tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 04

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 04


It was the last day of my business trip to Nigeria. I had taken my wife Carol along with me and we were at the airport in Lagos with plenty of time before our flight home. We were going through customs when a uniformed official called us over to the long counter he was standing behind. "Anything to declare?" he asked, looking at Carol and barely concealing the lust in his eyes.

She was wearing pink shorts and a white shirt. The top buttons were open due to the heat. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples could be seen pushing through the thin cotton. " No, nothing", she said and started to move on.

"Come back here please," we heard him say. "Open your bag lady." We had checked in our suitcases and just had Carol’s handbag with us. She sighed with annoyance but did as he asked and opened her bag. He rummaged around inside and pulled out a small plastic bag. "What’s this?" he asked, raising his eyebrows and staring at Carol.

"I don’t know, I’ve never seen it before," she replied, looking at me in amazement.

The customs officer opened the bag and looked inside, then he poured out some white powder into his hand and sniffed it. He wet his finger, dipped it into the powder and tasted it. "Heroin," he said, come with me please."

Carol gasped in astonishment. "This is ridiculous, that’s not mine, I’ve never seen it before, someone must have put it there."

He laughed, "that’s what they all say. This way please, both of you." I protested but to no avail, we had to follow him into a room which had a POLICE notice on the door. I had no idea that I was about to have my wildest fantasy come true.

There were two other uniformed men in the room, sitting behind desks. The place stank of smoke and body odor. They looked up as we entered and both laughed and said things we couldn’t understand. They stood up and came close to us. The guy who had brought us in sat on the edge of a desk and lit a cigarette. "Do you know what happens to drug dealers here? How much more have you got on you lady?"

Carol was scared. "I’m not a drug dealer," she said, "I don’t know how that stuff got into my bag but I swear it’s not mine, please believe me." She turned to me with tears in her eyes. "This is all a terrible mistake Dave, tell them we don’t use drugs." "That’s right," I said, "that bag was put in my wife’s handbag by someone else, I swear to God we don’t know anything about it."

"In this country people go to prison for several years for drug offences," he said, blowing out a stream of smoke. The prisons here are really bad places. Twenty people to a cell, no toilet, just a bucket, no shower. The guards, who are all male, rape the women every night. Sometimes they take a girl and put her in a male cell and watch them using her. You wouldn’t like to go there would you my dear?"

"Oh my God, no," cried Carol, "please let us go, we haven’t done anything wrong."

The officer stood up. "We will have to search you lady, maybe you’re not telling us the truth." He pointed at me and told me not to move and to keep my mouth shut. The three black men were looking at each other and grinning. It was obvious that the bag had been planted by the policeman when he saw Carol. She looked so beautiful and sexy with her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. I wondered if they did this with all the pretty girls who passed through the airport. I was shit scared but I decided to keep quiet and just pray that everything would be OK and we would be able to get out of this hell hole.

The officer touched Carol’s hair. "I love blondes, are you a real blonde? Take your clothes off." Carol refused. He put his face close to hers and said "Shall I call a police car or will you cooperate? If you want to catch your plane you must do as I say or you will stay here and go to prison. If you do go there, you might never come out alive!"

Carol started to cry as she unbuttoned her blouse. She took it off and everyone stared at her large firm breasts. She pulled down her shorts and stood before us in tiny white panties and her trainers. I had often seen Carol abused by my friends but she had always been either dead drunk or drugged and wasn’t aware about what was going on. I had seen her fucked by a black guy but my biggest fantasy had always been to see her used by several blacks while she was awake. I knew I was going to see this now and my cock was getting hard.

"Take your pants and shoes off," he ordered, "maybe you’ve got some more stuff hidden somewhere." Carol sobbed as she removed the rest of her things and stood naked before the three men. One of them picked up her shoes and looked inside them. Another took her panties and examined them closely, laughing as he showed the other two a stain. He sniffed them and held them in front of the other guy’s noses. I could see that they all had an erection, the bulges in their pants were clearly visible. I like to sniff Carol’s panties and it really made me hot to see these guys doing it.

