Young Lust Ch. 04


With it still in mid eruption, Ashley's mouth caught up with my cum spurting cock. And while she gulped down another fountaining geyser of cum, I grabbed for her head. I jammed it down, and bucked up hard and felt the jerking head of my cock slam in to her throat. It stayed there too; while my cock jerked, and jerked again , pumping the final surging torrent of hot cum straight in to her throat. Fuck no, it definitely wasn't necessary, but hey, I held Ashley's head down anyway!! Seriously, she ground her lips against me like she was trying to drive another inch of hard cock past her lips, and that's in to a throat still working to swallow that flood of hot cum. Ok, so maybe I was showing off some!

Why not show-off; I mean gosh, her brother was watching! Besides, I was practically frantic, anxious to make sure I unloaded every last drop of that unwanted over supply of cum. Anyway, I was bucking, driving my hips up hard; And Ashley was taking it, obviously not bothered in the least to be getting her mouth fucked, and fucked hard! Ashley took my final volley of cum, waited for me to settle back; and then she began disentangling my fingers from her hair. Her head came up, and it sure wasn't a surprise to see that she was licking her lips and smiling. Yeah well, the sight of the smeared streaks of cum running down her face had me grinning too! Believe it, when she laughed and asked, "Damn you always cum that much," my fast shrinking cock almost sprang back to life. Then she was giggling around her, "Oops...wait!"

Un-huh, Ashley had just spotted a target, one she just couldn't pass up. With a "Yum," she swooped in,, making quick work of the cum smeared over what was left of my once proud erection. Treat collected, and after another giggle, she cooed, "Umm...yummy...I do love your cock!"

Ashley bounced to her feet. Turning, she stood staring defiantly over at Dave. Aiming that wicked grin of hers at her smirking brother, she snickered nastily, and told me, don't run off Wayne...I'm just going to go deliver Dave a dose of trouble!" Hell, I wasn't going anywhere!

Chapter Three: Ashley's back on top

You bet I loved it! I mean gosh what girl wouldn't love standing naked in front of her brother, while he stared goggle eyed, as his best friend's cum slowly trickled down her grinning face! But we were playing, and it was his move; so I waited! Dave shook his head, like a man trying to focus, and tried out a sly smile. When I only cocked a hip, and put my hands behind my back, he shrugged, and said, "OK...that was hot...really hot! And now's my turn!" Well it was, and then again, it wasn't!

OK, and honestly it's not like I was all that concerned about what Wayne thought. But for damn sure, I didn't want him thinking for one minute that I was being dominated by my brother. Oh, I intended to make real sure Dave got his alright! Whatever Wayne thought of that, and even if he hadn't already figured it out, at least I could make sure he knew I was more then simply a willing participant!

When Dave pushed his shorts down and kicked them aside, I figured he had something in mind., I assumed something like, oh say, bending me over, then making a macho show out of swatting my ass, before stepping up and taking me forcefully from behind. Gee, that would have been real fun too, only it wasn't quite what I had in mind!

Oh God and Dave's cock look so hard, so big and so hard, that's wondrously thick, big, and oh God yes, hard! Dave's a beast, besides being utterly incorrigible! But then, he'd did stay put, letting me deal with Wayne my way. So when the smarmy bastard laced his fingers behind his head, and settled back in his recliner, I cut him a break. Ok, so reminding myself that I really hadn't wanted to be just bent over and fucked like some horny young bitch, which of course I was, I did my sexiest hip swinging strut over to my waiting brother. So what, if I never took my eyes off that marvelous cock of his?

Thinking show time, I swung a leg over and came up kneeling with Dave's hard hot cock pushing against my belly. I smiled over at Wayne, hoping he couldn't tell I had a raging, vagina clenching crush on my brother's cock. Hey, Dave's was hardly any bigger then his, so at least he wouldn't have to suffer through, what do the boys call it, yeah penis envy! I lifted up, felt the fat head of Dave's cock sliding against my belly, and stopped with it trapped against my pussy's slippery pink folds. Then with that fat head pushing against my opening, I leaned forward, and slapped his chest. "Bastard," I told him, "Go ahead...just lay there...because...Brother dear...I'm going to cum all over you're big cock!"

Leaning back, upright, I felt deliciously exposed, rotating my hips, feeling the heat of that cock's head burn against my own pulsing wet heat. A little bounce, and voila, my vagina swallowed half that wickedly thick cock's length. Another bounce lifted me right up off that cock, letting me crash back down hard on it. Oh yes, damn, but I do love sitting fully impaled on a big, fat, hunk of hard jutting cock!

