You Have The Right To Remain Silent


Austin could not believe what he had just witnessed. He hung his head down as tears ran down his face. "Montana I am sorry for how I treated you before." He told me.

"I never took you seriously Austin so don't worry about it." I told him feeling very sad for him.

He was looking down at the ground. "I am sorry I made you cry the day you cut your arm." He told me walking to me and taking me in his arms holding me.

Stan did tell him and he kept it to him self. What happened the day I lost Troy between Austin and I kept growing deeper.

At nine months I was so huge, and Austin didn't help any with the ice cream and pickles he kept stuffing me with. As I walked he would sing wibbles wobbles but they don't fall down. It was a great day to go into labor; I was at the filing cabinet when suddenly my water broke.

"Austin, it's time." I said holding my stomach.

"Oh no you peed your pants!" he said with a strange look on his face.

I couldn't help but to laugh." No my water broke silly and the baby is starting to push his way out." I told him holding my stomach bent over.

"Oh shit, what do I do?" he asked running over to me.

"We need to lay me down he's coming out." I told him feeling the contractions coming one after the other.

"Squeeze your legs together you have to get to the hospital." He told me trying to get me to walk out of the office.

"No I can't." I told him going down to the ground.

Austin began calling for help and the chief, Ariana and Hannah came running into the office.

"Oh, oh we have a baby coming out!" she said pulling my pants off.

Ariana and Hannah delivered my little boy Ricky. He weighed ten pounds six ounces and had black hair. I kept him in my hospital room with me when I saw the sparkling mist appear by his bed. Troy picked our son up in his arms smiling down at him.

"You must protect him for great things are coming his way." He told me holding our son. He laid him in his bed and vanished.

"Troy......."I said softly sitting in my hospital bed.

I couldn't sleep that night so I decided to take a walk to look at the other babies and I found Austin at my door a sleep in a chair on the other side of the door.

"Austin come in here." I told him. "What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I wanted to be near the baby and" he told me looking down at the floor.

He took my hand in his hand and kissed me softly on my lips. "I want us to be a family." He said holding me in his arms. "Marry me." He told me.

I was totally shocked and I saw Troy standing behind him smiling and nodding for me to say yes. "Yes Austin I will marry you." I told him and he held me tightly.

Austin put him self on the birth certificate as the father. We were married eight weeks later. Ariana and Sara watched the baby while we were on our honeymoon in Disney world.

Life was different being married to Austin he moved us into his house in Davie, Florida. I was not happy knowing that when I went back to work I had been moved to a different unit and a new partner. I had become accustom to Austin's moodiness which is good because it will help in our marriage.

I had come home early one day from work, it was Austin's birthday and I had invited our friends from work. I ordered a female stripper who weighed close to three hundred and fifty pounds; she was blond and wore more make up than Tammy Faye Baker. I slipped into a white halter dress with the back cut just above my buttocks making my white lacy thong seen just above the dress over my hips. The front had a diamond shape hole cut from in between my breast to just below my navel. I wore my hair up on my head with white dangling earrings, and a pair of white sandals.

I had catered in a smoked turkey meal and the birthday cake held his stripper. We sat out by the pool as everyone mingled around eating and drinking. I hired a local band to play old time rock for the party and hired an Elvis Impersonator for the final finale. Everyone was singing and dancing, thank God everyone had a designated driver for those who were drinking. Austin slow danced with me holding me tightly to his body, I felt attracted to him tonight, I mean sexually attracted to him to him. He kissed me softly on my neck, running his hands up and down my back. I found myself becoming moist and my nipples were hard and erect. Austin danced me to behind some bushes away from the party and began to kiss me passionately as I returned just as hot and passionate kisses to him.

He ran his hands over my breast and sat down on the air conditioning unit that was hid inside of the bushes. He released his erection from with in his pants and raised my dress up removing my thongs. I straddled him taking him deep with in my hot juices and moving our bodies in a slow grind as he held my thongs to his face taking in the sweet smell of me into his nostrils, we both came in a hot and passionate orgasm that made me weak in my knees. We pulled ourselves together and joined the party as if we had never just made love only two feet from where everyone was having a good time. Austin was sat in the middle of the room for his cake and presents, he was amazed at the size of the cake thinking the guys did it with some sexy babe in the cake. He tried to run away when the stripper came out of the cake, two of his co workers held him so he could not escape the very large stripper that had trapped him putting red lips all over his face.

