tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 03

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 03


In the last story Mike had suggested that we should invite another guy round the next time Carol was in a suitable state to be fucked by someone else without her knowing it. She was drinking a lot less now and I told him that she hadn't been drunk enough for us to do whatever we wanted with her for some time now. I didn't want her to get hooked on alcohol again so what could we do? I wanted to see her get fucked by Mike again, but how?

Mike said he had a friend who worked in a pharmacy and he had told him about our problem. The guy said he could get tablets that were quite safe to take, but would put someone to sleep for eight hours. When the person woke up he (or she) wouldn't remember anything about what had happened before. This sounded like the answer to our problem so I told Mike that I would be taking Carol out for dinner next Friday night and maybe his friend could supply the drug and then join us for some fun.

On Thursday Mike gave me a little white tablet and said I should crush it up and put it into Carol's drink about an hour before I wanted her to go to sleep. I should then call him and he would come round with his friend Rob and we could have a really good time with Carol.

This sounded good to me so on the Friday night when we had almost finished dinner I put the ground up powder into her glass of wine when she was wasn't looking and sat back waiting for things to happen. Nothing happened until we were almost home when Carol said that she was feeling very sleepy and couldn't wait to get to bed. She was almost out on her feet when we got into the house and I took her into the bedroom and helped her undress. She was soon fast asleep and I called Mike to come over.

He soon arrived with Rob who was a big black guy. I asked him if he was sure that there was no danger with these tablets but he assured me that it was OK and that he had used them several times before with no problems.

I took them into the bedroom and then gently slapped Carol's face to see if she was deeply asleep. She didn't move so I pulled back the bedcover and let the guys see her naked. She was lying on her back with her legs apart. Mike said ''Oh my God, she is so gorgeous. Just look at that pussy, shaved and smooth, I'm gonna suck that!''

Rob looked at me and asked if I was sure I didn't mind him playing around with Carol. I told him ''No, you can do absolutely anything you like with her, I get my kicks from watching guys having sex with her. Go ahead and enjoy.''

Mike was fondling Carol's large tits and then he knelt down beside the bed and started licking them and sucking her nipples, nipping them with his teeth and pulling them. Rob was stroking her pussy and I could see his cock was hard and making a big bulge in his pants. ''Get your clothes off guys,'' I told them, ''let's give it to her.'' They stripped off and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the size of Rob's cock. It was twice the size of mine with a big glistening head. I had often fantasized about seeing Carol in a porno movie being fucked by a black stud and now it was going to happen. My cock was so hard as I took off my clothes and watched the guys playing with my lovely wife's body. She was completely unconscious and unaware that she was at the mercy of two men who she would never allow to touch her normally.

Mike had his mouth on her pussy and I watched him licking her and sucking the lips into his mouth. His tongue was going far into her and I stroked my cock as I watched. Rob said he'd like to get his cock in her mouth. He couldn't get her mouth open so he pushed it in between her teeth and her cheek. He started moving it back and forth but his cock was so big he couldn't get much of it into her mouth. ''Shit,'' he said, ''this don't work, I'm gonna fuck her.''

''Me first.'' Mike spluttered, his mouth all wet with saliva and pussy juice. He got on top of Carol and slid his cock into her wet cunt. He started fucking her, slowly at first, pushing his dick all the way in and then pulling it almost out. I got closer and watched him raping my wife, I was so hot it wouldn't be long before I came. To me, nothing is more exciting than seeing a guy fucking Carol. I have posted erotic photos of her several times on the web and I love reading the comments. She has been seen by over a quarter of a million men. Mike was getting close to coming and started fucking her faster. Then he slowed right down, hardly moving. He kissed Carol on the mouth and I could see his tongue licking her lips and going into her mouth. This really excited me, I'd never seen him kiss her before. Then he groaned as he shot loads of hot cum into her pussy. ''Jesus, that was fantastic,'' he gasped, ''I've always wanted to kiss her but it wasn't possible the other times.'' He kissed her again, pushing his mouth hard against hers and putting his tongue in.

