tagNonHumanYoung Wolves Ch. 01

Young Wolves Ch. 01


Author's note: I want to thank my editor JillieB and the guild for their support.


Cameron Reed closed the back door quietly so his mother and twin sister wouldn't hear him leave. They were fighting again, and he just didn't feel like listening to their shouting tonight. After he and Camille had turned eighteen last month, she had broached the subject of getting an apartment with her boyfriend Mike after graduation. Their mother Sharon was violently opposed to this plan, of course. The argument had become a nightly tradition. Sharon had dreams of her children being the first in the family to have college educations and Camille's plans to move in with Mike didn't fit with those dreams.

It was particularly dark out tonight and Cameron tripped over an old tire laying on its side in the back yard. He cursed silently, straightened his glasses, and headed for the tree line. He didn't know how he felt about college himself. A year ago his father had left them for a girl who approved loans at the used car dealership where he worked and Cameron figured he should put off college for a while and get a job to help out his mom. His grades were good but not good enough to get a full scholarship, though Camille's were. He just couldn't see how they could afford tuition on his mom's salary.

After his father left, they had moved to his grandparent's old house because his mother could no longer afford their own house payments. His mom's parents didn't charge them rent and that really helped them make ends meet.

The clouds parted and the moon cast a wan light on the woods as Cameron slipped into the tree line, relieved to escape another oppressive evening at home.

'There are some advantages to living in the country,' he thought to himself.

He headed for Bog Water Creek. He didn't know why people called it Bog Water Creek but his grandpa said folks had always called it that. There was a place in the creek where the water fed into a pool with a large rock overhanging the water. He liked to sit on the rock and watch the tadpoles swim when he was troubled or just needed to sort things out in his head.

It took Cameron about twenty minutes to reach the rock. It was a little treacherous moving through the woods with the clouds periodically obscuring the moon and blackening the already dark forest. He kept tripping over bushes and having to push branches aside to make his way. After scrambling up the moss-covered rock, he sat and stared down at the black water.

'I won't see any tadpoles in this darkness,' he thought.

The sound of leaves rustling snapped Cameron's head up. Momentarily, fear gripped him. But when no one appeared he settled down and chuckled to himself. There wasn't anything dangerous in these woods. It was probably just a raccoon coming to the pool for a drink. He listened hard anyway. A twig snapped and he froze. That sounded bigger than a raccoon. He tried not to move a muscle as his eyes strained against the blackness and his ears searched for the slightest noise.

A cloud moved allowing the moonlight to softly illuminate the far side of the pool while leaving the rock where he sat in total darkness. He almost gasped aloud as a naked girl, shadows playing across her sensuous form, stepped out of the trees and underbrush and moved to the water's edge. He sat there stunned for a moment unable to move. It was dark enough that he could not make out her features, but the shape of her body in the shadows was breathtaking. She raised her head and sniffed the air. She cautiously turned her head from side to side as though looking for danger. He sat still, knowing she would see him if she just looked slightly up and across the pool. She waded into the water and moved toward him until she was almost beneath the outcrop on which he sat.

He locked his gaze on her. He couldn't look away from her graceful body. He could make out that her hair was long but could not determine its color. The silhouette of her full breasts swaying captured his eyes as she turned gracefully in the moon-reflecting water. For a moment, the moon seemed to shine brighter and he noticed something liquid and dark covering the lower part of her face, neck, and the top of her breasts.

'That's blood,' he thought, 'she's hurt.'

"Are you okay?" he called out.

His entire mind focused on the fact that the girl needed help. He leapt down into the water beside her. It never occurred to him that he might startle her. The girl yelped in surprise as she swung her head toward him. He reached for her shoulder to steady her. She let out a feral growl and bit his hand hard. He yelped in pain and jumped back from her.

"You're hurt, miss. I'm only trying to help you," he exclaimed.

"Get away from me," she snarled. She was crouching lower in a defensive stance, indifferent to her nudity.

"You're bleeding. We have to get you to the hos-" Cameron suddenly he realized that he knew her. "Jenifer Myers, is that you?"

"Oh shit," she said. "Cameron, you have to get out of here now." She lowered herself in the water until only her head was visible to Cameron's gaze.