Frustrated, I smacked poor Dave's chest again. Hey it wasn't his fault that he was my brother, or that right then I really wished I could just lean in and kiss the fool. Weird huh, a girl can let her brother, OK step-brother, bang the holy Hell out of her, and even give him her ass's virginity! Hell, and over that summer, I'd snuck in to his room on countless nights, you bet for all sorts of wildly erotic fun and games; and still, no way could I kiss him! And gee, with the taste of his buddy's cum still strong in my mouth, kissing him would have been such sweet payback. But I had an idea; and just as soon as one of those nasty déjà vu feelings passed, I intended to share it. I hate that dumb feeling, and later that day, I'd get to hate it again!

Soon enough, I would find myself on my knees, ecstatic because I was breaking one of my silly records. Yup, it was going to be a new personal best, one featuring me energetically blowing my third guy of the day! Only, and OK I'd fantasized about doing it; but sitting there stuffed full of my brother's big cock, I sure wasn't thinking about going down on his Dad! But damn it, that dumb feeling was going to smack me hard, and just about when I, oops found myself with yet another big mouthful of cum! Yeah, because that's when I would look over at my Mother, and realize I wouldn't be able to kiss her either, not on the mouth anyway! Nope, and I wouldn't feel much like kissing her husband either; and not just because I was busy swallowing one damn big load of his cum! Yeah bummer, so once again, poor me, I wouldn't get to share my tasty treat!

Not wanting Wayne to get bored, I waved to him, while I pumped, rising and falling on my unsuspecting brother's cock. And then after making double sure they were both paying attention, I swiped a finger full of cum off my cheek, and popped it in to my mouth. OK, so sure Dave's seen me do that with a pussy full of his cum; un-huh, but not when it was his buddy's he hadn't! Oh my, and didn't he go all wide eyed when he realized my next finger load of the tasty stuff was headed for his mouth. Honestly, if only I could have kissed him, I'm sure I'd have been content to just smear it over his lips. But oh no, so golly gee, I just had to push that finger past those tightly pursed lips, and right in to his mouth. Well gosh, Wayne sure got a kick out of it, hooting and hollering for me to do it again. Then while he roared, "do it...feed him some more," I sucked another big helping of the stuff off my finger. How sweet, then clapping enthusiastically Wayne told me, "Go girl!'re just too fucking much!"

Fine, but other then looking disgusted, Dave ignored my impromptu rudeness. Well, he did chuckle nastily when I stuck my tongue out at him. Didn't I tell you, he's incorrigible!

Reaching back Dave dropped the back of his recliner, and stretched out, hands once again behind his head. Grinning he taunted me with a challenging, "Go for it sis! I'll just lie, go on, let's see you cum all over my cock!" Some challenge, huh!

Eyes boring in to Dave's, I bounced slowly, and thought fast. Sure, I could lean forward, grind my clit hard against Dave, and pretty quickly rub out an orgasm or two. OK, sure it might have been fun watching Dave's reaction, when he figured out he wasn't going to have my pussy flying up and down his poor frustrated cock. Usually, when I pull that little trick, Dave flips me on to my back, hoists my legs over his shoulders, and then gives me a deliciously wicked fucking! Hey, sometimes its fun to just let yourself be taken! Seriously, sometimes it's hot to be fucked; and I'm talking fucked thoroughly mind you, by some guy with nothing but his own pleasure on his mind! Just then though, the alternative seemed to be riding Dave's cock, like I'd ridden Wayne's, and then see just how many orgasms I could catch up with; I mean, before his hands reached for my ass. Got to admit it, I really did like the idea of Wayne watching, while Dave slammed me up and down his cock. So I decided to limber up a finger, lean back in to Dave's hands, and let him supply the power. Yeah, I figured while he hammered me full of hard cock, my trusty finger could work over my clit, while I came, and came, and came, and came!

Feeling deliciously dreamy, I bounced lazily, and decided on a final adjustment to my plan. Checking on Wayne, I gave him a big smile, and called out an invitation. "Come on over Wayne," I beckoned, waving and adding, " don't want to miss any of this! might as well get a real good close up look...huh!"

Who cared if Wayne had already enjoyed a very up close and personal look at me and my pussy, while we'd entertained his wonderfully hard cock? I mean gosh, it seemed to me like his eyes had been pretty much glazed over for most of my earlier wild ride!

