tagIncest/TabooYou Naughty Boy Ch. 01

You Naughty Boy Ch. 01


** All characters are 18+ **

I can't forget the day when I saw him for the first time. He was a little boy with a cute smile, brunette hair and very small, yet beautiful eyes. His little hand held my finger in a firm grip.

Today, tears formed in Aunt Celina's eyes when nurse handed over the little boy to her. She gave a little kiss on his forehead and looked in his beautiful eyes; she was so happy and we were happy for her. For the first few years that Jake and Aunt Celina lived with us, she had some health issues. Jake and I had developed a very close and strong relationship as he grew up. We would have fun together, share things with each other; our relationship was unique. I was 14 when Aunt Celina decided to go to Los Angeles. She had a business to take care of there, so she had no other choice but to leave.

Jake started crying as he heard the news. "I don't want to go." He whimpered, as he wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"Don't cry dear. Instead, you should be happy. You will meet new people, will go to a new school, and make some new friends." I said, trying hard to console him.

"But you won't be there." Jake sobbed, sadly looking me in my eyes.

"Yeah, but you can come here whenever you want to. And I don't think Aunt Celina will have any problem with that." I tried to reassure him with a smile on my face, but inside I was crying too. I didn't want him to go, but she had no one except Jake. I had to let him go.

"Promise me, you will call me every single day?" Jake placed his hand in front of me.

"I will, I promise." I said as I placed my hand on top of his hand.

"Will you sleep with me tonight?" He asked.

That night I lay beside him and covered ourselves with the sheet. Even though the bed was too small for both of us, we were comfortable in each other's arms.

I woke up early to help Aunt Celina pack things. I made pancakes and coffee for my aunt, and for Jake, I prepared his favorite sandwich. Soon the taxi arrived. We hugged each other before going out of the house. Aunt Celina picked up her luggage and headed out the door. Jake caught my hand as we walked towards the taxi. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes of his before getting in, and I could see that he was trying hard to be brave and not cry. I waved my hand as we sadly said goodbye to each other.

Every summer Jake would come to visit while enjoying his holidays, but I knew that he just wanted to be with me. He would come two or three days early and would leave on the very last day. Every time he came to my house, he always insisted that when I came to Los Angeles, I would stay with him. I used to tell him that I would go to Los Angeles very soon. As the years passed, he stopped asking me.

After completing my education, I decided to become a model. By God's grace 24 I had everything that a Brazilian girl should have. A well-shaped body, nice pair of 34D size boobs, beautiful ass, silky hair and black eyes. I had also participated in various beauty contests and won some. Several people told me that I had the personality, grace and figure to become a model, and they encouraged me to do so.

One of my friends suggested that I go to New York, because that would be a good place to start my modeling career. When I told my parents about my decision to choose modeling as my career, they were very happy. I decided to go to Los Angeles before going to New York, so I called Aunt Celina and informed her about my visit, but I asked her not to say anything to Jake about me coming.

My flight landed at 5 p.m. at the Los Angeles airport. As I walked into the terminal, I saw Aunt Celina waiting for me near the entrance. We gave each other a big hug because it had been a long time since we had seen each other. As we drove along the highway, I asked about Jake. She told me that at first he found it tough to adjust to a new place, never interacted with anyone and most of the time he stayed in his room. However, after a few months everything changed, he made some new friends and started hanging out with them. I was happy to hear about Jake adjusting to his new home.

We reached her house in an hour or so. As we took my luggage out of her car, I noticed that her house was small, yet very beautiful. Entering the house, we set the luggage in the corner of the room; then she invited me to sit down on the couch.

"This is my palace." She said, motioning with her hand around the lavishly decorated room.

"It's a beautiful palace, I must say."

"Thank you. It's comfortable and I like it. So what brought you here?"

"Well, I have decided to go to New York to start my modeling career. I thought it would be nice to spend some time with you and Jake before moving there."

"That's great! You will definitely do better there."

"I hope that I'll be successful. Where is Jake?" I asked, as I was eagerly waiting to see what his reaction would be when he saw me.

