tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYasmine's Fantasy Ch. 02

Yasmine's Fantasy Ch. 02


He had never seen a woman as beautiful as she was at this moment. Looking back over her shoulder at him with those dark eyes, and the perfect full lips forming a devilish smile, she encouraged him to help her fulfill her fantasy. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands caress her waist. Her body moved with the slow rhythm of passion as she rocked back and forth, the exquisite roundness of her cheeks moving in a most inviting way.

She felt his lips kissing the small of her back, and his hands slowly massaging first her waist and then lower to her butt. She felt her cheeks spread at his insistence and his tongue slide into the valley they formed. She heard the hushed Yasmine... Yasmine... Yasmine.... start as she moved her butt against his face. Up and down she slid herself across his tongue.

Her opening wet with her own juices and the help of his tongue, she felt his finger slide easily inside her, first one, then two, as they started to dance their way deeper inside. The sensation was amazing as his tongue worked her most forbidden area, and his fingers searched the delicate curves of her treasure. She could feel the fire building, and the gasps of several onlookers as she reached her hand between her legs and found her clit.

Her body picked up the pace and the room filled with tension as she brought each and every one there with her on her journey. He knew in an instant her desire as she looked back at him. His shaft was hard and swollen as he pressed against her. Slowly he watched as the head disappeared inside her. She felt the engorged head as it slid by her fingers still gently massaging her clit. Deeper and deeper, until she felt him press against her.

Each thrust became harder as their bodies slammed together time and time again. His hands pulled at her waist as he drove himself to her and her body shook with the force. She heard the OOOOO's from the gallery as she reached farther beneath her and took his balls in her hand. She knew she was not only pleasing him, but also everyone else in the room, and it made her want to give them more.

She had no fear now, no doubts, and only the desire to please not only herself, but everyone else beyond their wildest hopes. She pulled forward, and caused his shaft, wet and shining with her juices, to lose her. She moved intentionally each time he tried to regain entry and he found himself sliding his manhood up and down the crease of her butt. The gyrations of her body slowed to show him what she expected.

Again and again, he slid himself up and down the valley, spreading the wetness between the cheeks now red from the force of his body against her. As he passed the tiny opening he felt her stop. Slower he moved until he was sure of her wishes until they paused at the same time. The veins of his member stood out and the swollen head had an angry look about it as he pressed it against the tiny opening. She led him forward with her body and then paused.

She was fantastic this woman, she told him exactly what to do without ever speaking a word. He leaned forward and paused, pressing gently against her, and waited for her to set the pace of his entry. This was new for her but the excitement of the night gave her courage, and the Oooooo's and ahhhhhh's from the people there made her want to give them what they, and she, wanted. This was her night, her fantasy, and nothing would stop her from enjoying it to the fullest.

She felt him pressing against her gently and closed her eyes as she eased back toward him and felt the pressure increase. She paused and gave herself time to relax. Wiggling her butt slowly in a circular motion she felt herself opening to accept him, and realized the sensation was a pleasurable one. Bit by bit she pushed back against him, taking him deeper and deeper inside.

The combination of her wetness and his made his throbbing shaft slide easily into the warm tightness she offered him. With his hands on her waist he began the slow steady strokes. He watched her intently for any reaction and saw the nervousness fade from her. He felt her relax and start to work her perfect body with his at the same time. She was glad that her first attempt at anal sex was with him, and on this night.

The sensation was different than any she had known but extremely pleasurable in it's own way. The applause started quietly as she began to rock her body back and forth. Her back arched then dipped as she moved with a steady rhythm. Her hands used the handles on the bench for support as she moved faster and harder now. She wanted it harder and looked back at him. He knew instantly her need and pulled her back to him as he slammed his body into hers again and again.

The applause was no longer quiet as the crowd showed their appreciation for her efforts. Knowing the impression she was having on them made the fires of passion burn even hotter inside her. She was feeling the power now and wanted to take control. In an instant she was on her feet and guiding him to the bench. Pushing his shoulders she laid him back and stood for a moment to gaze at his hardness standing erect and waiting for her.

Feeling the power she had over the room, she smiled out into the crowd as she took him in her hands and stroked him slowly, first one hand then the other. There were several gasps from the room as she stepped over him and straddled the bench. Lower and lower she moved, guiding his shaft to her with her hand.

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