tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYet another Las Vegas fantasy

Yet another Las Vegas fantasy


The following is an erotic fantasy. It in no way condones unwanted sex nor is it intended to devalue women. It is true insofar that it is a fantasy we have shared as a couple.

You can hear your husband whispering in your ear...something about a Las Vegas fantasy... there's a limo... someone is there with you... your husband... it's OK.

First stop... a dark and handsome stranger enters...

Second stop... another man, uncircumcised, European... he forces you to pull his foreskin back to taste him then enters you easily, still wet from the first man's sperm... you can see the driver watching in the rearview mirror... this excites you...

You think the limo is heading back to the hotel... but it's only a deserted parking lot...

Third stop...chauffer takes his turn after being teased by you with the first two... he's thick, and hard... he cums quickly... once in your pussy, once in your mouth, then all over your face... you lick his sweetness from your lips...

Your husband whispers, "Tell me that doesn't make you wet." He sounds so real, like he is inside your head...

But it is not over yet....

The three men arrange themselves with you as the "glue" holding them together... someone is taking pictures... the flash is distracting... your husband?... the European forces your hips down onto the first man... his cock stretches you, but you accept it willingly and simultaneously suckle the chauffer into your mouth. The European seems left out for a moment as you suckle back and forth between him and the chauffer, but then he shifts and begins probing the only other opening available to him... you protest... but too late... you are thrice impaled... you start to cum again as you realize that outside the now moving limo, hands and faces are pressed against the glass... you do like to be watched... you feel an orgasm building as the door opens and you realize what is coming next... strangers hands on your breasts, your thighs... sperm in your mouth...

You awaken from the dream... disoriented... the images still vivid. You realize you really did climax because you can feel the residual contractions in your vagina... you are sopping wet... it is dark in the hotel room and you are disoriented as you revel in the nocturnal aftermath of your climax. Your fingers stray to your vulva, feeling its smoothness and the slick evidence of your excitement. You recall your conversation with your husband... yes, you are a slut, a secrete slut, and it thrills you... you crave the feel of a man erupting inside you... you know you shouldn't, but you do... the forbidden wickedness excites you... in your heart, you know you would spread your legs at any time... besides, your husband encourages you.

You feel hands on your thighs... you realize you are naked and uncovered in the darkness... you can hear your husband softly snoring... then a mouth closes on your vulva, a tongue circles your clit and as you open your mouth to cry out, a cock probes your lips, which open in reflex... you taste the first hints of semen. So recent on the heels of your orgasmic dream, it seems impossible. The mouth between your thighs is replaced by hands pressing your knees apart and a familiar firmness now probes at your core... you gasp around the cock in your mouth as you are filled up to your cervix. He slides easily, inside then almost out and back up inside...

"Slut..." he whispers in your ear and you shiver as the word reverberates in your mind, colored silver with the sounds of breaking glass and icy cool in your nipples, but the pulsing hot fullness between your thighs... it's good.

"Squeeze me and show me it's true..." You groan around the cock in your mouth, suck it deeply into the back your throat... you know it is so.

Though you cannot see a thing in the blackness, you realize there are three of them...one thick, with a mushroom cap and a sweet salty taste...and two others, one uncut...you don't have time to cry out as they take turns...one cock switching places with the other, their mouths and fingers everywhere...you cannot help the wetness of your body's betrayal. A finger finds your anus, you squirm, but you cannot evade its probing... you acquiesce... helpless... drifting in a dream of lust, you feel a climax building. You would cry out, but Uncircumcised in your mouth muffles your scream as Mushroom Head fills your pussy... Other probes your anus and, surprisingly easily, slides inside you... triply invaded, you yield to their use of your body... Suddenly, liquid fire spurts inside you...a finger finds your clit... you begin to spasm in primal heat even as your unprotected sex welcomes their seed...

You rest...sperm seeping out of you, soaking the sheet beneath you, knowing...Could it be true? It couldn't have really happened, could it, a dream of a dream? You ponder and drift... feeling a reality between your thighs...

Later, the sun streaming, your husband's voice rouses you, "Honey! Why are these sheets soaking wet?"

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