"He said he wouldn't be gone long, but I don't know why he isn't back by now. I told him that he would get a gift if he came home soon."

"Gift?" I asked, laughing.

"I did as you asked and didn't tell him that you were coming, so seeing you here will be a complete surprise for him. He has always hoped that someday you would come and visit." Looking at the clock, she said, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to leave you alone for a little while. I have some work to do, and it's urgent that I get it done."

"Don't worry! I'll be fine; besides, Jake will be here to keep me company."

"That's good." She said as she got up and picked up some files from the table. As she was about to open the door to leave, she turned and said. "There is something that I almost forgot to tell you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"There's some electrical problem in the guest room, so I'm afraid you will have to stay in Jake's room for a few days until the problem gets solved. It's just that I don't want anyone to get hurt." She replied with an apologetic tone in her voice.

"No problem." I smiled. I waved goodbye as she left the house. Being very tired from my long flight, I decided to take a shower. Picking up my luggage, I headed towards Jake's room. Standing in the doorway for a moment, I looked around in amazement.

Like every other boy's room, it was so messy. It looked like a tornado had swept though the room. Everything was in the wrong place, like t-shirts on the beds, books, magazines and assorted sports equipment scattered all over the floor. I decided to clean the room first and then take my shower. It took me more than an hour before I had everything picked up and stored in its rightful place.

Finally deciding that the room looked somewhat respectable, and now needing that shower more than ever, I dug through my bag and took out a towel and other assorted items that I would need.

Entering the bathroom, I could hardly wait to feel the warm soothing effect of the hot water, as it cascaded down my shapely body, relaxing my sore aching muscles. Placing the items on the vanity, I reached around behind, unhooked my skirt, and then sliding the zipper down over my hips, I let it fall to the floor.

Starting at the top and working down, I began to unbutton my blouse, gradually allowing the fullness of my breasts to become visible. The upper reaches of that crevice that my mounds created, the one that always seemed to attract men's wondering eyes when they were standing in front of me, was now on full display. Laying the blouse on the vanity, I reached behind my back and with practiced ease, I unclasped my bra; letting my D cup breasts swing free. At the prime age of twenty-four, they seemed to defy gravity and surely were the picture of perfection in any man's mind. My problem now was that there was no man in my life to enjoy them.

How I missed the touch of a man's hands as they eagerly explored my body. I considered my breasts to be my greatest asset, because there was no doubt in my mind, that they had contributed greatly to my winning high points in the swimsuit contest, of the last beauty pageant that I won. Holding them in my hands, though they needed no support, I lightly tweaked the nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Instantly a shiver ran through my body; they were always so sensitive, that they would respond almost instantly to any stimulation.I gave one final little tug on each protruding nipple, again experiencing those same satisfying sensations that spread out in all directions.

I slowly ran my hands down my firm, well-toned tummy, the waistline that I had worked so hard to keep in shape, because it played a central part in that perfect hour-glass figure that I possessed. My sexy figure had earned me more than one whistle of appreciation from men as I walked by them. One unlucky man that was watching me, instead of where he was going as I passed him on the sidewalk, walked into a light post.

Hooking my fingers under the waistband, I peeled my thin white under wear down my long legs.I took a few moments to admire myself. My small clean-shaven pussy stared back at me from the mirror. It had been so long since anyone had paid any attention to it; that it ached for attention. I couldn't resist the temptation; my fingers naturally migrated to its tender lips. At first contact, my body flinched as I took in a quick gasp of air. Lightly, I moved my fingers along the folds, even letting two fingers enter into that dark cavern. From experience, they seemed to know exactly where to go, as they quickly found their way to that most tender of all spots, my little love bud.

After even a couple of light caresses, it poked its head out, asking for more attention. Giving it one final caress, I withdrew my hand, because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand here if I continued. My knees wouldn't be strong enough to support me. Maybe later, I promised myself.

Taking a deep breath to get myself back under control, I stepped out of my heels, eagerly entered the shower and turned on the hot water. Standing in the shower with my eyes closed, I could feel my whole body starting to relax, as my muscles gave in to the effect of the soothing heat and pounding jets of water.

