tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Want Me to What?? Ch. 02

You Want Me to What?? Ch. 02


I must have done it to myself no less than 30 times during the week following the incident.

My friend Mary had insisted that I help her shave her privates so she could wear her new bikini to the beach for Spring Break.

Well, my Daddy taught me to never turn down a lady so I did it, even though my heart was in my throat and my face was flushed the whole time.

My face wasn't the only thing that was flushed, too.

Then Mary had spotted the miserable state I was in and matter of factly jerked my pants down and put her mouth on me.

My very first sexual experience that didn't involve my own hand.

Well, there was that one time with Bonnie, the daughter of one of our neighbors. We had sneaked up into the haymow to smoke a cigarette. That by itself would have gotten my fanny blistered if my Dad had caught me.

But Bonnie and I got to fooling around, somehow my pecker got out of my pants and Bonnie had her hand on it.

Suddenly she went, "Oh yuck!" and started wiping her hand on the hay beside us. Then she took off running.

My big first sexual experience, at least I think it was one.

Mary had hinted that maybe, just maybe I would get her virginity, too. Big surprise to me, after all, she had 3 years of college by then and I just assumed? After all, girls usually didn't need any money to date. The total amount I had to spare for dates was..well..zero.

But her hinting didn't help cool me down one danged bit, by the next week I found I could no longer whack off, my poor thing was all red and sore.

That vision of Mary laying on her back, her eyes squeezed shut, legs spread wide just set me off.

Sex? With Mary? I know, this will sound strange but the thought never even entered my mind until then.

Mary was just....well, Mary. My friend, we grew up together from babies sharing a crib as our Moms and Dads worked the farms to young pre-teenagers splashing in the nearby creek, naked without a thought about it.

That all ended when she became a woman, I became a man less than a year later. Well, I was twelve but that's the term my Dad used.

I am sure that my Mom thought Mary and I were destined to be together, she even kept a photo of the two of us as babies, sleeping contentedly curled up together. Mom loved that picture, we were sucking each other's fingers.

But we never even really dated, the idea didn't register with me. We went places together, but that was just the way it always was.

College finally split us up, for awhile I was lost with no one to talk to, no one to be with that simply...belonged there?

But I managed, got good grades, then suddenly there she was!

The slightly fat and soft little girl I knew was now sleek and lithe. I still didn't have any thoughts about her as a sex partner or anything like that, she was still just Mary.

Until that day. I shampooed her crotch and carefully shaved her, as close to womanhood as I had ever gotten in my entire life.

Now she wasn't just "Mary" anymore, she was the complete and total object of every fantasy I ever had from then on.

I actually ran all the way to the bus stop to meet her for the trip to the coast. Mary was waiting with the tickets, she had spent some of the $600 she inherited from her grandmother, and paid for a tiny seashore motel room for the two of us to share.

No point in asking me for any money, I didn't have any and she knew that. Usually she didn't have any, either.

We sat quietly together on the bus trip to the coast, I was sure my breath was bad or something. I had brushed my teeth until I saw spots of blood and showered until the water ran cold.

The motel room was tiny, that is an understatement. There was one bed, a TV set, a tiny table and a chair.

"Who gets the bed?" Was about the first thing out of my mouth.

"Oh, we can take turns, the party will go on all night." Mary answered matter of factly.

We unpacked and headed off down the street towards the famous turnaround, looking at all the sights.

Young people were everywhere, it was one of those balmy warm days, even down by the beach the breeze off the ocean was just slightly cool.

Mary was wearing a light green T-shirt and a pair of white shorts, the T-shirt was cut off baring her navel. I had on a Tan T-shirt and blue jeans, my normal state of dress.

It didn't take long to see what sights there was to see, so we headed on down the beach to where young people were splashing in the cold water, throwing frisbees. Portable radios were blaring, tuned to several different stations or recordings, all competing for attention.

A few young women were basking in the attentions of some rather rippled looking guys. I peeled off my outer clothes to just my boxer type bathing suit.

I knew I looked pretty ripped myself, my running on the track team combined with weight lifting kept me in good shape.

I saw Mary out of the corner of my eye hesitate and seem to take a deep breath.

I realized she was nervous, her suit wasn't much more than three pieces of napkin and some yarn.

But she pulled the T-shirt over her head, adjusted the top which of course was already out of place. Then she slipped the shorts off.

I think she expected instant attention, nobody even looked at her. Several of the other girls were wearing similar outfits, a couple were already sans tops, baring their nipples to the sun.

I spotted a beach vollyball game and injected myself into it. In no time I was sweating, the game was fierce.

After perhaps a half hour of that, I noticed Mary sitting on the sidelines watching, sipping on a beer. Another girl I didn't know was sitting topless beside her. I excused myself and wandered over, thinking a cold beer would taste good.

Mary pulled a beer out of a cooler sitting between them as I approached, handed it to me.

"Thanks!" I said.

"This is Kathy, she is in my economics class." Mary said for introductions.

