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She was dressed in a short maid uniform, a lesbian slave serving coffee to her Mistress and miss Trixie, one of the eighteen year old students that her Mistress tutored. As Dina poured the coffee, her arm seemed to give way suddenly and the saucer tipped, spilling coffee in miss Trixie's lap. It was hot and soaked the clothes that covered the young girl's thighs and belly, Mistress Mien was outraged, ordering Dina to help miss Trixie. The apologetic slave knelt and removed the girl's hot, wet clothes, drying her smooth skin with the white linen tray cloth. The affected parts were quite red and sore, especially the inner thighs, whilst her pussy area was quite puffy, reddened lips forming a cute smooth slit that attracted Dina's attention. Mistress Mien was angry,

"Dina bend over miss Trixie's lap for punishment."

Miss Trixie looked alarmed,

"Oh, I don't know that I could discipline her, Mistress Mien, she's the same age as me."

"Nonsense girl, your main aim is to be more assertive, there is no better time than now, you have vested interest in making the girl pay for what she did."

"Dina, do as you're told."

With the slave over her lap, miss Trixie pulled up the girl's short dress, not surprised that it revealed a naked ass. She stroked the smooth cheeks and looked closely at the sweet young bottom, noticing the tight, starfish shaped anus and below that, a soft shaven pussy . She spanked an ass cheek, noting the wobble that travelled across the muscle and the wriggle the girl gave in receipt of it. Another smack then, to the other cheek, portioning out the blows evenly, Dina wept at her public humiliation. The fact that the Mistress had given a mere student the order to chastise her was even more embarrassing, her soft sensitive bum must be quite red, it was certainly painful.

"Now you know how sore miss Trixie must be feeling, kiss her better."

Dina arose to kiss Miss Trixie's mouth,

"No, kneel to kiss her better, you made her sore, kiss her better,"

Dina knelt and kissed a smooth belly, then moved to each inner thigh, wondering whether this was the moment she could sneak a kiss to the girl's pussy, the Mistress must order her but she was drawn to those puffy lips, what should she to do? The question was soon answered,

"And her pussy, don't forget that,"

Trixie flinched, she knew she was getting moist down there, was her lesbianism that obvious?

"No, really, perhaps that's a bit too much."

"Nonsense, the girl must learn to obey, force her to comply, give the slave the order."

"Dina, kiss my pussy." Trixie felt empowered, the fact she could demand a girl bring sweet lips to her wet sex was making her horny.

Dina kissed the tender flesh, tasting the moist slit, briefly. Mistress Mien was watching the two girls and getting wet herself.

"Now lick to clean the coffee from her properly."

Again Dina kissed, then licked, the young girl, who by now was getting bolder, it's not every day a pretty young thing was licking your sex in front of an older woman they both adored. Trixie made sure the Mistress was able see, spreading her legs as she felt the tongue in her, flicking this way and that, stirring erotic thoughts and feelings, she spoke,

"You missed a bit, do it all again."

"Well done my dear, you are getting more assertive, you will get good marks for inventiveness, but you haven't left good marks on her, they're fading already."

Trixie was getting more aroused, smacking the girl had started it, the young body draped over her legs accepting punishment, she was wet just thinking about it, although that wetness was being lapped up greedily.

"Bend over my lap again," she had picked up the dominant overtones in Mistress Mien's voice. "No, wait, take off your dress, bend naked over this leg, with your head on the floor, I want your ass right up in the air."

Dina now had to strip off in front of the others, she had of course stripped for the Mistress in her interview, to become a submissive house slave. At that interview she then had to play with herself and lick her fingers to show her willingness to be humiliated. That she had displayed herself to a prospective Mistress was one thing but to strip in front of another girl of her own age was degrading and strangely, turning her on.

Now, with a red face, she stepped out of her dress, she wasn't allowed underwear and stood naked in front of the partially clothed student. Mistress Mien was quietly pressing her fingers into her lap, the thin dress allowing all the pressure to be felt in her pussy, this was going better than she thought when she suggested miss Trixie knock Dina's arm.