I directed the spray towards my breasts and for a few moments enjoyed the feeling of the hot water pounding against my nipples. The sensation soon became almost more than I could stand, so I adjusted the nozzle towards the rest of my body. This was almost as pleasant as the hands of a skilled masseuse. I needed this because it had been a long time since I had treated myself to a massage.My hand cradled my mound, as first one finger then two, easily gained access to the center of all female pleasure.

"Ohhh, that feels so good." I half murmured to myself, leaning back against the shower wall. Before I could reach that pinnacle of pleasure that I so desperately needed, the sudden cooling of the water brought me back from my dreamland. I knew that I couldn't stay there any longer. As much as I hated to, I shut the water off, stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself with my big, soft, fluffy towel.

Feeling totally refreshed and tingling all over, I picked up the bottle of my favorite lotion and applied a generous portion to my entire body. I loved its smell, not a strong odor, just a faint hint. With my hands now covered with the lotion, I cupped my breasts and treated them to the one luxury that I allowed myself. I even touched the tip of each nipple with a finger, more to feel the wonderful sensation that I knew they would reward me with, than to apply the lotion.

Picking up my hairbrush, I began the nightly ritual of brushing my silky smooth brunette hair. After several minutes, my hair glistened in the light. I couldn't decide whether to leave it down or put it up. Realizing that it was going to be a very warm evening, I tied it up in a loose bun. This was a much cooler way to wear it, and I had always received compliments when I wore it that way.

As I stepped out into the hall, I closed the door of the bathroom and turned towards Jake's room. That was when I saw a boy standing in front of me. It was Jake. A wide smile appeared on my face, as the person for whom I was eagerly waiting was standing almost within arm's reach. However, his reaction was very different. His mouth was wide open and he was looking at me as if he had just received an electric shock.

"Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Huh? .... aaaaaah ...Yes! ...Yes!" He muttered, taking a long time to respond.

"What happened to you?" I asked as I waved my hand in front of him.

"You forgot your towel." He replied. I didn't understand initially. When he told me to look down by using his eyes, I realized that I was naked. I had left my towel in the bathroom.

"Oh my God! That's so silly of me!" I laughed, but to be honest, I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die. Taking him by his arm, I led him into his bedroom, but as soon as I let go of him, he quickly turned around. "Sorry, I didn't mean to look at you like that."

"Don't be. It isn't your fault, and I bet that you have seen girls this way before."

"No, I haven't."

"Seriously?" I asked as I took a black bra and matching panty from the bag that I had left lying on his bed.


"It's okay. Now look at me." He slowly turned around but he kept looking down. "Come on, look at me! I need your help." He slowly lifted his head and then his eyes. Putting that black bra on over my large breasts, I wiggled a little to get those two babies seated in the cups, and then holding the bra straps around behind me, I turned around to show him the several tiny hooks and clasps on the back. "Will you help me hook this together?"

"Ok." He said. Stepping closer to me, he tried to match each hook up with the right clasp, but he was finding it difficult because his hands were shivering.

After battling with those tiny hooks and clasps for more than five minutes, he finally managed to hook the bra on right.

"Thank you Jake." I said giving him a big smile. Picking up the matching black panties from where I had tossed them on the bed, I bent over slightly and raised one foot to put in them. As I did this, I glanced up at Jake. The moment he saw me watching him, he immediately looked away, his face starting to blush, because he knew that I had caught him looking at my breasts. I smiled to myself, because I could see that he was very uncomfortable standing there so close to my almost naked body.

Slipping my other foot into the panties, I slowly pulled them up my sexy, long slender legs, and over my hips. All this time, he had been standing there nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the next, and watching me, but at the same time trying hard to pretend he wasn't watching. I felt a thrill go through my body, just knowing that I was having such an effect on him.

Not wanting to torment him anymore, I reached into my bag, and pulled out my robe. Putting it on, I tied the knot tight around my slender waist, which only accentuated my ample breasts even more, a fact that I could tell by the look on Jake's face that he noticed.

"So I heard that you have finally adjusted to living here?" I asked as we both sat on the bed.