"But you're hurt," he protested.

"I'm not hurt. It's not my blood. Listen very carefully, Cameron. You have to get out of here now. I promise I'll explain everything when I see you at school. Please, just go home now. Please Cameron, there isn't much time."

Every fiber of his being was telling him to stay, but she obviously wanted him to go. "Okay, but you better tell me what this is all about at school tomorrow," he said.

"I will when I see you. I promise. Now go," she said desperately.

"Are you sure you're all right?" he asked, reluctant to leave if she was injured.

"Yes, goddamn it. Get the fuck out of here," she hissed. She looked over her shoulder at the far bank as if she were expecting something to come from that direction.

He turned and waded out of the water. He looked back one last time before turning to head home. She was still crouched in the water staring into the darkness past the forbidding trees on the other side of the pool.

On the walk home, he played the incident repeatedly in his mind. It made no logical sense. Jenifer Myers, one of the hottest girls in school and a cheerleader, was naked and covered in blood on their land. He debated calling the police or telling his mom as he crossed the back yard, wiping the blood seeping from the bite on his hand on the front of his shirt. He decided that if Jenifer didn't show up at school tomorrow he would call the authorities.


Jenifer crouched in the water, listening intently. She could hear Cameron making his way through the woods away from her. She raised her head and smelled the air. The wind was blowing past her in the direction that Cameron went. She let out a relieved breath. He was downwind, so the others wouldn't smell him, just as she hadn't when she had approached the water earlier.

She had to figure out some lie that Cameron would believe. He would never believe the truth. She sucked in a sharp breath when she realized she had bit him. It had been an instinctive reaction when he had frightened her, but now there were going to be consequences. He would be changing over the next few days.

Tomorrow was Friday; he would be too sick to go to school. On Saturday, she'd be expected to hang with the pack all day. Maybe she could slip away Saturday night or Sunday, and explain what was happening to him. She knew from experience that he would be confused.

The alpha was coming, and the others were not far behind. Jenifer could smell them. She splashed water on her face and chest to remove the blood of the coyote she had killed. She was just finishing as the alpha pushed through the trees. She stood up and regarded him. He was tall, maybe six foot four, muscular, with shaggy blond hair. His mouth was smeared with blood from whatever he had killed. Smelled like rabbit to her. His slightly above average manhood swung between his legs as his naked form moved toward the water. He had phased back into his complete human form.

She seemed calm on the surface, but inside, her guts were rolling with worry. She knew she needed to tell the alpha what had happened, but was worried that he'd kill Cameron before the change was complete. He might kill him anyway.

"Tyler," she said in greeting.

"Did you make your kill?" he asked, panting slightly.

"Yes, I just finished washing the blood off," she replied.

The other four came out of the trees and gathered around Tyler, first Beth followed by John, Trish, and Allen. They all stood naked as Jenifer waded out of the water and joined them. The three girls looked at each other, wondering which one Tyler would choose for his after hunt rut. Tyler ran his eyes hungrily over the three girls while John and Allen moved back, lowering their heads to the alpha. The three girls stood with gazes down waiting for the alpha to choose.

Tyler's arm shot out and he grabbed Trish by her long curly red hair. He yanked her off her feet and threw her face down on the bank. He quickly fell to his knees beside her. He grabbed her roughly by the hips with both large hands and yanked her onto her hands and knees in front of him. Tyler let out an inhuman howl and impaled Trish with his hard cock.

Allen growled low in his throat when Tyler forcibly shoved his engorged member into Trish. He almost took a step when Trish cried out, but John's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Easy man," John said. "He'll kill you."

Allen flung John's hand off his arm and turned his back on his rutting alpha. He clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes shut as the sounds of their coupling washed over him.

John felt for his friend. It must be torture watching the girl you loved get the shit fucked out of her. However, it was the way of the pack. The alpha made the rules and if you challenged him, you died. He was bigger, faster, and stronger than all of them. John hoped his friend would forget Trish and move on. It was his only choice.

