There it was, just outside the house. I've seen them before, just not this big, or in Bury. The creature walked up to me, it's unblinking eyes glowed in the moonlight. I didn't move, it didn't look like it would attack me, no one in this god-forsaken town has ever been attacked by a wolf. My heart was beating 10 fold as this creature closed the few remaining meters between us. It stopped a meter away, and then it lunged at me, it's eyes full of hunger.

Chapter One

Two Weeks Later...

The room was empty, white and dull. I was in Hampshire Hospital. Actually, I was in room 3 on the second floor of Hampshire hospital and a doctor was walking down the hall wearing plastic bags over his dress shoes. And I heard all

The door opened and Doctor Semaris walked in, he was wearing a long white coat and looked like your stereo typical, over-rated TV hospital drama doctor. He even had the stethoscope.

"I see your awake, Samuel," I wasn't in a good mood, I just woke up in a hospital and had no idea how I got there.

"You're observant today, Semaris," The sarcasm slapped him in the face, everyone in this town was just to nice to treat a doctor like this, heck, I don't normally treat people like this.

"Well, would you like me to inform your parents?"

"No, I want to sit here answering more pointless questions while my parents sit outside worrying about me," I flicked my brunette hair out of my eyes, I had the stereo typical swept over hair that every teenage male seemed to have. I am a bit of a stereo type: I don't come out of my room much, I masturbate at every opportunity and I listen to loud music. But at least I shower. I'm not fat, or skinny, or muscular, just average, but with a large build, I have a good amount of chest, arm, leg and pubic hair. I'm 6ft. 5"and I'm meant to be leaving for university to study Japanese Culture and Language in Bangor in a month. The doctor walked out of the room and down the hall, he spoke to my parent who were in the budget waiting room with one other person, female, but I couldn't quite make out who as she didn't speak. They speed walked down the hall with the mystery girl leading. The door opened and my older sister Lexi followed by my parents rushed in.

"Sam, you're awake!" My sister walked over and hugged me.

"Wow, with observational skills like that, I definitely see how you got onto the forensics team for Scotland yard." I replied. "Speaking of which, you drove up from London just to see me?"

"Oh, look who's being observational now? And yes, the moment I heard that you had been attacked I drove here as fast as I could,"


"Yeah, don't you remember? Two weeks ago there were reports of a missing wolf from Oxmoore zoo, it must have travelled along way before it attack you, even weirder, it happened the same night,"

"Wait, I was attacked by a wolf, who miraculously travelled, what? twenty or thirty miles in one night without being noticed two weeks ago? You're joking, right?"

"No, she isn't," My mother said. She hobbled over to the bed, "When we found you, you were in a right state, the wolf really got at you,"

"The doctors said there was no chance of you surviving and you then made a miraculous recovery and now here we are," Lexi finished off and my mother teared up.

Doctor Semaris walked in.

"Well, Samuel, you seem to be at full health, I'll go get your discharge papers,"

When I got home I went straight to my room, I had bandages all around my chest and arms, and I wanted to see what damage this "wolf" had done. I took off my shirt to reveal the mass of linen covering my torso. I slowly unraveled the bandage and stood there looking in the mirror. There was no gaping wound, just large scars, but something else was different. My chest and arms looked more muscular. I took off my trousers. Yep, the leg muscle was more defined and I had stopped looking so scrawny. I looked at my face, my eyes had darkened and I had a lot more stubble than normal, I didn't have to shave normally, but the hair looked darker and longer than it did before. My cheek bones looked more defined and my nose was much straighter. My teeth looked stronger and whiter. I looked a lot better, actually. It was three in the afternoon, I decided to turn on a porno. As I scrolled through the videos on various websites I started to remove the rest of my clothes, first my socks and then my boxers. I found a good video and grabbed my tool. Shit! That's bigger than before, definitely. Not by much but still. Something weird was going on, but it didn't seem so bad. I went back to watching the video. I jacked off my inch longer cock, two weeks of no sexual release usually would have meant I'd be done by now, but apparently not. I rubbed my 8 inches for an hour before I finally unloaded all over my chest. Streams of cum squirted out of my tool, and just when I though I was done, even more came. I was gonna need a lot of tissue.

