Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 01


Julie took a minute to look at her handiwork and commented that my hair wasn't perfect but that I'll do for now. She pushed me backwards so I was lying on her bed, face up. She crawled on top of me so she was sitting on my face as she looked toward my feet. She told me to start licking her pussy and if I didn't do it right there would be hell to pay. I licked for all I was worth. I had no idea what I was doing since this was the first pussy that I had seen that wasn't on my computer screen. I had read somewhere to "draw" out the letters of the alphabet with your tongue and that you could please any woman.

I was up to the letter "M" when Julie started bouncing up and down really hard on my face. I wasn't sure if I would be able to breathe or if my nose would get broken as she ground her hard little clit on my face. As I got to the letter "T" Julie squeezed her thighs together and came...LOUDLY!!!! If my sister or Kelly were home they would definitely heard her. Julie raised her hips slightly so I could catch my breath and said that since I did such a good job of licking her cunny that she had a reward for me. She lowered her hips and told me to start licking again but to avoid her clit because it's always a little sensitive after she cums. Julie raised the black skirt that I was wearing and lowered my cum soaked panties to my knees.

Julie leaned forward and engulfed my soft little cock completely in her mouth. Even though I was in bed with the first girl that I had ever seen naked and she had her hot mouth on me, my cock couldn't get hard. I know I had cum less than twenty minutes before but DAMN IT! Why couldn't I get hard again. Julie sucked me up and down and even took my balls into her hot little mouth. Julie worked on me for about fifteen seconds and then let my cock slip from her mouth. In the most girlish voice she said, "It's so cute!!!! I know you want to cum again, you want to try something a little kinky?"

Here I was, wearing the clothes of a girl whom I really didn't know that well as she was naked on top of me. If this wasn't kinky I had no idea what she had in mind, but I of course whimpered out a meek little yes. Julie smiled ear to ear and told me to close my eyes and not to move. I could hear her rumbling around and in less than a minute I felt her again on top of me. She told me to keep my eyes closed for another minute and to not move. I felt something cold and metal going around my right wrist, then my left wrist. A few seconds later I heard a couple of clicks as she handcuffed me to the bed. Twenty seconds later I felt my ankles being tied to the corners of the bed. As Julie got off of me she told me that I could open my eyes. My skirt was still around my waist, my little white lace panties were still around my knees, and I was tied securely to the bed.

Julie had a tube of KY jelly in her hands and told me that this was going to be fun. She lowered her sopping wet pussy back on to my face and told me to start licking again. I couldn't see what she was doing but I wasn't entirely surprised when I felt her lube coated finger start pushing into my virgin asshole. I know I would have jumped a mile had I not been tied to the bed. Julie slid her finger in and out of me as she started sucking my cock again. This time I was hard in an instant. Julie noticed this and teased me by saying, "Oooooh! It looks like my little girl likes this." She placed her mouth over my cock again but didn't suck. She just held it in place as she finger fucked my ass. After about three minutes the pace of her fingers increased and she took her mouth completely off of my rock hard erection.

When I started to cum Julie rammed her finger in as far as it could go and held it there. I came in three large spurts that completely covered Julies tits. Julie massaged me for another five minutes as little bits of cum continued to escape from my cock. Julie was so proud of herself and her work that she was all smiles as she got off of me. She grabbed my underwear that she had been wearing and cleaned all of the cum off of her and cleaned off her finger and then threw them in the corner. She then put on a clean long t-shirt and slid into bed with me, "Night night." I protested that I needed to be let loose from my restraints but she just smiled and told me no. She did tug the white panties up from my knees into place. She then smoothed the skirt down so I would be more "ladylike." I started to say something else but Julie cut me of by saying, "If you want to fuck me in the morning, and tomorrow afternoon, and maybe the next day, you'll do as I say. Now go to bed."

I didn't argue with that logic and gave her a kiss. Ten minutes later, even with the uncomfortable feeling of being tied to the bed and the cum filled panties, I drifted off to sleep...

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