Jenifer watched Tyler pump his cock in and out of Trish's pussy causing her breasts to sway obscenely beneath her. A stab of guilt hit her. When Tyler had grabbed Trish, all Jenifer felt was relief that it wasn't her. She knew it would be her next time though, or the time after that. The sad part was it didn't have to be this way, but Tyler had no gentleness in him. He only cared about his own pleasure.

Tyler grunted with each thrust as he sawed in and out of Trish's pussy. He reveled in the gasps of pain that escaped her lips as he assaulted her insides. In his mind, this showed his dominance and he loved it. He knew Allen wanted her but didn't care. He was the alpha. Allen could find some human girl to take care of his needs. The pack bitches were his and his alone. His excitement began to mount and he felt his orgasm coming. He felt the churning in his balls and morphed into his half-wolf form as he unloaded into Trish. She wasn't in heat so there was no danger of pregnancy so he emptied himself inside her. He bellowed as his cum pulsed into her and coated the inner walls of her sex. His claws pierced the skin of her hips where he held her against him as the last of his seed dribbled into her.

He withdrew from her and stood, still in his half wolf form. His half-erect manhood was glistening with their combined juices. "I'm going for a run. Meet me back at the den," he said then disappeared into the darkness as he sprinted through the trees.

Allen was the first to reach Trish and he gently helped her to her feet. Intense longing was there for anyone to see when his eyes met hers. They had been dating before Tyler decided he wanted Trish. Tyler had turned her and she had turned Allen before she really knew what the rules were. Trish had thought she and Allen could still be together. Tyler would have killed Allen if Trish hadn't begged him not to. In the end, she had to suck Tyler's cock in front of Allen to show her submissiveness, and Allen had to watch to show he could function in the pack. Allen loathed himself but the instinct to obey the alpha was so strong he could not fight it.

Jenifer, Beth, and John moved away so the couple could have a moment alone. When Allen and Trish regained their composures, they all changed to half-wolf and loped toward the old abandoned house that the pack used as a den. Located a few miles away, it was secluded and private. It was the perfect place for a young pack to go unnoticed.


Cameron slept fitfully. He had strange dreams. He dreamed he was running through a dark forest, but he was closer to the ground than he should have been at five feet ten inches. It was as if he was four feet tall and running impossibly fast. He noticed every detail of the foliage around him. He could clearly see the veins in the leaves as he rushed past them. Some inner force was driving him on. He was in pursuit of something and he had to catch it. Then he caught sight of a doe running ahead of him. The deer leapt to the left and right as it tried desperately to elude him. He crashed into the animal from behind and dragged it to the ground. He quickly sank his teeth into its throat and felt the warm hot blood fill his mouth.

Cameron clawed his way out of the dream. As consciousness returned, he knew something was terribly wrong. Every joint and muscle in his body ached as if it was on fire. Even his dick hurt. He tried to get up but the pain was unbelievable. He fell back into the bed, exhausted from the effort. He looked at the clock. It was six in the morning. His mom would be getting ready for work. He called for her a few times but she was probably in her bathroom downstairs. He changed tactics and called for Camille who had the bedroom next to his.

Camille pushed his door open, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. Her long brown hair was still mussed from sleep. "What the hell are you hollering about?" she asked irritably. A look of concern came over her face when she got a closer look at her brother. He didn't look so good.

"Get mom," he croaked. His throat felt sore as well after the yelling.

Camille disappeared from view. She returned a moment later with Sharon in tow.

"Baby, what's wrong?" his mother said as she moved to his bedside.

"I don't feel so good," he whispered.

Sharon put her hand on his forehead and gasped. "Cameron, you're burning up. Camille, get the thermometer from my bathroom. It's in the medicine cabinet."

When Camille returned with the thermometer, his mom stuck it in his mouth for a minute, and then looked at it with concern. "One hundred and two," she said. "You're not going to school today, and I'm calling in to work. I'll take the day off and stay with you. If you get any worse, I'll have to take you to the emergency room."

Cameron tried to sit up. "No, mom. There's something I have to do today." He knew there was something important about today, but he couldn't remember what it was.

"Not another word, son. You need to rest. Whatever it is, it can wait."

