tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 02

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 02


Sorry I started a series before I had the second part written, and it's taken me a long time to get this story written out. I do hope to have more parts to this series in the future and hope that it won't take so long for the next installment.

If you'd like you can go back and find part one, but it's not necessary. Once again I'm using false names and situations but most of my stories have at least a touch of reality in them.

A few weeks had passed since Karen had been caught naked by our grocery delivery man, Tom. We'd had plenty of time to laugh about it and she was even able to order food from him during his next stop at our house, of course she was dressed for that encounter. I had teased her about placing the order naked but she wouldn't have anything to do with that.

However, it was fun to watch them face to face after he had seen her naked the last time when he stopped at the house everyone was a bit tentative. Tom mumbled a sort of apologetic "I'm sorry" and Karen managed an "it's ok it wasn't your fault" response. My input was "keep an eye out as it may happen again" to which everyone laughed and went our own way.

During the weeks between the meetings with Tom and since then Karen has teased me with things like "is that Tom at the door?" or "I wonder if Tom is going to stop by today?" When she finally realized that I wouldn't mind her meeting Tom or anyone else at the door while she's naked she finally stopped the teasing, but it did make for some fun role playing in the bedroom!

One day I came home from work and Karen greeted me at the door nude as usual, but this time she seemed a bit agitated and even turned on as she kissed me deeply and handed me a glass of wine before supper. I tried to find out what was up but she told me it had to wait.

After supper we went out to sit on the patio and Karen said that "the neighbor saw me naked today." I was surprised and of course pressed her for the details, after taking a deep breath she explained what had happened.

Since our back yard is pretty isolated, and our closest neighbor works nights, Karen has always felt pretty safe from anyone looking in on her so she's been naked almost all summer as she's done her gardening and sun tanning on the patio. Today was no exception and she was out weeding the flower gardens in the nude and it took her awhile to realize that he neighbor was mowing his lawn.

She heard the mower go back and forth, close to our property line and then far away and didn't think much of it so kept on with her weeding. It was a few minutes later that she realized the mower had stopped and was no longer going back and forth but sitting still in one spot. Once again she said she didn't think much of it but eventually wondered why it didn't start moving again.

Eventually she got curious enough to look around a bit and spotted the neighbor sitting on his lawn mower looking at her through a small gap in the bushes. He had finally noticed that she was nude and had stopped his mower to enjoy the show. Karen realized that it had been at least 10-15 minutes that he had been sitting still watching her weed the garden.

Of course during this time she'd been bent over in just about every position you could imagine that a person uses while pulling weeds. She'd been bent over letting her 34B tits dangle and shake around, stood up and given him a good full frontal, and rear view, and she realized that she'd even bent over and given him a nice rear view of her always shaved pussy.

She claims that she didn't want to startle him so she finished weeding the flower bed which took another 10 minutes and then picked up everything and went in the house. I was surprised that she hadn't yelled at him or thrown something his direction and rushed off out of his sight. So I pushed her a bit more about how it really ended.

After another drink and my persistent questioning she finally admitted that since I had said that I wanted others to see her naked that she was thinking about that while the neighbor watched her weed the garden nude. It was that thought that kept her out long enough to finish the weeding and she also admitted that it was longer than 10 more minutes, more like a half an hour that she stayed outside knowing that she was being watched.

She also admitted that having someone see her naked like that, where it seemed accidental was really a turn on. However, she didn't like the fact that it was someone who lived so close to us but since she didn't talk to him or let him know that she knew he was watching her she thought she'd gotten away with it and that he wouldn't think she was inviting him over.

By then we were well on our way to having some of the best sex we'd had in months and later that evening she sat of top of my cock and rode me to orgasm while "showing off" her nudity to me, Tom or the neighbor. After we were done I asked her if I could arrange for her to be seen naked by other men would she be willing or even want to do it. I wasn't sure how, but I already had some ideas.

After some thought she told me that if I could arrange it where it would look like it was accidental, and she wouldn't have to meet them later on, she would be willing to try it once and see how it went. If she felt comfortable with it she'd do it again.

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