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Yorkie Breeder


*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

Clark Duhon looked out his living room window as the young girl pedaled her bicycle past Rodney Boudreaux's house again. He smiled sadly; Rodney Boudreaux most likely did not even notice the girl.

He knew, if Rodney did happen to come out on this already quite humid April day, the girl would act as if it was a total surprise; she had no idea he lived there, how was it going, ready for school to finally end yet?

Clark knew all of this because he had done the same thing, rode his 12-speed bicycle back and forth in front of Tanya (It's Taan-yuh, not Tuhn yuh) Simon's house until her older brother came outside and threatened to kick his ass.

"You could try," Clark had smiled, which did not sit well with Bobby Simon at all.

Bobby threw a punch and Clark blocked it and bent the arm backward until Bobby was sobbing and begging for Clark to let him go. And Tanya never did come out of the house.

Clark finished making his lunch, saw that the small kitchen garbage can was full and decided to take the trash out.

Adrian, his female Yorkie, ever the sneaky little bitch, snuck out when Clark opened the side door, saw the girl pedal past and ran after her, yapping.

"Adrian, no!" Clark hollered, startling the girl, who ran into the rear of his Toyota.

"Bad!" Clark fussed as Adrian scrambled all over the girl. "Bad girl!"

The girl looked up at Clark, still dazed as Adrian licked at her face.

"Miss I am so sorry; she got out," Clark said. "Are you all right?"

"Uh yeah, I think so, but how'd you know my name?" the girl asked, now holding onto the still frantically licking, wiggling beast.

"Huh?" Clark asked, taking Adrian from the girl's hands.

"You yelled at me and that's when I ran into the car," the girl said.

"Huh? No, no, I was yelling at Adrian," Clark said.

"And that's my name," the girl said.

"Oh!" Clark laughed. "No, no, I was yelling at her. See, she's Adrian and inside I've got Rocky, her boyfriend."

"Oh, like those Rocky movies!" Adrian Zeno said. "That's why my dad named me Adrian; he's a huge Rocky fan."

"Here, Adrian, let me help you up," Clark smiled.

"He wondered if the girl knew that her sprawled position had let her shorts gape open and he was looking at her plain white cotton covered crotch. She was a cute girl, with shoulder length brown hair, warm brown eyes, and a few pimples across her face, small breasts, flat stomach and muscular legs

"Rodney Boudreaux is a lucky son of a bitch," Clark thought to himself as the girl pushed her glasses up her small nose and accepted his hand.

"And Rodney Boudreaux would never ever even know this girl is alive," Clark thought sadly. She wore glasses and her breasts were not pneumatic torpedoes on her thin frame. The pale pink tee shirt let him see that they were definitely a handful, but, judging from the parade of blonde girls that traipsed in and out of the Boudreaux house, this girl would never grace Rodney's arm.

"Well, uh, I uh I guess I better be going," the girl said, giving Rodney's house a lingering look. "Bye Adrian, bye!"

"I uh, I just finished making some vegetarian chili," Clark offered. "If you'd like to come in and then you can meet Rocky too."

Clark realized, just as soon as he said it, how creepy his offer sounded.

"You can call your mom, let her know where you are," he amended, pulling his cell phone out and offering it to her.

"You sure?" Adrian asked, reaching out for the phone.

"Hi Mom? Listen, I'm at..." the girl said and looked at Clark.

"Clark Duhon," Clark said, pointing to the mailbox which bore his last name.

"Mr. Duhon's house, its twelve seventeen Spring Road," Adrian said.

"No Mom, I just wanted you to know where I'm at, okay, yeah, this is his cell phone," the girl said. "No, no, don't save me any, okay, love you bye."

"She wanted to know if I wanted any of her leftover meatloaf for lunch," the girl explained as she parked her bicycle next to his garage, out of sight from the street.

Just to be safe, though, she did lock it.

Rocky came to see who the intruder was and immediately began his shrill barking, which started Adrian on her shrill barking.

"You want cheese on it?" Clark asked as he ladled out two bowls of the steaming hot chili.

"Yes sir," the girl said from her kneeling position on the floor.

"Oh Kay," Clark groaned.

Her position had her shorts gaping open again, exposing her white panties, which were actually a modest thong, and had her tee shirt billowing open and he was able to see her plain white bra

"And you can wash your hands right here," Clark offered and she did so.

Clark opened a sleeve of crackers and poured them both a glass of iced tea.

"I thought you said this was vegetarian," the girl said.

"It is," Clark said

"Nuh uh, tastes too good to be vegetarian," Adrian said.