Only Wayne's, "yeah sure," could have sounded just a bit more enthusiastic! At least the fool was grinning when he said it! Anyway, taking a break from pumping my very slippery pussy up and down my brother's fat cock, hands braced on his chest, I rotated my hips, grinding my clit against his soft mound of curly pubes. But, I was watching as Wayne ambled over, surprising me when he squatted at the foot of our recliner. I figured, awesome, when it dawned on me that from behind me, he was going to have one sensational view of Dave's cock sliding in and out of my pretty pink, and right then wetly glistening pussy. Gosh, thinking lucky old Wayne was going to be positively wide eyed, ogling the sight of my pussy stretched tight around the thick darkly engorged shaft of his best friend's cock, well yeah, I was almost jealous! So I decided I'd let him hang around back there; well, at least until I started to play with myself anyway. And oh my God the thought of him watching me do that, well fuck, it tickled my clit, and that had my vagina rippling around the lovely bit of thick cock filling it.

Believe it; I put on quite the little show too! Deliberately, I let the big pussy drenched head of Dave's cock slip out of me every time I pumped myself up its long thick shaft. And then I'd pause, before Letting Wayne watch as it parted my puffy pink labia, and push back in to me. And oh wow, knowing he was watching as inch after inch of cock disappeared inside me, fuck that was hot! So, there I was picturing Wayne's bug eyed stare, when this creepy wave of envy slapped me hard. Yeah so guess what I'd just realized? Picture it, me on my knees watching, oh say Anita, bouncing up and down my brother's slippery wet cock! Right, no doubt about it, my tongue would be busily lapping her musky juices off his pistoning cock. Oh my God, my lips would have been all over her hot little ass! Yeah, and my tongue would have licked up the pussy juices collected around her puckered little opening, and then probed deeper looking for more. Gads, just imagine it, a mouthful of cock, a real big thick cock, one utterly drenched with Anita's tasty wetness! Well I was; especially, because going down on Dave when it was me smeared all over his cock had practically launched me in to orgasmic orbit. So the thought of me getting the chance to go down on Dave's cock, oh Hell any old cock,, whether it was smothered in Anita's wetness, or some other chick's, who cared it was one kick ass fantasy! Oops, and that's when that dumb old déjà vu thing bit me again!

I mean wow, I flashed on this utterly wicked, but hey tantalizingly erotic image of me going down on some guy's cock. And OK, nothing unusual there right; only I was imagining that cock dripping with a glittering load of my own Mother's juices! So yeah that was maybe just a little weird! And as if wondering where the Hell that spectacularly mind blowing thought had come from wasn't maddening enough, it turned out I wasn't quite through fantasizing yet! What can I say; I'm bad, but hey, I'm good at it! Anyway, there I was picturing me lifting up off Dave's pussy drenched cock, and watching Wayne swoop in and drop his mouth down over that glistening treasure. Honestly, I almost swooned! Fuck yes, and I promised myself, right then and there, someday I'd be with a pair of lovers bold enough to play such an erotically charged game!

Chapter Four: Wayne goes bug eyed

Honest to God, even when Ashley knelt straddling her brother, I figured she was only teasing. Yeah sure, earlier she'd grabbed hold of his cock with out any hesitation, still! Fuck, and then, thinking no way, she wouldn't, I watched as she lifted herself, and suddenly Dave's cock wasn't just lying against her flat tan belly any more. Nope that big thing of his was jutting up and nosing between her thighs.

Dave played it totally cool, kicking back with his hands behind his head. Sure, and I tried telling myself it was really no big deal, but my fucking stomach flip-flopped anyway! But then, I realized, hey it's just from the thrill of catching some truly wicked live sex action! Seriously, it was the first time I couldn't just reach out and hit the pause, or rewind button. Who gave a rat's ass anyway? After all, Dave's still only her stepbrother, right!

I heard Ashley tell him that she was going to cum all over his cock, and I'd believed her! Hey, and then, oh fuck, she dropped down, burying her brother's cock deep inside her. That did it, I'd decided, fuck the panoramic view, I want a close-up look! I'd already figured out that Ashley liked being on display, and was in to playing the showoff. So it didn't much surprise me, when she invited "Come on Wayne, you don't want to miss this!" Yup, and when I hunkered down behind her, she put on quite the little show. I mean wow; she leaned forward, giving me the most tasty look at her brother's big cock sliding in and out of her. yeah, and it was pretty damn obvious that she was deliberately letting that big cock slip fully out, just so I could watch it penetrating her over and over again. Fuck, and the sight of all the pussy juices pouring down Dave's cock; well Hell, I'd sure never seen anything like that in any fucking porno!