Rob said ''My turn now.'' He pulled Mike off Carol and took his place. It was incredible to see his long cock slowly going into her pussy. I knew it would never all go in, but more than half of it did. Here was my wildest dream come true, my wife had a big black cock up her snatch and I was watching. After a while he pulled out and squatting over her belly, he stroked his cock until long strings of cum were shooting out onto Carol's tits and then higher onto her face. He got off her and rubbed the sperm all over her tits. He licked the cum off her face and swallowed it. This was something Mike and I had never done. I was glad there was no cum in her hair as it is hard to get out and I didn't want her to find lots of stiff bits in her hair next morning.

Rob wanted to fuck her in the ass. I told him that his cock was too big for her tight little asshole. Mike had sodomized her before and he said that if he did it first maybe her ass would take Rob's cock afterwards.

I gave Mike some lubricating gel and Rob and I both took hold off Carol's legs and pulled them up and back until her knees were on her tits. Mike stood in front of Carol and looked at the beautiful erotic scene. His dick was hard again. Her wet pussy was open and cum was slowly oozing from it. He put some lube on his finger and ran it round her little puckered anus. The he put some more on and pushed his finger into her asshole. He gently moved his finger in and out and then put two fingers in, followed by three. ''That should do it,'' he said, ''now I'm gonna fuck that gorgeous little ass.''

I had seen Mike fuck Carol's ass before but it still made me incredibly horny to see his cock going in and out of her asshole. He pulled it right out and then shoved it back again, doing this several times before he couldn't hold back any more and shot his cum into her ass. ''Oh shit, that was good,'' he sighed, pulling his cock out and wiping some traces of shit off on a tissue. ''Take over here and hold her leg up Mike,'' Rob said and moved down to look at Carol's gaping asshole. ''Holy shit, just look at that beautiful ass, just waiting for a big black cock to tear it apart. Dave, can I talk nasty to your wife?'' ''Sure you can,'' I said, ''like I said before, you can do anything you want with her.''

Rob put his face close to Carol's asshole and spat a big gob of saliva into it. Then he put some lube on his cock and slowly pushed it into her anus until the large head popped in. Then he slowly moved it back and forth, each stroke going a bit deeper into her. It was amazing to watch and my cock was hard as a rock as I gazed at the big black dick slowly going all the way into her rectum.

Rob was kissing Carol now, his fat lips sucking hers into his mouth. ''You like that, bitch?'' he whispered, ''you like a big black cock up your ass? Bet you like sucking nigga cock too. If you were awake I'd shoot a load in your mouth and make you swallow all my hot sticky cum. Now I'm gonna fuck your tight ass real hard you little bitch, shame you won't feel my cum filling up your guts.''

This dirty talk really excited me and I was close to coming but I held back and just watched the anal rape going on before my eyes. God, it was unbelievable to see that huge black cock going all the way in, inch by inch. My darling wife was being sodomized by a man she had never seen before. Her pretty ass was being violated by a stranger. She sometimes let me fuck her in the ass but she would never, ever have let another man do it to her. Now Rob's cock was all the way in right up to his balls. There must have been ten inches inside her colon, how could she take so much? After a few more strokes Rob said ''I'm coming, you fucking bitch, feel my hot nigga cum shooting up your ass!''

He got off her and we all looked at her asshole which was dilated more than I'd ever seen it. A big hole more than an inch across, all pink inside and slimy with both Rob and Mike's cum. I had to come now so I positioned my cock over Carol's ass and ejaculated into the gaping hole, adding even more cum to the mess inside her.

We had a few beers after we had cleaned Carol up. I told Mike that now we had the tablets I was going to fuck his wife, Murielle. She didn't drink much so I'd never been able to abuse her, just dreaming about it while I jacked off. But now it would be possible. I could kiss her, lick her asshole, suck her pussy, fuck her, sodomize her, everything was possible. Thank God he had spoken to Rob.

Next morning Carol woke up and said she still felt rather sleepy, but other than that she didn't seem to notice that anything unusual had happened. She certainly didn't remember anything that went on after leaving the restaurant.

Like I said, one of my favorite fantasies is seeing Carol having sex with a black guy. It had now happened and I only regretted that she hadn't known and enjoyed what had gone on. However, little did I know it, but in the near future I would see her being forced into performing various sexual acts with several black men and being wide awake all the time. I'll tell you about it next time.

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cunts for the use of

What great story i don't know what it is but i love to see my wife get fucked but she wont have any of it so a friend arranged to pay 3 guys to stop and help her when her sabatarged car was on a countrymore...

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