tagLoving WivesYou Fucked Where? Ch. 03

You Fucked Where? Ch. 03


Ok, let's recap here for those who haven't been keeping up. An internet friend and I were discussing odd places we had fucked, and I decided that I should document the encounters. This (if you haven't guessed from the title) is the third installment. The first part was fucking in an explorer in the dog track parking lot at opening time. The second part was fucking in an exam room at a doctors Christmas party. The third part is, well why don't you read on and find out.

If you recall, I'm a married woman who isn't getting any at home (his choice not mine) and need to find pleasure on the side. Once again I'm going to say I don't want any moralistic feedback because I'm cheating on my husband, This is what I have to do to get sex, (my favorite hobby) and please don't suggest that I go without because that is not an acceptable solution.

The FWB from this encounter was a younger married man (again, no moralistic feedback) tall, muscular, good looking and with a very nice ass. I do like younger men a lot and I love a nice ass. Once again finding a place to rendezvous was difficult. But my friend being resourceful had an idea. He said "it's not a great place, but it will be private if you're up for an adventure." Well as you guessed, I'm always up for an adventure. I believe sex should be filled with fun and adventure. We climbed into his truck and took off.

Let mention here that I lived at that time in Southwest Florida and it was summer. For those who aren't familiar with the area in the summer, it's hot and humid. The day we met was no exception. 93 degrees and rising, with a humidity of about the same.

As he drove the air was going full blast. He turned on a street I knew, sort of in industrial area, but I couldn't figure out where he was going. Much to my surprise he turned into a self serve storage area, punched his code into the security box and drove in. I looked at him strangely, and he said "it's not a great place, but it's private and comfy, you'll see."

He drove to the back of the storage units, stopped and got out (leaving the truck running and the air on). He told me "Just chill out here and give me a few minutes." Opening the lock on the unit, he rolled up the door and went in. I saw him go toward the back of the unit and disappear. Within a few moments he came out and said "come with me." I got out and followed him to the rear of the unit. And what did I see? Furniture! I could tell there had been things stacked on a couch in the back but had recently (like 5 minutes before) been moved. He said "comfy and private, just as you like it."

He sat onto the couch, and I straddled him with my knees on either side of him. Wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a juicy, delectable kiss, pressing my breasts against his chest. He greedily kissed back, thrusting his tongue between my lips to touch and play with my tongue. I responded by flicking my tongue around his and sucking like it was a little cock.

He pulled my shirt over my head and nuzzled his face between my breasts. Then he reached behind me to unclasp my bra releasing my 38DD tits. He began to lick and suck at one of my nipples while he had the other between his fingers pinching and rolling it. I leaned back (nearly falling off his lap) to give him better access to my tits. Holding his head in my hands I pushed his mouth harder onto my breast. That all felt so great, but I wanted more. "Oh baby that is so good, but I want your cock." I moaned.

He pushed me off his lap and said "I want to see that pussy baby." I stood, pulled off my shorts and sat on the couch. I wanted his cock, but I wasn't going to get it quite yet. He kneeled and thrust his face into my shaved cunt and started licking on my clit, and fingering my pussy. I had my feet on the edge of the couch and raised my hips up to press my pussy harder onto his mouth.

With his mouth still on my clit, he started pushing fingers into me. First one, then two and finally three. I get very wet when I'm aroused, so there was plenty of lubricant to ease the insertion of his fingers. He managed to get 3 fingers and part of the fourth into my pussy but that was it. I'm very tight and the four fingers he had in me was the most I've ever been able to take. While he's doing this, I have my hands on my breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples. With his moving fingers, his mouth on my clit and my nipple action, I could feel that I was ready to orgasm.

"Oh baby I'm going to cum, don't stop." And he didn't, he kept moving his fingers and biting on my clit which sent me over the edge to a roaring orgasm. My friend knows when I have an orgasm from oral that I almost immediately want a hard cock in me.

"Get on you knees" he demanded, and I complied. My hands on the back of the couch and my knees spread on the edge of the couch, he grabbed my hips and plunged his hard cock into my waiting wet pussy. OOOHHHH that felt so good. I started pushing back against his cock, taking it deep in my pussy. He would pull nearly out, and then slam back into me. Harder, and deeper with every thrust.

"Oh yeah baby, that's good, fuck my pussy hard, I need to feel your cock deep in me." More and more I wanted and he continued to give me just that. Sweat pouring off both of us, our bodies sliding against each other we didn't stop. We were on fire. I could feel my pussy start to spasm, and his cock throbbing in me. I knew we were both on the verge of orgasm. He gripped my hips harder and started to pull me back harder onto his cock. "Oh, I'm ready to cum, I need to feel you shoot your cum in me. Yes, it's time to cum."

He began to grunt and moan, just like I was moaning. I could feel his cock pulsate harder in my pussy. I knew I was ready, he gave a great groan and I could feel his hot cum shoot into my cunt. Which pushed me over the edge into orgasm land. My pussy was convulsing and sending waves of pleasure over my entire body. He collapsed against my back, both of us gasping for breath and deep in orgasm land.

When we both got our breath back, he pulled his cock out and cum began to drip out of my still quivering pussy. I turned and took his cock in my mouth then licked our combined juices from his cock. I do love the taste of mixed cum, and didn't want to waste a drop.

I think the temperature in that storage unit was over 100 degrees and we were dripping in sweat. Luckily there were towels in one of the stored boxes, so we managed to wipe most of the sweat off our steaming bodies. We dressed quickly, got out of the storage unit and into his air conditioned truck where we relaxed for a few moments. Then we drove out of the storage facility and back to the real world.

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