"Yeah." He replied, nodding his head.

"Does a girl have anything to do with that?"

"Not really."

"Come on! Don't be shy. You can tell me." I teased, giving him a little prod in his ribs with my elbow.

"No! Really I don't. I am still single."

"That's nonsense. You can't be single."

"Why can't I be?"

"Because you have all the qualities that a girl wants in a boy, that's why. That is good looks, honesty, caring, supportive and so many things. Any girl would consider herself lucky to have you."

"Thank you so much, Natasha for the sweet words."

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 9 p.m. I knew that we were both hungry, so I suggested that we find something to eat. We went to the kitchen and I started preparing meatballs.

Jake seemed glad to help in any way I asked. Perhaps having something to do, helped take his mind off the discomfort he was feeling a few minutes ago, when I asked him to fasten my bra, and then watching me put on my sexy panties.

As I started to place the plates on the table, Jake suggested we have dinner in his room. I thought that was a great idea, because I had been wondering how I was going to get him back into the bedroom with him being so shy and bashful.

Taking a bottle of coke, two glasses, and the bowl of meatballs to his room, we talked about various things as we ate the meatballs out of that single bowl.

"Give me the bowl." He said when we finished eating. Getting up off the bed, where we had been sitting as we shared our delicious meatballs, he went to the kitchen. It was very hot inside the room, so I went over to the windows and opened them. Jake came back few minutes later.

"Are you feeling tired? I can see that you have cleaned my room." He asked as he looked at my face.

"You just now noticed it?" I jokingly complained. "I had to spend lot of energy to clean your room."

"I am not so quick at observing things." He laughed.

"Then I must thank you for at least realizing the amount of effort I put forward." I said as I dropped my robe. Jake went into shock mode. "Are you going to bed or not?" I asked him as he became silent. I had to step closer so I could shake him to make him respond.

"Yeah! Yeah! Let me go into the bathroom to change my clothes." He said as he headed off in that direction. A few minutes later, he came out wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt.

"It's so hot and you're wearing heavy stuff."

"I wear this every night." He innocently replied.

"Come on! Be free."

"I am."

"Oh come on! Don't be shy. You will die with a heat stroke if you wear them." He took a long time before removing his shirt.

"Is this okay now?" He asked.

"Your shorts too."

"What? No way!"

"I don't know why you are feeling so shy." He said something under his breath as he pulled his shorts off and threw them away.

"Oooooo." I cooed. I saw him try to adjust his boxers to cover the bulge without me seeing him do it. However, he was too late.

"You are looking sexy, my dear." I said trying to comfort him; instead, he was getting more uncomfortable. I patted the bed beside me, trying to get him to get on the bed. As we lay facing each other, I felt his bulge touching my waist.

"It seems that you are feeling excited?" I asked, as he was still trying to adjust the bulge inside his underwear.

"If a sexy girl sleeps beside a virgin, then it's hard to control the excitement." For the very first time, he didn't hesitate and answered me confidently.

"Don't worry my dear, you will definitely get a pretty girl who will love you and make love to you every single day." I sat up, leaned over and kissed him on his cheeks.

"I hope so." He said, while looking at my boobs. He didn't care whether I was looking at him or not, he was just continuously staring at them.

"Stop staring, you naughty boy!" I punched him on the shoulders.

"Ouch! That hurts." He complained as he rubbed his shoulder.

"It's wrong to stare at girls boobs like that."

"What can I do if something so beautiful is in front of me? I want to have a good look at it."

"Oh yeah! Then how about this? Since you won't stop staring at or thinking about my breasts, here is something else for you to think about." I decided to give him a surprise, so I quickly placed my right hand on that tent in his boxers. He closed his eyes as soon as he felt the pressure of my hand. I slowly started to massage his stiff cock through the underwear.

In his growing excitement, he grabbed the sheet with a firm grip, pulling it partly over himself as I continued the massage. I was getting horny just by watching the expressions on his face. I could almost feel the pleasure he was having. With my left hand, I removed the bed sheet that he had pulled partially over himself, without losing my grip on his cock.

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