tagInterracial LoveYoung Black Stud Ch. 02

Young Black Stud Ch. 02


If you are reading this you already know that my name is Tere. This night Tim and his cousin came over to see me and my daughter, since Tim liked me and Shannon liked my daughter. We sat around drinking for a while and talking about Sex, which after working in a men's prison all day long, and seeing cocks all day every day, it is hard to think of anything but that. There is nothing weirder that sitting around talking about sex with your daughter and her friends. I am so use to seeing cocks all day long, little ones, big ones, white ones, asian ones, mexican ones and black ones. I come home and it seems like all we talk about is sex, and what guys jacked off on me that day. This night was no different, sitting there with Tim talking about all the huge cocks I see and how horny I am when I get home from work. I was so turned on this night when I got home, I had seen a few guys as they were shooting come into the air, and the look on their faces when they opened their eyes and saw me standing there looking at them was of pure shock. So when I saw Tim I knew I was going to fuck his huge black cock all night long.

We went to the bedroom after awhile because I was sitting on the stool in front of Tim with my gown on, and no panties, and Tim felt through the gown, and knew what I didn't have on under my gown. I kind of was teasing him, showing him my pussy and how wet I was, and what he was in store for, if that was what he wanted from me.

I could tell that Tim had a raging hard on through his clothes and I was really getting very hot knowing what was in store for me. We went to bed, telling everyone else good night. He licked my pussy and loved the fact I was so wet. His tongue played with my clit and I had orgasm after orgasm. He was so turned on by this that he was ready to fuck all night long. He told me he had his own personal Pamela Anderson in bed, and knew that I was much better than she could have been. I really love sex, and not afraid to try new things, new positions, and since I am so limber, I can twist myself anyway without hurting myself.

With Tim deep inside of me, I told him about all the hard cocks I had seen all day. I was so very horny that we fucked all night long. I wanted to feel that come shoot deep inside of me, even though I could get pregnant, I didn't care. I wanted it so much, and so Tim shot his come inside of me, many times, and told me he always wanted a mixed baby. To know that I turned him on so much that he shot loads and loads and loads of come deep inside of me, and didn't mind if an older woman was pregnant with his baby. I guess that what they say about older women make better lovers is true, because he keeps coming back for more. I love being with younger guys and whether they are black or white or any other race doesn't really matter as long as they are young, hung and full of come. I can tell that black is a beautiful thing though because of all the guys I have been with all the black guys I have been with have all been hung, and are not lacking in the knowledge of being a lover. Being with Tim really shows me that being with a black guy with a huge cock is such a real turn on. I have decided that if I have the chance I will be with many more black guys. I am really turned on by seeing a black guy feasting on my breast. It is an awesome feeling to look down and see a black cock as it is sliding in and out of your pussy. I have never had pictures taken with a cock inside of my pussy but I think that one day, I may let someone take pictures of me with a cock sliding in and out of me. I guess the contrast of seeing black skin against pale white skin is a real turn on, and I will continue to look at tall good looking black guys with the knowledge that I can have loads of fun if I can get their attention.

Being with Tim shows me that being with a black guy is just so awesome, that I have decided that it is great being with black guys and that they actually know what it is like to show a white woman what they are missing out on when they settle for white guys with puny cocks. I love the feeling of a young black guy with a huge cock, slipping that cock deep inside of my pussy and letting me know that I am wanted by him in every way possible. Any of you white girls who have never fucked a black cock, you should try it, because you might decide you can at least feed your fantasies and never let anybody else know, if that is what you want.

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