After the party was over we sat out by the pool, I stood up letting my dress fall to the ground followed by my thong and stepped into the pool, he followed me into the water nude, I wrapped my arms and legs around him licking his lips softly with my tongue, I began licking his chest and then under the water licking his hard erection and caressing his balls. I would come up for air ever so often causing him to grab me and kissing me passionately running his hands all over my body, he could no longer stand the desire to release his fluids deep inside of my own hot juices, he grabbed me and entered me from behind, caressing my breast and massaging my clit as he grinded his hips harder making his erection to go deeper with in my hot wet juices as my arms were wrapped behind his neck as he ravished my body and massaging my swollen clit as my body began to tremble from the orgasm that racked mine and his body.

That night we came to the realization that we had fallen in love with each other and I slept in his arms feeling so safe and secure. It's not everyday you find true love, but I had been graced with two true loves.

I had been transferred to the plain clothes division, I finally got issued a new car too, a gold Ford Taurus, no not my little red car I had been hoping for. We were going to go investigate a shooting at a neighborhood store off Dixie Highway in Ft. Lauderdale. A man was shot to death in his car by a rival gang for being at the right place at the wrong time. He was caught up by stray bullets being fired at the other passing car when a deadly bullet hit him in the temple killing him instantly.

My partner Rachel Smyth and I were questioning witnesses just as one of the suspect's car drove by and was spotted by one of our witnesses. Rachel a young woman age twenty - six, with light brown long hair, brown eyes, tall and toned we proceeded to give chase while we left the other squad car behind to secure any evidence that might be found by the crime scene unit.

The light blue Toyota spotted us and began speeding down the road and through red lights, Rachel radioed for help in securing the speeding car. We followed the car into a near by alley when the suspects car came to a sudden stop. We looked at each other wondering why they had stopped; Rachel kept in radio contact with the dispatcher Misty. We noticed a blue light glowing inside the car and both men vanished and my heart skipped a beat, we looked around to see if we could see them when both men appeared on each side of the car beating on the window, without hesitation I threw the car in reverse while we both screamed at the top of our lungs. Both men looked like demons; they were red with horns and fangs. I did not stop until I hit the pavement of the road leading to the alley and turned my car and we headed out of there when we heard pounding on the top of the car and the roof began to cave in.

"Oh shit their on the fucking car!" I yelled slamming on the brakes and watched the two creatures go flying in the air, but they never hit the ground they just vanished.

"Where are they?" Rachel asked looking around not realizing the radio had been static and just now we had a clear reception. We heard the dispatcher Misty trying to get us to respond.

Finally we saw the other police cars coming and I was relieved. I opened my car door slowly making sure it was the police and then stepped out when I felt a searing burning sensation in my neck. I watched my head leave my body as the creatures had decapitated me. I saw my body hit the ground but I was standing beside the car still when I turned and blew the creatures into oblivion with one swipe of my hands. Rachel was screaming seeing the attack on my body. I entered into a new form of life and then I saw Troy. We were dead, together now just dead though.

"What happen?" I asked him as he walked to me.

"We are Guardian police now." He told me." Come on I will explain it all to you." He told me taking my hand and we left in the white sparkling mist.

We went to a beautiful place that had colorful butterflies floating around, a beautiful water fall and fairy's floating around sprinkling gold dust around.

"We both were killed by demonic creatures of the dark side also known as evil, hell and so forth. Since we fought against evil in our life we were chosen to be special kind of police here. There are a lot of us here." He said holding my hand.

"What about Ricky?" I asked feeling sad having to leave him.

"Austin will be there for him." He told me gently.

"Austin..." I whispered his name thinking how this would effect him, we had just found our love and now we have to let go. "It's not fair." I said feeling remorse for my heart ached for Austin.

