tagAnalYou Like It When I'm Naughty

You Like It When I'm Naughty


First of all I'd like to state that I'm in my mid 30's as is my wife. She is slim and beautiful whilst I'm not so thin and my cock is of average length. And that doesn't mean 10 inches long and 5 inches thick!! No my cock (was going to say "is only", but won't as I'm proud of the little fella), is 6 inches long. And this is my anal holiday story.

We've been married now for quite a few years now and for the last 5 years I've been trying to get my cock into that gorgeous ass of hers. And over this time I've had various degrees of success. Twice when I've had her absolutely steamed up during love making I've managed to lick her ass for all I was worth whilst didling her pussy with her favourite vibrator. Both times she had a wonderful orgasm, but whilst we both loved it at the time we never spoke about it after that.

The other few times I've managed to fulfill my fantasy is when I've come home late from work (shift worker) and she is in bed asleep. I climb in, caress her ass cheeks and whilst she pretends to be asleep I wet my finger and slowly wiggle it into her tight and gorgeous hot ass and frig it in and out nice and slowly. I know she's awake and aware of what I'm doing and I know she enjoys it because on a few occasions she pretends to stir and wake up and then just fucks me with the dampest pussy ever!! But these events have never got my cock into the Holy Grail.

This all changed a couple of weeks ago when we went on holidays to a beach resort in paradise but with my parents coming along too. I know, I know, but we get on well with them and accommodation costs are halved. So there we are in paradise and have just arrived back to our bedroom after coming back from the pool with my parents sitting and reading in the lounge when we decided to take a shower.

The shower in our room was large and inviting, I'd been eyeing it off for a sexual rendezvous ever since we got there. We quickly disrobed and like two naughty teenagers knowing they were doing wrong jumped in. The great thing about resort showers is that the hot water never runs out which makes sex in there even more appealing. So there we are in the shower, her standing in front of me washing her body as she lets the water cascade over her shoulders and me standing behind her admiring her shapely figure and noticing that familiar swelling sensation below as my cock started to rise and pulse.

I leaned in on her and grabbed the soap from the shelf. Lathered it slowly in my hands until they were dripping with soap suds. I put my arms around her and started to soap and massage her tort torso all the while working my hands higher and higher until they were caressing and soaping her soft and tender breasts. I soaped then pulled and tweaked gently on her nipples causing her to tilt her head back searching for my mouth to kiss. Her tongue melted into my mouth as we continued this sensual embrace, our lips locked, my fingers pulling ever increasingly harder on her nipples. She moaned, I moaned, I was rock solid!

I broke from this embrace and stepped backwards and watched her gracefully rinse the soap suds from her body. I didn't even notice that my hand had drifted down to my aching cock and was slowly stroking it. I continued to stroke my cock as she turned around. She watched me masturbate for a minute or so before putting her own fingers on her damp pussy. She gently caressed her clit and then slowly pushed a finger into her totally shaven pussy. Now I'm pulling on my cock for all it's worth, as seeing her do this drove me wild. She knows I love to watch her play with her self, it's just so erotic.

This mutual masturbation show goes on for a short while when she suddenly knocks my hand off my cock and starts pumping it herself. The sight of her didling her pussy whilst jacking me off just about blew my mind. I was about to cum when I said "stop" and took her hand of my throbbing cock. I leaned in again and whispered in her ear "turn around I want your gorgeous ass" I'd thought for a second she was going to turn the shower off and get out, but she turned around bent over and offered up her sensuous butt.

I didn't waste a second, I stepped up to the plate and whilst holding my throbbing rock hard cock I guided it in between her smooth ass cheeks. The sensation was amazing, everything I dreamed of and more. It was hot and tight and as I kept on pushing I couldn't help but start to moan and moan loudly. My wife swung her head around quickly and hushed me as she didn't want my parents to hear. I stuck the face washer in my mouth and continued to bury my cock deeper into her ass. I felt her tiny little butt hole open up an engulf my manhood and I started up small shallow and slow thrusting rhythm. It was amazing. I was having the time of my life it felt soooooo good.

But what happened next surprised and delighted me. My wife started pushing back on my cock as hard as she could. She was steamed up and going for it and kept on ramming her ass back on my rock hard cock. She was so steamed up that she started to moan loudly, so I had to tap her on the back and tell her to shush! She couldn't help herself and just kept ramming back on my cock and moaning softly.

I couldn't take it much longer and pulled out and said I was going to cum! She swung around so quickly that I knew she was hot. She grabbed my cock and with the most glassy eyed look I have ever seen on her face she frantically parted her pussy with one hand and rubbed my cock-head all over her clit with the other until we both instantly climaxed. My cum erupted and spewed all over her pussy and down her legs. We just held each other for a while and let the water wash over us. She then whispered in my ear "You like it when I'm naughty."

This is a true story, I hoped you enjoyed reading it ‘cos I sure as hell enjoyed living it!

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