in your hands.”

Joe licked his dry lips as his fingers sunk into the last pair of breasts he would get to feel. The nipples on this pair were like bullets, whoever it was she was obviously enjoying the manhandling her tits were getting from the three contestants.

“These are fantastic!” Joe murmured as the celebrity arched her back and pressed her big boobs harder against Joe’s palms. The horny parking warden groaned and squeezed harder at the woman’s breasts, kneading the incredibly firm flesh with mounting passion. The woman reached up and pulled Joe’s face down into her cleavage, rubbing her big tits briefly against Joe’s cheeks before she straightened up and let him continue to feel her up.

“Time’s up!” Bambi called out and three pairs of hands were reluctantly disengaged from three pairs of boobs.

The Celebrities returned to their seats and once they were in place the contestant’s blindfolds were removed. Joe was a little disappointed to see that the three ladies had their tops back on again.

“Okay time for your guesses please gentlemen,” Kent said. “First up who do you think Celebrity Tits 1 belonged to? That was your first pair Joe, you had them second Scott and those were the last ones you felt Owen. Joe, you guess first.”

“Carmen Elektra?” Joe said.


“Jenna Jameson.”


“I’m gonna be different and say Jordan.”

As they announced their guesses Bambi marked them up on the board. “Okay Celebrity Tits 2. Owen first this time?”

“Jenna Jameson.”




“Jenna Jameson.”

“Now Celebrity Tits 3. This was your first pair Scott, what’s your guess?” Kent asked.

“Carmen Elektra.”


“Can I say Jordan again even though I said that first?” Owen asked.

“Hedging your bets?” Kent asked.

“Something like that,” Owen agreed.

“Sure, why not. And Joe who do you think Celebrity Tits 3 belonged to?”


“Okay Bambi, can you reveal the winners please?” Kent instructed his buxom assistant.

“Certainly,” agreed Bambi stepping behind the chairs where the three celebrity guests sat. “Celebrity Tits 1 belong to Carmen Elektra!” As Bambi announced this she stepped up behind Carmen and reached over her shoulders, pulling up her tank top and once again unveiling her big boobs. Bambi gave Carmen’s nipples a quick tickle and then moved on. “Celebrity Tits 2 belong to the saucy Jenna Jameson!” Bambi declared, sliding her hands down inside the front of Jenna’s dress and squeezing playfully. Bambi then stepped behind Jordan and cupped the lovely models impressive jugs through her top. “And these puppies are Celebrity Tits number 3.”

“So that means Joe ‘Busy Hands’ Dingle wins game two as well with the maximum score of 150. Owen you got 100 points and Scott! Zero!” Kent said.

“At the end of game two, leading the bunch is Joe on 270 points. In second place is Owen with 160 points and trailing the pack is Scott on 100 points. But it’s early days yet!” Bambi added.

“We’ll be right back after these messages from our sponsors,” said Kent towards the camera.

During the break the three celebrity guests were led off stage, although Joe knew from previous viewings that they would be back to help with the final third round. He saw Bambi putting on her kneepads as everyone got into position for the next game.

“Welcome back to ‘XXXX’ folks,” Kent greeted the camera as the theme music rolled once again. Kent turned to Bambi, “I see you’ve got your kneepads on for the third game of the Physical Challenge Round.”

“Sure do Kent,” Bambi said, she then licked her lips. “And I’m eager to get started!”

“Our computer has randomly selected Scott to be first up,” Kent said as he turned to the three contestants. “We’ve already tested your range, this next game is to test your stamina. My enchanting co-host Miss Buchanan here is going to give each of you a blowjob. For each minute you last without cumming you will gain 30 points. So far the record is eight minutes. Let me assure you that Bambi is very good,” Kent said, flashing the audience a wink. “I’ve personally undertaken some very extensive testing of her oral abilities and I’ve yet to break the five minute mark.”

Joe swallowed nervously, he was about to get his cock sucked by the girl of his dreams, Bambi Buchanan! Even though he’d known it was coming he could still hardly believe it was true. Joe pinched himself as Bambi knelt down in front of Scott and unzipped the young students trousers. Scott was partially erect and Bambi gave his penis a few quick strokes and gently toyed with his balls.