Austin sat in our living room as Ariana and Rachel broke the news to him about my death. He sat quietly, not making a sound and then looked at our picture of our wedding day. "Well I have to go to work. "He told them handing Ariana Ricky.

He walked out of the house and then dropped to his knees crying, the women stood in the door watching him and feeling helpless to help in his time of sorrow. I knelt before him wiping away his tears.

"Don't mourn me Austin; we will meet again one day." I told him kissing him softly on his lips and vanishing.

Austin looked up at the sky crying. "No! Not Montana!" he cried out in pain.

My sister's Natasha and Jessica came to stay with Austin to help him to get through the funeral.

I was given a new assignment to go back to the force only as someone else since I was decapitated I couldn't very well go back as myself. I returned as Koko Bear full blooded Native American and my police dog which happened to be Troy my faithful wolf Anoki. Anoki was a white wolf with blue eyes and I was a twenty six year old single female fresh out of the academy and off the reservation and Austin who was bitterer then before was assigned to me. My luck right? The first day with Austin was just horrible he yelled at me and Anoki who would cover his eyes in the back seat with his paws as Austin ranted and raved.

"I must have baby sitter wrote all over me for me to get stuck with all the partners fresh out of diapers!" he yelled at me.

I had enough of his big mouth. "First of all gramps, I am not happy being stuck with the geriatrics ward! I am quite capable of protecting myself and your tired white ass, as far as Anoki who is my real partner he is not a mutt, but a wolf so learn the difference!" I yelled at him.

"You fucking spoiled little brat do not speak to me in that manner!" he yelled turning all red in his face with his eyes bulging as well as his veins.

I could not resist I stuck my thumbs in my ears waving my fingers at him and stuck out my tongue.

He looked at me so seriously after coming to a complete stop at a red light. "Just go the rest of the day without so much a word to me Detective Bear." He told me angrily for he didn't want to show he had feelings too.

"Fine Detective grumpy." I said smiling.

"Neener, neener." He said sticking his fingers in his ears and his tongue out at me.

Anoki had his paws over his eyes as if he was embarrassed to be seen with them.


There were a couple of demons who had come into the police force and they were keeping their drug rings from being busted along with their houses of prostitution. It did not just end with the police; Judges as well as Senators had been invaded with the Dark side's army. As I was going into the gym to work out with Anoki by my side I over heard an argument between a male uniform police officer and a female detective.

"Look Roy we had a deal, unless you want that pretty little seventeen year old hottie working in the house you will stick to our bargain." She told him smugly.

"Why don't you tell us about the deal Roy?" I asked stepping out of the darkness so they could see me.

"You just made a mistake Koko." She told me.

"No Detective Satinni you did." I told her blowing her up with one swipe of my hand when her eyes glowed red.

"Jesus Christ what are you?" he asked petrified of us.

"No not Jesus Christ, but we're on the same side as he is though." I told him smiling.

I took him back to my office while Austin was talking to the new female dispatcher and I felt a pang of jealousy that he was taking her out tonight. Who is watching Ricky? I thought to myself. I tried to push my feelings to the side, but Troy even picked up on them sitting his paw on my knee whimpering as if to comfort me. Roy told me everything he knew, he gave me names of the ones who were in charge and the names of the ones who were being forced to participate in the illegal activities. Anoki and I left without a word to Austin and we went to Sergeant Briggs house. He opened the door with a surprise look on his face.

"Koko what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? He asked me.

"Oh lets just say I know what you are." I told him with a smirk on my face.

Anoki had turned into Troy when we walked into the house and Sergeant Briggs turned into a demon with hoofs for feet, horns and a face like a Billy goat. We were able to destroy him by hitting him with double electrical balls causing him to explode. When we left the house heading to the next home of our Chief. He opened the door expecting us as well were the other demons waiting with him.

"Didn't you two learn the first time?" he asked throwing daggers at us. Anoki had turned into Troy and I caught the dagger with my hand.

"Didn't you learn how to throw in demon school Chief?" I asked him sending a huge fire ball at his aid Samantha and blowing her up.

"Impressive for a beginner." He said throwing a lightening bolt at me when I heard Austin yelling and Ricky crying.