Ashley began to pick up speed, and that's when I decided what I wanted was a frontal view. One look at her face, and forget the sight of all that fat cock pistoning in and out of her pussy; hell, I was instantly mesmerized. Yup, I was totally captivated by Ashley's exotic sensuality, and dazzled by the utterly uninhibited way she reveled in her wildly erotic play! Listening to her gasped moans, and whispered sighs of pleasure; I watched waves of emotion play across her expressive face. I liked her fierce look of concentration, and the way the next wave of pleasure melted it in to one of her beaming, face splitting grins. OK, and oh Hell yes, as she picked up speed, I sort of liked the sexy way her pretty tan tits jiggled too! Then, there was the sweet sound of her ass slapping against Dave's thighs. Yeah, and those sweet sounds were accompanied by the ecstatic growls burbling out of her. OK, and I guarantee that right then anyway, the only thing that lady wanted, was to be fucking that big hard cock!

Despite her boast about cuming all over Dave's cock, I don't think she gave a hoot about catching up with an orgasm. Well, I mean not right then anyway! Whatever, she sure seemed intent on taking every single inch of that handy bit of hard cock, and with every power packed thrust she slammed down on it too. Still, more then once she'd put the brakes on her frantic pistoning. Sometimes she'd only slow it way down, panting while she braced her hands on Dave's chest. Sometimes, she'd just lean back, looking awfully pleased to be sitting impaled on the thick nine inches of cock her brother was always so quick to brag about. Her gorgeous tits would be heaving, and she'd start to rotate her hips; and oh fuck, I'd want to be back inside her! And when I couldn't stand it any longer, what else, I reached for my poor neglected cock! No surprise, of course Ashley caught me.

Sitting upright, hands planted on her curvy hips, Ashley grinned over at me. Then, with this sly little smile on her face, she held her arms open to me, and almost shyly coaxed, "Come on Wayne...I've never tried kissing a man...gosh...not while another one was fucking me anyway!" Oh shit, suddenly I was real glad she'd wiped all my cum off her face! Doing as ordered, I stepped in. Her face tilted up, and as I tried to kiss the smirking grin off her lips, Ashley wrapped her arms around my waist. Feeling bold, I grabbed a handful of her hair, and almost roughly pulled her head back. I waited a beat, staring down in to her wide eyed grin, and then I kissed her. And it was one damn hot kiss too, hard, long, and wildly intense. Guess she must have liked it! Anyway, her hands were in my hair, and our next kiss was every bit as wickedly ferocious.

Thinking fast, which under the circumstances counts as a miner miracle, I gave my head a shake, freeing my hair. All part of my master plan, I straightened up, my hands still tangled in hers. It was just too fucking hot! Our eyes met, and I could see that Ashley knew what was coming, even before I thrust my cock forward, pushing it against her lips! Nervous, but way too turned-on to back down, I went for it! With a thrust of my hips, I drove my cock deep in to her mouth, and asked, "So Ashley...ever sucked hard cock...I know...while you were getting your sweet ass fucked?"

Chapter Five: Ashley riding high

Well fuck me; oops, wait my brother Dave already was! When Wayne grabbed my hair, and shoved his cock straight in to my throat, I almost, yeah almost came! OK, so yeah, I got a serious kick out of Wayne holding my head between his hands, and madly fucking my mouth. It didn't hurt that my brother was needlessly egging him on, whooping, "Yeah dude...go for it...yeah...fuck her mouth!" Rude, huh; but then, who cared? Whatever, gosh but I guess his, "Hey...really...she loves it," was sort of sweet!

Damn straight, I like being used that way! Why not, I sure enjoy dishing it out! Gee, just go Ask Anita! Believe it; she knows that once I buckle on my strap-on, watch out! Once I do, no way am I going to pass up a chance to do it to her! So, wishing I could see it through Dave's eyes, I let Wayne pound his cock in to my throat with about the same ferocity he taken my pussy with. When I decided he's enjoyed himself enough, I playfully pushed him back. I had to; otherwise, how was I going to answer his silly question?

Feeling unbearably impish, I told Wayne, "Wait...there was this one time...well no, there wasn't exactly another guy...just Dave's big cock...and my big rubber dildo!" Poor Wayne was looking a wee bit crushed. He rebounded, when I told him, "Right...but gee Wayne...that wasn't near as nice as having my mouth full of your big hard cock!"

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