"Reason my mom's got leftover meatloaf," Adrian divulged as she ate a third bowl of the chili, "Is it was too salty first time and we couldn't eat it."

"Too much salt can ruin a good meatloaf," Clark agreed. "Only reason I made vegetarian chili is I wanted to use up the tofu and the zucchini and squash."

"There's tofu in this?" Adrian looked as if she was going to be ill.

"Oh stop it," Clark chided her. "That's your third bowl and you haven't dropped dead yet."

"So, you go to school with Rodney?" Clark asked as she finished off the third bowl and put it in his sink.

"Uh, Rodney?" Adrian asked, hot blush coming across her face.

"Lives across the street; you gave your mom his address even though you were looking right at my mailbox," Clark chuckled.

"Yes sir," Adrian admitted.

"Handsome young man," Clark agreed.

"Yeah, not like he'd ever notice me," Adrian said dejectedly. "He's got DebbiAnn Phillips."

"Blonde of the month? Yes, she really is a pretty young lady," Clark agreed. "But so are you."

"So um, what you do?" Adrian asked as she gulped her second glass of iced tea.

"Oh, I live a very exciting life," Clark smiled. "I'm an accountant."

"That doesn't sound all that exciting," Adrian said.

"It's not. Except for this time of the year; tax day is right around the corner," Clark said and spooned the leftover chili into a large Tupperware container. "And I breed Yorkies on the side."

"When Clark's second wife Emily had been killed by a drunk driver, Emily's sister had given Clark a Yorkshire Terrier. Sugarpea had kissed Clark, loved Clark, followed Clark around. The little beast had literally saved Clark's life. So Clark decided to breed the loving little animals on the side.

Sugarpea had been twelve years old when Stella had given her to Clark and had lived another four years. Clark didn't know if he had cried as much at Emily's funeral as he did as he dug Sugarpea's grave in his back yard.

"Oh, that's cool!" Adrian perked up.

"Yep, another couple of weeks and we'll have about four or five little brats running around here," Clark said.

"Oh!" Adrian said.

The girl lingered around for about an hour, then left. The moment she was out of sight, Clark went into the darkened living room, turned on his television and hit 'Disc 3' on his DVD turntable.

First there was a blue screen and then "Anal Teen Sluts" started playing.

He fast forwarded through the first four vignettes until he reached the one of the brunette 'teen' who looked suspiciously like she was in her thirties, as the girl pedaled her bicycle.

"Wow, that looks hard on your butt," a man quipped, looking at the 'teen' girl's bicycle saddle.

"No, know what's hard on the butt? A big hard cock," the teen said and the scene dissolved then came up again with the man pounding the woman's greasy anus.

Clark watched until the man pulled out and sprayed the woman's ass and back with an extraordinary amount of semen.

Then he watched a cute girl that actually did look like she might be a teen, early twenties at the oldest as she took two cocks in her gaping anus at the same time.

The next day, outside of St. Richard's Catholic Church, Clark shook his head in disgust as Rodney Boudreaux simply got out of his car and let his blonde girlfriend get her own door, and then scramble to keep up with him.

"Well, if she's willing to let you treat her like shit, who am I to say anything?" Clark asked himself as he sat in a pew.

"That's the old homo lives across the street," Rodney whispered to DebbiAnn Phillips. "Fucking fag; should see him with his little doggies."

"Oh, I love dogs," DebbiAnn said.

"Yeah, think these are Yorkies or poodles or something stupid like that," Rodney laughed.

After Mass, Clark did his weekly grocery shopping, and then returned home. He was surprised to see Adrian Zeno pedaling listlessly back and forth in front of Rodney's house again.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully. "I uh, I knocked; I could hear Rocky and Adrian barking like crazy but..."

"I was at Mass," Clark smiled.

"Oh wow, that your car?" Adrian asked, seeing the 1965 Mustang Clark drove on the weekends.

"Uh huh," Clark said, digging his groceries out of the trunk. "Came to see the bad dogs again?"

"That all right?" Adrian asked.

"Sure," Clark smiled and unlocked the side door.

"So what's Mom cooking for lunch today?" Clark asked as he set aside two chicken breasts.

"You don't want to know," Adrian said, again getting down on all fours to play with the two yapping animals.

Clark held back his groan; her shorts were a little shorter and a little tighter today, showing a very cute little bubble butt.

He made quick work of preparing the chicken breasts and some broccoli florets.

"So how'd you learn to cook?" Adrian asked as they sat down to eat.

"Mom was an unbelievable Cajun cook, then when my wife died, didn't have anyone else to cook for me," Clark shrugged.

"Aw!" the girl sympathized.