"You hurt either one of them and I will do worse then send you back to hell!" I told him searching the house with my eyes, listening closely to try to pin point exactly where they were in the house when I found them in an upstairs room I vanished leaving everyone down stairs to save my family. Austin's eyes grew wide when appeared out of the white sparkling mist blowing up the demon bitch he had made a date with. She used their date to lure him and Ricky here. I turned when I felt a burning sensation in my arm; I had been hit with an electrical ball by a demon on the other side of the room.

"Shit I just bought this shirt asshole!" I told the short fat repugnant man and blew him up. "Take my hand." I told him grabbing Ricky and taking them to safety out side of the house and then I went back to help Troy to get rid of the rest of the house full of demons. When we emerged out of the house and Austin and Ricky were waiting for us.

"Troy, how?" he asked him looking at me.

"Austin we were sent back to fight evil here." He told him.

Austin turned to me,"Thank you for saving us." He told me not realizing who I was.

"Austin, its Montana." Troy told him.

Austin looked at me with tears forming in his eyes." God, I miss you baby." He said crying biting his bottom lip as it quivered.

I had tears fill my eyes." My sweet, sweet love I have missed you and Ricky." I told him wrapping my arms around him. Troy held his son while I comforted Austin.

Austin pulled him self together and Troy changed back to Anoki and we rode back to the house.

I walked around straightening it up and he begged us to stay at the house while we were here. We agreed and during the time Troy would be him self unless we had visitors and then he would turn back into Anoki. The three of us slept in our king size bed. Troy excused himself on the second night leaving Austin and I alone in the bed.

"Montana can you look like you use to look?" he asked me running his fingers along my face so softly.

I turned back into Montana and his eyes swelled up with tears as he cried taking me into his arms, he cried so hard with every fiber in his body, his lips searched for mine, his hands roamed my body as they had so many time before, he touched between my thighs finding the wet hot juices welcoming his fingers to explore even more deeper, he raised his body on top of mine kissing my breast and sucking my hardened erect nipples, our moans mingled together, he grinded deeper and harder inside of me until we exploded into an explosive orgasm. I lay in his arms giggling.

"What are you laughing about?" he asked me.

"You are so good in bed that you made a dead girl come in a heat of passion." I said laughing.

"I better stay out of the grave yards then." He said teasingly. "I don't want you to leave me again Montana." He said holding me tightly.

"I wish I didn't have to go, but one day they will call me home." I told him.

The next couple of weeks were really great being with Austin and Ricky. Troy had so much fun with our son. It was touching watching them play together.

We were investigating a rash of murders that involved oriental females of all ages. The victims were raped, burnt with cigarettes all over their bodies; they were then decapitated holding their heads in between their legs to give the effect of giving them self's oral sex. I hated this case and the way the perpetrator humiliated the victims in such a degrading manner. As Austin, Anoki and I walked through the crime scene of the third victim an eighty year old grandmother, had been brutally raped, and savagely tortured before he killed her.

"I want this sick son of a bitch!" I told Austin with tears forming in my eyes.

"I think we all are in agreement we have to catch this asshole." Austin said as the crime scene was gathering the evidence.

Anoki began growling, his hair stood up on his back and he walked slowly towards the closet door. I felt as if I had stopped breathing as I walked to the closet and slowly opened the door to find a twenty year old oriental woman crouched down crying. I was shocked to see her in there especially alive. I took her hand in mine and that was when I saw a vision of the demon that was killing these women. He was standing behind me collecting evidence, Austin was asking me what I saw when he looked up from the victim with red glowing eyes and I instinctively hit him with a flaming ball of fire that missed him. Anoki was gliding through the air landing on top of him as Troy. They battled each other rolling around the floor when the demon known as Detective Miller pulled out a large dagger to sever Troy's throat when I hit his hand with a lightening bolt causing the dagger to go flying across the room. With one swipe of my hand I hit him with a huge lightening ball in his face causing half of his face to burn. He fell off of Troy holding his burning face when I severed his head with one swipe of my hand. I looked at Austin as he and the other officers watched me not saying a word as if they were afraid of upsetting me even more.

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