Your Daughter-In-Law Is Off-Limits

You’re seeing your daughter-in-law in a completely new way…
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It's yet another boring day of running errands for your businesses and today you have to stop by the porn theater to pick up a few documents. What a deplorable place, you hate that you rent to them but a buck is a buck. And they always pay on time.

You pull into the parking lot and see a car that makes you stop dead in your tracks. You know that car. That's your daughter-in-law's car. Those bumper stickers, the little dent in the back bumper. She can't be here, that's not really her car. But then she gets out and your blood runs cold.

She's wearing a strappy light tank top that clings to her tits in a way you've never seen before. Exposing cleavage you've never seen before. Perky nipples poking their way through the fabric. Her legs swing out and to your dismay she's in a tiny skirt. A glint of round and supple ass cheeks sticking out of the hem of it.

Why does she look like this? You've never seen her look like this before. Before you can do anything else she goes into the theater.

Livid, you get out the car and follow her inside. At the box office you ask a pimply employee where the girl went. He says "She went into theater two; taboo fantasies." You go through the door and scan the room. It's sparsely populated. Mostly men that look about your age. All slowly stroking their dicks. All of them transfixed on the big screen. Where two young women kneel naked at the base of a couch. Their tits bouncing softly, their wet pussies in full view. An older man stands over them. His cock hard and glistening. The women hungrily lick at the tip of it, exchanging soft kisses with each other. Their wet tongues wrestling at the base of the man's shaft. Their tongues sliding up and down the shaft in tandem.

You reluctantly peel your eyes away from the screen shaking away those types of thoughts. You're looking for your daughter-in-law. She shouldn't be in a place like this.

You look into the theater seats again and see her. She's sitting in the same row as a man that's watching her lasciviously while she fingers herself. One of her tits exposed. Her pink nipple fully hard. She tweaks it as she stares at this stranger. She's acting like a whore. You need to get her out of here. Before the strange man shifts seats closer to her you grab her arm and pull her out of theater into an office.

"What are you doing here?!" You yell. She's speechless, shocked, embarrassed. "What are YOU doing here?" She asks you. "This is my building. I came to make the rounds and imagine my dismay to see you in a place like this!"

Her cheeks flush while you look at her angrily. You notice her tit is still sticking out of that tiny tank top and you squirm. You keep scanning down, you can't help it. You've never seen her like this, wearing so little. You notice the small skirt isn't covering her pussy anymore. She isn't wearing panties and her lips are dripping with wet.

She's so close to you in this small office. Your throbbing dick betrays you. You shouldn't be having these thoughts. But you have to admit if she were just any woman, it would be really hard to contain how horny she's making you.

"You're so hard." she says breathlessly. You look down and see the thick bulge in your pants. You haven't been hard like this in years. Before you can say anything she moves toward you. Placing her palm on the zipper of your jeans. Palming the crotch of your pants and it feels so good. Your dick needs to be free. It needs to be in her warm wet pussy.

"I've always fantasized about what your dick looks like. About how good it must taste." She says as she pulls down the zipper and takes your dick out.

She strokes it with both hands and guttural moan escapes your lips. It feels incredibly good. You can't keep your thoughts straight, all you can think is how fucking sexy your daughter-in-law is.

How much you want her to kneel down infront of you, her ass in full view, and wrap her wanting mouth around your cock.

And to your delight that's exactly what she does. Her mouth wraps tightly around the tip of your cock as she flicks her tongue all around, making a thick slurping sound. She moans with your dick shoved far into her wet mouth, and you can't take it any longer.

You lift her up onto the desk in the office and spread her legs. Her beautiful pussy splayed out for your enjoyment.

She wants this so bad. She tells you. Her wet pussy bubbles and throbs as you lick her clit. She moans and whimpers. "That feels so good." she says. You ravage her pussy like a man who hasn't eaten in days.

Pre-cum builds at the head of your cock and you know you can't wait any longer. You have to know. You have to know what it feels like to stick your hard dick into her. And that's exactly what you do.

Spread wide open for you on that desk, you take your dick and slowly fill her pussy with it. The mini skirt still around her waist. No panties to act like a barrier. You barely had to even try. She made it so easy for you. The thought makes you hornier.

Every thrust into her sopping wet slit is ecstasy and agony. Your thoughts conflicting, forbidden and irresistible.

You yank down the tank top to see her other tit, they both bounce as you fuck her, the momentum almost making them loop in circles. It's incredibly hot. You spit into your hand and rub her hard pink nipples. Making her tits glisten with your spit. You slap her them, pinch her nipples and rub them up and down making them bounce even more while you thrust harder into her.

You thumb her clit making her quiver. Her eyes roll back in enjoyment and her mouth is open and moaning. She keeps licking her lips and bores her eyes into you and you stare right back as you push her knees apart wider.

You fuck her even harder. With more urgency. Her pussy is tight. The mix of how wet she is and how tight it feels is getting you on edge. You're going to cum. You've been so busy with work, you can't remember the last time you came and it's going to be a lot.

As if reading your mind, she takes you out of her pussy and gets down on her knees infront of your red throbbing dick. You can see her perfect ass peeking from the mini skirt, her tits teardropping as they spill over that tight tank top. She fingers her clit as she licks your balls, her tongue flat against the base licking upwards toward your shaft.

She does it again and again as you stroke the tip of your dick. The slick pussy juice she left all over acting like a lubricant. She wraps her lips around the tip of your dick as you stroke and she sucks, and sucks, and sucks. The sensation is out of this world but you want to blow your load all of her pretty face.

You take your dick out of her mouth and start to cum. It is a lot and you put the head of your dick on her cheeks and chin, the cum spreading like a white cloud on her face. Some dripping onto her tits. You keep stroking as more comes out. You cum on her lips and she never stops staring up at you with those big brown eyes burning hot with want.

She smirks and opens her mouth. Droplets of jizz hanging off her bottom lip. You keep stroking as more comes out and she sticks out her tongue. You put your aching dick on her flat tongue and fill her mouth with your hot jizz. Finally finishing.

With her mouth full of your cum she wraps her lips on the tip of your dick one last time and sucks. Getting every last drop as she swallows with a satisfied smile. And you know. Without a shadow of a doubt, that this won't be the last time you see that smile on your daughter-in-law's face.

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