He slumped back into bed, too tired to argue. Sharon gave him some over-the-counter pills to try to break his fever, and placed a cool wet washcloth on his forehead. Throughout the morning, she checked his temperature several times, but it never got to one hundred and three.

At noon, she came into his room with the phone. "Cam, honey, there's a girl on the phone. She says it's important."

Cameron fought his way to consciousness and took the phone. It was probably his girlfriend Sarah wondering why he wasn't at school today.

"Hello," he croaked into the receiver.

"Cameron? It's Jenifer Myers," the voice on the other end said.

"Jenifer? How did you get this number?" he asked stupidly.

"Your sister gave it to me, but that's not important. Listen, something has come up and I won't be able to explain things until Sunday night," she said in a rush. "Now, this is important. I know you're confused, but no matter what you feel this weekend, do not bite anyone, okay? Shit, I gotta go. Lunch is almost over. Don't bite anyone. Bye." The line went dead.

He stared at the phone, dumbfounded for a second, and then it all came back to him. All the events from the preceding night rushed back into his mind in an instant. He handed the cordless phone back to his mother.

"What was that all about?" she asked.

He struggled for an answer. "Uh, just school stuff, mom."

"Uh huh," she said. "I hope you're not messing around on Sarah with this Jenifer girl."

"Mom, I would never do that," he protested.

"Okay, okay," she said. "Don't get upset."

Cameron slept most of the afternoon. He woke up briefly and figured that school must be out because Sarah was there holding his hand. He smiled and reached up with his left hand and brushed her shoulder-length black hair out of her eyes.

"Hey, gorgeous," he said. She smiled, and her deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle for a moment.

"What happened to your hand?" she asked, turning his right hand over to reveal the almost-healed bite mark. The bite looked like it was a week old.

"Oh, a dog bit me," he lied, and then drifted back into a dreamless sleep.

He woke again around nine that evening, feeling much better. His fever had broken. His mom told him that Sarah had left about an hour earlier. She assured Cameron that she'd call Sarah and tell her that he was feeling better. Sharon also said that since he was feeling better, she was going to work in the morning to make up for missing today.

"Okay, mom. I think I'll go back to bed."

"Good night, son. I'll check on you in the morning before I leave," she said as she turned off the light and shut his door.

Cameron had the dream again. This time, whatever he was chasing seemed to be just ahead and he couldn't catch it no matter how hard he tried. He felt an impossible hunger and frustration that clouded his mind and made him howl like an animal. He vaguely remembered his mother coming in his room in the morning and drifting off to sleep again after assuring her he felt better.

He opened his eyes and rolled over to look at his clock. It was nine in the morning. Something was strange. He felt fantastic. Cameron sat up and stretched. He felt better than fantastic. In fact, he couldn't remember ever feeling this good. He bounded out of bed, pulled on some sweats and a tee shirt. The tee shirt was a little tight. 'Mom must have shrunk it in the wash,' he thought. Weird, even his shoes felt a size too small.

Cameron felt so good he decided to go to jiu jitsu practice at eleven. He had been training for five years now, got his purple belt about a year ago, and thought he might get his brown belt before graduation. It might take another year or so to earn his black belt. Since his dad left they couldn't afford the lessons, but his teacher Brad let him clean the mats, take out the trash, and perform other chores in lieu of tuition.

Cameron opened his bedroom door and stepped into the hallway before coming to a sudden halt. Something was wrong; someone was in the house with him and his sister. He stood dead still. His mother wasn't in the house. She had gone to work. Some sense was telling him he and his sister were not alone.

'What the hell?' he thought as confusion overwhelmed him.

He realized he could smell someone in the house. He shook his head in denial and then inhaled deeply. His mother had cooked eggs, bacon, and toast. She didn't eat all the bacon; there was some in the trash. His sister had gone down stairs and toasted a blue-berry pop tart before letting someone in the front door. They had come upstairs and gone into her bedroom.

'Holy shit! I can tell all that from smell,' he thought.

Cameron moved to the end of the hallway and looked out the window that overlooked the front yard. He recognized Mike Stamper's red Honda Civic in the driveway and relaxed. Mike and Camille had been dating since they were sixteen.

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