The chief walked round Carol, looking at her lovely body. He put his hand between her legs, feeling her damp pussy. Then he ran his hands over her tits and ass. Standing behind her, he weighed her tits in his hands, squeezing them and pulling the nipples. Carol begged him to leave her alone, tears streaming down her face. "You are a real blonde," he whispered, "such lovely big tits and a nice tight ass. Now come over here."

He led her to a contraption which looked like a wooden saw horse with a padded top. "I’m going to search you lady. This will be a full body search. Bend over." He pushed her down so that her waist was on the padded top bar. The other men pulled her legs wide apart and attached her ankles to the legs of the apparatus with Velcro straps. Her wrists were attached to the legs on the other side in the same way. Her head was held up by a wooden bar under her chin. She looked incredibly erotic in that position. If only she had been wearing stockings and high heels.

The three black guys started to fondle her body, laughing and making lewd remarks. "Anything in her pussy? We’ll have to have a look." One guy put his fingers into her cunt and Carol gasped with surprise. He played around with her, pushing his fingers in and out and pulling on the lips and said, "Hey, she likes this, she’s getting wet." I liked it too, my cock was so hard it was hurting me, pushing against my pants. I wanted to get it out and stroke it, I was so hot. I couldn’t believe I was watching Carol in an obscene and humiliating position being abused by a big black thug.

He took his fingers out and dropped his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his big cock was hard. He pulled back the foreskin and I saw the purple head with a bead of precum dripping off the end. He spat on his fingers and rubbed the greasy saliva around Carol’s pussy. She cried out as she felt his cock head touch her cunt. "Please don’t do it, let me go home please." Tears were running down her face and dropping onto the floor. "Dave," she sobbed, "make them stop, you know I haven’t done anything wrong." I didn’t want them to stop, this was so good to watch.

"You’d better do everything they say honey," I told her, "these guys are serious. The sooner it’s over the quicker we can get out of here."

I watched fascinated as the big black pole slowly entered Carol. He pushed it back and forth until it was all the way in. Moving faster, he fucked her pussy hard, slapping his belly against her ass. "Oh God, please stop, you’re hurting me," she moaned. The negro just laughed and continued to fuck her, sometimes pulling his cock right out of her snatch and then ramming it in again. He finally withdrew and I saw his cum oozing out of her pussy and running down her inner thighs.

The boss man said that maybe she had some drugs hidden in her mouth and they were going to search for them. He called over the other guy who was watching the action and told him to make the search. "Yes sir!" he said with a huge smile on his ugly face. He lowered his khaki pants and stood in front of Carol.

"No, please, not that, I can’t do it," she cried as she saw the large throbbing dick in front of her face. I could smell his cock from where I was standing, God only knows when he had last washed it.

"Open your mouth lady or we take you to the jail. You suck me good if you want to go home with your husband."

"Do as he says Carol," I told her, it’ll soon be over." I moved around so I could get a better view. Carol retched as she took the head of the guy’s dirty cock into her mouth and I watched enthralled as he pushed the rest in. I was so turned on I wanted to join in but I thought I shouldn’t push my luck, the memory of this wonderful and unexpected event would be in my dreams for the rest of my life. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Mike all about it. He started to fuck her face and she gagged when the cock hit the back of her throat.

"Use your tongue," he gasped, "make me come you white bitch!"

Carol was doing as he asked and I could see her tongue licking up and down his long shaft. After a couple of minutes he let out a long groan as he shot his hot sticky cum into her mouth. Carol gagged again and choked as thick white sperm dripped out of her mouth and came down her nose. "Swallow my nigga cum bitch," he shouted and continued to ram his black dick into her mouth until he had completely emptied his balls.

I was almost coming in my pants by this time, I badly needed to empty my balls too. I looked at my watch. The guy who had just filled my wife’s mouth with cum said, "There’s still plenty of time before your flight, providing of course that your lovely lady cooperates with our search".

"Isn’t it finished yet?" I asked. He grinned as he looked at Carol, crying quietly with her eyes closed and her mouth and chin covered with his sperm.

"The boss still has to check her out."

The chief officer had been watching everything that went on. He had removed his pants and was stroking his fat black cock. "There’s still one place we haven’t looked into yet," he laughed, "the pretty lady’s tight little asshole!"

Carol looked up and cried out, "No, not my ass please, not there, let me go now." The chief laughed again and knelt down behind her, holding her ass cheeks wide apart and looking at her little brown anus.