Trixie held Dina's body as she bent over her lap, sliding her hands over firm breasts and cupping them, moving on to her ass and sliding provocatively across her moist pussy. Oh, Yes, thought Trixie, I am allowed to do anything to this slave, demean her in every way, a finger slipped into the slave's ass, making her wriggle. Meanwhile Dina was loving the abject humiliation, being fondled by a young girl in front of her Mistress, afraid her wet pussy would give away her arousal by openly dripping. Funnily, the same thoughts were running through Trixie's mind, she was turned on, both by the naked slave and the absolute command of her, all with the Mistress' approval.

She had actually ordered another girl to lick her pussy juices, that even now were pouring from her, trickling down onto the chair. She smacked the pert young bum, it wobbled deliciously again and the red mark seemed to spring up from nowhere, the power to inflict pain and humiliation was an intoxicating one. Five finger marks were clearly visible and the palm print a carbon copy of the one she was slapping onto the other cheek. God, she was horny, the girl wriggled, almost falling, she roughly pulled the slave closer to her body and of course nearer her pussy. Her own body felt the quivering slave flesh touching her sex, as she was chastised. Oh yes, she pressed wetly against the youngster, each slap brought more stimulation, which just elicited more smacks. Trixie slid her body down in the chair pressing more tightly against the naked quivering flesh of the teenager, the punishment transmitting directly to her pussy.

Mistress Mien was openly masturbating now, her dress open from the waist, watching the girls getting off, each in their own way. Dina was dripping, her ass high in the air, she could feel the clear stickiness running down her thighs, Trixie could see it and slapped each thigh wetly, transferring the clear essence to Dina's bum as she was spanked, coating the red cheeks in shiny juice. The young dominatrix could feel her orgasm approaching, she was in a haze of sexual delight, engrossed in commanding and punishing a young girl, hardly believing power like this could make her cum or indeed be enough to make the girl aroused as well. Her smacks were directed at inflamed cheeks, pulling the girls legs open wider, to inflict harsh punishment to her anus, she felt the rush of an orgasm take her, smearing her pussy juices over the young slave's body, slapping an ass as she climaxed. She slumped, panting, in the chair, just as the young girl over her lap convulsed in a climax of her own, nectar flooding from the naked pussy, down her legs and that of the student mistress.

Mistress Mien was massively turned on watching the youngsters cum, reaching the peak of pleasure herself, mashing her fingers round in the juices coating her clitoris. Her legs were wide open, flaunting her sex at the two youngsters, splashing juices from her fingers as she climaxed, pushing her pussy at them as she squirted her delicious fulfilment. Drawing both herself and her dress together, she said,

"Miss Trixie, Dina has inconvenienced you with her sticky ejaculation, there must be a punishment you can think of."

"Dina, you will suck all wetness from me, as I think of a suitable punishment."

As she stood, Dina's nectar trickled down her leg, still dripping from pouting lips, she fell to her knees and licked her own juices from the new mistress, together with those of Miss Trixie, slurping the sopping pussy and enjoying the experience. Miss Trixie too, had reasons to enjoy it, as the lapping tongue rekindled the sensation of her recent orgasm.

"Stand and bend over girl," she said, "You have cum without permission and dared to cover me in your filthy excretions."

"Well done, miss Trixie, another smacking seems to be in order but perhaps with only three fingers this time? Directly to her pussy?"

"Wonderful idea, Mistress Mien, I hope to be as harsh as you one day."

Dina didn't know whether to be upset or delighted, more punishment from the young girl but to her poor pussy, how bad would that be? She bent over and touched her toes but Miss Trixie kicked her feet so wide apart, the young girls hands were on the floor, her legs straight, her ass raised high, she could see Mistress Mien peering at her dripping pussy lips, a knowing smile on her face. Miss Trixie stood facing the Mistress over Dina's red bum, legs under Dina's armpits, the girl's tender derriere before her. Her hand flew up and 'Smmap' the fingers struck Dina's wet pussy, a hard stinging blow. She squealed, the pain was far more than that of her ass, another slap to land on exactly the same place, such exquisite torture shot powerful signals to her brain.

Between blows there was a lingering, stinging pain, radiating out through her body, heightening sensation in all her nerve endings, especially deep in her pussy. A stirring, welling feeling was gathering in her, somehow the tingling was taking on a sexual overtone. Dina was confused, yes the middle finger had touched inside her but her lips had shared the sting, perhaps miss Trixie had deliberately held up her middle finger, the next blow would tell. Another wet sloppy sound as the fingers lashed her poor pussy, the middle finger was definitely later than the other two, by a milli second, not so much sting, more a probe into her slick clitoris but still a forceful one.