“On your marks!” called out Kent, it was his turn to start things off. “Get set…Suck!” With that Bambi dived forward and immediately engulfed Scott’s cock in her warm mouth. Scott gave a deep moan of pleasure as his penis was swallowed to the root and Bambi’s cheeks immediately hollowed as she forcefully sucked on his rapidly hardening length.

Keeping his cock completely buried in her mouth, with her lips tight around the base of his shaft, Bambi filled her mouth with hot saliva and sucked heavily, the contestant’s cock quickly growing to full erection and filling her mouth.

Joe watched wide-eyed, his own cock involuntarily hardening as Bambi drew her mouth back off Scott’s now rock hard erection. The college student was quite well endowed and Joe wondered where Bambi had stuffed all that cock-meat. His question was answered as the beautiful blonde plunged her mouth back down on Scott’s cock once again, taking him all the way to the base, her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Scott moaned loudly again as he felt the tip of Bambi’s tongue tease the top of his ball sack, his cock still stuffed in her throat at the same time. Bambi drew back and swiped her tongue around the head of Scott’s cock as she reached up and stroked the base of the shaft with one soft hand.

“One minute!” Kent announced. “That’s thirty points for Mr Anderson!”

This seemed to spur Bambi on, she bobbed her head rapidly over Scott’s penis, practically fucking him with her mouth and throat for about twenty seconds. Then she drew off him once again and leant under, her tongue flicking across Scott’s throbbing testicles.

“Oh God!” groaned Scott, he obviously liked having his balls licked. Bambi seemed to sense this and with her hand still jerking at his cock she sucked one of his balls completely into her mouth, rolling it around on her talented tongue. “Oh God!” Scott groaned again as she shifted across to his other testicle. The young college student was now moaning loudly, obviously very close to orgasm. Bambi shifted back up to his cock, plunging her mouth over the tip and bobbing rapidly, at the same time her fingertips gently toyed with his balls, pulling out all the stops to send him over the edge.

“Two minutes!” Kent called out. “Sixty points.”

Scott gave a loud cry and his hips jerked, he could hold out no longer. Bambi kept her mouth locked to the end of Scott’s cock and he moaned and undulated on the chair, his seed pumping into the busty blonde’s mouth.

Once he was finally spent Bambi stood up and opened her mouth towards the camera, displaying a mouthful of sticky white cum for the audience at home.

“Heads or tails Scott?” Kent asked the contestant, pulling a coin from his pocket.

“Heads,” croaked Scott breathlessly.

“Appropriate,” smirked Kent with a grin as he tossed the coin and caught it, covering it with one hand over his wrist. “Tails!” he announced as he unveiled the coin. “Spit.”

Bambi spat her mouthful of cum into a bucket near the side of the stage.

“Excellent performance Scott,” Kent said, “You now have 160 points, and Owen you’re next up.”

Bambi took a quick drink from a glass of water to clear away the taste of Scott’s cum and then she moved over to kneel in front of Owen, running her hands up his pudgy thighs as she reached for the zipper on his pants. Bambi pulled out the fat man’s chubby cock and found it was completely flaccid. She gently toyed with it as the timer was reset.

“On your marks…get set..suck!” shouted Kent.

Bambi immediately leaned in between Owen’s chubby thighs and started licking at his soft cock, running her tongue up and down the length. She briefly lifted it with one hand, rubbing it against her soft cheek as her tongue flicked across his balls. Bambi then sucked Owen’s limp penis into her mouth, bathing him in warmth and eliciting a moan from the fat music store owner.

Owen reached down and patted the top of Bambi’s head as she pulled back, trapping the head of Owen’s still soft penis between her lips and tugging, stretching him out. She then once again swallowed his complete cock, pressing her lips tightly around the base of his shaft and rocking her head from side to side, her nose against his flabby belly.

“One minute!” Kent called out.

Bambi appeared to get a little desperate now, Owen wasn’t even erect yet, and Joe had to wonder if the fat man was even heterosexual. Bambi Buchanan was sucking his dick what man wouldn’t be hard? Owen gave a moan as Bambi used his cock to slap each of her cheeks, before leaning underneath and licking his balls again. When the busty blonde once again captured the head of his penis between her lips she felt a slight tremble, he was growing at last.

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