tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Gotta Love The Races

You Gotta Love The Races

byEric lenshher©

One week in Melbourne I generally hate with a passion is the spring carnival. The entire week leading up to the Melbourne cup. Everyday the entire public transport system is totally clogged up with drunken jerks in rented suits going to the races. As a regular commuter it just pissed me off that these guys get away with action like arseholes just cause they have suits on, but then this year I've been having different thoughts about the event.

It's around 25 degrees outside of the train even though it's ten at night. The race crowd are drunk and rowdy, but rather than get angry at the men's behaviour, I've decided to just enjoy the scenery the women present. Summer is just a few weeks away and all the girls have extremely low cut tops or fancy dresses so short they have to hold a racing guide to hide their knickers when they sit down. Sitting directly opposite me in the cramped seats is an attractive blonde girl; she's had way too much to drink and keeps falling asleep with the jerking head motions of a weary commuter. Her bright hair is short and jaggered, it looks professionally done for the day, and she has a loose dress of thin ‘summery' material that shows a deep v of great cleavage.

Her head rests against the window of the train as we coast towards the city. The entire train is buzzing with slurred conversation and people fill the isles, laughing and joking loudly. I keep my eyes on her, her breast are at least a c cup the cleavage nicely pushed together. As I watch the train jerks forward and she hunches forward more, I can see the very edge of her areola at the top line of her dress. The smooth white curve of her full breast flattens a little and I can see the darker rim of her nipple. She has great legs as well. I follow the line from her black high heels that have the soles covered in grass and mud, up her waxed legs. Smooth white skin, she clearly runs or jogs because her legs look strong and nicely muscled. The hem of her dress rests on her thighs; the skin looks softer, begging to be touched. She sleeps with her legs slightly open but I can only see a little more thigh under her dress. Too bad.

I sit here staring at her imagining just what it would be like to be fucking her. Image me laying back on my bed with her riding on top of me. To be massaging those great soft tits, as she straddled my cock. My dick in my pants begins to swell as I think about her; it's all the more fun as I look at her great body while fantisizing about her in action. I start to notice that she is slowly sliding down in her seat, but her dress is slowly riding up. Slowly more and more of her smooth white thighs are coming into view. Under her dress I can just see a small v of darkness, I don't know if she is wearing black knickers or her sweet little pussy is just a few inches from my now very interested gaze. I notice that my heart rate has risen and I'm a lot more awake I was a few minutes ago.

She keeps sliding down in her seat, her legs opening a little more as she try to get comfortable, whilst still sleeping. She isn't wearing any knickers. At first I can just see a little bit of pubic hair and then her pussy is fully on display. My cock is so hard in my pant and I can't believe my luck. She only has a small amount of light curly pubes above her entrance. I gaze hard at the outside mound of her pussy; the smooth curve I'd just love to reach out and touch. Her clit emerges so slightly from the lovely lips of her snatch. I grab a newspaper that is on the seat next to me and place it on my lap, I slowly start to stroke my cock while drinking in the sight if her.

Why would she wear no knickers? She must have fucked some guy at the races, I love the thought. Some guy has dropped his rental suit pants to the ground and is sliding in and out of her up against the wall of a toilet stall. I imagine it's me. Running my hands though her short blonde hair as my cock slides deep into her snatch, her dress hiked up and her knickers left on the stall floor. Reaching behind her to knead and touch her sexy arse as I pound my cock harder and harder into her. She whispers right into my ear as we screw. My rubbing though my jeans gets vigourous now. I stare at her pussy and drink in the site of her deep cleavage. ‘Harder, harder' she would urge right into my ear, kissing and licking it, as I push my cock deep into her again and again. ‘I'm close' I'd tell her as I'd slide my fingertip into her sexy little arsehole as I start to cum inside her. She moans softly as I fill her warm snatch up. Back to reality I start to cum in my jeans. It squirts out slowly as I still rub, while gazing at her sexy mound, at her great tits, at her cute short hair.

The train pulls into flinders St, city station. I stand up and get off the train. Today is only the first day of the spring carnival and this year I think I'm going to like it.

This is my first story so i'd love any feedback. Thanks. sorry if it's a bit tame.

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