"Ah yeah, well, it's been a while," Clark said.

"So you got a girlfriend?" Adrian asked as she put her dish in the sink.

"Nope, don't have any cute girls riding their bikes in front of my house," Clark joked.

"Yes you do!" Adrian crowed.

"Oh boy!" Clark laughed.

"So what you fixing to do?" Adrian asked as he cleaned up the kitchen.

"Watch some porn, probably anal, either that or lesbian, whack off, feel like a loser for having to pull my pud instead of finding some cute girl to fuck, eat dinner, whack off again, then go to bed, get up tomorrow, go to work, spend my whole day wondering what the fuck's wrong with me," Clark almost said, but shrugged.

"Probably just watch some TV, about it; I'm really not a very exciting guy," Clark admitted.

"Oh, okay," the girl said.

Clark walked into the living room, Adrian, Rocky, and Adrian Zeno right behind him.

"Excuse me, got to go potty," Clark said and hurried to the bathroom.

"No!" he almost screamed as he heard his television come on.

He knew it was still in DVD Mode and he knew it was halfway through "Strap On Sweethearts," a DVD that combined two of his fetishes, anal sex and lesbianism.

He dawdled in the bathroom for as long as he could, sure that Adrian had probably bolted from the house. Then he had a worrying thought; if she did bolt from the house, suppose she left the door open? His dogs would be running around outside, only to be struck by an automobile or snatched by someone.

"You um, I uh I turned on the television and this was on," Adrian defended as she watched two young girls kissing frantically as the blonde pounded the brunette's ass with a massive dildo.

"I uh, yeah, I was watching it earlier," Clark confessed.

"You got anything else? This is kind of 'ew'," Adrian asked.

Clark named some of the mainstream movies he had.

"No, no, I mean, like you got anything but girls doing it?" Adrian asked, face blushing hotly.

"I uh, let's see," Clark said and hit 'Disc 3' on the DVD remote control.

Adrian looked stunned at the title, then watched as a woman that looked like she had children that were teenagers; putting your hair into two pony-tails does not make you a teenager, jamming a large rubber dong into her anus.

"Tina, I'm home," a male's voice called out off camera.

"Oh thank goodness Daddy; if I don't get a real cock up my ass I'm going to go crazy," the woman called back.

"Oh, can't have my baby girl doing that, now can I?" a man that looked younger than the woman smiled as he pulled off his tie.

"Uh!" Adrian said, eyes bulging behind her glasses as 'Tina' took a pretty hard sodomizing from 'Daddy.'

The second vignette began, showing a 'cheerleader' flipping up the back of her pleated skirt to show three 'football players' that she wore no panties.

"Gee Becky, there's three of us," one football player said as he stripped off his uniform.

"Uh, yeah, Brad, theres' one of me and one of me's got three holes," Becky responded.

"All right!" another football player said. "My girlfriend won't let me fuck her up her ass."

"Girl don't know what she's missing," Becky laughed and started sucking his cock.

"Ew gross!" Adrian said as the camera showed one of the young men tonguing the girl's anus.

"What's gross about it?" Clark asked.

"Well, shit comes out of there!" Adrian said.

"Uh huh, and you wipe, right?" Clark asked.

"Well, yeah but..." Adrian said.

"I mean, pee comes out of your pussy; is it gross to lick that?" Clark pressed.

"Well, no but..." Adrian stammered, blushing hotly at the lewd conversation.

"And pee comes out of my cock so I guess it would be gross to put my cock in your mouth?" Clark went on.

He knew he should stop; the girl was only eighteen, would be graduating high school soon.

"Well I uh, I don't know; I mean I've never..." Adrian admitted. "I've never even kissed a guy, you know?"

"As pretty as you are?" Clark said and watched as the cheerleader groaned in orgasm while a football player squirted a great deal of semen onto her raw anus.

"Mister, maybe you need these," Adrian joked, taking off her glasses and handing them to Clark.

"Thanks, got my own," Clark said, showing her he was wearing glasses.

After the third vignette started, which showed two girls tonguing each other's anuses, Adrian fidgeted uncomfortably.

"You uh, you got anything else?" she asked

"Let's see," Clark said and hit Disc 1 on his remote control.

"Cum Hungry Sluts" started and Adrian sat and watched girl after girl eating an inhuman amount of semen from multiple cocks and from other women's vaginas.

"I uh, I can use your bathroom?" Adrian asked, blushing hotly.

"Uh huh, right there," Clark pointed and the girl scampered into the bathroom.

Clark looked at the clock and saw that it was almost three o'clock.