She knew she mustn't move, it must be difficult to land the blows so accurately and she was getting a lot of stimulation to her reddening sex. The Mistress had the best view ever, of a young dominatrix flailing her arm wildly, breasts swinging and pussy pouting as she landed blows to a young slave's sex, causing droplets to be splashed around. After a about a dozen blows she spoke,

"Now thank miss Trixie for showing you the error of your ways."

Miss Trixie, smiled as she was thanked for the stinging slaps she had given the girl, how heart warming it was to be thanked for the punishment she loved to give, she could really get used to this.

"Are you sorry for making me wet with your slimy excretions?" She said, as she gave another unerring slap, "Answer me girl."

Dina was afraid, that if she answered too soon, the clitoral stimulation would stop.

"I'm sorry mistress that I came as you spanked me, the closeness to your lovely body was too much for me."

"In that case you may now stand and look at me while you masturbate over the sight of my body."

Dina was aghast, Trixie was suggesting she openly masturbate in front of her, even now her sensitive clitoris was protruding through reddened lips, indicating that it would like to cum. She stood upright and faced the two Mistresses,

"Stand where we can both see you, plunge in those nimble fingers and bring yourself off ."

"Please don't make me demean myself in front of you Miss Trixie."

"For answering back you will stand in front of me and show your ass hole, thrust in your fingers and start your play there."

The girl's red face matched the slowly fading redness of her ass as she stood masturbating in front of the women, such humiliation, others watching her perform such a private and intimate thing. Bending her legs and thrusting her pussy out she was being turned on by displaying herself for others to watch. Her breasts were wobbling with the effort as she increased the movement of her hand, encouraging those feelings once more, circling her clit with wet fingers stoking the fires within her, welcoming her submissive wantonness. It didn't take her long to cum, she only had to look at the student's open wet pussy to be drawn to the idea of sucking it, thinking then to lick and poke her tongue into her ass, holding out the girl's cheeks, tasting, thrusting her wet tongue in as far as she could.

Her legs almost buckled as the shuddering climax hit her, thrusting her pelvis to and fro against busy fingers, dripping her sticky fluid over the floor. Mistress Mien stood, dismissively.

"That's the end of your assertiveness lesson miss Trixie, Dina will dress you, however, if your uniform arrives today, perhaps we will see you later"

The next student, Miss Skye was nineteen, a brunette, tall, with a big bust and ass, her face was quite pretty and she had a willingness to learn, which included the all important discipline element. Dina remembered Miss Skye's first visit, when the Mistress had used her feminine wiles to encourage the young girl's inherent lesbianism.

"Welcome miss Skye, Please sit beside me, while I read through your English assignment."

She purposely patted the couch to the left of her, she had not worn a bra and her blouse gaped between each button, viewable only from her left. Skye sat demurely, as the Mistress looked at her hand written work, she could see from the corner of her eye that the girl was looking into her blouse, even leaning backward slightly in order to see the pert nipples. Mistress Mien pushed her right shoulder back and a carefully staged button slipped from it's button hole, leaving a large aperture to view both breasts. Skye was gawking openly at her tutor's body, her tongue licking at dry lips as she swallowed nervously.

The Mistress pretended not to notice, leaning forward to pick up a correcting pencil, her breasts now fell forward on full display, the top button gave way because of the single strand of cotton which had barely held out, succumbing to the pressure that full, 38 inch, size D breasts could bring. The Mistress still pretended not to notice, her blouse was fully open, showing large breasts with big aureoles and pert swelling nipples. Still the girl said nothing, staring in rapture at the lovely fleshy globes of a full grown woman, even drawn toward them. Just then the Mistress turned, her breasts swung and the nearest one touched the girl's arm, Skye watched, spellbound.

"Oh, my" said the Mistress, as she swung her upper body to & fro, "It feels so liberating, why not free yours."

"If you order it Mistress," she looked up under lowered eyelashes, "Perhaps would you help me."