"Dan." I nodded at her.

My eyes dropped to her breasts, try as I might to not stare. Kathy was full busted, she looked a bit like some enhancement had been done, it was hard to tell if so. A natural redhead, she had delightful freckles all over her breasts, hair with every possible color swept over her bare shoulders.

Catching my look, she pulled her shoulders back, lifting her bust, making them look..perky?

Younger women tend to look a little perky anyway.

"Yum yum!" Kathy said, looking me up and down boldly, making me blush.

This got a dark sideways look from Mary, I noticed.

We sat and chatted for a long time, Kathy made a point of turning this way and that, delighting in my inability to keep from looking at her. A couple of times she even reached over her shoulder for something, letting her legs fall open exposing her crotch barely covered by the thin cloth.

Of course this made me develop a raging hardon, I tried to keep turned so it showed as little as possible.

The dark looks from Mary increased in intensity.

Finally she jumped up.

"Let's go eat, I'm hungry!"

I got up rather reluctantly. I had been basking in the attention, something I wasn't used to.

But knowing if I expected to eat anything at all then Mary called the shots since I didn't have a dime, I went with her.

"Did you get your jollies staring at her tits?" Mary hissed at me when we were out of earshot.

I was clever enough to not say anything.

"I saw you sitting there with a woodie staring at her crotch."

"I wasn't..." I started to protest.

Well, yes I was.

"Asshole!" Mary took off running across the sand.

No way in hell could Mary outrun me, I simply took off after her, loafing along watching her behind bounce as she ran.

Mary stopped at the seawall, catching her breath.

"Her tits are better than mine!" she said.

Hoo boy....

"No they aren't!" I protested.

"Yes, they are, you were staring!"

"Well, she had her top off."

"I suppose you wanted me to take mine off, too?"


With that she reached back and tugged the strings and suddenly Mary was barebreasted in front of me.


"Well, what?"

"Are hers better?"

"God, you are beautiful." I was telling the truth.

Mary beamed, then giggled. We were on the seawall, people were around, starting to look at us. Way down the beach was one thing, up here we were almost back in the town.

"You better put that back on." I told her.

"Yea." she giggled, tying her top back up.

We found a hamburger stand and got some food. While I was working my way through the last of some limp french fries and something pretending to be catsup she asked me what I wanted to do next.

"Let's go to the bonfire dance tonight."

"OK." Hell, it was a given anyway. Everybody would be there.

We wandered around for a few hours, ending up finally back at the tiny motel room. Mary hopped on the bed, I hesitated and then took the chair.

"You can nap here with me." Mary patted the covers beside herself.

I got up and stretched out, wondering what was going to happen. Mary's warm body was right there, tucked up beside me on the small bed.

I was still wondering when I fell asleep.

It was dark when I woke up, I looked over and no one was there. Then I heard the shower running. In a few minutes Mary came out, a big white towel wrapped around herself as she used a smaller towel to dry her hair.

She plopped down beside me on the bed, the towel didn't do much to cover her. I almost instantly had a reaction which of course she noticed.

"Are you always like that?" she giggled.

Then her expression changed.

"Or are you thinking of Kathy?"

"I was...you are.." I reached out for her, she slapped my hands away.

"Turn your back, I need to get dressed."

"Heck, I have already..."


"Oh, all right. I need a shower, anyway."

I hopped up and went into the bathroom where the small white shower stall was. I stripped down and climbed in, scrubbing myself furiously.

I pulled on a clean T-shirt and jeans, Mary was sitting on the bed dressed when I came out. We headed off down the beach, we could hear the racket long before we got there.

There were some guys trying to encourage a wet T-shirt contest on one side and some other girls were dancing on the sand to a pair of huge speakers someone had set up.

It was still early but several of them already appeared to be drunk, one girl was tugging her bottoms halfway down her fanny to the cheers of some guys, also drunk.

The guys trying to get the wet T-shirt contest going were having some success, they had three gals up there on an impromtu stage. It was just some cement blocks with thick sheets of plywood on top but it worked.

The first girl to start dancing was skinny with a pair that had to be store bought, they almost didn't move at all. One guy soaked her down, she did some wiggles and that was about it.

The guys were all yelling and clapping, though. Then a chunky gal was up there, drunk on her behind, they had to grab her a couple of times to catch her or she would have fallen off the boards.

I noticed they were real careless about where they grabbed her, too. She was laughing and didn't seem to mind getting felt up.

The third gal was pretty good, she teased and smiled, even reached behind and tugged her bikini down some to the delight of everybody.

Just then I felt something soft tuck up against my arm and I looked over.

Here stood Kathy, the redhead from the beach earlier. She snuggled up next to me and hooked her arm in mine. She made sure her left breast was shoved tightly up against me.

"How you doing, Dan?" She smiled and looked me in the eyes.

Mary spotted her, glared at me. Her face changed.

"Uhh.." I managed cleverly as Mary shot a mean look at Kathy.