He threw a bag of popcorn into the microwave, poured the popcorn into a large bowl and brought it back.

"God, I love popcorn," Adrian enthused.

"Uh huh, and so do these little brats," Clark said as he tossed two kernels to the two dogs.

"You um, you really think I'm pretty?" Adrian asked as they continued to watch the video.

"Which I was twenty years younger," Clark admitted.

"You um, you're not old," she stammered.

"Older than you," Clark sighed, rubbing his bald head to prove his point.

"Lesbian Cheerleaders" started and again Adrian fidgeted uncomfortably so Clark found a DVD of shaving and put that into the player.

"Um, why you like that?" Adrian asked as they watched two men shaving one woman's crotch bare, then both men fucking her.

"Looks sexy and it's a whole lot neater than pulling hair out of my teeth," Clark said.

After Adrian used his bathroom a second time, she left. Clark pulled his aching cock out and gave it two hard pulls then spurted a hot sticky load of semen.

Chapter 2

The work week kept Clark quite busy; most of his clients waited until the lat minute to do their taxes. Most of them actually tried to do them themselves, and then needed him to clean up their messes.

So he was quite weary when he dragged himself home that Friday night.

"Hi, um, I listen, if I'm being a bother you need to let me know, Adrian Zeno said as he wearily got out of his car.

"A pretty eighteen year old girl comes over to my house and wants to know if she's a bother?" Clark smiled. "No, you're not a bother."

Adrian and Rocky, the two Yorkies did not think Adrian Zeno was a bother either as she played with them and fed them their dinner while Clark changed into tee shirt and shorts. He then made a simple jambalaya of chicken and sausage.

"When my mom makes this it's always so overloaded with salt and then she tries to fix it by dumping a whole bunch of pepper in it," Adrian said.

"So tell me about school," Clark said. "You go to Northside, right? That's where I went too. Class of eighty five," Clark said.

"It sucks," Adrian said simply. "I mean, I can't wait to get out of there; I hate it, I don't have any friends and then they tell everyone I'm the valedictorian? They hate me even more."

After dinner, Adrian went straight to Clark's living room and started reading through his stack of DVD boxes.

"Why you got so much stuff about anal?" she asked.

"It's what I like, it's my house, it's my DVD player," Clark said, casually resting a hand on her hip as he reached up to pull down the older ones.

"And why they all got 'Sluts' or 'Whores' in them?" Adrian asked.

"Because not a whole lot of us perverts would buy 'Big Tit Good Girls,'" Clark chuckled.

"You're not a pervert," Adrian said.

"Oh?" Clark smiled. "Think nice guys have this much porn laying around?"

"I think you're a nice guy," Adrian said and kissed him clumsily.

A nice guy would gently, but firmly push the 2009 Northside High School Valedictorian away. A nice guy would gently, but firmly tell her he was twenty five years her senior.

A nice guy would not suck her tongue into his mouth, would not place his hand on her thirty two C breasts, and would not tug at her hard nipples. A nice guy would not help her out of her tee shirt and bra and suck on her sensitive nipples.

A nice guy, having gone this far, would have stopped the activities after blowing a load in his shorts. A nice guy would not stick his hand inside of an innocent girl's panties and rub up and down her wet slit, find her little nub and rub her to an orgasm.

Clark spent a somewhat restless night, sure that David Zeno, Adrian's father, would be pounding on his door at any moment.

But it was Adrian that knocked on his door the next morning, which of course, set Rocky and Adrian on a barking frenzy.

"Hi, ooh, that looks good," Adrian said, looking at the onion and bell pepper and potato hash he was cooking in a cast iron skillet.

"Eh, it's all right," he joked and turned to say something.

She kissed him hotly, jamming her tongue into his mouth, rubbing her braless breasts against him.

"Wow, good morning!" he said and she giggled happily.

"Uh, forget something this morning?" he asked, cupping her breasts through her tee shirt.

"No, they're in my purse," she laughed.

"They're..." he asked and she unzipped her blue jeans to show him that she was without panties, the tuft of brown hair just visible before she giggled and zipped her jeans up.

"How lung until that's ready?" she asked, kissing him again.

"Three, four minutes, long enough for me to cook up some eggs," he said.

"Now, how you do that?" she asked as she slurped up the eggs. "Whenever my mom tries cook them sunny side up like that, she gets them all runny and the yolk's usually all broken too."

"Practice," he shrugged. And making sure the pan's good and hot first."

Just as soon as she was finished shoveling the food in her mouth, Adrian went to the living room. Clark cleaned up the dishes and scraped the hash from the sides of the pan; his favorite part then went into his living room.

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