tagRomanceYou and I

You and I


The group is all huddled around the campfire; there were six of us that night. I'm cuddled up nice and close to you, seeing how as it's a slightly chilly night, though perfect in every other way. The full moon is shining brightly above us and the crickets croak softly in the distance. We have a blanket wrapped around us, your arm around me as one of my hands rest on your thigh, squeezing it lightly every once in a while. Slowly the group disappears, each couple heading into their own tents until it's just you and I sitting by the dying fire, the soft glow barely lighting up our faces. I smile to you, but before I can say anything your lips capture mine, kissing me roughly as you drop the blanket, your arms tightening around my body. Breaking the kiss I grab your hand and pull you towards our tent.

Once we're both inside, you zip up the flap and turn to see me stripping, my shirt coming off and dropping in a pile on the ground, my bare skin illuminated softly by the moonlight shining through the tent's material. The little mini skirt I was wearing comes next, the material pooling on the ground next to the tank top, leaving me standing there in nothing but my black bra and thong. I bend over to rummage through my bag, trying to gather my pajamas for the night but before I can even get anything out of the bag, you come up and press up against me, your hands running over my flesh, causing goose bumps along my skin.

I grin softly to myself, moving my ass to grind against you as I stand back up, turning to look at you as my hand runs down your body, wrapping around your cock through your pants teasing you. Your hands roam over my body, taking off my bra and dropping it to the ground before one hand wanders down over my stomach, your fingers teasing my skin before you rub my pussy through the thin material that still resides there. I jump and moan softly, my grip around you tightening. I kiss you softly as my hands move, undoing your pants.

Running my fingers over your shaft through your boxers, your fingers moving faster and harder before pulling the thong aside to finally touch my pussy, skin to skin contact, which only makes me moan and my knees buckle slightly. My hands slide your boxers off while my lips are pressed against your neck, kissing and biting on you gently, before my kisses start to go downwards. I kiss you over your chest, over your stomach, down over your hips and finally I kiss every inch of your hardened cock. My lips light and soft on you, before my tongue swirls over the head of your hard member. I look up at you from my position on my knees, taking you into my mouth, sucking on you. My hands continue to wander your body, my nails digging into you as I can feel you get harder beneath my tongue. My head leans more forward, taking you deep into my throat for the longest time before I pull my head backwards slowly, your thick, hard cock leaving my mouth.

You push me backwards, though once I'm lying down you shake your head, your hands moving me back to my hands and knees. You walk around behind me, smacking my ass lightly, nodding as you decide that you like this way much, much better. You position yourself just right behind me, and I can feel your hands moving all over my body, until finally I feel you slowly start to penetrate me. I moan softly, muffling myself into a pillow, as to not wake the others, though I do press my body backwards, trying to take more of you in.

You don't allow this though, pulling back out until you can continue this torturously slow entering me, before your hand wraps in my hair, tugging my head back. You smile softly, kissing my shoulder lightly before you begin to thrust, your hips pounding against me, grabbing onto me as you fuck me hard, whispering softly "cum for me baby." and sure enough once those words are uttered my body spasms, and I can feel myself tighten around you, my juices flowing over your cock, which is now throbbing inside of my wet, tight little hole. Feeling me cum over you is too much and you explode, filling me with your hot seed, your hands holding onto me tightly until we both come down from our high. We untangle ourselves and kiss each other softly before curling up and falling asleep, knowing that tomorrow night would only bring us another adventure.

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