Kathy ignored her, reached up and slid her hand over my chest, leaving streaks of fire across my chest. I felt my cock lurch, tried to will it to go away.

"Are you entering the contest?" Mary asked Kathy, grabbing my other arm and tugging.

It was a challenge.

I tried gently to disengage my arm but Kathy hung on tightly as Mary let go and stood there, hands on her hips.

"Sure, why not?" Kathy smiled. Then she released me and headed for the two guys with the microphone.

Everybody started cheering, in no time at all Kathy was dancing around, her top was wetted down and then it was off. She had a lot of energy, too, flesh was moving around pretty good as she danced to the music.

She seemed to be dancing for me most of all.

"Her tits are better than mine, aren't they?", Mary hissed in my ear.

"No, yours are fine." I managed.

That was all I got out as Mary headed for the stage, her T-shirt pulled over her head as she moved. Then her arms came back and tugged the string on her top, she wasn't even waiting to get wet.

"Mary!" I called out, my voice drowned out by drunken cheers.

Kathy saw her coming and redoubled her efforts, now the two of them were in a head to head contest to see who could shake them the hardest.

That drove the crowd nuts.

Mary seemed to be getting the upper hand, her breasts were only slightly smaller but the motion was obviously natural. Finally, mercifully the song ended, all I could do was stand there helpless.

Something inside me didn't want Mary up there being ogled.

They both came back over to where I stood, Mary had pulled her T-shirt back on, Kathy was retying her bikini top.

"Well? Who won?" Kathy said.

I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

That was a mistake, I caught the look on Mary's face. One of the guys called out the names, the crowd cheered for each. The cheers for Kathy and Mary were too close to call.

"Danceoff!" Everybody started yelling.

Mary glared at Kathy, Kathy glared back. They both headed back up there.

"Mary!..Wait!" I called out, having no effect.

Just what I needed, to get in the middle of a catfight. Besides, Kathy was pretty but I was with Mary?

Well, I thought I was with Mary.

The music started up again, both girls were dancing fiercely, I still felt that Mary was getting the edge.

Until Kathy reached down and pulled the strings on her bottoms. They fell to the stage, the crowd went silent for s second, then erupted into cheers.

I was already headed for the stage when I saw Mary reach down towards her on bikini bottoms. I grabbed her and was pulling her off the stage when a couple of guys grabbed me, dragging me back.

"Let go of him!" Mary yelled. They didn't.

Then she was in the middle of them, swinging. That did it, they let go.

One guy I didn't know was drunk and wanted to fight, I wanted no part of it.

"Let's go!" I told Mary. She didn't hesitate, took off running, me right behind her. We were all the way to the seawall before she realized she had left her top behind.

I pulled off my own T-shirt and handed it to her.

We got back to the motel room and inside, collapsing on the bed.

"Well? Who won?" Mary asked after we caught our breath.

"I kinda think Kathy did."

"I would have if you hadn't stopped me."

"Yea, I think so."

"Are her titties better than mine?"

"No, yours move better."

"Move better, huh?" she rolled over on her side, leaning on her elbow.

Then she began kissing and licking my chest and stomach. My reaction was almost instant.

"So who has the best looking pussy?" she giggled.

"I didn't really get to look at hers."


"No, I'm not."

"Besides, I want to look at yours."

"You do, huh?" Her voice went husky.

"Yea." I reached down and tugged the strings, she didn't protest.

Mary began to work on the catch on my jeans, in short order she was on top of me, my face buried in her crotch as she sucked on me furiously.

She flooded me with wetness as she orgasmed several times, then we lay side by side. I somehow had managed to not climax. I was still hard as a rock, Mary's hand stroked me as she lay there quietly.

Then I tried to push her back, roll over into position. Her hands came up, shoved my shoulders back.

"You can't fuck me." she said flatly.

"Why not?"

"Because we have to get married first."


"But I don't have a dime!" I protested.

"Neither do I."

"We will starve."

"No, we won't." She said, as she slid down and pressed her lips over me.

"So where did the married idea come from?" I asked her later, as I nuzzled away happily at her loins.

"Your Mom..she told...me that...if I wanted you I had to just..go get you." Her voice came in little gasps as I kept licking her.

"MY Mom?"

"Yep!" she giggled.

"She said you were probably too dumb to figure it out by yourself."

"MY Mom...? What did she say?"

"She told me that if I had to, to just reach down the front of your pants and grab you, it works almost every time!"

"My Mom said that?"

"Yes, she said we were meant for each other."

I was still licking her, her voice was still coming in gasps.

"It has to be pretty soon, too." Mary said.


"I can't hold out much longer." Then she moaned and thrust herself at me, holding her hips upwards.

"God, I love you!" Popped out of me.

"About time!" Mary beamed at me.

"I love you, too."

I thought about that for a few moments.


Flat broke?

What the hell. We curled up together and slept.

I knew she was worth waiting for.

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