Chapter Two

The next night I was at the gym, I was a regular, but thanks to my genetics, I struggle to build up muscle. I went straight for the Dumbbells this time, and did an hour on them before my phone rang. It was my sister saying that we were going to a restaurant mum wanted me to meet them there. I headed for the locker room to get a shower. The facilities at the gym were pretty good, but not really good enough for the price you pay for the membership. The shower room was lined with mirror, no separate stalls or curtains, just showers built in to mirrored walls. The hot water came on instantly, something that does not happen at home. I was just gonna shower quickly when something in the mirror caught my eye, my body looked different again. Holy shit! I had a six-pack. That wasn't there before. It wasn't as defined as the scars that surrounded it but it was definitely there. I walked back to the main locker room after my shower, one other guy was there, another regular, Tony, I think. He was extremely muscular and in his mid thirties, and he was also butt-naked. He turned around.

"Oh, hey Samuel, where have you been lately?"

I wasn't in the mood to chat to a casually naked Tony, so I didn't tell him about being in hospital.

"Oh, just couldn't make it in, my shifts at the store overran my gym time."

"'Kay, well, I've gotta run, the Mrs. wants me to paint the living room," He put on a pair of shorts and his trainers and left.

I couldn't help but notice how he kept looking at my body in amazement, he must have been as shocked as I was about the muscle. But it wasn't just that, he kept looking at my crotch. Naturally, using the same locker room we'd seen each other naked before, so he must have been surprised at how suddenly well-hung I am. The locker room had a kind of separate section for the lockers, showers and changing area. I walked around to the lockers and someone else walked in, they were being very careful not to be noticed and their breathing was quite fast. It was a female. In the male locker room? She walked over to the shower area and switched on the water. I crept round to look at this mystery maiden who obviously couldn't read English. She was a short, curvy blond, her breast disproportionate to here body. I watched her for a bit as she rubbed soap into here body. I then walked out from the corner, she saw me in the mirror.

"Shit!" She yelled,"I shouldn't be in here,"

"No kidding?"

"The girls changing rooms were locked and I couldn't find the manager so I just snuck in here when I saw the other guy leave," she explained. She stopped and looked at me, then my dick,"God, that thing's massive,"

"Well, tell me your name and you can play with it,"

"I'm Gemma," She said, stumbling over her words. I walked to wards her slowly.

"So, Gemma, I'm Sam, do you like showering in the guy's locker room?"

"Oh, yes, I feel so dirty," I had her, she couldn't stop looking at my monster.

"Well, let me help you clean then,"

"O-okay," I was pressed up against her, she was about 5ft. 3" and looking up at me. I slid my hand up her body and stopped at her breast. Holding it in one and I bent over and started to lick it.

"Oh," she gasped. Her hand grasped my cock and started to rub it, she pulled her chest away and bent down on her knees, she used both hands on my member, stroking it and occasionally kissing it. She started to lick the shaft before taking it in her mouth. She was an expert at sucking cock. This wasn't my first sexual encounter, I had a girlfriend but we broke up about 3 months ago. She definitely didn't do this. I started to groan involuntarily and she started to take more and more of my cock, she soon got all eight inches down her throat.

"I'm gonna cum," I moaned after twenty minutes. She took my cock out of her mouth and began to work it with her hands. I came all over her, jets of jizz covered her face and hair. She stood up and bent over. I didn't know if I could go again, but I had to try, I stuck my cock into her wet, tight pussy and began to fuck her. Apparently I could go again. I rammed my tool up her a full force over and over again, she moaned and screamed until she came all over my cock. I came in her soon after.

I washed off and walked off to get changed. I was late to the restaurant.

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