"Very nice," he said, "the perfect place to hide some drugs." He licked around the little hole and then pushed his tongue in. I saw Carol stiffen and shudder. She liked me to lick her ass and I wondered if maybe she was enjoying this too, but somehow I doubted it, she was too frightened. He put his arms under her to reach her tits and caressed them as he continued to lick her asshole. He pinched her nipples hard and pulled them, hurting Carol and making her cry out in pain. She has big nipples but now he was pulling them until they must have been over an inch long. I loved watching him hurting and humiliating her like this.

He spat on his fingers and pushed one into her ass up to the second knuckle. Carol drew in her breath sharply as it went in. Then he put in a second and then a third finger, moving them around and pushing them deeper into her rectum. After a while he stood up and walked round to stand in front of Carol. "Look at this big black cock you lovely little bitch. I’m going to stick it all the way up your ass and fill you full of nigga cum."

"It’s too big," she pleaded, "I can’t take all that." I had seen her sodomized by large cocks before when she had been drunk and so I knew she could take it. This was going to be fantastic to watch, my sweet darling wife having her ass raped by a black policeman who had the power to make her do anything he wanted.

"You will let me fuck your ass now or you will be sent to prison where you will get it fucked every night by lots of men. Do you agree? Look in my eyes and say to me "Please fuck me in my ass sir".

"Do it Carol," I whispered to her, just think it’s me fucking you and make him think you’re enjoying it. It’ll soon be over now." She nodded and looked up at her captor with her tear-stained eyes.

"Please fuck me in my ass sir."

He moved behind her and lubricated his cock with spit. Pressing it against her anus, the large head popped in as her sphincter gave way. Carol pushed back her ass and took almost half his shaft up her in one go. "Fuck me," she cried, "fuck my ass with your big black cock." This excited the guy and he rammed the rest of his greasy dick all the way in. Back and forth went the huge cock and I watched the anal rape in all its obscene beauty. Nothing looks more erotic than a black cock fucking a white girl’s ass. "Harder," Carol shouted, "fuck my ass you black bastard."

This really made him hot. He slowed down to the short strokes and groaned as he ejaculated wads of hot cum deep into her colon. He pulled out and stood in front of Carol. "That was good lady, very good. But look at my cock, you’ve made it dirty. Look, there’s some shit on it. Open your mouth, you’re gonna clean it for me, then you can go and catch your plane"

Carol started sobbing again as she looked at the half-hard cock covered in cum and shit. "I can’t, it’s disgusting, please don’t make me do that."

I called to her, "Do it sweetheart, you have to do it, it’s almost finished." My God, I just couldn’t believe this was happening, my wife was being forced to suck a filthy black cock and I was there to see it! She opened her mouth wide and the cock went in. She retched and nearly threw up at the smell of it. The awful mixture tasted vile but she would have done absolutely anything to get away from this nightmare and so she sucked it clean and was about to spit the nasty mess on the floor when the chief put his hand over her mouth.

"Don’t you make the floor dirty too," he said, "swallow it." Making one final effort Carol swallowed the cum and shit and dissolved into tears again.

The Velcro straps were released and I helped Carol to stand up. She collapsed into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably. I helped her to dress and asked the police chief if we could now leave. "We didn’t find any more drugs on you lady, but there is still this" he said with a leer on his face, holding the bag of heroin in front of her face.

"Please sir," she begged him, "I’ve done everything you asked, you said we could go, what else do you want?" He stroked his hand over her wet, sticky face.

"Just kiss me, I love kissing white girls." He pulled Carol against him and pressed his mouth to hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. "OK bitch, now you get your sweet little ass outta here and take your stupid husband with you. Thanks for coming to our country, we hope to see you again some day," he laughed.

We went out into the main hall and Carol ran to the ladies restroom. I had to go to the restroom too, but not for the same reason. I had such a hard on I had to jack off. I went into the toilet and got my cock out. My shorts were wet with precum. I jacked off and shot a load of cum onto the toilet wall.

As we were going into the departure lounge I looked back and saw the police chief standing behind his counter. People were coming through the door into the hall and I noticed a very attractive brunette. She looked a bit like Angelina Jolie. The chief signalled her to come over to him ……..

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