She proceeded to undo the girl's blouse, revealing a bra which was straining to hold firm teenage breasts, seconds later they swung free, already her nipples were hardening. Mistress Mien then called for Dina, the slave girl had been observing through a partially open door and walked in, carefully, wearing a skimpy dress made from cotton candy. The mistress addressed Skye,

"Please eat the dress from her, after all, I think slaves should be naked, don't you?"

A slave, this nubile young girl was perfection in confection, the pink, cotton candy clung to firm nipples and contoured alluringly around the full outline of her breasts. Gazing lower she could she the spun sugar coalescing around the pouting lips of the slave's pussy as if stuck by moisture. Skye realised this was a test and nibbled at one sweet nipple, baring another girl's breast in the sweetest way, it was so delightful. Dina stood quietly with her eyes downcast as the other breast was gently revealed, her remaining dress secured only by a few wisps around her waist and the clinging sweetness at her wet pussy. Skye warmed to her task, revealing this girl's body and kissing her nipples made her own nipples hard and her pussy feel so wet.

The Mistress was watching her kissing and sucking at the slave but Skye didn't care, she knew this was a staged, lesbian moment and revelled in it. She knelt before the young girl to deliberately eat the sweet covering from a bare pussy, that fate had decided she could now act upon her favourite fantasy, was serendipitous. Standing nude, Dina thanked Skye for allowing her to show off her body, Skye could only stare up at a cute shaven pussy, with perfect breasts jutting out above, as the mistress took photographs of them both. Skye undid her skirt and threw it to one side, now naked but for skimpy black panties, a stark contrast to the light skin of her belly.

Mistress Mien encouraged the student to stand and pose, seductively slipping the black panties down her legs. Dina knelt and took them from her, then photographed the moist pussy, and, whilst on the floor, removed Mistress Mien's skirt, leaving her naked and free to rub her body against the somewhat apprehensive student in front of her. The Mistress slid a finger around the young pussy, teasing and exciting the the girl still further, she then ordered that Dina should kiss the tender, fresh pussy, which she willingly did, slipping her tongue into virgin territory, hoping this would be a regular occurrence, as the camera captured the moment.

The taste was delicious, she would never tire of it, that she could take this girl to paradise was the only power the Mistress had not relinquished, she loved to control just when they orgasm. The girl's thighs quivered as she responded to a tongue probing deep into a well lubricated vagina, the Mistress was taking more photos, then kissing and sucking the student's large breasts, which, together with Dina's tongue was stoking the fires of pleasure for her, building her up to a climatic crescendo.

Between them, they lifted the student onto the couch, plunging experienced fingers deep into a sopping wet pussy, massaging the tender clitoris, bringing the youngster closer to climax. Who wouldn't be excited with a sexy, naked, mature woman loving them and her equally naked slave licking at your wet pussy. The Mistress saw the girl was nearing orgasm,

"Now you must stand and smack Dina's ass because she sucked your pussy without your permission."

"Oh, but Mistress she was wonderful, how can I punish her for that?"

"She must always await orders to do anything, she cannot be allowed to escape punishment."

Her imminent climax put on hold, the student stood and began to smack the bent over slave, Skye was aware her pussy was so wet she was trickling down her legs, the Mistress could see her wetness. Slapping the cute ass in front of her was turning her on, the non smacking hand was straying to her clitoris, she really wanted to keep her sexual arousal going. The Mistress watched the spectacle before her, a young naked slave getting a red bottom slapped by a nude masturbating young student, both of them delighting in showing off their sexual state. She could see Skye was so close, she suggested that she should order Dina to suck her clit.

Skye blushed but arousal was uppermost,

"Suck my pussy slave."

The words were so powerful, she could order the slave to do any sexual thing at all with permission from the Mistress.

Dina needed no prompting and fell to her knees lapping and sucking at the wet open lips of the young pussy, which was already thrusting at her. Dina was getting good at judging just how close a climax was and licked away from the clitoris, reducing the tingling sensation, allowing the student to 'come off the boil' as it were. Skye was thrusting her hips at the slave, moaning as the sexual rush started to fade from her, so again Dina licked at the base of the clitoris,

"Yes, oh Yes, cried Skye," her whole body trembling as she bucked her hips at Dina's face, "Make me cum, slave, do as you're told, stick your tongue into me."

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